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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Mai Hime Ep19~ More Shizuru X Natsuki!

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Here's my timetable as usual;
1. Financial Management, 24 Mar, 9-11am, Sports Hall, Seat No 221
2. International Economics And Finance, 29 Mar, 2-4pm, Convention Centre, Seat No 651
3. Business Law, 30 Mar, 2-4pm, Blk 72, Seat No 248
4. Human Resource Management, 31 Mar, 2-4pm, Sports Hall, Seat No 219
5. Cost & Managerial Accounting, 1 Apr, 9-11am, Blk 72, Seat No 334

Today's HRM was kinda sad, i didn't study training ... so i dunno the steps and make steps myself lol. Here's Mai Hime Ep19 screenshots i had promised!

Takumi's ... Gay?!Kawaii Sleeping Natsuki.Hmmm ...
Natsuki, What Brand Of Shampoo Did You Used?Uh I Used Clairol Herbal Essences, OoOooOohh~Haha, No Wonder You Drooled.
Just Kidding.Please Don't Come Close To My Heart.Onii-Chan's Mine ...

Whoa, another great Natsuki X Shizuru Ep lol, hahaha ok i'm biased! Out of 9 screenshots, i can't help but have 7 of them of NxS =P *Looks at screenshots of 21,22,23 and 24 ..* LoL almost half of them is on NxS parts ahhhh, aiya Shizuru is so low profile in the front 18 Eps leee, except for here and there but not much so, this is to make up for it =P ... Ok, this Ep is about Mai overhearding about her brother Takumi saying she's a burden ... i think she misunderstood Takumi ba ... anyways i forgot lol. Then Akira [SHE'S A GIRL!] kinda confessed to Takumi that he's important to her and stuff yeah. LoL, i juz wana make a joke in the screenshot =P. Then back to NxS lol, the tired Natsuki fell asleep while in the student council room using Shizuru's laptop. Shizuru came in and purred Natsuki's name in her ears at the same time toying her hair ... By the time Natsuki woke up, Shizuru had opened the window and was standing in front of the window. [Sly fox XP] The wind woke Natsuki up yeah, then Shizuru teased Natsuki that she's drooling in her sleep haha and later followed by "Just Kidding." After that, when Natsuki is about to leave the room, Shizuru kinda told Natsuki that she will always be thinking of her. Natsuki thanked Shizuru and asked her not to come close to her heart ... and left ... Uh, last screenshot ah, is Shiho, i think she's jealous over her Oniiiiiiiii-chan, Mr Yuuichi Tate ... -.-||| MAKE UP YA DARN MIND PLAYER! ... Keh, he's .. well it's a spoiler lol tell ya next time. =P
Ahhh, abt today's HRM paper, it was ... i dunno wat to say, i was satisfied even though i didn't know if i'm right or not ... lol i did wrote alot of crap and my darn hand hurts and smarts. When the paper was over i looked at my hand and wrist, wah my veins all came out ... green long stuff ahaha.. if i cut my wrist now, i could have died. Hahaha, YES! Last paper tomorrow, and we're no doubt gonna celebrate!!! I'm going to Comic Connection to buy Zettai Kareshi #2 !!! YEAH! I can't waitttttttttttttt ~~~ Manz, i feel so slack now, i'm so tired ... i still haven't studied my CMA yet nor practised anything yet... sigh. Ok gotta go now cya

Anime Song of Da Day:
Clamp Campus Detectives - Water Drop by ALI Project

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PS: My mum and i tok abt alot of stuff over dinner juz now, it was fun, i feel that i have the best mum ever lol. She communicates with me, tells me abt her stories abt her younger days and how her parents like treat her, how independent she was and got no chance to study so she want us, her children to study and get at least a degree. Yeah, and she'll love us forever lol. Ok i add the forever one in myself. But yeah, my mum's the best!

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