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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pani Poni Dash! Ep1

[Posted @ 10:21 PM]
Whoa new title tonight! LoL, i didn't type out any summaries for PPD ... yeah so everything will be probably based on my 'super' memory! LoL. Here's Pani Poni Dash! Ep1 screenshots~

Miyamoto Rebecca.3 Slices Of Pizza For Me!=O F All Of You!
BLEEEH!!'Bring Her Away To My Slave Chambers ... I'll Personally Discipline Her Later.Ahhh.

11 year old genius Miyamoto Rebecca aka Becky becomes the form teacher of Class 1-C of Momotsuki Gakuen ... however that class is ... uh full of weirdos? LoL! Actually only 6 of them. Ichijou-san, the self-proclaim class representative [She's the one that got hurlled [middle one la!] away in screenshot 5.] is a whacky one lol, she's pretty 'dense' and weird. Katagiri Himeko, the Ahoge lol, she's the one with the ahoge [A long strand of hair on her head in screenshot 5 [At the bottom]] She's the OMEGA hyper one lol, that is unless u pull out her ahoge then she goes mushy and restless LoL. Momose Kurumi, the plain one, [She's the one with light brown hair hurlling Ichijou-san away in screenshot 5] lol she's probably the only normal one ... but too normal lol.

Rokugo-san, uh the ... number 6-san? LoL, nothing much about her yet ... yeah. [She's the one with blue hair in screenshot 5] Uehara Miyako, the study bug, lol [She's the one with orange hair with red spects in screenshot 5] haha she got a really shiny forehead ... a deko-chan? ... XP. Lastly, Tachibana Rei, [WOOO MY FAVE! LOL, She's the one with long black hair, wears spects and making this 'HAIL HITLER' thingy LOL] wahhh she's the BEST lol, i like her alot [Cos she got red eyes XP] She likes to bully Becky hahaha then after bullying her tries to win her back by giving her sweets and saying sweet things lol. She's really funny and cool, one of my fave seiyuu's doing her voice, yeah Satsuki Yukino, seiyuu for Kaname of FMP, Kagome of Inuyasha and Mutsumi of Love Hina. Actually the seiyuu cast is rather good! Like Becky's seiyuu's Chiwa Saito, the one doing Hazuki from Tsukuyomi Moon Phase lol, i love it when she saying 'Baka!' hahaha so cute! Yui Horie as Miyako ... hm it don't really suit her at all hahaa, probably the previous characters i listen like she always play those cute cute, violent type girls [Naru? Eri?] lol, not this 'easily-bullied' characters XP, oh i never heard her voice as Torhu in Fruits Basket before so i don't have that 'feeling' LoL.

Yeah, so the main cast is pretty good, funny =) haha. But funny also no meaning de, juz laugh it through heh. Basically Ep1 is juz abt Becky late for her class, and the class welcoming her, Rei + class bullying her, Becky ran away. The 6 thought that Becky is quiting ... then actually Becky wasn't lol. Yeah around there. OH YES, I forgot one funny and important 'person'? LoL, it's the RABBIT aka Usagi, Mesousa! LOL, he or she dunno la i think he ... since he used boku. Dunno. Anyways lol Mesousa always kena the bullied lol, hahaha ... and he's always sobbing and stuff. Very funny rabbit. ahaha. Yeah that's abt all, it's a funny series. =) oh i put this new rating thingy at the end of every anime ep i watch. =)

Art: 7/10
Music: 8/10 [OP and ED are catchy]
Story: ... Does it even have a storyline in the first place?! LOL Ok, it's probably 6/10?
Characters: 8/10 [FOR REI! LOL]
Overall: 7/10

Yeah worth the watch for laughs!

AHHHHHHH, it's like 11:12 PM le ... luckily i went to watch le ... now advertisment ... uh ... ook went to our presentation today at the Singapore Post office at Payar
Lebar ... yea it was ok. Oh then it was raining so freaking hard on wednesday when i went to rehearse for our presentation ... manz, then everyone's late. Feeling a little pissed lor. Today also. Bleh. No point it's over le. Anyways cya!

Must watch POT ... no space le lappy ... going to download YanZi videos somemore LOL. And Tsukuyomi Moon Phase last 3 Eps subs are out for me to download ... so CyA CYA

[Signing off @ 11:26 PM]

PS: Scrapped Princess~~~


  1. hmm.. i've watched this before! actually have more episodes, dl-ed and ready, but havent set aside the time to do watch~

    becky sure is cute when she gets bullied by her students. haha!

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