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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

[Manga] Strawberry Panic! Chapter 11

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Σ(゜д゜;) NANI!? It's Chapter 11 already?! A short chapter ... only 14 pages .. so I'm uploading only 8 scans this time.


I do not scan, so i don't claim credit for it, i got the scans from Yamibo, so please do not ask me where i got my scans again. PLEASE.

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Strawberry Panic! 1. Strawberry Panic! 2.

Wait, let me squeal first ... ... Kyyyaaahhhh~ Shizuma-sama's sooooooooo hot in that black uniform ... ~~~ ( ゚ ヮ゚) Amane looks kinda cool too ... Black Prince VS White Prince, who will win the first round?

In Chapter 11 of Strawberry Panic!, 'The Fortress Of Captivity', it's early in the morning, but tons of students from all three schools were gathering at the horse ranch to witness Round 1 of the Etoile Battle, in which the 'Aînée' [Older Sister] will be having an Equestrianism competition. Chikaru explained to Kizuna that the 'Aînée' have to, first, make a round at the 'Maiden's Garden', return back to the horse ranch, proceed to rescue the 'Cadette' [Younger Sister] from the tower then do a round again and the course would be compete. Kizuna seemed excited by the whole horse-riding thing and pointed out Amane's and Shizuma's horses as they were white and black respectively. Amane and Shizuma were the most promising main leads for this Round and looked the most impressive.

Strawberry Panic! 3. Strawberry Panic! 4.

Chikaru explains to Kizuna that Amane's white horse is called 'Star Bright' and Amane's posture perfectly displayed how a Prince should be. Meanwhile, Shizuma's black horse is called ' Leclerc* Noir' and Shizuma's black uniform complements with the colour of the horse. Chikaru added that it seemed that only two of them were the ones to look out for ... and she's looking forward to it fufufu. *[Seriously I don't know the French word for it, I just copy and paste the translated version ... but in Katakana, It's レクレ-ル, Rekure-Ru. So anyone knows? I know Noir means Black in French =).] Chiyo, Tamao and Tsubomi were also at the horse ranch cheering for their respectively Onee-samas. Tsubomi was saying that noone would win St Spica's Equestrianism Club trump card, Ootori Amane. Tamao went well it's still to early to count the chicks before they hatch when the rival's Shizuma-sama. Tsubomi continued that, well maybe but there's no chance anyone will beat Amane in horse-riding. Tamao countered that with a 'You haven't seen the serious side of Shizuma-sama yet'. Both of them stared at each other and went 'Fufufu.' LOL. So funny.

Anyways, Round 1 started and the 'Aînée' started galloping on their horses. Tamao looked on and thought to herself that although she spoke confidently to Tsubomi just now but ... St Miator still had to cheer hard for Shizuma-sama. Besides she's feeling a little confused right now ... [She's actually supporting her rival in love lol] Tamao then began to worry if Nagisa would be alright in that high tower and also Nagisa doesn't seem to be in high spirits since yesterday. At the tower, the 'Cadette' were squeezed in a rather small area and began pushing each other around. One of the girls began bitching about two transfer students [Nagisa and Hikari] and others began to start too.

Strawberry Panic! 5. Strawberry Panic! 6.

Nagisa thought to herself, they must be talking about me ... everyone's getting angry ... Nagisa began to lose confidence in herself, as she thought to herself that even though Tamao and the other made the pretty dress for her, she would never win and besides ... Shizuma's not really serious about it. Nagisa started to hope that the Round 1 will end faster because regardless of the ending, it doesn't matter. The girls launched another bitching topic as the subject shifted to Hikari, saying that as long as the 'Aînée' was Amane, the transfer student will be able to enter the Etoile Battle. Another girl added that Kaname-sama was supposed to be Amane-sama's 'Cadette' ... and many people want Kaname to be too. Nagisa noticed Hikari trembling with fear and pitied her because they were in the same boat, both of them were transferred students and their 'Aînée' were popular Onee-samas.

Nagisa thought to herself that she heard the rumours of St Spica's Prince, Ootori Amane and compared to Shizuma who had already been Etoile once, the partner of the St Spica, Hikari had more stress. Nagisa also described herself as a rather firm person compared to the fragile Hikari beside her and Hikari looked like she's about to cry too. Nagisa placed a comfort hand on Hikari's shoulder and started to console her to not mind what others say. Suddenly, the girls began shouting that someone's coming ... !! No doubt, it was Amane who's leading and galloping ahead at full speed, followed by Shizuma. The girls were screaming, 'Kyaaahh Amane's so cool~' and some were encourging Shizuma to catch up. Shizuma doesn't look happy to lose to Amane too haha.

Strawberry Panic! 7. Strawberry Panic! 8.

The 'Cadette' in the tower began to push around excitedly to see their Onee-samas and one of the girls elbowed Hikari and she was pushed over the edge. Nagisa saw the falling Hikari, moved behind Hikari and pushed her back but she tripped and fell down the tower instead. In Nagisa's mind, she's calling for Shizuma Onee-sama ... - END -

Whoa, ended at a cliff hanger ... get it? CLIFF hanger!! LOL. Well, from the looks of the novel, I've already anticipated this ... ahaha and Black Prince, Shizuma to the rescue!!!!

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  1. Runte said...

    100% sure: Shizuma with black horse don't mind 'bout the Race and decides to save falling Nagisa 8) ahh~~ Why can't that kinda scene be in anime?!?! xDD it would be perfect! <3

  2. To Runte:

    Well there is 7 eps to go. Maybe that scene will appear.

    Thanks for posting the chap summary! I look foward for more! ^^

  3. OMG! Nagisa falling?! I'm sure our black horse prince will come to the rescue. Also I hate cliff hanger! it just make my patience and life miserable. Also even if Nagisa did not fell off the tower like that, I'm sure Shizuma would win the race.

  4. Hi akayuki!

    I guess I'm new at commenting here but I've been a regular visitor of your blog for quite a while. I love your reviews! They're really entertaining.

    Oh yes, thank you especially for your posts on StoPani. Hehe... Looking forward to your review on Chapter 12 because quite a few interesting things happened there. If you've read the novel, you'd probably know what happened after Nagisa fell. The result was rather amusing (Well... To me it was). ;)

    Neways, keep up the excellent work! Btw, me from M'sia. ^^

  5. I have the novel but I don't know how to read actually. And its amusing? don't tell me amane's the one who do the rescueing? ehh? lolz I don't know...

  6. Er... I could say something but I don't want to spoil anything just yet. Oh for me, the situation that time isn't funny but it's what Shizuma said a little while after that incident which I find amusing. ^^

  7. Yes, Amane.. ^_~ Shizuma got jealous afterword.

  8. Hallo dav, welcome =D ... yeah, can't wait for Chapter 12 =).
    Jealous Shizuma? This I gotta see hehehe.

  9. lol a jealous shizuma is thrilling but let her wear her black suit and jealous so that I could ROAR!!

  10. if amane is the one whose suppose to save nagisa, why would shizuma let that happen? shizuma should be the one to save nagisa so that nagisa can actually know that shizuma loves her truely and serious. Also in manga, I can't tell whether shizuma is actually in love with nagisa o.0

  11. I think it's Tamao who will save Nagisa, I mean it's only Tamao who really really likes Nagisa....

  12. @latina

    Are you sure Tamao will? She'll never will just look in episode 16, all she do is close her eyes and yell out Nagisa's name. While Shizuma really brave and got Nagisa out of trouble. Tamao is brave only when it's ghost time, other she isn't. And of course it's true that Tamao really loves Nagisa. But we must remember one straight fact, Nagisa only loves Shizuma. Proof is Nagisa was upset about shizuma's past in anime,manga,drama CD.

  13. @anonymous

    >> if amane is the one whose suppose to save nagisa, why would shizuma let that happen? shizuma should be the one to save nagisa so that nagisa can actually know that shizuma loves her truely and serious.


    Of course Shizuma wouldn't let that happen, but here's the hint... Amane is in the lead. I'm sure Amane is in no position to decline helping/saving a person who's life is in danger (Nagisa's falling off a tower) whether or not that person is her own Cadette. You could say Shizuma could speed up to try to catch Nagisa but that might have been too late for her (Well, at least she made the effort :p). However, because Amane is ahead of Shizuma, the only natural action for Amane to take is to save Nagisa. Oh btw, Shizuma does get irked at Amane's actions. Just see/read what she said after that. Kinda tip off that she does have affections for Nagisa. Maybe. ;)

  14. @Anonymous

    How sure are you Tamao did not attempted to save Nagisa at that time? Besides in episode 18 and 19, we clearly see that Shizuma really loved her past lover and she can't forget about her. So we really dont know yet if Shizuma really loves Nagisa as Nagisa. It's very obvious she's liking Nagisa, because Nagisa and Kaori has a lot of similarities. How sure are you that Nagisa never did love Tamao? In episode 19, when Nagisa woke up. Who's name did she call first? Also in the preview in episode 20, Nagisa wants to know Tamao's story this time. Also in episode 17, Chiyo said that probably the one who will be running for Etoile in Miatre is Tamao. So dont compare the mangas and the animes, cause the mangas and the animes has a lot of differences. I mean a lot! In the mangas, we can't really see that Shizuma truly loves Nagisa either, she's just like playing. See look at chapter 11 the one who is really concern with Nagisa is Tamao. Sure Tamao might not be attletic in the animes, but we dont know yet here in the manga. She even broke a branch at chapter 4.

  15. to lantina, LOL the branch Tamao broke in the manga was probably juz comic relief ... but you never know hahaha ...

    I think it's still too early to say who Nagisa really likes but one thing for sure, she really cared for both of them alot.

    I think it's unfair to doubt Tamao's care for Nagisa based on whether she has the power to save Nagisa or what. I mean, Tamao and Shizuma cared for Nagisa a lot and will do anything to save Nagisa. Regardless of whether they think it's friendship or love. I think Tamao's best as the always supporting friend by Nagisa side. You can see it as both ways, when Shizuma kinda 'hurt' Nagisa who supports Nagisa mentally? Tamao. Who comforts her? Tamao. In Shizuma's case, probably she's the more action type, so if Nagisa's in any physical dangers, Shizuma's there. I think the producers are just trying to strike a balance, a friend/lover who supports you emotionally and a lover who protects you from danger ... kyaaah who will you choose? LoL.

    It speaks for the same for the St Spica side too, the prince you admire the most and the best friend you trust the most.

  16. @akayuki-san

    LoL, yeah we never know.
    Also in episode 2 Tamao said to Nagisa that she will protect her no matter what, and come to think of it, they have just only met recently. Even in episode 12, Tamao did not even want to go home just to protect Nagisa. But since Nagisa insisted, even before Tamao left, she gave something for Nagisa that could protect her.
    Oh and has anyone seen Tamao in basket ball uniform?
    She's really really cute in here! ^__^~



  17. I'm really sorry for double posting. But incase anyone doesnt know about this yet. I just want to point it out; At episode 12, Shizuma was not jealous of the ribbon. She is furious... Why? I think it's a japan culture that when someone close or anyone you know died, you need to tie a red ribbon either in your hands or in your arm. This is what they did at Finaly Fantasy 7 Advent of Children. Since Aeries died, all of them wore a red ribbon at their arm. That's why Shizuma got really angry since Tamao was trying to make her remember Kaori... Remember at episode 3? One of the student council said "Did Shizuma's sickness came back?" I think it means, everytime Shizuma remembers and or longs for Kaori, she goes flirting with other girls. Since Shizuma remembered her, she wants to forget her immediately and tried to force herself into Nagisa. But since her love for Kaori is really strong she cant continue the you knows whats with Nagisa. Oh and at the preview of episode 20 it looks like Nagisa is happy (Reffering to when Nagisa opened her window)... I think Nagisa understands Shizuma now and wants to help her heal from the pain she is suffering. And in the preview for episode 20, since Nagisa said "I want to know your story this time." (Reffering to Tamao). I think it's really Tamao who is going to confess to Nagisa. Heheheheh I dont know why I'm saying all of these, maybe I just really want to root for Nagisa x Tamao. It's not like I dont like Shizuma or anything. But Shizuma will be hitting 2 birds in one stone. It's unfair for Nagisa that she never and will be Shizuma's first love. Also what if Kaori never died? Do you think Nagisa will still have a chance? Heck No! Also what if Nagisa was Kaori? If you truly love someone, you wont go try to forget your lover by flirting with other girls if your lover died. Just like in Condor Heroes (If anyone has heard of it) They never loved anyone but each other only, even knowing the other one is already dead... So I think Shizuma will live happily with Kaori's memories, while Nagisa is happy with Tamao.

  18. argh! I hate cliff hanger >=|

  19. Looks like this stage Amane will win :S

  20. hi there! well, im new here but ive been visiting the site for some time..Thanks for StoPan, i do enjoy reading it..

    looks like the chapter is a cliffhanger, but anywayz, i think amane will save nagisa this time. it will add spice to the story and sure this would make shizuma jealous, and jealousy sometimes makes people realize things...

    about the nagisaXtamao hurrray! to you, maybe JUST MAYBE in the anime they would be together(since tamao already semi-confessed to nagisa her feelings in EP20) but the sad part is this may make shizuma realize that she really do like NAGISA and you know what will happen next (so sad, nagisa and tamao would make a cute couple)..

    but anywayz, there are lot of possibilities and MAYBE's, i guess we just have to sit tight and wait(which by the way i hate doing) for whats to come..(--,)