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Monday, March 28, 2005

Devilman Lady Ep 9 ...

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Here's my timetable as usual;
1. Financial Management, 24 Mar, 9-11am, Sports Hall, Seat No 221
2. International Economics And Finance, 29 Mar, 2-4pm, Convention Centre, Seat No 651
3. Business Law, 30 Mar, 2-4pm, Blk 72, Seat No 248
4. Human Resource Management, 31 Mar, 2-4pm, Sports Hall, Seat No 219
5. Cost & Managerial Accounting, 1 Apr, 9-11am, Blk 72, Seat No 334

This is gonna be a fast post, juz taking a rest from my intensive Study-IEF-Till-6-AM Programme haha... Ok, Devilman Lady Ep9 screenshots!

Jun Looking At Her Beast Form.Jun.Ahhh! Eyeballs!
My Eyeballs Look Better Eh?Jun Hugs Kazumi From ...Mr Eyeball.

Ok, this ep is nice, first we had Jun like got this feeling something is watching her when she's modelling outside in this amusment park. Mr Eyeball strikes on Screenshot 3 and dug the eyeballs of the victims ... -.-||| Then, Mr Eyeball thinks Jun has the best eyeballs of them all and began to hunt her apartment and juz when Jun was confronting Kazumi about a "certian" incident, Little Mr Eyeballs appear behind the windows hence Jun hugged Kazumi protectively and ran out to kick Mr Eyeball's ... ass .. uh i mean eyeballs. LoL. Mr Eyeball dies of intensive buring. Sad. It's a sad scene.
Ok i was like reading fanfics this afternoon lol planning to study IEF into the night till 6am, i think i can handle it... then go sleep and wake up at 11.30am, bath, eat, go to sch at 12.30pm. I think 5h and 30mins is enough ba ... 6hrs of studying i think can ba... i'll start studying at 11pm .. no 12am.. dunno la as long before 12am ok le .. ok gtg read fanfics! Yay lol. I'm nuts... cyaaaa

Anime Song of Da Day:
Mai Hime Character Soundtrack - Flower by the Pond by Saeko Chiba, Seiyuu of Kuga Natsuki

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