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Thursday, March 24, 2005

1 Down, 4 To Go ...

[Posted @ 8:57 PM]
Here's my timetable;
1. Financial Management, 24 Mar, 9-11am, Sports Hall, Seat No 221
2. International Economics And Finance, 29 Mar, 2-4pm, Convention Centre, Seat No 651
3. Business Law, 30 Mar, 2-4pm, Blk 72, Seat No 248
4. Human Resource Management, 31 Mar, Sports Hall, Seat No 219
5. Cost & Managerial Accounting, 1 Apr, Blk 72, Seat No 334
I really dunno what to say for today's FMGT ... i have little confidence la.. my friends' answers like different from mine .. i'm like so "sian diao" lol. Here's tonight's screenshots! Devilman Lady ep8!~

Uh, Something In Your Neck?Devilman Blondie.Terrified Jun.
Here's Beast Pic [1]Here's Beast Pic [2]Squashed Brains!

Lol, ya know my friend was saying my blog feels lesbianish, ok, take back ur words! It's beastish now LOL, aiya it's juz tat Chikane happens to be my fave character and juz happens she likes Himeko [a girl] so what? lol. Manz, i'm begining to preach le... let's be open minded, embrace the world with open arms!~ lol wahhh i can't believe i could typed tat out hahaha.
Ah, ok Devilman Lady ep8 ... hm me recall.. ehhh i think it's basically about Jun's angst again LOL. Ahhh, ok firstly we have this beast guy who wanna like show the world that he is a beast and he's proud of it, and the first screenshot is the tape that he gave to the media blah ... second screenshot is, Jason Bates, a devilman like Jun, except he's a guy duh. And he could like still control his human thinking even in a beast form la ... and was encouraging Jun to be strong and proud of her beastly form. Which Jun strongly rejected, kept saying she's a human human human human ... Then a beast comes along, Two-headed T-rex! lol. 5th screenshot, Bates kicks some dino ass. 6th screenshot, Bates squash some dino brains ... uh it's small lol.
Man, i tell u from ep10+ onwards, my screenshots will be pretty disturbing lol even to myself. More angst! More blood! More gore! More beast pics! yay. I'm nuts. With some sweet moments of course. Ah, i'm watching ep23 of Devilman Lady later ... i saw the darn ending le lol. Wasn't surprising. I was kinda expecting it. But boy, ep 25 was fun lol.
Ah i went to eat takopachi juz now, then my mum bought a Gucci wallet for me, kaoz then she told me it's $XXX+ i almost crashed the golfcar to a nearby tree. I was speechless ... totally speechless. I dunno why she would buy it for me .. i doubt i would use it anyways, manz, can buy so many mangas with XXX dollars ... Ahhh..
Speaking of mangas! I bought 4 mangas today yay, Slam Dunk #23, Love for Venus #8, Fruits Basket #8 and Tsubasa aka TRC #5 .. i flipped through Slam Dunk, Love for Venus and Fruits Basket le .. but haven't open Tsubasa yet, will later. Ahhh i like Rin! LoL, she looks so darn cool like Arashi from X! Manz, i love cool, angst characters! LoL. It's a surprise to me that Haru had gone out with Rin before ... i thought Haru likes Yuki lol. Ri-chan lol, he[she]'s juz too darn funny lol, juz like his[her] mum... *I'm Sorrrrrrry!!~ Rush off* lol Back to Rin~, lol i like her first appearance alot! Her dressing, her eyes, her black long hair, wahhhh sooooo cool!!!! LoL, i like Hana too! LoL. I like black haired characters ... as well as white, red, blue ... lol ok, u get my meaning. LoL.
Love for Venus #8, Eichi and Suzuna's love deepens! Yeah, i juz flipped through la! Didn't read much. Slam Dunk #23 ... i juz know the opponent is playing dirty, whammed Rukawa like that manz, taking out the Ace. Now he's going to play with one eye, manz, if he beats them LoL, even more disgraced sia.
Ok ... what more ne.. Hm. Yes, i'm going to post some replies in ChuangYi and Channelnewsasia forum later ... argh can't wait for Mai Hime ep25 spoilers! LoL! Shizuru X Natsuki~ Lol. Haiz, i can see SxN having a sad ending.
Downloaded Gantz chp193, going to read it later. Downloaded Mai Hime Omake ... abt Mai's first bra .. i was like what the hell? LoL. Ah Mai Hime finally going to PS2 ... the trailer's music is great lol. Downloading Tsukuyomi Moon Phase ep14 ... hm wondering whether to DL GSD ep22 and Naruto ep126 or not ... hmmm ...
Wah tonight's post is long lol, i slept like a log after i came home ... manz then woke up, went online, surf a little then went to have dinner and play with my cousin, Jeriel. Yeah.
ok cya la lol.

Anime Song of Da Day:
Rozen Maiden - Kinjirareta Asobi by Ali Project

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