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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Magister Negi Magi Ep6 ~

[Posted @ 10:17 PM]
Whoa, watched Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Ep11/12, School Rumble Ep16, Magister Negi Magi Ep7/8 and Naruto Ep124/125 in one shot this afternoon hahaa.. almost died... but they were nice, especially Tsukuyomi hahaa Hazuki is juz so funny~ Ah, but here's Magister Negi Magi Ep6 screenshots tonight!~

LoL, This Facial Expression Just Rocks.Whacha Looking At Punk?Ahhh! Behind You!
Kage Bushin no Jutsu!I'm So Gonna Suck Your Blood!Ah Bish! LoL.

I forgot what the story of Negima Ep6 le hahaha, cos so long time le la... besides not in the mood to recap ...
Manz, today is a horrible day, my cousins came, Three 10+ BOYS rampaged, yes i mean rampaged my house for goodies and chocolates. My whole place is like a twister had just came and said "Hallo". God, and they are staying over the night too ... manz -.-|||| My peaceful night ... my peaceful night ... ohhh it's gone ohhh ... yeah ... ~ my lonely lonely lonely night ... lol gross. Now they are out for supper.. manz, they don't eat during dinner, snacked like a pig just now and whine like motherfuc.. uh i mean .. brats ...
Arghhz.. Just now my IE had a little problem and disconnected damnz ... hmm Nothing to say today except i watched anime all day ahhhhhhh yes ahhhhhh yes, i remembered! I did FMGT exam questions just now for Oct03/04, i had a terrible time with da Time Value of Money, almost PUKED blood + the dreadful noise of the three dorky boys .. manz manz, i almost killed them. The rest was fine ... actually not, in front question 3, ehh hmm let's see oh i was doing .. eh wat was i doing , arhhhhhh aiya juz something la then i see 12% as 15% hahaha then i can't find the answer for a whole 15mins and was pressing the calculator like an idiot ... ~ ahhh, i'm rewatching Kannazuki no Miko Ep8, lol not really watching, just listening to the sound then occasionally switching back to watch and i realized that actually Chikane's a left-handed in playing Tennis ... wahh now's the rape scene, i can heard ... Himeko's ... "Iya~ Iya~ Doshite, Chikane-chan? ..." hahaha damnz
ok gotta go watch Last Exile cya!

Anime Song of Da Day:
12 Kingdomss - Getsumei Fuuhei by Mika Arikasa

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