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Friday, August 25, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep21

[Posted @ 1:39 PM]
Yet another kiss, a Miyuki x Shizuma episode.

Kaori.Nagisa.Kawaii Pouting Shizuma~.

- Flashback - It’s snowing in Strawberry Panic! world, Kaori’s in the washroom, coughing wildly till there were tears in her eyes. After washing up, she walked weakly to the desk, sat down and stared at the photo she and Shizuma took together during the Etoile Election then. [The same photo Shizuma had with her] Kaori started to cough badly again while clutching her chest, in her mind she was thinking that she’s leaving the world really soon. Kaori opened the wooden box at the side and revealed a ruby pendent [The same pendent Shizuma wore, except for the colour of the stone]. Kaori thought to herself what would Shizuma do. Shizuma, the beautiful, strong and whatever she does would be flawless, would do if Kaori should disappeared. Will she still be as beautiful, strong and flawless? - End of Flashback - At the Ichigo-sha, Rokujou-kaichou’s knocking repeatly at door of Shizuma’s room but Shizuma just ignored her looking all zoned out, wearing her pajamas and the sapphire pendent. After knocking for a long time, Rokujou-kaichou gave up and left. Meanwhile, Nagisa’s at Shizuma’s greenhouse looking for her but sighed when Shizuma wasn’t there. Nagisa ran towards the waiting Tamao and they walked to school together. Tamao asked Nagisa if she saw Shizuma in the greenhouse, Nagisa replied that she wasn’t there. Tamao said that according to the seniors, they were saying that Shizuma hadn’t been attending classes too. Looking at Nagisa’s sadden expression, Tamao added that Nagisa must be worried isn’t it? Nagisa nodded and said that Shizuma would be fine even without her worrying. Tamao tried to cheer Nagisa but by stating that Shizuma would definitely be fine.

The girls were having a midnight tea party at Nagisa and Tamao’s room, Chiyo was praising the butter cookies Chihaya made and Nagisa said that Chihaya really liked to put a lot of butter in the cookies and cakes she made. Tamao explained that it’s because Noriko really likes butter. [Awww~] The girls started chatting what goes well with tea, Tamao thanked everyone for attending the tea party as it’s been a while they had one because of Nagisa’s zoning out for quite a well, complained Tsubomi lol. Surprisingly, Chiyo stood up to Nagisa’s side and told Nagisa not to apologize haha. The subject moved on to the up coming Etoile Election, when Hikari asked for more tea, Tsubomi and Yaya began to quarrel with each other haha while Nagisa’s still looking a little dazed. Tamao noticed it too. The next day, Rokujou-kaichou knocked on Shizuma’s door even harder than before and threatened to call the Sister if Shizuma doesn’t open the door. Finally, Shizuma opened the door, grumbling to Rokujou that she’s noisy this early in the morning and she might disturb the student next door. Rokujou entered the room, retorting that it’s such a coincidence that she’s the student living next door [LOL!!!]. Shizuma said that Rokujou’s still acting all mighty after disturbing her sleep, Rokujou replied that she doesn’t care how long Shizuma sleeps but the duties of the Etoile had to be done. Looking around the messy room, Rokujou added that, Shizuma was even worse than before by not attending classes and not tending the greenhouse. Throwing a stack of papers on the bed, Rokujou told Shizuma that that’s her work and to sign the papers.

... =O~Keh.KISS~ ...

Rokujou continued that until the next Etoile’s elected, Shizuma’s still responsible for the duties. The more Rokujou talked about her duties, the more Shizuma frowned. Rokujou told Shizuma that tomorrow’s the day she had to return the authenticating object of the Etoile. Shizuma stared down and fingered her sapphire pendent, saying that it’s finally the day to return this huh? Rokujou agreed and added, also Kaori’s. Shizuma doesn’t look happy. Rokujou draw the curtain in Shizuma’s room and said that the timing’s good, they should proceed to Kaori’s room now to collect it. Shizuma mocked Rokujou for having a professional attitude. Rokujou then turned around to face Shizuma. Shizuma asked how could Rokujou just so easily say out things regarding Kaori. Shizuma continued that Miyuki had been always saying the same thing for two years, fulfill the duties of the Etoile, that’s all. Miyuki replied matter-of-fact that Shizuma’s the Etoile, that’s why. Pissed, Shizuma yelled that ‘Even so, I’m human too!’ Miyuki looked stunned and replied that ‘Of course, don’t you think I understood? I had always been by your side, matters of Kaori, matters of Nagisa, I was looking at everything. I know your everything.’ Shizuma interrupted, ‘No, you don’t understand, you only looked, you don’t know what is called love, you never loved anyone before, that’s why …you would never understand my feelings!’ Miyuki said that, ‘It’s not the case, I too ...’ Narrowing her eyes, Shizuma asked if Miyuki loved anyone before? Miyuki started to get a little worked up, as they stared down at each other. But Miyuki lost the ‘battle’ as she adverted her eyes to the side. Shizuma stared at Miyuki’s lips, moved forward, tilted Miyuki’s chin towards her and captured her in a kiss.

Eyes wide opened, Miyuki was stunned. Shizuma shifted to bring Miyuki closer to her and grasped her left wrist. A few moments later, Miyuki shoved Shizuma away, slapped her, yelled ‘Baka!’ and turned away. After the slap from Miyuki, Shizuma was suddenly awakened from the moment of daze she was in. Miyuki started crying. Shizuma asked stupidly if Miyuki’s crying. Miyuki replied can’t I? Shizuma’s cheek was still red from the slap, [Whoa] she turned, began buttoning her uniform and left saying she’s going to the greenhouse. Before leaving, Shizuma apologized to Miyuki and said that she doesn’t have any evil intentions, only joking around. Miyuki sobbed even harder. [Miyuki’s heart must be breaking when Shizuma said that she’s only joking around ... for all you know, that could be Miyuki’s first kiss and her first kiss was just a joke? Manz, now I feel like smacking Shizuma lol.] Apparently, Shizuma knew she’s hurting Miyuki, as she walked out of the gate of Ichigo-sha and the rain drops pouring down at her. ‘I have always been hurting people, Nagisa ... Miyuki ... I’m always hurting people around me, I ...’, thought Shizuma. Suddenly, Amane sheltered Shizuma from the rain with her umbrella. Both of them arrived at the greenhouse, Shizuma thanked Amane. Amane just replied that Shizuma once sheltered her from the rain in episode 8 but Shizuma doesn’t really remembered lol. [It’s because Shizuma was busy wondering about her umbrella being too big lol!]

Sob ...Amane.Awww~ ...

Amane seemed amazed by the potted plants in the greenhouse, Shizuma asked Amane if it’s her first time in the greenhouse, Amane nodded. Shizuma replied that ‘After you become Etoile, you’ll be so bothered by it that you won’t want to come.’ [LOL!] Amane answered that she never thought of it. Shizuma said that is that so? Will the St Spica Student Council let you off? Shion had been eyeing Amane to be Etoile for quite a while, Shizuma added. Amane replied indeed, she had been bothering her about it. Shizuma continued, as expected lol. Amane asked Shizuma ... ‘What is Etoile?’ and added that she wanted to know since the students and student council in St Spica had been eyeing for the Etoile title. Shizuma frankly replied, ‘The main attraction, work piled as high as a mountain, endless repeats of the same old oration and ritual and tending the greenhouse.’ Amane actually seriously asked, ‘Is that the answer?’ [LOL!] Shizuma smirked and said that the question’s abstract so there were limits to the answer. Amane asked again what did Shizuma got after gaining the Etoile title, fame or something else? Shizuma replied that she got something, indeed that time. - Flashback - Shizuma and Kaori were dancing in their Etoile dresses. Looking at her palms, Shizuma answered, ‘We got something that even words cannot describe it ...’. [Love?!] Back in Ichigo-sha, Nagisa’s staring out of the window. Scene changed to Rokujou and Shizuma going in Kaori’s room, Rokujou commented that nothing much had changed in the room. Rokujou asked where is it and Shizuma replied that it’s in the drawer. Shizuma’s looking out of the window at the church [Like she doesn’t want to witness the scene of Rokujou taking the last thing Kaori wore] while Rokujou proceeded to open the drawer. Rokujou took out the photo frame of Kaori and Shizuma and finally the wooden box which contained the ruby pendent. Rokujou noticed that there’s a letter underneath and called for Shizuma, the letter was addressed to Shizuma by Kaori. [LOL after freaking two years, now she realized ... OTL.]

...?! Kaori? ...Dear Shizuma ...

- Flashback - Kaori wrote, ‘Shizuma, one day you would be reading this letter and by that time, how would you be? The me now, doesn’t have any idea at all, I could only hope that this letter would be transferred to you. Do you remember? On the day we became Etoile, with the guidance of the previous Etoile, we entered the greenhouse for the first time. The first time I saw the place, I loved it immediately. The greenhouse’s beautiful, regardless of the seasons, the place would always be filled with the scent of flowers and trees with no cold wind or rain. It’s like we’re in Astraea Hill. Ne, Shizuma, I won’t be witnessing the outside world as I’m about to leave it, but to be surrounded by your warm love, not knowing the outside world’s cold rain or wind. I am filled with happiness and never thought of leaving. I like it here. But Shizuma, you are different. You walked under the cold wind and rain, looked up at the brand new world. At your side, there’s always a person who’s supporting you. So, please look around you, in front of you, there will definitely be another brand new world. Surely, there’ll be a new unexpected meeting. Shizuma. I love you. [Kaori used, ‘Aishiteru’] Shizuma. Be free. Protect the one I love, the beautiful, strong, flawless and free Shizuma. Forever and ever. Please. Shizuma. ... Kaori.’ – Back to present – Shizuma was snapped back to reality by Miyuki’s cries of Kaori’s name. Turning to Miyuki, Shizuma teased her for being a cry baby even after so long, Miyuki replied, ‘Yeah, so what?’ LOL. Shizuma smiled and said to Miyuki, ‘For a long time, you have always been by my side, always crying ... always ...’ - Kaori’s voice saying ‘At your side, there’s always a person who’s supporting you’ was heard.

Shizuma, I Love You.Shizuma ...I Need You ...

After apologizing to Miyuki, Shizuma told Miyuki, ‘You have always been by my side, even if you’re a cry baby, so, please always stay by my side and also please always support me. You’re my friend, my one and only bosom friend. Without you, there won’t be me. I ... need you.’ Touched by Shizuma’s words, Miyuki hugged Shizuma and cried happy tears. [Aww, they made up lol] The next day, at the church, the choir, student council presidents, Shizuma and Amane were there. Shizuma told Amane about the question [The question about what’s Etoile] she asked the other day, Leaning beside Amane, Shizuma told her that the next one’s her, you must be Etoile to get what only Etoile could get. Amane asked what it was. Shizuma told Amane to find it herself but it’s not something one person could do by herself. Amane turned and faced the choir … [Hikari’s there], turning back Amane found that Shizuma’s gone lol. Shizuma’s standing in front of the church’s door, carrying the wooden box containing the sapphire and ruby pendants. As the choir sung, Shizuma walked on the red carpet and placed the wooden box in freaking slow motion on the table which was in middle of the church. While walking, Shizuma kept thinking about Kaori, after placing the wooden box in the rightful place, it’s like a burden off Shizuma’s chest as she murmured, ‘Goodbye, Kaori.’ Kaori too, said her goodbyes to Shizuma.

After that, Shizuma smiled, turned and left the stage. The church bell sound loudly, a marking of a new beginning as the scene moved to Nagisa and Tamao were stunned by the bell sound. Back in the church, in the student council presidents’ minds, they were thinking of the start of the Etoile Election. The end of an old past, a start of a new future, it’s the time for a new Etoile. As Shizuma walked out of the church, Amane looked on, seriously thinking about something. Shizuma turned back to see the church one more time. [LOL Shizuma seriously looked like Sachiko from Maria-sama ga Miteru with that blissful look] - END -

Let Me Tell You A Secret.Goodbye, Kaori ...... Etoile ...

A serious Miyuki x Shizuma episode, pretty well done I might say, the kiss, the slap and the make up. Hm, can’t make a decision which scene I liked best hahaha. Oh I really like the scene where Shizuma was saying about Miyuki not knowing what love was since she never loved a person before. The hesitation and stuff lol, really sent Miyuki x Shizuma senses into full blast. I was almost expecting Miyuki to yelled, ‘I LOVE YOU!’ haha but it never came ... well. The crying scene was ... hm sad, as I said before, that might be Miyuki’s first kiss and she never expected it would be given to Shizuma since she would be married o some guy after graduating from St Miator. But, nevertheless, Shizuma considered Miyuki as her friend, a bosom friend, as she had confessed in the make up scene and will probably always stay that way. Miyuki seemed happy with that that Shizuma really treasured her ... ‘Without you, there won’t be me ... I ... need you ...’ XD.

A letter from Kaori, just one thing to snap Shizuma back to her old self, =). I think Shizuma just wanted to seek permission from Kaori but doesn’t know how to do it since she’s dead and stuff and you know, praying in front of her grave won’t cut it ... so reading the letter from Kaori was a big relief for Shizuma. The timing was so fine with the return of the ruby/sapphire pendants, it’s like a burden off her, she’s no longer the Etoile constrain by her duties and her lasting love for Kaori. Being Etoile, she’s always linked back to Kaori but after reading Kaori’s words, ‘So, please look around you, in front of you, there will definitely be another brand new world. Surely, there’ll be a new unexpected meeting.‘ It’s like Kaori doesn’t mind Shizuma loving another person again, this shows how much Kaori loved Shizuma, she just wanted Shizuma to be happy, to be this beautiful, strong, flawless and free Shizuma she loved. This also shows Kaori really understood Shizuma a lot, she knew Shizuma’s a passionate person and won’t forget that easily and probably would rather hurt everyone around her than to betray Kaori. But after the letter, now, she’s just Hanazono Shizuma, a free woman. She’s free to love, she had placed the past behind her when she said goodbye to Kaori and apparently, had very high chance of approaching Nagisa again in later episodes, actually in the preview of episode 22, they already were talking to each other.

Art: 7/10 [Close ups of Miyuki and Shizuma were good]
Story: 7/10 [A end of a past, a mark of a new beginning. Let the Etoile Election begin!]
Characters: 7/10 [Miyuki~.]
Overall: 7/10

The preview looked interesting ... focusing on the St Spica side, from the spoilers, we know that Amane would be competing in the Etoile Election [Because of Shizuma’s temptations of something she would get from being Etoile]. Kaname strikes back again, this time she looked a little guilty or she’s actually enjoying it lol. Anyways, she looked like she likes Hikari *GASP*, yes I think so too ... this should be entertaining heh.

[Signing off @ 6:10 PM]


  1. Thanks Akayuki! Now the wait for the english language sub won't be hard :D

  2. Wow...way to go shizuma! I can't wait for some Nagisa and Shizuma interaction. Seems like Nagisa still worried for Shizuma, that seems positive for their relationships. I hope Nagisa make a move and stop thinking she's no good for Shizuma and also in this episode she did again said Shizuma will get better even without her. Oh Nagisa you gotta get yourself together and try to give Shizuma another chance. I also want Nagisa and Shizuma get the necklace and walk on the red carpet in the church together since that Kaori cannot walk and we, the audience did not get the opportunity to actually watch the ceremony. I wanna see how the ceremony are done. My first thoughts is like marriage.

    Does anyone notice that Nagisa is no more a naive young girl? She's more like mature young lady now. What a change huh? Ok OK ok...I just can't get Shizuma with her wearing her uniform half-way like that out of my damn mind. That was way too HOT for someone like me. I wanna do her.

    I think I have to agree with you akayuki, the kiss is definately Miyuki's first kiss.


  3. Runte said...

    the kiss is definately Miyuki's first kiss.

    It may be so. But there is other option too! If I remember correctly, they talked 'bout Miyuki's love experience. "You don't know, how I feel 'coz ya haven't ever loved anybody!! Or.. Have you?" Of course Miyuki has loved Shizuma ever since they were little. It was written all over Miyuki's face :) And when Shizuma, Miyuki's love out of blue starts kissing her, it might be quite a shock for her.

    And that's my theory :)

    (Forgive me if ya don't understand something.. My english ain't that good..)

  4. Woe..woe Miyuki has been loving Shizuma all along? Well I don't see it coming at this while but I haven't been sleeping though. Actually I liked the after kiss scene. I know Shizuma said she's just kidding is because she suddenly realize that Miyuki actually loved her.

    I also like the interaction between Shizuma and Amane..hehehe Actually Shizuma is Shizuma..her character is amusing.

    10/10 for Hot-Sexy Shizuma. Yeah!

  5. Are we close to Nagisa/Shizuma relationship blooming era? I'm so tired of waiting and I want them to have a scene together. Come on girls kiss already!

    I with Harem and FujinoKuga about the Etoile ceremony. I wanna witness it too. Instead of giving me briefing scene I wish to see extended to even B.E.D scene. Of coz if it's only Shizuma/Nagisa or Amane/Hikari. Other like Miyuki/Shizuma and Tamao/Nagisa bed scene just cut it! Let them be brief *just kidding*

    I can't wait for new episode I predict the scene of Nagisa/Shizuma will be this way.

    In the greenhouse
    Nagisa: Shizuma-sama...
    Shizuma: Ah Nagisa...you're here...
    (insert kissing scene, more Jap-French kiss)
    Nagisa: I love you
    Shizuma: I love you more!

  6. yeah, it's been hm 9eps since they last kissed lol.

  7. Arrgghh...shut up mirin you perv! Nagisa will be saying I LOVE YOU to only Tamao-chan. Not Shizuma >.<

  8. Come to think about the ceremony, does Nagisa will ever look stunning in dress? She looked so young and innocent and I can't imagine if they make her wear HOT dress. Kaori different, she got some grace and she is ladylike while Nagisa is active..erm how will it look like? I'm so looking forward to this.

    Shizuma Nagisa Zutto!!!

  9. Oh yeah, now I remembered. Alright I agree with you jeffng9, Nagisa does looked stunning in dress. Erm now I want both girls to wear red XD

    Shizuma Nagisa Zutto