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Sunday, March 20, 2005

School Rumble Ep14 ~ Eri-Cuteness!

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Eh? Why am i here? Why am i not watching Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Rings? Dunno, not interested in it hahaa. I was sitting through it in the first part where they talked abt the different rings allocated to the different people blah blah and blah one ring will rule them all blah blah, snore. LoL. Sorry LOTR fans. So i went around surfin the net, posting replys on forums for Chuangyi and Yanziunlimited. Ok here's tonight's screenshots! School Rumble Ep14!~

Debut! Ichijou, Da Strong Gal.Eh..Tenma, Have You Seen A Naked Guy Before?You DID?!
Really? ...Wah You Don't Believe Me?!*Sob*Onee-chan ... You Really Seen A Naked Guy Before?

LoL, this ep's fun, lots of Eri-Kaiwaiiness with Eri-Mikoto jealousy sparks around a certian Harima guy haha ... I like Eri more and more now haha, but of course i like Yakumo best~~~~ Ahhhh, Yakumoooo~, i'm a sucker for red-eyed characters lol.
Ok for today's ... i did hm. Basically, nothing much, i slacked like a freaking slacker! I didn't study at all, tend to study tomorrow which is unlikely i would lol. Kaoz! Why why why why?! Ok i juz downloaded Mai Hime Ep24 haven't watched it, but i read/saw spoilers and screenshots for it hahahaa... I'm still downloading Devilman Lady 20-23 ... manz, gettin more and more hm let's see "freaking crazy" lol Jun's angst gets deeper and i slowly begin to not understand Jun any longer... i mean, now then i know she likes her agent haha ... after the ep where she saw her agent toking to his wife on the handphone, she flirted with the high school boy ... -.-|||
Ok going to watch "The Apprentice" later at 10pm ... yay hahaha ... hmm what's more? Ok nothing, guess it's cya for now.

Anime Song of Da Day:
Full Metal Panic - Sore Ga, Ai Deshou by Shimokawa Mikuni

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