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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Disney On Ice + Naruto Ep 121/122/123 Pics!

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Whoa, ok here's Disney On Ice - Princess Classic Pics i took last night in the EXPO .. yeah it's a bit shaky cos firstly, my cam is low on battery and lastly, dunno what happen to the cam la haha why shaky like that ... =P but still can see la ... heh. These were taken at the lasssstt part ahaha, cos cam no battery! Hahaa..

All The Princes and Princesses.Mickey And Minnie Mouse Up Front.Ball Dancing.
The Castle Rock.Waving~ Bye Bye!Da Ticket.

Ok, overall it was great except the audio, the speaker like for the mouse to hear like that, i know i got the cheapest tickets which is wayyyyyyyy at the back but, at least have some surrounding effect ba! Hahaa.. too soft, no kick at all =P. But the ice skating skills of the characters made up for it. Whoa, so darn cool lor, especially the duo for "The Little Mermaid", the prince is like so darn strong haha and the mermaid is a great ice skater heh. The rest were nice too, love the "spinning spinning" part ... heh.
Ok, first we had the Aladdin cast, followed by eh let me think, Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, Beauty and The Beast, The Little Mermaid, Snow White, a short break then lastly Cinderella. Manz, the dress for Cinderella is very nice, very shiny, glittering ... like diamonds lol. Must be the lighting. On whole, i give it a 4/5~ -1 for the dodo audio haha....
Ok next to Naruto Ep121/122/123 in 6 screenshots hahaa ...

Kiba: 'Let's Die Together.'Ok, I'm Biased, Next 2 Will Be On Tayuya Too LOL.I Wanna Be The Flute~
Whoa, 2nd Stage Tayuya Coolness!Rock Lee's Back!Kawaii Drunken Fist.

Whoa 3 eps in 6 screenshots? LoL and 3 of them is on Tayuya Hahaa, ok i like her cos she's cool, bitchy and did i mention cool? LoL. Oh yeah, i love the first screenshot! Kiba saying "Let's Die Together." to Sakon, so darn cool! Hahahaha ... i was like grinning to myself the whole day long. Heh. And Rock Lee's finally back! Haha, after his surgery, he's back in action again and even increased his power when he drank a whole bottle of... *GASP* Sake?! hahaa.. He's doing the Jackie Chan's Drunken Fist ... sooo cool heh.
Ok basically that's all, i need to go watch my Devilman Lady LoL, Ep 12-19 waiting for me .. but wait ... i'm having FMGT exam next thurs! ... Ah who cares lol.

Anime Song of Da Day:
Shoujo Kakumei Utena : Adolescence Rush - Toki ni Ai wa by Masami Okui

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