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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep19

[Posted @ 3:20 PM]
Yuri goodness in this episode ...

Shizuma's Past ...Third Grade Rokujou.Miyuki~ ...

Nagisa woke up only to find Rokujou-kaichou sitting beside her bed and started to get up. Rokujou-kaichou told Nagisa that it’s okay and noticed the key pendent she used to wear around her neck. Rokujou then apologized for hurting Nagisa, stunned Nagisa asked how much Rokujou knows. Rokujou replied that she would tell Nagisa everything, everything she knows. Scene changed to Tamao who was outside, at the gate of the Ichigo-sha staring up at the windows of their room then walking away. Back in the room, Rokujou said that it’s a long story, she and Shizuma were room mates in Ichigo-sha ever since first grade, three years ago when they were in third grade, Rokujou was called by the student council about a new student. Rokujou wondered in her mind on what she was doing, trying to pull another person into this complicated story again, a story that goes against one’s happiness ... - Flash back - Three years ago, Spring. A younger Rokujou with shoulder length hair [Currently her hair is up to the neckline] told a black-haired girl in the room that they could view the church from here. The black-haired girl doesn’t seem to respond, Rokujou called the black-haired girl by name, Sakuragi Kaori-san and tried to get her comfortable in living in a dorm room. Rokujou added that if Kaori had any problems, no matter how small, she could always look for her. Kaori just nodded lifelessly.

Scene changed to a younger Shizuma, [With bigger, brighter and cuter eyes XD kyaaahh~] a little surprised when Rokujou told her that the student responsible for their room duty was chosen. Picking the magazines lying around on the floor, Rokujou said yes, her name’s Sakuragi Kaori, a new first grade student. Shizuma doesn’t sound happy as she frowned and asked who had chosen, was it by drawing lots? Rokujou replied that the student council had decided it because Kaori’s health wasn’t good since young and she can’t really do room duty for normal students, so that’s why she was assigned to their room. Shizuma sighed and said that now they were in third grade and she didn’t have the chance to order the student around LOL. Rokujou sat on the bed beside Shizuma and began lecturing her like a mother would do lol, about why wasn’t Shizuma sensible as the student council had trust in them to assign this task to them. In addition, Kaori’s health had been rather weak from young and had no chance to attend school so they wanted to let the girl enjoy a normal life of a student and chose the best to help Kaori enjoy that. Shizuma leaned in Miyuki’s side and Miyuki blushed that the closeness.

Kawaii Kaori~Just Call Me Shizuma.Awww~.

Shizuma teased her by saying why are you so sensible? Shizuma then laid a hand on Miyuki’s thigh, inched even closer and said that do you really want to have a seat in the student council? Miyuki turned towards Shizuma and replied that an outstanding Etoile needs the support of the student council, you should know that … and she blushed. Shizuma continued teasing, saying hmm, you really think I could be Etoile hm? Miyuki replied, of course. Shizuma raised her hand to Miyuki’s side and added, and so? Blushing even harder, Miyuki murmured Shizuma’s name. Shizuma parted the hair which was covering Miyuki’s ear and whispered that if you’re lonely, I’ll have to make a trip to the student council room and pick you up ne? Miyuki flushed as she realized the under meaning of Shizuma’s words and she had been teased. Shizuma smirked. Clutching hard the magazines she picked up just now, Miyuki began throwing the magazines by one by at the running Shizuma who ran out of the room closing the door behind her lol. Shizuma began to laugh while leaning against the door, earning a ‘Baka’ from Miyuki when she heard Shizuma’s laughter. Walking down the hallway, the girls were going to meet Kaori, Shizuma began whining that Miyuki could go by herself isn’t it? Miyuki replied, no, it’s assigned to both of us. Besides, Miyuki added, she’s really your type LOL. [Can’t believe Miyuki actually mean that ... saying that Kaori’s the type of beautiful girl Shizuma would like] Shizuma sighed and replied well, I reckon that’s the only thing that gets me looking forward to lol.

Rokujou knocked the door and open the door, Kaori’s looking out of the window but that doesn’t stop Shizuma from been stunned by Kaori’s side beauty. When Kaori turned around, Shizuma was even more stunned lol [Awww, love at first sight~ Kaori’s really cute]. Both of them shook hands and introduced themselves to each other. Even after introduction, both of them still had their hands together, when Rokujou called Shizuma’s name, Shizuma said that it’s as Miyuki said, you [Kaori] are really beautiful. Kaori placed both hands on Shizuma’s hand, got up from her seat and thanked her by calling her ‘Hananozo-sama’. Shizuma replied, ‘Shizuma, it’s okay to just call me Shizuma.’ Kaori just smiled. Three of them then became fast friends walking to classes looking very happy together. One night, the three girls were probably in Miyuki and Shizuma’s room for midnight tea party. Miyuki served a cup of tea made from tea leaves from her home town, Shizuma commented that Rokujou’s family tea were as expected tastefully strange. Miyuki replied that, Ara, she can’t believe that comment was coming from a Hanazono living in Momoyama. [Miyuki’s teasing Shizuma’s rich status.] Shizuma responded humbly that their status were the same, ojou-sama lol. That explains why Shizuma had a resort in episode 18, she’s filthy rich haha. If you look into the Wakayama page, you will notice that in the merger section, there’s a Hanazono village … is it a coincidence or there was some research done on it? [You decide =)]

Kiss.Lonely Miyuki.YURI!

Kaori took the cup from Shizuma and drank from it earning a rather surprised reaction from Rokujou. Smiling like nothing’s wrong, Kaori praised that it’s good, Rokujou just stared blankly. Shizuma said well, isn’t it good, Kaori’s standing at your side. Rokujou smiled and thanked Kaori for standing at her side. Kaori smiled and said don’t mention it before sipping from the cup Shizuma used again. Rokujou stared at Kaori drinking ... [Probably she’s wondering when both of them became so close that they started sharing cups. Kaori doesn’t seem to notice what she was doing too, alright you may argue that Kaori’s purposely doing it but I don’t think so.] One evening, the girls were all dressed up to view the starry night at the horse ranch, Rokujou noticed Kaori panting rather wildly after running a rather short distance only and also the concern Shizuma showered on Kaori. The girls then began appreciating the star-filled night, Shizuma said that if only there were shooting stars, it would be so romantic. Kaori’s eyes were sparkling brightly saying that the stars were beautiful, Rokujou told Kaori that three years later in summer, they will be able to witness a Perseus meteor shower.

Shizuma whined that there’s still a long way to go, Rokujou replied, too bad for you. Kaori said that she didn’t know if she would still be around ... Shizuma cut in and said of course you would be. Kaori turned towards Shizuma and said that but, I’m sure that I’m feeling more happiness now. Both of them glazed into each other for a moment or so before Shizuma moved nearer, placed an arm on Kaori’s shoulders and snuggled against her [Awwww~]. One night, Kaori and Shizuma sneaked out of the Ichigo-sha through climbing the wall lol while Rokujou’s in the room writing. Kaori and Shizuma went to the forest under the tree [The place where Nagisa first met Shizuma when she tripped and fell into and where Nagisa had slept on Shizuma’s lap on, Shizuma had been standing there alone looking blankly for a few times too] glazing at the bright full moon [Let’s call the tree the ‘Love Tree’ ok? LoL]. Scene changed to Kaori and Shizuma in tight embrace, hands intertwined. Shizuma leaned down and kissed Kaori chastely at first. After the first kiss, both of them got even more passionate as Shizuma kissed Kaori even deeper, some tongue action [Yes, it’s there!!!] and Kaori wrapped her arms around Shizuma’s shoulders. A while later, we see both of them falling on the ground and scene switched to Rokujou sitting lonely in her room. I’m not sure what expression Rokujou had … but it’s a mixture of sorrow, bitterness and but a little happiness? for her friend. Scene switched back to both Kaori and Shizuma naked in tight embrace, hands intertwining lying on the red cloth on the ground [Strong yuri here, it’s pretty well implied that they did it, with their underwears at the corner ... *blush*].

Thank You Rokujou.Kaori And I Are Going To Join The Etoile Election ...Weak Kaori.

The next day, Kaori’s in Rokujou and Shizuma’s room laughing at Shizuma’s bad luck to have met the Sister lol and now she’s been lectured in the room. Rokujou merely smiled, turned towards the window and said Shizuma has to be careful then. Suddenly, Rokujou’s eyes widen as she felt Kaori grasping her arm. Kaori then leaned her head against Rokujou’s back. Kaori confessed to Rokujou that before she entered St Miator, her body was weak, she wasn’t allow to leave the room and it was as though she doesn’t exist in the world. That was not living at all. However, in St Miator, she was saved from that world. ‘Thank you, for letting me meet Shizuma.’, Kaori said to Rokujou. Rokujou placed a comfort hand on Kaori’s hand and said don’t mention it and she was very happy too. A year later in winter, Rokujou now with short hair [As you see currently] stormed in and thrust a paper in Shizuma’s face, demanding an explanation. [‘Want I walk together’ ?! LoL what the hell English was that.] Shizuma replied that it was as you saw, this was the application for the Etoile Election. As Miyuki wanted, Shizuma’s entering the Etoile Election that year, Miyuki retorted that but what is this, your partner’s Kaori. Shizuma replied that you should know that besides Kaori, no one could be her partner. Rokujou protested saying Kaori’s body was still weak and got rather bad that year and couldn’t attend school too. Rokujou continued that Shizuma should know what the duties of the Etoile were, the representatives of the three schools, it’s a huge responsibility, do you think that Kaori could carry all that? Shizuma turned and replied, it’s ... impossible isn’t it ... Rokujou was surprised that Shizuma knew it but still went ahead and asked why. Shizuma didn’t reply.

Rokujou and Shizuma visited Kaori’s room, there was a huge medical machine in front of Kaori and Kaori got up to greet Rokujou. Rokujou noticed Kaori’s looking weaker and paler when she asked how’s Kaori, Kaori was merely replied that she’s better today than yesterday. Shizuma and Rokujou looked grimly like Kaori as she tried to act all happy. Scene switched to Shizuma preparing the bathtub for Kaori, Rokujou asked why Shizuma didn’t admit Kaori in the hospital. Shizuma replied that it’s too ... late. Surprised, Rokujou asked when did Shizuma knew about it?! Three days ago, Shizuma responded lifelessly and continued that Kaori could only live for another three months perhaps. Rokujou questioned, why now? ... Shizuma answered that because Kaori didn’t say. Rokujou got agitated and pushed Shizuma against the wall, Shizuma’s hand accidentally pressed the shower thingy and sprayed on both of them. Both of them then chatted like that with the shower still raining on them, Shizuma told Rokujou that she and Kaori decided to join the Etoile Election together. Shizuma added that but they were not sure if they would be Etoile … turning to face Rokujou, Shizuma asked if St Spica had any candidates yet? Rokujou forcefully said that it doesn’t matter, regardless of St Spica or whatever, no one will win both Kaori and Shizuma. Rokujou continued that Kaori and Shizuma just have to stand on stage, making a determined face, Rokujou said that this year’s Etoile title would be both Kaori and Shizuma’s =). Shizuma smiled in return, glad that her friend’s supporting her. [LoL, it’s true after all, an outstanding Etoile needs the back up of the student council =P]

Wet Rokujou ...Wet Rokujou And Shizuma ...HOT~ ...

Winter time, the place’s snowing, in the church, a student announced the Etoile of the year, St Miator’s Hanazono Shizuma and Sakuragi Kaori. Everyone began clapping. Back stage, Rokujou’s helping Kaori with her dress and both of them were looking really sorrow and sad. Rokujou tried to lighten the mood by saying Kaori’s beautiful, Kaori thanked Rokujou. At stage, Shizuma walked in in this freaking hot red dress which hugged her curves perfectly and a red rose pinned to her chest. [(*´Д`)!] On the other side, Kaori walked in in this white dress revealing her shoulders looking cute and all =). [Both of them were wearing this green ribbon, Shizuma wore it on her wrist while Kaori used it to tie her hair.] Shizuma walked to the middle of the stage, her eyes beckoning Kaori to come to her. Rokujou told Kaori to go over to Shizuma, Kaori took a few steps forward but suddenly stumbled back, luckily Rokujou was there to capture her. Rokujou assisted Kaori over to Shizuma’s side [LoL I know it’s a bad time to think about this but it’s like a dad giving her daughter away in a wedding ...]. Kaori mumbled that she heard the angels’ singing, scene switch to a cute first grade Yaya singing with the choir. As Rokujou helped Kaori over, Kaori apologized to Rokujou for bothering her, Kaori doesn’t seem quite well and responding rather slowly to things around her. Kaori said she’s hearing the angels’ voice again ... [It’s like foreshadowing Kaori’s end ... the angels were beckoning Kaori to heaven ... holy crap.] Kaori suddenly fell forwards, this time Shizuma’s there to hold her.

Kaori and Shizuma hugged each other like it’s their last time ... scene switched to Kaori lying in bed and the shadows of the students visiting her fading. Meanwhile, Shizuma’s looking at the Love Tree probably recalling the time they did there. Rokujou and Shizuma were standing in front of Kaori’s room, Rokujou said that the room would be empty for some time huh and added that Shizuma didn’t cry. Shizuma replied that Kaori didn’t cry even though she’s near death, she never once cried. Rokujou said that Kaori’s room would be empty, the things that happened in the room, no one would know. Shizuma walked in the room and stood in the middle of the room while Rokujou closed the door. As Shizuma stood in the room, she flashbacked over the times with Kaori, the first time they met, their trips, their first kiss/times and the Etoile Election. Shizuma started tearing and her tears flowed down her cheeks till she couldn’t take it and fell on her kneels sobbing hard. Outside the door, Rokujou also cried. Rokujou narrated to Nagisa that that’s everything she knew, from then on, Shizuma sealed her heart within her. Even after two years later, Shizuma only had Kaori in her heart, a place where no one could step into she still lingered there. - Back to present - Nagisa’s leaning against Rokujou’s back, sobbing. [Like the time Kaori had leaned against Rokujou’s back when she thanked her for her assistance in her meeting with Shizuma.] Rokujou apologized to Nagisa for burdening her with her hopes of Shizuma regaining to her old self and forgetting that girl. [Note: Rokujou didn’t say Kaori.] Rokujou apologized again for burdening this impossible task on Nagisa. Nagisa sobbed even harder. - END -

I Hear Dead Voices ... Um ... I Mean I Angels' Voices.Kaori ...Sob ...

Miyuki played a really huge part in this episode, besides telling Nagisa about the past between Kaori and Shizuma, Miyuki was also rather involved in unison of Kaori and Shizuma. I really love the scene where Shizuma teased Miyuki then Miyuki threw the magazines at Shizuma lol. The cheeky Shizuma’s so cute hehe also it reminded me of the scene in episode 14 of Chihaya and Noriko lol. The first meeting between Kaori and Shizuma seemed simple enough, a look and love at first sight for Shizuma. Oh the part where Miyuki said that Kaori’s Shizuma’s type was shocking too lol. I really liked Kaori, her eyes were wowowow alluring, no wonder Shizuma was smitten. The cup sharing scene was a little eyebrow rising too, Kaori’s pretty hm simple, she doesn’t care how others think perhaps. Oh yeah, the yuri scene was subtle but hot haha, the kissing scene was surprisingly detailed lol. No, I don’t think it’s fan service this time, it’s a seal to their love. Kaori doesn’t mind it, she’s dying anyways ha. Rokujou’s apparently the support of the meeting and ending of their relationship, Kaori’s really grateful to Rokujou and really thankful that she met Shizuma. The confession of Kaori was touching, it’s time Kaori experience a little happiness before she goes. The shower scene was great too, it strengthens the friendship between Rokujou and Shizuma, no wonder Shizuma treated Rokujou as her most trusted friend. I think Shizuma wanted to show everyone her love for Kaori by participating in the Etoile Election, to declare their love to the world and the reason Kaori doesn’t have much time left, the more she wanted to show.

The emotions of Kaori, Rokujou and Shizuma were expressed pretty well, as for Rokujou, I don’t know how she feels for Shizuma but one thing for sure, she really wished Kaori and Shizuma well. As for the last scene where Nagisa’s crying, was it out of sadness for the story or Shizuma’s pain or the fact she was kinda used by Rokujou. However I’m sure Rokujou doesn’t really mean to use Nagisa … she really thought Nagisa’s good for Shizuma. Emo emo emo. XD

Art: 7/10 [=) Constant]
Story: 7.5/10 [Great flashback.]
Characters: 7.5/10 [Miyuki~.]
Overall: 8/10

Go Nagisa.

[Signing off @ 10:59 PM]

PS: Sorry, forgot to edit the screenshots ... argh ...


  1. Wow good summerising =)

    The next episode is confession .. i wonder who gonna confess to whom on what, the Tamao fans all say is Tamao confessing to Nagisa on her feelings ..

    I wonder if its Nagisa confessing to her self that she really, truely, honestly has fallen in love with shizuma and vice versa .. one of the screens flash a sad face shizuma .. i wonder if she's thinking about Nagisa and Nagisa of her .. 1 more week of waiting and guessing ... its nerve wrecking ..

    No matter wat !!! ITS NAGISA x SHIZUMA all the way ^^

    Go NAGISA Chan !!!!


  2. Well I personally really love this episode as I could see Shizuma all different than she is now. Miyuki and her really cute together. Teasing Miyuki was really flattering me ^_^.

    Shizuma and Kaori scene was really good. They even went on tongue action. And the way the animate the scene was really like a starting of making love where it was so fast and all. I still can't get that out of my mind. Thank you writers for this. It's like my birthday again :D

    As for Miyuki apologizing to Nagisa, this point only made me think it's Nagisa x Shizuma. Miyuki really understands Shizuma, like what she commented about Kaori is Shizuma kind of girl (and yeah its true!! O.O). So I think Miyuki is true too about Nagisa is Shizuma's kind of girl. *sigh* feel bad for Tamao. I want them to be together. Oh well I think my dream will come to an END next week ;_;

    Shizuma x Miyuki forever!
    Nagisa x Tamao forever!

  3. Quoted by akayuki
    [‘Want I walk together’ ?! LoL what the hell English was that.] Shizuma replied that it was as you saw, this was the application for the Etoile Election.

    This is hillarious ha!ha!ha!ha!ha! I wonder whose english is that XD

  4. I love Shizuma in this episode.She's so lively. She also changes her clothes. I always saw her in school uniform and also sleeping clothes. I can't believe they never make Shizuma wear bikini! arrgghh

    I like Miyuki, she's very caring as a friend and student council. I also learned that miyuki is as rich as shizuma is. I hope miyuki won't marry a man. I wish she could ride on with Tamao.

  5. I quite agree with jeff that Tamao chan is the next very likely candidate for student council, however if she decides to take part in the next Etoile ( which i think stands a very high chance ^^ ) than i believe her choice for the other etoile will be NAGISA !!!!

    I remember eps 20+ being titled as 'DUEL' the title quite suggestive rite ^^
    In my Opinion it will be drama drama all the way =)

    Kaori and Nagisa are 2 totally diff being, although they both have red eyes and being frank about their feelings .. other than that they are different =)


  6. Yeah, Kaori just had this ... undescribable cuteness, gracefulness, really headstrong + sadness in her that attracts Shizuma haha. Nagisa doesn't have that ... she's more of the klutzy, thinks way too much, shy and cry-baby kind. But i think we will see Nagisa grow out of that in later episodes.

    Tamao as the next student council president? Haha probably.

  7. wow ... i just read the summary from eps 20 to 23 ..
    on eps 23, TAMAO Chan gonna take part in the Etoile contest !!!!
    NAGISA will be her other ETOILE !!!!
    OMG ~~~~

    Such a twist of event ...

  8. Hey hey ^^

    I just read the summary of eps 20 - 23 .. apparently Otori Amane till eps 22 still reject taking part in the Etoile .. and Eps 23 .. Tamao chan will take part in the etoile contest .. guess what .. her other etoile is NAGISA !!!!!

    OMG ~~

    Wat a twist of event ^^


  9. sorry for the double post ..

    my pc hang