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Friday, March 11, 2005

Animes Watching Day!

[Posted @ 10:17 PM]
Yo, it's a nice day, nice FMGT lesson today, finally understood what the hell capital budgeting is all about hahaha. It's actually quite easy de, just that lecturer not good =P. The guy lecturer teach better hahaha.. he's funny and straight to the point which is good heh.
Ok, tonight's screenshots are Jinki : Extend Ep6, i think i'm dropping this series, cos it's boring? No offence, but half way through the story, i still dunno wat the hell it's all about except i know Aoba, Ryouhei, Rui and Shizuka, manzzz Shizuka's cool hahaha ... I like bad girls =P

Sexy.Perverted Kid.Yuri.

Oh yeah, i rushed to NorthPoint to buy "My Stefanie" VCD YAY and got the "limited" promo vcd featuring the promo in Heeren, Singapore yeah. Muahahaha ...
Ok off ta watch animes, laptop no space! Hahaha.. MUST WATCH SCHOOL RUMBLE 14/15/16 and download 17 ... then watch Devilman Lady ... then watch Mai Hime Ep18 ... Yay Mai Hime Sub 19/20/21 are out! I'm downloading them!! Woooo~ More NatsukiXShizuru~ Shizuru is like so evil lol... i saw the spoilers and screenshots for Ep23... it doesn't look good... but i'm rooting for the "Turn-360-Degrees" Kannazuki no Miko Ending!!!!~ ok cya

Anime Song of Da Day:
Yugioh - Shuffle by Okui Masami

[Signing off @ 10:28 PM]

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