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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Mai Hime Ep17 ...

[Posted @ 10:47 PM]
Whoa, Mai Hime Ep17 ... It's a pretty ok Ep ... here's da screenshots!

Hmm.. Who's My VIP?I Didn't See Anything!My VIP Is...
Ara? Me? YES!Mai, Your Skirt ... *Nose Bleed*Sorry Tate, You Suck.

Basically this ep is about the angst of the Himes over their Very Important Person aka VIPs, Nao doesn't seem to have one hahaa, Akira's Takumi, duh. Natsuki ... very suspiciously the scene in Ep17 changes to Shizuru after Natsuki says ... "My Most Important Person Is ..." Then switch over to Shizuru in the student council room ... Hint hint hint? Hahaha .. Go Reito! I hope Mai chose Reito over Tate... Tate .. i juz hate tat weak and boneless jerk/brat. Who did he think he IS to reject Mai like tat?! As if Mai likes him ... right Mai? RIGHT MAI?! ... He think he's so great bleh, he juz jealous of Reito, man Reito u shld had kissed Mai! Why stop when tat squeaking little mouse says so? Dumb jerk ... *Rumbling for 5-6 Mins* ok hahaa..
Juz pissed off cos the bus, 171 once again performed the impossible task of MISSING ME STANDING AND WAVING MY FREAKING HAND IN THE BUS SHELTER! Darn jerk, i cursed and sweared like hell i can tell u.
Next, abt the wat news abt this mother complaining to MOE abt her horny daughter [hahahaa] who had sexual fantasy when she read explicit shoujo mangas. It's like who is to blame for ur daughter being horny? My friend exclaimed lol. I was like yep yep yep! ... I wrote a rather long response abt this ehh controvesy ahaa.. on the ChuangYi forum ...
"manz, so my hopes of shinjo mayu works in english is dashed!!!....
btw the girl's like already 16 lor, my friends were toking abt it this morning and i thought she's some like 13-14 yr old teen..
ok this is going to be long hahaa.. my thoughts ...
firstly, yes it's the shop keeper's fault for selling these explicit comics to kids who are not 18 and the govt shld probably implement a M-18 thingy like they did with movies and MAKE SURE only 18 and above can view them, using fines and regular checks to certain shops are advisable and impose like a license to shops who purchases such explict books to sell to us.
secondly, wat the hell is the girl thinking? i know there are many dumb or nicely put, naive kiddos around, but it doesn't give u an excuse to MIX fantasy, sex and watever crap in reality. If the govt shld ban these explicit comics, it's as good as saying, "Hey everyone, i don't want my kids to know about sex! Sex is badddd, that explains why our population is so low!" If so, why is Japan, the highest aging population country, are like worse off explicit comics there? it doesn't really make sense right? it doesn't mean explicit comics will lead to sex sex sex sex. With certain EDUCATION, we can split fantasy and reality, it's like putting work and personal life, u have to know when to do wat and when not to do wat. It's really sad that the govt is starting to have "trust" on comics when they have those like using comics to have teens to be interested in mandarin. Ok, fine, educational comics won't have sex related stuff, duh. But it juz takes one rat poo to spoilt the whole soup lor.
Thirdly, the mother reading her daughter's diary is wrong, really manz, MORAL of the story is, either never keep a diary or even if u do, PLZ do not write stupid stuff that will affect u. duh tat's my moral, if it's so explicit, i'll keep it in my darn brain till my death. But however so, plz really have some CONTROL here. And wat are the parents doing? I really wonder if they really tok abt sex with their children, i know it's embarassing but, hey it's the nature of life right? How could you have a child if you dun have sex right? I think they are typical chinese family who work, goes home at around 7-8pm, have dinner, watch tv and goes to bed and wake up at 7am and goes to work again, do they really ask what their children is doing? Their school life? Joke with them? Have a friend-friend relationship? I doubt so, if not the mother would not have read the diary of the daughter, "trusting" friends who know u inside out dun do tat do they? If you have something to say, u would tell ur parents naturally if u have a close relationship with them, if not, why would someone CONFINE to a non-living thing, a diary? No communication.
Ok, on the parents' prosepective, When i told my parents that, they said that, it's natural for parents to read their children's stuff right? But we, dun think so, saying it is what invading our privacy ah, wat restricting our freedom ah, whatever crap. Yes i know, i know. But parents check our stuff for their own like self-assurance, like getting feedback from us that we are well and stuff, it's tough sometimes for parents juz to ask directly if we are well and good, and it's tough to put it in words. Besides, they do not want us to worry that they are worried abt us. So it's really not wrong for parents to rumble our stuff, hey my mother still checks my bag when i was 16 ok haha.. if there is nothing bad why worry right? It's not like we do drugs or wat, if really u read those explicit comics, maybe tell them why u do tat. Curiousity? It's the rebellious stage, it's normal for teens to wonder abt sex. That's what the govt is trying to educate us.
Lastly, censoring, man i hate censored stuff, if they really do that, we will alllllllllllllllllllll turn to internet and download from websites hahaa.. well, i do tat all the time anyways, i read eng translated shinjo mayu works, it aint censored, but there is nothing really to censor, cos there is nothing! haha juz sex implied scenes, rape scenes, and splashing of "blood" blah blah blah, it's so common. Did the mother come from some alien country? I really support no censorship but juz implement a M-18 restriction to these "red-tagged" books. =)
Kids, if you are not old enough, plz dun read, if u want, also plz dun keep a diary ahaha.. jk jk.."

Long huh, hahaha tat's enough for tonight, gotta go watch Tsukuyomi Moon Phase ... being dragging for 4-5days already ..

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