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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Strawberry Panic! OP2 - Kuchibiru Daydream

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Watching NDP 2006 LIVE on Channel 5 right now hahaha ~~~


Ok, on to the subject.

Japanese Title : ストロベリー・パニック! OP2曲 - くちびる白昼夢, 美郷あき
English Title : Strawberry Panic! Second Opening - Kuchibiru Hakuchuumu [Daydream] by Misato Aki

Strawberry Panic! OP 2 Cover 1. Strawberry Panic! OP 2 Cover 2.


1. くちびる白昼夢 [Kuchibiru Hakuchuumu/Daydream]
2. true love?
3. くちびる白昼夢 (OFF VOCAL) [Kuchibiru Hakuchuumu/Daydream]
4. true love? (OFF VOCAL)

I'll post up the complete lyrics version of 'くちびる白昼夢', 'Kuchibiru Hakuchuumu/Daydream' later ... ok time to watch~ Cya.

Here's the full version lyrics of 'くちびる白昼夢', 'Kuchibiru Hakuchuumu/Daydream' ;

[In Hiragana/Kanji] ;

夢? (day dream)
ただの夢 (sweet dream)
なのに胸 (ずっと)
ふるえてる (ずっと)
恋を知って (missing)
くちびるが (wishing)

Waitin' for you / 私の想いにはやく
吐息の羽飛ばして/ 抱きしめに來てください
大胆な告白 / こころが望んでる
あなたを見つめる目がら / ひとしずく
こぼれる情熱は / 涙のせいにして

波? (love wave)
銀の波 (sweet wave)
この気持ち (ぎゅっと)
さらわれて (ぎゅっと)
恋してる (falling)
どうしたら (sailing)
会いたさが 押さえられるのでしょう

Shinin' my heart あなたが私のなかで
照らす秘密 / 許されるために愛をください

[永遠のときめき, あるの] と囁いた
あなたがいとすぎると / 苦しくて
約束が欲しいと / 願うわがままさえ
このまま今を伝えたい my heart

大胆な告白 / こころが望んでる
あなたを見つめる目がら / ひとしずく
こぼれる情熱は / 涙のせいにして

[In Romaji] ; Many thanks to dav & her Japanese friend who provided corrections and tips to perfect the lyrics =).

yume (day dream)
tada no yume (sweet dream)
nano ni mune (zutto)
furueteru (zutto)
koi o shite (missing)
kuchibiru ga (wishing)
setsunasa ni anata dake o yonda

Waitin' for you / watashi no omoi ni hayaku
toiki no hane tobashite / dakishime ni kite kudasai
daitan na kokuhaku / kokoro ga nozonderu
anata o mitsumeru me kara / hitoshizuku
koboreru jyounetsu wa / namida no sei ni shite
futari wa nando mo meguriau no dream

nami (love wave)
gin no nami (sweet wave)
kono kimochi (gyutto)
sarawarete (gyutto)
koishiteru (falling)
doushitara (sailing)
aitasa ga osaerareru no deshou

Shinin' my heart anata ga watashi no naka de
terasu himitsu / yurusa rerutani ai o kudasai

'eien no tokimeki, aru no' to sasayaita
anata ga itoshi sugiru to / kurushikute
yakusoku ga hoshii to / negau wa gamama sae
jyunsui desu
kono mama ima o tsutaetai my heart

daitan na kokuhaku / kokoro ga nozonderu
anata o mitsumeru me kara / hitoshizuku
koboreru jyounetsu wa / namida no sei ni shite
futari wa nando mo meguriau no dream

Phew, took me an hour lol, please inform me if there are any mistakes ...

[Signing off @ 6:16 PM]


  1. Runte said...

    I fell in love with that Nagisa/Etoile pic, when I got the single <3 It's perfect!

    Oh, and the song is much better as full version <3 As I thought

  2. yay you got us the lyrics too! thank you so much for doing this...

  3. yep, the full version rocks~~

    Alright, the full version lyrics are up, in hiragana/kanji and in romaji too~ enjoy

  4. Thank you so much akayuki for the lyrics. I really appreciate this and I could now sing the whole song :D

  5. i love nagisa and shizuma photo. I hope they really did it in anime XD

    This CD really worth my money


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  7. Hi once again!

    Thank you for posting the lyrics. Hmm... Is it ok if I help out a little bit with the romaji? I did a romaji version of the lyrics myself in my blog and I had that double-checked by my Japanese friend. I'm definitely not the person who has the right to help out anyone in Japanese considering that I suck at it (even though I study it). Neways, hope you wouldn't mind me giving suggestions. ^__^

    >> furu e teru (zuto)
    "Furueteru" (1 word by itself as a verb), and "zutto"

    >> setsuna sani anata dake o yonda
    "Setsunasa ni" (Setsunasa is the noun form of "setsuna" or "setsunai", meaning "painful"; the same case as "yasashii" and "yasashisa"), and "ni" is a particle by itself

    >> nozo n deru

    >> anata o mitsumeru megara / hitoshi zuku
    "mitsumeru me kara" (The hiragana looks more like "kara" in the album, and "kara" means "from"), and "hitoshizuku" is 1 word

    >> koboreru jyou netsu wa / namida no sei nishite
    "Jounetsu" or "jyousetsu", whichever you prefer, is 1 word, and "namida no sei ni shite"

    >> sarawa rete (gyu to)
    "Sarawarete" and "gyutto"

    >> chikai mashou

    >> meguri au
    "Meguriau" (1 word as a verb with a "u" ending)

    >> koi shiteru
    I got told off by my friend that it's 1 word - "Koishiteru", which more or less means "Falling in love". Of course I have no choice but to believe him...

    >> aitasaga osaera rerunodeshou
    "Aitasa ga osaerareru no deshou"

    >> Shinin' my heart anata ga watashi no nagade
    "watashi no naka de"

    >> yurusa rerutani ai o kudasai
    "yurusareru tame ni ai o kudasai"

    >> eien no tokimeki, aruno
    "aru no"

    >> anata ga itosu giruto / kushikute
    "Anata ga itoshi sugiru to kurushikute"

    >> yakusoku ga hoshi ito / negau wa ga mamasae
    "Yakusoku ga hoshii to negau wagamama sae"; "Yakusoku ga hoshii" meaning "I want a promise", "wagamama" is 1 word meaning "selfish" or "selfishness" depending on the structure of the sentence

    >> jyun sui
    "junsui"/"jyunsui" - 1 word

    >> kono mama ima o tsutae tai

  8. to dav, thanks for the corrections and tips =). I don't even study Japanese lol, everything's self-learnt ... so I've got a lot to learn too. Let's all improve together haha.

    Actually, I just looked at the lyrics in the booklet and typed it out slowly ... had problems wondering when I should link up the words ... haha.

    Help me thank your Japanese friend =), he really helped out a lot.

  9. No problem! Keep up the good work!

    Haha, at least you're better than me. You can still understand despite not attending Japanese lessons. Self-learning is amazing! ^___^

    Don't worry, we both owe our gratitude to my friend so I'll make sure to thank him properly on your behalf as well. Oh btw... I'm a girl. Tee hee. :p

  10. Oh, I just realized I made a typo.
    jyousetsu -> jyounetsu

    Sorry about that. ^^;

  11. oops ... lol dav sound like a guy's name ... ahhh sorry XD.

  12. Runte said...

    I too study only myself \o/ I learn by watching anime nad reading Japanese words from net. So let's all learn more together 8D

    Oh.. This is only small and i'd rather let it go.. n__n;;

    But that "anata dake o yonda", it's "anata dake 'wo' yonda" (I just woke up, so I all sizzy and can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure, it's like that ;)

  13. Runte said...

    **I'm all dizzy**

  14. to Runte, actually both 'o' and 'wo' are alright. I'm refering to the 'o', 'を', not the vowel o 'お'. It gets confusing sometimes because singers don't sing 'wo' but 'o'/'oh' haha.

    When you type 'wo', I know it give syou 'を', I guess it depends on one person, it's kinda like the British's 'harbour' and the American's 'harbor' haha.

    Anyways, here's some useful links regarding the 'wo', 'o' thingy =)

  15. where can you download the song?????

  16. In the line of "あなたがいとすぎると / 苦しくて" / "Anata ga itoshi sugiru to kurushikute" You missed out on the shi after ito o.o here: いとし hope you can correct it or something ^^