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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I Didn't Study Anything Today YAY

[Posted @ 9:08 PM]
LoL, i didnt study again, manz, i'm really like so dead.
Here's my timetable to remind me;
1. Financial Management, 24 Mar, 9-11am, Sports Hall, Seat No 221
2. International Economics And Finance, 29 Mar, 2-4pm, Convention Centre, Seat No 651
3. Business Law, 30 Mar, 2-4pm, Blk 72, Seat No 248
4. Human Resource Management, 31 Mar, Sports Hall, Seat No 219
5. Cost & Managerial Accounting, 1 Apr, Blk 72, Seat No 334
LoL, i really wonder, i would really study FMGT tomorrow for sure, but i need to at least read some chapters from IEF tonight... but i doubt i would, cos ... i need to watch Devilman Lady 20-22 ... no space leeee lol, manz i was watching, like juz previewing through 20-22 then manz, it's so sad ... Kazumi... Kazumi .... she's ... d...e.. nooooooo lol. Next time. Here's Screenshots for tonight, Magister Negi Magi Ep7!

One Finger Should Do It Ne?Nah, She Needs All 5 Fingers LoL!Ahhh! No Bear Paws Plz!
Kissu ...*Sob* I'm So Touched.Nice Shot Of Asuna. Green/Blue Eyes.

Hm this ep is basically about Negi getting over his defeat over Evangeline with the help of Kaede yep. Then Camio tries to get Asuna to be Negi's partner by doing the pactio yeah, so Asuna gave Negi a peck on the forehead ... which is nottttt enough lol. Then they are off to "sneak attack" Chachamaru but Negi couldn't bear to hurt her ...
and i forgot le lol.
Hm let's see, what did i do this afternoon? I slacked lol, i was playing Mai Hime ep22/23/24, Shizuru/Haruka/Yukino/Natsuki/Nao scenes over and over again lol manz, i'm so slack manz! Then my cute little baby cousin, Zi En came and i played with her lol. Ah, i'm so nuts about Mai Hime, it wasn't very interesting at first, when i first watched the 1st ep of Mai Hime, i was like "Hmm, another shounen series with fan service again?" cos of the CPR of Mai with Mikoto and Tate practically glued to Mai's ehem ... boobs. Then when Mikoto awoke her powers, the darn cool sword, Miroku swing and slashed down the cruiser is so darn cool and Mai's child, Kagutsuchi's appearance rocked ep2 i think lol. Ahh, then it was mild for the rest of the eps with some Natsuki's funny moments haha. The panties-stealing ep, she was walking around without panties ... *GASP!* lol. She's cute when we learnt abt her lingerie fetish and in the later part, people translated some drama radio thingy, it was revealed that her lingerie fetish is brought on by Shizuru! LoL. Very surprising. Ah, why am i toking abt this? I shld really go at least read something from my IEF ... or ... HRM ... or BLaw.. no no ... or .. CMA? Argh i think i'll go hug my own leg la lol cya
Ah anyways, tonight's anime song of the day is a soundtrack from Mai Hime, the background music from Ep23 where Haruka ... ya know, yeah turn to green puff. LoL. It's great, very touching.
Off to watch Devilman Lady ep 20-22! Yay.

Anime Song of Da Day:
Mai Hime Vol1 OST - Mezame by Kajiura Yuki

[Signing off @ 9:36 PM]

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