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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep22

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LOL, I actually laughed so hard at this particular scene that I had to pause because my stomach hurt lol.

You Are A Coward.... EmoShizuma-sama ...

Kaname strikes back, she’s pinning Hikari against a tree trunk telling her to give up on Amane and choose hers truly instead. [LOL Kaname’s in her metaphor rambling again, as she told Hikari that it’s fated that Little Red Riding Hood would be eaten by the Big Bad Wolf] Surprisingly, the used to be timid Hikari made a determined expression and told Kaname straight at her face that she’s a coward. [Meow] Hikari continued that she doesn’t know Kaname’s reason for doing this, whether it’s for the Etoile Election or other reasons, but if Kaname wished to defeat Amane, she should face Amane in an honourable and upright manner. In shock, Kaname loosen her grasp on Hikari and Hikari took this chance to run away lol. Leaning against the tree trunk, Kaname thought to herself about what Hikari said was like the cold winter wind freezing the water into a thousand sharp ice knifes and stabbing through her heart. ‘Painful ... my chest feels painful ...’, Kaname thought as she felt her chest and recalled Hikari’s words to face Amane in an honourable and upright manner. Scene switched to the school’s church as the choir were having their practice session but Yaya wasn’t there. Instead, we see Yaya standing outside the church, leaning against one of the walls looking all emo, angsty lol and left. Meanwhile, Nagisa went to the greenhouse to look for Shizuma again but Shizuma wasn’t there.

Looking at the wilting and dying plants, Nagisa mumbled, poor things and started watering them. While Nagisa’s watering the plants, Shizuma arrived, Nagisa noticed Shizuma behind her and called ‘Shizuma-sama’ but then she corrected herself by calling Shizuma, ‘Etoile-sama’. Both of them stared at each other for a while before Nagisa turned and continued watering the plants. Shizuma said that the plants were wilting soon huh, Nagisa replied, no, flowers will surely bloom beautifully once again. Shizuma raised an eyebrow for a moment before responding with a ‘Is that so ...’ [Surprisingly, this short scene evoked a few emotions from me and kinda foreshadowed the later episodes of Shizuma realizing her true feelings for Nagisa. The almost dying plants represented Shizuma, the water represented Nagisa and Nagisa believed that flowers will bloom beautifully once again. It kinda gave Shizuma the hint that she should believe in second love.] At St Spica, the students were disappointed that Amane’s not going to participate in the Etoile Election. Another student said that it was rumoured that Kaname and Momomi were participating in the Etoile Election, another student replied that although both of them were wonderful but she really hoped that Amane would be Etoile. Shion as usual was persuading Amane to participate in the Etoile Election lol, Shion casually mentioned that the entry date for the Etoile Election was ending soon huh, Amane nonchalantly replied, ‘Is that so ...’.

I'm Afraid.=O.Duel With Me!

Shion pushed on saying that Amane should had reached a decision already, if Amane should become Etoile, it would surely be spectacular and the students from St Spica would be very happy. Amane recalled what Shizuma said to her in episode 21, - Flashback - Leaning beside Amane, Shizuma told her that the next one’s her, you must be Etoile to get what only Etoile could get. Amane struggled to reply Shion … and Shion noticed a glimsp of light that Amane seemed to be considering and smirked. In Kaname and Momomi’s room, Momomi’s looking forward day by day to the day where she and Kaname would be crowned Etoile while Kaname wasn’t that excited over it. Momomi added there wouldn’t be any competition since Amane’s not participating, it’s like a sure win for them. Kaname said that, winning by default, is that still considered as a win? Kaname wondered why Amane doesn’t want to participate in the Etoile Election. Momomi looked a little confused, Kaname told Momomi that it’s nothing and left, leaving Momomi looking a little concerned. Yaya’s doing her angst thingy again at the Maria-sama fountain place [The place Hikari always went to pray and stuff]. At the church, Shion went to look for Hikari to get her to convince Amane to participate in the Etoile Election. Shion hinted to Hikari that Amane’s partner would highly be Hikari and it’s obvious Hikari’s special to Amane. Hikari replied that she’s happy about that but she’s afraid.

Shion went, ‘Afraid? But Amane’s feelings towards you ...’ Hikari explained, ‘If Amane thinks that way, I would gladly go forward holding her hand. But, to expect me to take the initiative to hold her hand, I can’t do it, I’m too afraid.’ [I think Hikari hope for Amane to take the initiative instead of her, Hikari really had done quite a bit in the last few episodes and I’ve mentioned before in episode 20 that Hikari seemed to be getting bolder in approaching Amane but Amane still hasn’t approached Hikari yet. [Hikari’s probably just self-conscious about Amane’s feelings to her, she’s afraid that Amane doesn’t feel the same way as her and afraid that Amane might hate her or something. Maybe because of the way she sees Yaya as her friend, but Yaya doesn’t think that way, so she’s afraid that she might become the ‘Yaya’ and Amane the ‘Hikari’.] Scene changed to Amane in bed thinking and switched to Kaname and Momomi in the same bed but Kaname’s thinking about something. At Hikari and Yaya’s room, Hikari asked why Yaya didn’t come for choir practice and would be coming tomorrow right? However, Yaya just silently slipped in bed. Shizuma’s staring at the piano, Rokujou-kaichou walked over and asked Shizuma who they should choose to represent St Miator for the Etoile Election. Shizuma replied that she’ll leave it to Rokujou. Rokujou replied that is that okay? Shizuma said that it’s not her business who the next Etoile’s going to be.

I Didn't Even See That Coming!Emo!!HYAH! ...

Rokujou sighed and told Shizuma that she’ll handle it then. At Nagisa and Tamao’s room, Tamao’s rambling about the Etoile Election and that St Lulim and St Spica had high chances of taking the Etoile title because of Amane and Chikaru, as for St Miator ... it’s a little tough. Nagisa didn’t seem to be rather responsive, just nodded and said that she can’t think of anyone else to be Etoile other than Shizuma. Tamao agreed too, sadly. Meanwhile, Amane came out of the shower and found Kaname waiting for her and demanding Amane to have a duel with her. Amane rejected as she doesn’t see any point ... Kaname roughly grabbed Amane’s arm and insisted to duel with her ... please. Amane agreed and Kaname thanked her. The next day, the duel between them was to having a tennis match. [POT~! Kaname looked really cool in that tennis getup ... black is hot XD.] Kaname drew first blood with an Ace and Amane realized that Kaname’s serious about it. The match continued between them and Kaname was praising that as expected of Amane when Amane gained a point. At the Maria-sama fountain place, Yaya’s sitting on the side in a daze and didn’t even respond when Hikari called her. Hikari sat beside Yaya and asked her why didn’t she came for choir practice as everyone’s waiting for her and of course Hikari too. Hikari added that everyone wants to listen to Yaya’s singing. Yaya replied that she can’t sing anymore ... Back to the tennis match, Amane asked Kaname to tell her the purpose of the match, Kaname replied that it’s because she dislikes Amane. Amane replied that she knows. Kaname responded back that no, you don’t know. Amane smashed and gained another point. Kaname added that Amane’s always better than her and that she always lost to her. Amane replied that there’s no such thing. Kaname said that there is, it’s just Amane didn’t know about it.

She had not won Amane even once ever since entering St Spica. ‘I dislike you, I want to defeat you, I want to snatch what belonged to you to let you taste what defeat is like, that’s why I want to snatch Hikari away.’ Amane served, Kaname returned back the shot and yelled that she wanted to defeat Amane. Tsubomi was walking by and saw them in a match. Back to Hikari and Yaya, Hikari asked why Yaya can’t sing anymore. Yaya replied that it’s because she knew her song, her feelings couldn’t converse anymore ... so there’s no meaning in singing. Hikari repeated, ‘Can’t converse?’ Yaya turned around and replied, ‘Can’t converse to Hikari’s heart.’ Hikari’s eyes widen as she realized what Yaya said. At the match, many fan girls from the three schools including Tamao and Chiyo came down to witness Amane and Kaname’s match. Momomi was shocked that Kaname’s playing against Amane. Kaname asked why Amane didn’t participate in the Etoile Election. Amane replied that she’s not interested. Kaname responded, is that all? Amane added that she doesn’t have the desire to be at the top. Kaname yelled, ‘What a joke!’ and smashed to Amane side, gaining another point for herself. Kaname told Amane that she must participate in the Etoile Election, ‘You are the chuzen chosen one.’ [LOLLLLL!!! *Pause* *Laugh till stomach ache ...* Almost expect Obi-Wan to jump out from nowhere LOL!!] Kaname continued that Amane’s chosen by everyone, that’s why the chosen one has her obligations. Back to Hikari and Yaya, Yaya added that if her singing can’t converse to Hikari’s heart … Yaya stood up, with her back turned to Hikari.

You Are The Chosen One!Touch Me, It's Warm Isn't It? ...Oh Yes!

Hikari started apologizing and tearing. Yaya told Hikari not to apologize. Hikari kept apologizing for hurting Yaya and Yaya kept telling Hikari not to apologize. When Yaya asked why Hikari’s apologizing, Hikari replied. ‘That’s because I’m worried about you, I don’t want to see the look of pain in you because ... I like Yaya’s singing!’ [=O it almost sounded like a confession in Japanese … suki lol] Kaname told Amane to look around her and it’s like Amane had just realized they were surrounded by fangirls screaming encouragements at Amane and stuff. Kaname told Amane that the fangirls were looking at Amane not her, even if there were some, most of them were looking at Amane. ‘You are a star, you are more attention grabbing than me, you are a star!’, Kaname said to Amane. At the fountain, Hikari, eyes rimming with tears said, ‘I like Yaya’s singing ... but sorry, I like Amane-senpai ... I like her ...’ [Holy crap, how could she put joy and rejection all in one sentence?!] Yaya smiled and said she understood, that’s good then, if Hikari’s like that, it’s good then. However, I can’t sing anymore, Yaya continued. Hikari stood up and told Yaya not to say that, ‘Don’t say you can’t sing, Yaya needs to sing, you must continue singing!’ Yaya repeated that she can’t sing anymore ... making this pained expression ... ‘I can’t sing ...’ Hikari recalled the time in episode 4 where Amane placed her hand on her chest and told her that it’s warm isn’t it ... Hikari grabbed Yaya’s hand and placed it against her chest and asked her how is it ... Yaya was like what ‘how is it’ ?!, [LOL Priceless!] Hikari said that it’s warm isn’t it ... Yaya agreed, it’s because her chest contains a lot of good times, Hikari explained. ‘Good times ... is that referring to Amane?’, Yaya asked.

Hikari protested that it’s not only Amane-senpai, coming to St Spica, meeting Yaya, joining the choir and Yaya’s singing were all stored in her chest, that’s why it’s so warm ... Hikari told Yaya not to say because of her that she couldn’t sing. Hikari continued that Yaya’s singing doesn’t belong to her, please sing and her chest will become warm. It will warm those who listen to Yaya’s singing and many other more ... no, not only warm their hearts but glow with passion so please Yaya-chan, continue singing. Yaya started laughing leaving Hikari confused, Yaya turned her back to Hikari to prevent her from seeing her cry and said ‘Since Hikari had said this ... I can’t say I can’t sing anymore ...’. [Mixed feelings about this scene, all the while after the incident in episode 13 and episode 14, we didn’t see Yaya cry at all when Hikari rejected her advances and bolder in approaching Amane. But now, she’s crying, it’s like a relief for her that Hikari rejected her right in the face, now she’s finally eased from the ‘burden’. Kinda reminded me of Kannazuki no Miko, where Chikane hugged Himeko to prevent her from seeing her cry all the while saying she’s happy for Himeko. Aw manz. But it’s good news for Amane x Hikari supporters ... YAY! LOL.] Back to the tennis match, Kaname told Amane that a star has an obligation to return everyone’s expectation for Amane to become Etoile. Amane replied that she’s not interested, Kaname interrupted and said that it’s not for yourself, it’s for them! The fangirls were looking Amane as their dream, you are their admiration, courage and reason for living!

Let's Make A Promise ...Good Doggy ...Awww ... Cute Couple~~!

You have to stand out for the sake of others, Kaname added. Thus, their chest would be warm and the person to do that is you, Amane! In Kaname’s mind, she’s thinking, and so, my chest would be warm too. Just then, Momomi who was looking from the side, realized that Kaname likes Amane [?!] as she recalled in episode 7 that she’s impressed at Kaname’s keen observations, Kaname replied that since she considered Amane to be her rival, it’s natural for her to keep track. But in reality, Kaname’s just interested in Amane romantically. Momomi can’t help but tear at that realization. Amane asked why Kaname’s saying that, Kaname replied, ‘Such a bother, that’s why I dislike you …Hikari must had suffered.’ At the fountain, Hikari and Yaya were praying and they made a promise, Yaya to continue singing and Hikari to gain more courage. Smiling, Yaya told Hikari to gain happiness with Amane. Both girls smiled, apparently everything’s fine now. Suddenly, Tsubomi called them and told them about the match between Amane and Kaname. Tamao also brought Nagisa to see the match and they made it just in them to see who will get the winning match point. Kaname pressured Amane to participate in the Etoile Election, please. In Amane’s mind, she’s thinking that it’s not for herself, but for the sake of others, Amane recalled what Shizuma told her in episode 21, that to find the answer herself but it’s not something one can do by oneself ... Amane instantly thought of Hikari ... with a determined expression, Amane told herself, for the sake of Hikari and won the match.

The crowd went wild, Kaname admitted defeated and praised Amane’s skills and turned to leave. Just then, Amane told Kaname that she’s participating in the Etoile Election, everyone went ‘Ehhh?!’ Walking out of the court, Kaname saw Hikari standing outside and reached out to give a friendly pat on her head before leaving. Yaya encouraged Hikari to go to Amane’s side. Amane stretched her hand out for Hikari and Hikari accepted it, the students went ‘Ohhh~’ and happy for them. Hikari noticed a few drops of sweat on Amane’s face, took out her handkerchief and wiped them off. Both of them blushed. [Awww~] Meanwhile, a not so happy couple, Kaname and Momomi were standing face to face each other, suddenly Momomi slapped Kaname. Betrayed by the fact that Kaname doesn’t love her at all, Momomi ran off, crying. Kaname just stood there and mumbled, ‘Sorry, Momomi.’ At the greenhouse, Rokujou told Shizuma the names of the two, who were going to participate in the Etoile Election, Shizuma told Rokujou that there’s no need to tell her. Rokujou continued, one of them is Suzumi Tamao and the other … Shizuma turned and look, gasping ‘Nagisa?!’. [?!] At the tennis court, everyone was congratulating Amane and Hikari. Now, a new feeling of joy for her friend, Yaya started singing in front of everyone then and there. - END -

You Didn't Love Me At All!Nagisa?!Stand Up For Singapore~!

... ... it’s over for Hikari x Yaya supporters =X, go Amane x Hikari muahahaha. [Ducks from flying bullets and darts] Hikari officially rejected Yaya and confessed to Yaya that she likes Amane. I’m glad that Yaya took it pretty well, I like how Hikari placed it across to Yaya about Yaya’s singing not belonging to her but everyone and also not because of Hikari that she doesn’t sing anymore. Yes, the fact Yaya could sing with such emotion was probably because of her feelings but now Hikari doesn’t respond to it anymore and she felt meaningless. Oh and I was wrong about Kaname liking Hikari, it’s Amane, Kaname likes lol, just like in the manga XD. Such a shock. Felt kinda bad for Momomi, she seriously likes Kaname ... hey, I’m actually hoping they will patch up soon! LoL. I see some Kaname fans around too, yeah Kaname’s really cool in this episode, although she’s corny with the Little Red Riding Hood thingy at the start LOL but manz, she looks good in that tennis get up. Similarly for the ‘You are the chuzen chosen one.’, hahaha, it’s like so unexpected, it was supposed to be something serious but I was laughing like hell lol.

Anyways, not much, expect more Amane x Hikari, hope Amane takes the initiative soon ... sometimes I wonder if we would EVER get to see them kiss lol. Hikari seem to be more likeable now ... not that whiny anymore. Oh as for Nagisa and Shizuma, yeah from the spoilers from the tagboard, it wasn’t surprising anymore lol, wonder what is Shizuma going to do, her worst fear ... Nagisa and Tamao as Etoile.

Art: 7/10 [Constant]
Story: 7/10 [!]
Characters: 7/10 [Kaname~]
Overall: 7/10

Puppet action from St Lulim in episode 23!

PS: Sorry for being late with the post cos I didn't download the sub yesterday lol. Anyways, here's a new Song of the Month!!~ It's Uta~Kata's OP, Itsuka Tokeru Namida by savage genius XD

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  2. I tried 5 times to upload the whole thing [30mb] but couldn't. My upload speed is really slow, so it's relatively faster if the file is smaller.

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  3. My poor Akayuki. Thank you for the summary. I was wondering why everyone was saying, "YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE!" Can't wait for the subs to come out!

    As for the Drama CD: Good luck. an't wait for those sumarries too!

  4. As usual you did a good summary of the episode, thanks to you, I understand what is the raw talking about now...

  5. The episode was nothing interesting, as usual Amane real bores me. Except for yaya and hikari resolution that interest me in this episode.

  6. It's pretty obvious that no one would want to blog this episode. Well here's my time.

    Amane getting interesting and hikari is determine with want she want and how she feels unlike nagisa who hesitate much as moody. I also like amane's outfit. She looked so handsome in those.

    Kaname like/love Amane all along?! Doesn't that gross?!! I mean lesbian affair now in lesbian affair we have gays? I mean hey take a look at both. Both are more like a butch. I personally think it's gross for butch to be an item. Or is it possible to attract to each other? Momomi is my dear character, so I'm starting to hate Kaname for doing that to her. To me this couple is the only normal couple despite they are the evil ones. I want Momomi to start understand Kanami and forgive her and should live life the way they did. I'm so sad if this two break up.

    As for Nagisa and Shizuma, I feel cheated! I thought they'll have a great conversation and it turns out less than 40 seconds scene, what heck?! I need to wait for 7 more days and now looking at those preview I have to wait another 7 more days??!! what heck???!!! arrgg

    OK yaya is healed. Yay! I missed her yuriness. Now we should see a great yaya XD

  7. It's great to hear from you jeff, I thought you let go the series XD

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