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Monday, March 14, 2005

Devilman Lady Ep5 ...

[Posted @ 9:09 PM]
More shoujo-ai and angst!~ Finally Devilman Lady Ep5 is here!

Sexy.I Love Her Eyes, Like Kamui's From X.Kamui-Look-Alike Seducing Jun.
Yes! She Managed To Kiss Jun!Jun Retaliates.Jun Goes Over And Hug Kazumi.

Ook, this ep is basically about Jun's angst again over her high school friend, Aoi. Then, Asuka told Jun that Aoi maybe could be a beast, angst starts, Jun goes over to find Aoi, who is a swimming coach somewhere i dunno... lol, then Aoi was surprised to see Jun looking for her as they promised not to see each other again ... Reason? Jun kinda freaked out when Aoi loves her ... in the ep, Jun recalls a scene where she fainted while Aoi was swimming, then Aoi saved Jun and was staring at Jun [See screenshot, The Kamui-Look-Alike Pic!] when Jun woke up. Jun freaked out, adjusted her skirt.. [Opps, lol] and tried to run off. But was stopped by Aoi, who "forced" Jun against a .. ehh.. ehh.. locker yep, and kissed her ... Yay that scene rocks, then Jun suddenly pushed Aoi away and Aoi hurt her hip when she knocked against the bench where Jun had lied upon at first... end ... So yes, Asuka's guess was right, so the fight between Jun and Aoi ends up sadly.
Whoa, why am i typing so much tonight? Lol, cos this ep rocks? Next ep rocks too! lol morrrree physcial contact ... hahaa..
Ok, today was an ok day, except for the crap up when i tried to use the Window Movie Maker to save out the Shizuru X Natsuki scene in Ep19 of Mai Hime ... manz ... so darn pissed off ... So i'm trying to install Window Service Pack 2 now ... hope it works when i upgrade the WMM ... yep if not .. i'll UNINSTALL IT! DAMMIT lol.. then had BLaw tutorial about IP, copyrights, trademarks, patents and stuff ... quite fun. Then we had lunch and went for IEF tutorial ... no comments.
Ok so, i downloaded Jinki : Extend Ep 7/8/9 already .. later gonna watch, screenshoot and delete! lol then Devilman Lady Ep12-15 not done .. juz 30+% ... ok what more to say ... yep, i need to write down the answer for HRM tutorial tomorrow .. darn ... i hope they can read my handwriting lol ... now waitin for "Model Answer" from my friend ... she got textbook mahz, easier to do hahaa ... i just copy and paste ok... ok i need to write the step 1/2 if not i have to sleep at .. 12am ... noooo, i got IEF tutorial again tomorrow at 9am .. gota wake up at .. 7am and go off early cos always "Animal Jam" on tuesdays lol haha cya cya cya

Anime Song of Da Day:
Gundam Seed - Moment by Vivian or Kazuma

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