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Friday, August 11, 2006

Singapore Botanic Gardens

[Posted @ 11:31 PM]
Woot~, went to Singapore Botanic Gardens this afternoon ... Dad went there for some event not sure what haha, then the rest of us walked around at the garden ... for an hour plus. Here's the pictures I took there.

Nice.Rain Tree.A Map Of Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Many many trees~

Where Would You Like To Go?

Cactus Garden!

Cactus.Cactus Again.Dunno LoL.

Walk around aimlessly ...

Bonsai.Symphony Stage.Swan!!!

To the Swan Lake!!!~

Waterfall.Gingers.National Orchid Garden.

... It became dark pretty soon ... time to go home.

Walked for a hour plus, now I'm so freaking tired haha ... went to Newton Circus to have the XO Minced Meat Noodles ... not that special after all, I prefer the Fishball noodles back in my place~ Cheap, 5 fishballs and yummy noodles. Oh, I passed my Final Theory Test XD, went for my first practical lesson yesterday ... wah a little scary at first but it was ok, the engine went dead on me twice. Haha.

I thought for the first lesson I won't be driving but no, after the instructor explained the engines, controls, pedals and stuff, he told me, ok now you sit on the driver's seat. I went O_O?! HAHAHA. My expression was probably priceless as I sat there stunned in the passenger's seat. Then he told me to depress the clutch pedal and shift into first gear, I was like, what, we are really going to move the darn car?! LoL but it was ok, I got a little trouble when reversing though ... argh that's the first time the engine went dead on me and I DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE! LOL till the instructor told me to start the engine again ahaha.

The second time was when I'm going around the circuit then I stumbled when shifting into second gear argh, I think I let go of the clutch pedal too fast and didn't step the accelerator pedal fast enough ... then it jerked for a moment and stopped haha. It was fun ... looking forward to second practical lesson =).

That's all I guess ... sleepy ... must sleep.

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  1. Runte said..

    It's pretty beautiful out there :)

    We have one similiar park here in Finland too, there ain't no Bonzai trees though xD

  2. really? cool, maybe in future after I earn enough money to make a trip to Finland for a look =).

  3. Runte said...

    It's a waste of money and time to just come look that ^^;

    There ain't really any tourist attractions here.. But the nature is green and beautiful :)And as they say, we have SantaClaus over here 8DDD