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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Devilman Lady Ep6!~

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Let's start with more Devilman Lady screenshots!! YAY!~ Here's Devilman Lady Ep6!

My Face Don't Fit In.Wanna Come My House?Don't Go, You're Mine.
I Love Your Sleeping Face Jun...Puuuurrrr...~ Neko Cuddling ...Darn Jun, You Betrayed Me.

Hmmm, let's see, this ep ... about this model, eh i forgot her name! Lol, i watched this like 1-2 weeks ago, =P... ok So this model, we shall call her Neko k? Cos her beast form is a cat. So Little Miss Neko is a model who is competiting for jobs with Jun and mostly Jun will get the jobs. So Jun's agent asked Jun to be careful of her. [Ohhh.. catty.] haha. Ok, Jun was walking along the street with Kazumi.. i think if i'm not wrong, then Neko came up and gave Jun a present and ran away. Neko gave Jun a necklace, with a cat like symbol thingy to it yeah, then Kazumi is rather protective over Jun and asked her not to wear or something like that. That night, Jun called Neko to thank her and Neko took the chance to ask Jun out for lunch yeah... Then during lunch, Neko talked abt how she's a fan of Jun blah then after lunch, Neko gave Jun a piece of paper with her address in it and invited her to her place! [NoooOooOoo Jun! Don't Go!] Jun went. [-.-|||] lol yeah and Neko drugged Jun, took off her clothes [o_O] , rubbed against Jun saying how much she loves but hates her ... blah then ... transformed in her beast form, scratched Jun on the stomach and licked the blood... [Yikes!] Jun of course felt the pain and saw Neko in her true form, panicked and transformed into Devilman Lady~ Sad ep again, Jun killed Little Miss Neko and angst angst.. as usual haha.
Ok, on with today's routine, ok as usual i sat 171 bus to school, yes i waved my hand like mad so that the bus driver will see me lol. He was staring at me when i aboard the bus hahaa.. who cares, i dun wanna miss the bus again!
Then had CMA tutorial at bk50, yeah it was a nice tutorial, did uhh let's see relevant cost thingy, production budget thingy and Activity Based Cost thingy questions yeah, it's helpful, i hope i can score in CMA, it's actually easy if you practise lor, i juz hate the theory questions, can go as high as 8marks for one theory question hahaha and i only get like 4-5 marks for it! Darn! Yep, ok not going to Pop Cul tomorrow, surely haha.
Ok going to watch White Chicks VCD now hahaha oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh my Tsukuyomi Moon Phase i STILL haven't watch argh! Must Watch tonight then watch Devilman Lady Ep12-19 which will be done tomorrow yay! Can't wait for more Jun Angst and Jun X Kazumi Action! hahaha ok cya

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Chobits - Let Me Be With You by ??

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