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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

[PV] Strawberry Panic! ED2 - Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari

[Posted @ 10:44 PM]
Hey all, sorry I won't be able to post up Strawberry Panic! Episode 21 summary tonight because the Mandarin sub is not out yet =O. So I reckon I'll have to wait till tomorrow for the English sub butttt the problem is, I'm going to Malaysia tomorrow ... haha. Will be back late at night so I'll just post up episode 21 summary on friday then.

To make up for the lateness, I've posted up the lyrics for '苺摘み物語' [Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari] yesterday and now I'll post up the screenshots of the PV, '苺摘み物語' [Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari]!!!~

SP ED2 - Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari 1.SP ED2 - Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari 2.SP ED2 - Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari 3.
SP ED2 - Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari 4.SP ED2 - Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari 5.SP ED2 - Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari 6.
SP ED2 - Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari 7.SP ED2 - Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari 8.SP ED2 - Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari 9.
SP ED2 - Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari 10.SP ED2 - Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari 11.SP ED2 - Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari 12.
SP ED2 - Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari 13.SP ED2 - Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari 14.SP ED2 - Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari 15.
SP ED2 - Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari 16.SP ED2 - Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari 17.SP ED2 - Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari 18.

Oh, I'm now uploading the clip in yousendit but it's taking sooooooooooo long lol. I tried to upload it in youtube but it's even slower, and it keeps disconnecting ... haha. Maybe those who could dl from yousendit then can help upload in youtube or something. Anyways, I'll update again after I uploaded it ok? Cya.

EDIT: For I dunno what stupid reason, I can't upload in yousendit too ... but, I managed to upload the 25mb version on sendspace, here's the link. I'm currently trying to upload a 16mb version on youtube ... hope it works. Fail. If you can't download from sendspace, I reckon it's too bad for you, cos I seriously have no patience to upload anywhere any longer, so maybe some kind soul can help you then.

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  1. WooHoo...I'm waiting for the video from you. Also many had youtube uploading probs. thank you again akayuki

  2. Only forehead kiss this time? Aww..I want a clear vision on Japanese French Kiss

  3. I'm still waiting for my copy. I just can't wait. I see there's a big different with ED1 and ED2. ED 1 was dark and ED 2 lighter and and oh yeah I like ED 2 song.

    Great review Akayuki

  4. to Anonymous, yeah I was seriously thinking of smashing my lappy when I uploaded till 80% then suddenly page cannot be displayed lol. But luckily, I didn't aha. And welcome =).

    to mirin, french kiss? LoL. If you watched the making of the ED1 - Himitsu Dolls, both Ai and Mai were already awkward with each other enough with the chaste kiss ... let alone french kiss lol.

    to Nur-thodology, woo, good to hear I've converted yet another sp fan hahha. Hm, seriously, I think Gillian Chung is more pretty haha, but Mai's above average too la in some angles. Oh? You're a YanZi fan too? Do you know YanZi's 10th album is coming out on 15th Sept?! [Soooo excited!]

    to tagaru, yeah, dark vs cutey. I'll take dark anytime lol.

  5. @akayuki

    I did watched ED1 the making of (Mai seems so fine with kissing another girl) and I, myself feeling awkward if I were to kiss Ai Shimizu. She's plain whereas Mai is drop dead gorgeous and nur-thodology, I agree with you. Anyway even for p*rn, japanese never know how to kiss. They kiss weirdly >.<

  6. to Nur-thodology, you're welcome, ooh so you're from HK? Yeah the YanZi Hong Kan concert 2005 was great ... I bought the DVD XD, but I think the rather recent Taiwan YanZi concert was even better .... it's like so many new clothes and songs lor.

    to mirin, really? Uh dunno about that ahah. Ah, in the making of ED1, if i'm not wrong, Mai made the first move then suddenly she burst into laughter [Hahaha, I was like lookin at Ai's expression, so serious and stuff and Mai was like 'Wait a moment~!' Hahaha.] so it's NG 1 haha. Actually, both seiyuus look good la haha, each have their strong points.