Durians Approaching, Full Speed Ahead!

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It's been a ... lol slacky weekend, tat explains why i could blog for 3 days straight ... ah, tomorrow would be a busy day i guess cos road show's next week lol, so freaking damn fast. These days i got this .. indescribable feeling to split out bad words now and then. Oh speaking of split lol, my mum and aunts went to Malaysia, somewhere i dunno, to pick durians lol, my whole house was flooded and filled with the stinko durian smell. Here's pics of it.

Gold? Durian?These Durians Are Bitter. My Bro Said.3 Big Boxes Of Them.
Yes, They Are Bitter Ones Too.MORE MORE MORE!Plastic Boxes To Contain 'Em.

Yeah, i dunno why i dun like to eat durians anymore, i used to like them but after hmm let's see, uh secondary 3/4? LoL, i dun eat them anymore, and now i even feel that it stinks lol. But i like to take pictures of it lol, hey not any tom, dick or harry get to have a durian tree in their house, go to some do-do place and pick a truck full of durians ... haha. Sorry durian lovers, even now u email me that u want those boxes of durians, they are ALL given away le lol. Last night my house like having a party lol, durian party to be exact, people coming to collect durians, my aunt and mum calling everyone they know to collect durians and stuff. Yeah. It's ... fun? LoL, i was juz watching Spiderman on TV XP.

Oook... after this durian crapping ... oh, let's go back to why i got this indescribable feeling to scold bad words these days lol, i dunno, i think the stress is getting into my head ... but ... where's the stress? LoL. I dunno, juz feel like scolding bad words whenever i could.

Hahaha, i wanna tok abt this morning's marketing research tutorial lol. I think it's cos i was still 'nutty' over seeing YanZi on saturday or something or cos XT was too high or something haha. Yeah, during tutorial, we are trying to kinda do up a focus group then the topic was about 'Promote Safe Sex in Singaporean Teenages' or something like that i forgot le. Hahaha so we had to write about questions related to the topic. We had this GSPS format, G-General, S-Specific, P-Personal, S-Sensitive. Haha, so we started from General questions first mah, then we tok ah tok, then XT like 'over-high', dunno wat she said first but later tok abt what do you do foreplay or use whipped cream lol, then someone said S&M lol, manz, i'm still thinking about the whipped cream LOLLLLL, i was laughing like mad juz thinking about it hahahhaa.

I mean, yeah i read in some manga, OKOK it's HEN lol, the author of GANTZ, it's some shoujo-ai manga + shounen-ai in later chapters too lol, yeah so one of the girls fantasized the other girl's naked body decorated with strawberries and whipped cream LOL, that scene came into my mind when she said that hahahaha. I dun wanna tok more abt what happened to the whipped cream and strawberries lol. Hahahahha...

Yeah, it's been a long time since i tok abt ... sensitive issues like this lol, LoL. I dun dare to say la, lol i'm not entirely innocent, i read too much manga le XP. But at least i know how to draw a line between fantasy and reality heh. Yeah, i really had a good laugh ... haha ... really ... amusing.

Oh yeah, i wanna thank HQ for giving me [and also whole class] this ... uh bottle of poison!!! LoL. Nah, it's filled with M&M chocolates ... very creative of her, i never received such handmade gifts before lol, i ate a few M&Ms insid le ... i dun think it's the new dark M&M chocolates LOL. I like dark + bitter chocolates lol! [Hint hint hahaha, jk] Anyways, yeah thanks, here'a pic of it below;

A Bottle Of M&M Chocolates.

Oh yeah, speaking of road shows, manz, it's scary ... we had this meeting ... each person at least need to hit 50 sign ups a day? LoL ... Tough tough tough. I was thinking of someone parading in a costume in the form of a large 'V' lol. 'V' for vPOST mahz lol. Or a walking computer or something. Bleh. It sounds stupid.

Lalalala ... ok, i'm reading this fanfic ... lol it's so freaking twisty lol, first we got this girl [L], seduced by a guy [J], but halfway the guy ran away, the sister of this guy [A] came along and seduced L and went all the way with her lol. That's not all folks! A later left L for whatever stupid reason and then L had this one night stand with another guy named D cos she's depressed and stuff. D's in love with L anyways. Then L got into this accident, she woke up and found out she's pregnant with D's kid. However, L's still in love with A, A later came back so they're together again. Later in the story, we know that D is actually L's ex-bf, JJ's cousin! LoL and that A, JJ, D, J are all friends in college and they are all in love with L and just that L doesn't know that and was madly in love and blinded in JJ's wings.

Then later we will know why A left L and L will later leave A, but they got back together again cos L couldn't forget A and neither could A. And blah blah, A's bro, J, yeah was so pissed off cos he couldn't get L, raped L. JJ also was in some stupid frenzy was bashing L up someway along the way or something, then got this sudden twist that L's dead. LoL, but she's juz kidnapped by enemies of A. And blah blah blah, the story stopped there, ARGH CONTINUE PLZ LOL. It's really fun!

Yeah, i think i typed enough for tonight lol. Still downloading Loveless Ep11 and Magister Negi Magi Ep20 ... later going to watch TRC Ep11 cos Ep12's out! Whee! And watch ... Loveless Ep7 + summary!!! LoL, i didn't managed to watch/type it last night XP. Ah i still got IBS tutorial to do also ... write wat stupid purpose, benefit, capability statement and small tok ... shessh, can i do it during the 1hr break? LoL. I think can la, i think after i juz scribble some stuff ... then do it on bus, then during break yeah. Watch TRC Ep11 and Loveless Ep7 is number 1! LoL. Cya.

Anime Song of Da Day:
Tsubasa Chronicle - BLAZE by Kinya

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PS: Lalala listening to my all time fave song, Toni Braxton's Unbreak My Heart.

YanZi @ Jurong, Yu Hua Day Performance

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Wooo, saw YanZi at the Yu Hua thingy near Jurong East MRT juz now!! LoL, i reached there at around 6pm then sat there like a dork for 2hrs before YanZi came on. Here's a pic.

YanZi @ Yu Hua Thingy LoL.

Yeah, YanZi sung two songs, Ben and Yu Jian then went off le lol. I was caught unprepared manz, it's so sudden lol. Waited two hours and got around 10-15mins of pleasure. Wat da?! LoL. But worth it la, cos it's YanZi mah! LoL. Oh yeah the Minister of Education came too, lol. I didn't get any good shots cos i'm sitting quite far la, the one i posted above is the best. Sigh ... lousy digital cam lol.

But it's really high, cos get to see YanZi again lol after the Gallery Hotel thingy, which i rushed off for training after 15mins or so ... heh ... ok gtg watch animes cya.

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PS: Lalala ... off to watch Loveless Ep7~

Magister Negi Magi Ep17

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Whoa, it's been a HECTIC WEEK! LoL, really. Passed up two marketing research proposals for the past two weeks. Almost died i tell you. Haha. Today i passed up one mkting research proposal and IBS scenario report ... haha really ... horrible. Anyways, here's Magister Negi Magi Ep17's screenshots.

Ayaka's Into S&M Now? LoL.LOL!! I Laughed For 10Mins.Hohoho.
Hahaha.Negi-sensei, I ...Awww~

Yue starts to think that her feelings for Negi are not as simple as she thought. She starts getting all weird around Negi and Nodoka seems worried about her friend's weird behaviour. Haha, later Yue goes on pretty strongly on Nodoka to confess her feelings to Negi on this amusement park date. [I thought it's supposed to be Haruna who goes on strongly on Nodoka lol well at least in the manga it seems] Lol, Nodoka’s so kawaii here lol.

Nodoka was going to put a love letter uh, yeah lol kinda, with the amusement park tickets on Negi's desk, but failed and later bumped into Negi and fainted. Nodoka awoke in the medical room with Negi by her side. Shizuna-sensei was there too then later gave them both the amusement park tickets saying that her friend couldn't go and went off to help another injured student. Yeah then Negi wanted to give Nodoka the other ticket so that she could go with Yue or Haruna or someone but Nodoka said they weren't free and so are the others, so Negi invited her to go with him. [Yay finally, lol you know when Yue was going into the room, Nodoka suddenly screamed 'Aaaaaaaaah~', I thought some monster got her or what but later she said 'Yata.' She's juz happy. I was like 'What the?!' LoL.]

Yeah so they went to the amusement park, Magical Land~ lol, Yue and Asuna [Why is Asuna there?! LoL, Asuna wonders so herself too lol] spied on them. Yeah so Nodoka was trying to confess her feelings to Negi but failed lol. [The arts really really bad here manz] LOLLLLLLLLLLL! Later Asuna and Yue popped out from nowhere in this wacky funny suits LOLLL! [See screenshot 2] Hahahahaha, then they started singing hahahahaha. Hahaha very amusing then they pretend to want to take picture of them then Yue told Nodoka to confess while riding in the Ferris Wheel. LoL then they left singing again. [Very cute song hahaha]

As Nodoka and Negi are waiting in the queue to get on the Ferris Wheel, Ayaka, Chizuru and Natsumi were there too. Asuna and Yue had no choice but to jump out to the rescue. Then later Asuna and Ayaka were completing with each other in the Rotating Teacup LOL, that was funny too. [See screenshot 3 and screenshot 4, this whole amusementpark story wasn’t in the manga] Yeah, Negi and Nodoka got up the Ferris Wheel and blah blah blah wah then failed lol cos before Nodoka wanted to confess, the ride ended. [Pretty typical to confess in a Ferris Wheel ride haha]

So Nodoka kinda cried when she thinks that everythings gonna end and rushed to the toilet, finding Asuna and Yue there [Asuna got giddy] Blah blah blah, Nodoka later got the courage again and confessed to Negi successfully. [Yay lol as Nodoka said I like you Negi-sensei, there’s this kid suddenly yelling CONFESSION! hahaha, then his mum pulled him away] Negi seemed pretty shocked after that. [Ah, but the expression not as funny as the manga, he even fainted lol]

Yeah this ep's all about Nodoka’s confession, quite nice la. However in the manga, Nodoka confessed to Negi in the Kyoto trip and the confession didn't happen in an amusement park trip yeah. The manga's version pretty funny too. LOL I'm still thinking of the wacky suit Asuna and Yue had lol, singing ... really funny ‘Magic Magic Magic~’. The art's not improving manz, but the humour makes me happy. Oh well.

Yes yes, it's being a crazy 2 weeks lol, i barely had time to eat my dinner when i come home ... sigh. Slept for like 4-5hrs each day ... Nuts manz! My normal time used to be like 8-9hrs lol. I dun even have time to download animes! LoL, cos everytime bring lappy to school then use bittorrent in school mahz haha ... sigh. Later going to watch Gundam Seed Destiny Ep35 and Loveless Ep7 + type out summary ... lappy no space le haha. Tomorrow i'll probably watch Gokujou Seitokai Ep5 ... Ep7's sub is out le Whee! Hehe. Oh i didn't buy any mangas these few days, i can't find Slam Dunk #25 anywhere!! Wat da ...

Ok, i wanna tok abt wat happened to me during tutorial this morning lol, it was Sales Management tutorial, 9am class, after rushing the report to around 12midnight last night, i was pretty spaced out in the morning. It wasn't till 1-2am when i slept cos i went to edit, print the proposal and stuff. And i woke up at 7am ... so it's like only 5hrs of sleep. So i was kinda spacy and ... sleepy and sian-looking lol. During the tutorial, got this kinda 'maths' question, need calculation de mah, kaoz, i understood it later after the tutor explained la ... but when she asked us questions, the whole class was like soo quiet, i think everyone's dead to the world cos of proposal lol. I kept quiet too, cos i dunno and dun wanna speak. Haha.

Yeah, so the tutor kinda got angry and said that if she had to ask a question again and noone answers, she'll juz walk out of the room. I was like, yeah, go ahead, then i can go have breakfast lol. I'm hungry. But in the end she didn't la, cos someone spoke up and blah blah blah. Such a bitch. XP. Haha. And wat if you all dun tok, you all shouldn't be in marketing course. I was like, huh, in marketing course must tok and tok and tok and tok and tok and tok de meh? All tok no action, wat's the fucking use. Shessh.

Ok, meeting a bitch in the morning was more than enough for me already but no, heaven gives me another bitchy lady to piss me off in the afternoon. Ok, after Mktin Research lecture, JZ, LC and i went to the underpass, cos JZ and LC wanna do the schedule thingy for the roadshow coming this July, then i was waitin + sleepin on the table while they discuss, no i'm not being lazy, i'm not the same class as them, tat's why lol. Ok so after that, we went home. I wanna go Northpoint, Comics Connection to see if Slam Dunk #25 is there or not, and nope it wasn't. And cos my bus concession expired le, so i wanna go extend mah.

So i went to Yishun MRT and asked the lady that i wanna extend my bus concession and let the date be on Monday. My bus concession expired today, 24th June 2005, so on monday means 27th June 2005 right? This is like FUCKING COMMON SENSE lor! The stupid woman, [Lady too polite for that moron le] was like monday? wat date. I was like monday la, next monday, you know M-O-N-D-A-Y? [LoL.] She was like, no no, you tell me the D-A-T-E, you find out the date le then come back. I was like fuck you fuck you fuck ou damn woman. I was practically chanting it, so can't you count for me? I never had such problems for a year when i bought bus concession from the people there. I was kinda no, i was fucking pissed off. So i went to a corner, turned around, took out my handphone from my bag, look at the date for next monday, re-queue again [Hey, i'm a good girl lol] and i was clearly looking very very pissed. I kinda slammed my money and card on the counter there and said '27th.' She looked at me and i looked back, so she extend the card for me and i left, still feeling pissed. Shessh, such bad customer service.

I was too pissed to look at the name of the fucking woman. I juz stormed off and went to buy bread, i was hungry lol. Really dumb lor. Bet she'll get some complain letters in a few weeks, lol. By moi. Anyways yeah, off to watch Gundam Seed Destiny Ep35! It's getting exciting! Oh, yes i got my The Celestial Zone II #29 booky yesterday YAY, i'll post my summary on it tomorrow ba. Cya

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PS: I'm still pissed over that woman lol.


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Short post tonight, no animes, nor mangas nothing related to uh animes/mangas lol.

Was really busy last night doing Marketing Research Proposal and finally submited it this afternoon muahahahaha. It's only 10% and we did like it was 30% lol. I dunno why sia. Probably because this is our first assignment. Yeah now we got another secondary research proposal to work on. Sigh and have to pass it up next friday XP. 10% too.

Yeah did the proposal till 2am last night ... uh last morning? Uh this morning? Aiya watever. Then got up at 8:15am to check, edit the whole thing and go down office and print da stuff. Yeah it was quite smooth.

Ok ... nothing much to say anymore it's boring. I wanna go watch tv ha. Cya~ OHHH! YEah, i bought mangas yesterday! Fushigi Yuugi #10, Astroboy #1 [My cousins/brothers were saying why did i buy Astroboy lol i also dunno why], Tsubasa #8 and Chrno Crusade #1 ~~~ Whee... still waitin for FMA lol and Negima #6 ... sigh ... ok cya

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Uta~Kata Ep13 aka OAV

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Hm, anime time haha. Uta~Kata Ep13 aka OAV ... whee, i juz downloaded it last night ... heh. I said i wanna watch last night but i managed to watch Naruto only so yeah, here's screenshots of Uta~Kata Ep13 aka OAV~~

Bathing Together's Fun~Goodbye Hug.Goodbye Kiss.

Ok basically, the op's the same lol, Ichika's in some airport, her mum's going overseas or something then Ichika was reminded of Sei, who also went overseas half a year ago [Not sure is half a year ago or what lol] ok then yeah. So Ichika's friends, Michiru, Satsuki and Keiko all said that they saw Manatsu and blah blah ... later, Manatsu appeared before Ichika and they had a bath together, made snowmans, went to places together and stuff. Kei also appeared in front of Sei in Germany, went shopping then made dinner together ... then Sei cried when he knew that Kei will be there for a night. [See screenshot 2]

Then Manatsu and Ichika were at the sea or beach, whichever lol, then yeah enjoying the scene, snow and stuff. Oh it was Ichika's birthday too lol. Haha. Then they went back, had coffee and toked for a while, then Manatsu said she couldn't stay for long. Towards the end, they hugged, and kept repeating sayounara sayounara ... then Ichika fell asleep and Manatsu gave a kiss and left.

Ichika woke up and found Manatsu had left said good bye and thank you. Then Ichika and her friends celebrated her birthday and christmas together, exchanged gifts and stuff. Yeah, everything was as usual and stuff. Happy ending, everyone got stronger, learnt to kinda let go and stuff. I think this OAV's soso, hahaha kinda wrapped up everything, said proper final goodbyes. LoL, Ep12 really ended so suddenly, kiss and goodbye whoa hahaha. But yeah, this ep had everything wrapped up. I want the ending though! LoL, i like the ed more than the op ... the ed so ... nice, touching, so great haahaha.

Ok done with Uta~Kata, now on to today's stuff haha, we had this bonding session for marketing students this afternoon yeah after IBS lecture. So yeah we played games, uh first we had this benchy game where we have to arrange ourselves according to either name, height, hair length and stuff. After a while, it got kinda boring ahaha. So then we went to play this longest line game, where we make a long line using whatever we have on our body. Shoe laces, watches, chains, necklaces, spects, anything la even socks, and ourselves lol. So after that, we went to play Captain Ball, whoa, those girls from the other team were soooooo aggressive i tell you, luckily i didn't go play hahaha, i juz got scared by watching XP. Bunch of bitches i tell you lol. My classmates who played were ... kinda beaten up lol at first, but later they fought back ahaha, who won't? And my class won =) whee. Well done. We can lose to anyone, all the rest of the games but not to them hahaha. It'll be too ... degrading? Haha.

After that, bless the poor souls, they rest la while the rest played the last game ... what waterfall ... uh where we had this big sheet of ... i dunno wat's the name for it ... like a big plastic sheet where we had this water balloon then we have to throw over the other team and it must burst b4 we get a point. The other team also got this big plastic sheet where they have to catch our hurled water balloon. Haha, yeah we lost tat even tat we were like planning strategies hahaa kinda fun. The other team's last shot at us was great hahaha threw far away from us sia, so cool, i like tat shot alot haha.

Yeah then over, we had this award presenting time then got snacks and drinks and blah blah blah then we went home. Whee i sat my dad's car home hahaha it was like 6.30pm le, so i called my dad yeah. Heh. Then i complained to JZ and LC how violent the girls from the other team in the Captain Ball game were haha. Actually i forgot their faces already ba, i have a bad memory really, sometimes people smile at me, and i really really forgot i knew them hahahahaha. But i smiled back la. Haha. Yeah had fun, got to know my classmates a little more, but most of the time, i was probably slacking around haha.

Ok enough tok, cya.

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PS: Lalala off to watch Shaman King~

[Manga] Doko no Hana aka The Poisonous Flower

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Lol, i realized reviewing mangas are much more fun XP. Hahaha, actually i'm lazy ... to type Loveless summary, i feel like slacking tonight after a 'stressful' IBS tutorial this afternoon.

Doko no Hana

Pic Scan Credits: ShoujoMagic

Oh ok, this one shot by ShoujoMagic ... is smut LOL. Duh, what can you expect from Shinjo Mayu?! Hahaha. So, kiddys below 16, juz skip this post lol. Anyways, it's pretty tame la, except for some pages ... hm aha. [Too innocent to know XP] Anyways, this story is abt this guy superstar ... uh famous musician, Michiru ... i thought Michiru's a girl's name lol ... reminds me of Sailor Moon's Michiru ... Haruka's going to be so jealous/mad hahaha. Yeah so Michiru's a playboy [As usual] till he met this girl, Misaki. Misaki's a fan of Michiru so ... yeah as fans do, they chase Michiru whenever he goes and stuff. Yeah so she got this info tat Michiru's in this bar and she went in. As she walked in, a girl ran off, crying and saying Michiru's a idiot blah blah blah. So Misaki saw Michiru with wine dripping down his chest haha. [Imagine urself la dunno how to describe] then kinda got turned on, so yeah Michiru seduced Misaki and they had sex, uh ok made love. [Lol sounds better]

Ok during love making, Michiru kinda fell in love with Misaki ba, cos of Misaki's ... hmm true feelings or something la. So the next day, Misaki went for Michiru's concert, then had to rush for work but Michiru called her, told her that he saw her and asked her to wait in the staff entrance for him ... and so yeah, made love again cos Michiru said that he couldn't forget her body. After that, Michiru sent Misaki home and asked her to go to some photograph session he had. So she went and became jealous when she saw him being hit on by the model he was with. Misaki ran out, and blah blah, some stuff happened and misunderstandings then Michiru cleared everything out by declaring to the media that he's seeing Misaki. Then Michiru said this line, [So sweet~ haha] 'You can run away from the media but you can't run away from me ...' [Kyaahh~ ahah] Then end with sex. Blah. Hahaha too short. I want more progress~! Hahaha. Kinda straight to the point, met, sex, problem, problem solved, sex. Hahahahaha.

But the art's really nice and i'm well above 18 well.. yeah really lol. Blah blah blah. Yeah, some lines were really sweet and touching yes. That's all lol.

Ok, on to my IBS tutorial this afternoon. Wait, let me say what i wanna watch later first, ok i'm going to watch Naruto Ep138 and Uta~Kata OVA aka Uta~Kata Ep13. Heh. I juz watched Ichigo 100% Ep9 ... yeah so downloading Ichigo 100% Ep10 now. I downloaded some scanlations today, hahaha i missed out too much le ... sigh i hate downloading through IRC, makes me disconnect when my MSN's on and bittorent's on hahaha. Yeah i dl Mai Hime V3 from yanime ... Alice 19th chapters ... still not done ... some scans from Lillicious, Fantastic Tales ... i got the scans in mandarin from Cshoujo hahaa now it's been translated wheee, happy~. So now i'll wait for Gakuen Alice V2 C6's http link to come out LOL. Ok next.

IBS tutorial ... actually can't say i'm really stressed or what, cos i didn't prepared at all LOL. I tried thinking abt what to say during the 1hr break ... i think i spent only 15mins on it b4 i gave up and to the hell with it, i'll juz crap. Yeah so, it's kinda fun, i toked to people in B12 i ... never really in depth tok to b4 haha. I thought i'll be kicked off to some little space in a corner or something ... but i gave all my name cards away lol. Out of stock XP. Yeah really nice to tok to the 4 girls who were in the same class previously so they were like hanging out together ... never really got a chance to tok to them till now. Aiya, they ask me alot of questions, but i haven't got a chance to ask abt them lol, i'm lazy to think questions ... i guess answering is more fun hahaha. Yeah hmm ok, yeah i tok to this guy who watched animes too, whee, so fun =), i could go on and on and on if it's manga/animes lol.

I better stop, i'm tired lol, in study room, chair no so comfortable. cya oh long time no anime song of da day! Here it is!

Anime Song of Da Day:
Mai Hime PS OP - Asura Hime By Ali Project

[Signing off @ 11:55 PM]

PS: Whee off to watch Naruto and Uta~Kata ...

[Manga] Fruits Basket #9

[Posted @ 10:38 PM]
How about manga review tonight for a change? Hm, actually i already read till Fruits Basket #10 le lol, Kisa's the covergirl~ anyways i'm lazy to scan in the cover. Sigh, i'm so ... agonized over tomorrow's IBS tutorial lol.

Fruits Basket #9

Uh, i juz read SW's blog juz now, took me 15mins and i'm lazyyy~ Hahaha, i dun wanna type so much tonight cos i juz typed Loveless Ep6 summary juz now sigh, it's so nice haha. Ok Fruits Basket #9, although Ayame's on the cover, there is nothing about him at all in #9!!! Except a flashback by Yuki hahaha. Yuki's so cute XP, but i find Kyou cuter aha. However, i support Yuki X Tohru and i like Kyou. What the? Hahaha. We saw Machi for the first time here! Machi's the rumoured love interest of Yuki in later volumes ... ok ... i still support Yuki X Tohru! Yuki's juz so sweet towards Tohru and treats her like a princess ... so dreamy hahaha. Then we know more about Hana's past, how Hana, Uo and Tohru met. It's REALLY REALLY REALLY touching. I cried while flipping the pages, lol i'm very emotional am i? Kinda if it's something tat interest me of course, if not i can be cold and aloof.

Ah yes, humans are such complex creatures. You can dislike something however respect it for what it is. Hate-love kinda relationship, you love but hate the person at the same time, how is that freaking possible?! But humans could do it. Haha. Hm, i wonder if i had this hate-love relationship before ... nope i guess lol, i'm not romantically interested nor attracted to anyone at the moment, uh i mean live people lol anime guys do not count!!!! ... Whoa, i could go on and on and on if it's anime guys lol. But nah. And yes, although i like YanZi alot but i'm not interested in her romantically lol, so stop bothering me!!! Hahaha. Juz wanna be a friend or some sort, yeah admire her alot, thankful to her from saving me from depths of hell. Really, if not i wouldn't be the me today.

Yeah, i said before i went through a kinda 'depression' ... not really a depression, it's the time where i eat to live kinda mode. Now i live to eat!!! Hahahaha. Yeah, during secondary school days ... blah blah blah ... i lost hope and stuff, luckily YanZi is there to help me through =) whee. I dunno why i bought YanZi's 'Kite' album at that time ... 2001 ... maybe i was bored, or attracted to her face on the cover. Hey. Why am i even in CD-Rama at the first place? Hahaha i also dun remember ... maybe it's fate that brought me there, saw the album, and subconciously bought it. LOL, sounds kinda scary when i think about it.

Which reminds me, i had a nice talk with Ms S from B12 this afternoon, i learnt alot of stuff, thanks =). After some library training, walked to canteen 1, saw the rest going to their friends, i felt lonely, lol, guess tat feelin is back again. I juz can't bring my mouth to ask/tok to people. I got this mentality tat i must at least think through what i am going to say 4-5 times, how they would react and how i would react to their reaction LOL. Why am i so complicated? But i dun have this kinda problem with like good friends from B13 ... which i had been with for 2yrs hahaha. I'm kinda afraid that i'll be too frank and scare them away so it's better to shut up and keep quiet lor haha. Bleh, i better buck up, tomorrow got IBS tutorial, must network!

Speaking of IBS tutorial, sigh, so ... bored, i dun like to tok in such big groups ... 2-3's fine ... 4's maybe i'll be a little nervous, 5-6's too much, i'll juz keep quiet. Hahaha. But i like one-to-one the most. I like to look at the sky, daydream, visualize how i'm going to take pictures ... hahaa. Sigh, need to wear formal somemore, i hate formal ... hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate lol. Manz, i still haven't write the stupid stuff for IBS networking tutorial lol, list some possible questions you can ask [5-8 questions]. Yeah, how's life, how's business in China, are you well? Eating well? When are you going to get married? LOL hahaha strike out strike out lol. Uh, did you watch the horror movie on Channel 5 last night? It's so freaking cool and bloody! LoL. God ... able to describe myself?! LoL. My products and services ... hmm actually i have this idea of using my dad's business, landscaping, but i found out i knew nothing abt it so ... *rubs*, i change to comics! WHEE! LoL.

Whoa, like tat at least i'll be interested ba hahaha. Like my company translate japanese manga to english and currently we translated over 20 titles. Most of our books are priced S$7.90, and is considered very affordable compared to imported english mangas from the US where the prices for each book is S$20+. We have a variety genres of mangas translated, from romance, sports, fantasy, horror, mystery and comedy. Our most best-selling title is X aka X/1999, it's a story about this boy, destined to either save or destroy the world. Great art, tons of bishounen~~~ haha~~~ by CLAMP, made up of 4 mangakas. [Why X? cos X like easier to say, if i say like Fushigi Yuuigi or Fushigi Yuugi : Genbu Kaiden or even Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Lol, too long la] Another of CLAMP's works is Cardcaptor Sakura, probably the most famous of all CLAMP's works.

Wheee... lol.

I guess i can go on and on ba ARGH It's late, i have to watch TRC Ep9 and Naruto Ep138! Cya

[Signing off @ 11.45 PM]

PS: I'll juz think abt the stupid questions on IBS tomorrow on bus LOL.

Gokujou Seitokai Ep4

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Whee, i'm a little preoccupied with WISP the last few days but lol i'm not the one compiling it now so i'm free~ Whee, but i'm feeling unusually tired ... sigh, actually i intend to type out Loveless Ep6 summary and post tonight de but half way i'm too tired, i wanna sleep. I'll do it tomorrow or thursday or other days la lol. Tonight's Gokujou Seitokai Ep4 then~

Yuri Alert!LOL I LOVE TAT SMIRK!Talk To My Hand Cos I Ain't Listening.
Romeo, Romeo, Where Art Thou.Yuri Alert!Extreme Yuri Alert~!

Ok this ep is lol about my funny girl, Izumi Kaori lol lol. Funny, I dunno why I’m smiling uh grinning widely as I’m typing this. Ok Kaori’s out admiring the night skies and thinking about her beloved Kanade-sama and saying that the reason she came to Miyagami Gakuen is to join Gokujou Seitokai and be near her Kanade-sama. [Hahaha See screenshot 1] After that dream, she was like ‘Kyyaaahh, a pure [And innocent lol] maiden like me can’t imagine anything beyond this~’ [LOL, her reaction was so funny]

Then she saw Kanade and Rino for some reason were standing below a night light with Kanade telling Rino there’s something on Rino’s hair. Kaori was like burning with rage then suddenly Pucchan appeared and smirked hahahahha. [See screenshot 2] That was hilarious, I think I replayed that 5 times lol before I moved on. Kaori was like consoling herself by giving reasons and saying Rino’s a klutz lol.

Next day I assume, Nanaho [Actually it’s Kanade who asked Nanaho to do it] assigned Kaori to take care of Rino, Kaori’s like ‘What the?!’ LoL. Later Kaori was telling Rino the responsibilities of an assault member which is patrolling and stuff. Then Pucchan suddenly became alive and told Kaori straight in the face that she doesn’t seem to like Rino. Kaori actually agreed but said that even if so, she won’t not do dishonourable things that will lost Kanade-sama’s trust in her. [Wait a moment, what’s with the dotty frames and backgrounds?!?!?! lol I’m getting a little dizzy]

Yeah then Kaori brought Rino around school patrolling then a girl, Hazuki Oda from Puppet Theatre Club ran up to them with a problem. As they went in the club room lol Pucchan flirted with the club’s buchou, [LOL!!!!~ the club’s buchou, Aoki Mami thinks that Pucchan’s a great puppet la] and then the other 2 club members introduced themselves. [Sachiko and Tomoko] The problem is that their main character, Snake-kun was assaulted by someone and now a wreck. Then yeah, Kindaichi to the rescue! uh I mean Kaori to the rescue yeah haha, then blah blah and, the culprit is one of the puppet theatre club members! [LoL really reminds me of Kindaichi]

Kaori and Rino investigated the club room and blah blah blah. Hazuki seems to be the prime suspect here according to Pucchan lol. However, the culprit it seems, to Kaori is a cat, because the cat was attracted to the smell of sweets in Snake-kun. [Sachiko, the maker of Snake-kun kept eating throughout the ep haha] However, everything is not what is seems.

Kaori was recalling about how Kanade brought her into Miyagami Gakuen [Kaori seems like an orphan] and as Aoki Mami, the Puppet Theatre Club’s president walked past, Kaori stated that Mami doesn’t want to lose her position of comfort as the president and thus tried to cancel the performance by cutting up Snake-kun. Mami was shocked and Kaori said that she won’t tell anyone, Mami was like thanking Kaori and suddenly Kaori slapped Mami and told her to have fun.

Later, Kaori saw Kanade and Rino talking to each other again, then Kanade was touching Rino’s face saying that if Rino’s happy, she’s happy too. LoL Kaori was like … I will not get jealous … but why am I having this dark and black feeling!~ [Hahaa]

Uh let me explain why Kaori told Mami to have fun, it’s because Kaori saw how happy the puppet theatre club members were when she told them that the culprit was not one of them and after knowing that, the club members seem to have this sudden confidence to start their work again. The club members admired Mami a lot hence Kaori doesn’t want to spoilt the image of Mami and destroy the dreams of the club members. So I guess that slap Kaori gave to Mami was to wake Mami up in hope that she would be the leader that the club members would admire and asked her to have fun. Kaori related all these a lot to Kanade-sama and how she was confident that Kanade will not be like Mami. As for Kaori, no matter how much she dislike Rino lol, will not do anything to make Kanade sad. I feel Kaori’s integrity here, she’s a pretty nice girl unless when it comes to Kanade lol.

Ok, yeah i'm pretty tired lol, i dunno why, even though i dun have Macom lec tomorrow [Whee~] lol, can wake up at 12noon or even 1pm sia lol. But probably 11am ba haha. I'm so bored during SM lec today tat i counted how many times the SM lec said 'Okie' in 1min lol. She said 10 times haha.

Yeah i wanna sleep cya nite.

[Signing off @ 10:09 PM]

YanZi @ Mercy Relief~

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Ok i juz wanna tok abt my trip to Gallery Hotel this afternoon. LoL. It was horrible. YanZi was 45mins late, cos of some 'problems' which i dunno of. My worst nightmare came true! i was afraid YanZi would be late, and she was, so when she came, she toked to us for a while abt her trip to Aceh on behalf of Mercy Relief blah blah. Yeah, then some questions were asked which i forgot le, cos my heart was racing so hard.

Mostly cos my friend called me and it's 5pm le lol, i ignored the call till we had the photo taking session and i ran out of the room and called my friend i dunno who lol then i hailed a cab and asked the uncle to step on it. LoL. Well, he did but the PIE via CTE got traffic jam sia, it was 5.15pm and i was kinda worried. I reached the place at 5.30pm and i tried calling my advisor but he switch the handphone off duh. Then i went on myself, i got this six sense to go to level 2 lol, and yes i was right and i told the nice lady there that i was a student from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Then the lady asked me to wait and stuff and said someone will escort me up. LoL. Yeah. I entered the room at around 5.45pm ba... the CEO was toking duh, then i murmured sorry and took a seat. So embarassing sia. hahaa. But worth it XP.

I took a few nice pics before i scrambled off lol. I was sittin right in front of YanZi~ Wheee lol. I attached a pic below whee.

YanZi @ Mercy Relief

Yeah, i was in a mad scramble lol. But it was fun. Uh training was ok, toking abt functions of Vpost and stuff yeah it was ok, i was kinda interested cos IT stuff mah, e-commerce lol. Yeah i need to go MEL to see wat stupid notes to print and do and stuff and YES i must do my WISP work lol, cos i'm going off to Malaysia for a one day trip to Malacca. Manz.

Sunday, 12noon must send to E to compile. I'll do my tutorials for next week + last week Marketin Communication tutorial on sunday la. So damn tired, i still got WISP slides and i haven't research yet lol. Die. Ok, time to watch Inuyasha + Shaman King + Channel U news wheeeee cya

[Signing off @ 10:55 PM]

School Rumble Ep20 + Loveless Ep5 + Goodbye Hair

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Whee, i finally cut my hair off lol. Yeah, i cut up alot, it's very short lol. Wonder how my friends will react tomorrow XP. Anyways, double anime bill, long time no School Rumble, so here's Ep20 screenshots!

LoL! We Got Beard!Get Me YanZi's Signature Before I Would Go Out With You.LoL Eri Looks Pretty Cute.
God, She's Reading My Porn Sketches.Yakumo~A Scene From ... I Forgot The Name, Piper Something LOL.

Yeah it's pretty funny haha. Eri accidentally chopped off Harima's beard and in the end had to apologized to him by doing stuff for him. [See screenshot 3 lol]

Later, Harima was engrossed in the manga drawing stuff and was moping around in a cafe Yakumo worked in. So when he went to get someone, i forgot his name le de signature, he left his manga in the cafe and Yakumo saw it lol. Ah then he asked Yakumo to comment abt his manga and stuff and gave him some encouragement ... yeah i think lol.

Yeah in school, Harima asked Yakumo out in the rooftop for her to read his manga and asked for her comments and stuff. He asked her if it's alright to have a kiss. [Meaning in Harima's own manga, is it the right time to have a kissing scene] But lol, Hanai thought Harima was asking Yakumo for a kiss and she even said yes! LoL. It's all a misunderstanding. Hence screenshot 6 lol, Hanai's in for a war.

Next up, we have Loveless Ep5! I juz download Ep8~~~ Yeah! There's a Shoujo-ai couple in Ep8, even a kiss scene wheee. LoL.

Oyasumi Ritsuka.Kinka And Ginka.Kiss Alert! LoL.
Kiss Neck Scene.Ritsuka + Ducky.Smiling Soubi.

[This was typed when i was sick]
Firstly, I'm kinda sick and out of sorts right now, so my summary's might be straight to the point in what I see. I might not give explanations what and why some things happen cos I don't want and can't think straight right now. Really. Ok here we go.

Ritsuka's in his bed, he tossed and turned [Whoa that sounds so familiar!] but couldn't sleep. Then he thought about the problems behind his sleepless nights, was it because of his brother's death or Soubi's appearance.

In school, Ritsuka was yawning due to lack of sleep, Yayoi too, because he overheard Yuiko confessing to the sensei that she loves Ritsuka and couldn't sleep. Ritsuka's sensei, Shinonome-sensei too, couldn't sleep because of Soubi's outright rejection. [LoL, everyone's losing sleep here, hence the title of ep5, Sleepless]

Ai and Midori were sitting on a bus, they're heading to their school I supposed after the next batch was sent to take down Ritsuka and Soubi. They're talking about Midori's weird taste for weird drinks. [Haha]

The next batch, a girl and a guy, the guy's the fighter, while the girl's the sacrifice. The guy’s name is Kin-chan and the girl [Dunno the name yet], asked Kin-chan if Soubi's strong. Then there’s this flashback of their sensei saying that Soubi’s perfect and stuff.

Ritsuka's in the doctor's room, telling her about his sleepless nights and it's like he's in a dream and he'll disappear as the real Ritsuka comes back. [Huh] The doctor kinda encouraged him that Ritsuka really wants to know the real reason behind his brother's death so he can’t disappear now and stuff.

Ritsuka called Soubi. Kin-chan and the girl are out shopping. Soubi and Ritsuka's in some place. Soubi asked why Ritsuka would call him suddenly. [Ask about Seimei's death lor] Then blah blah, a scene of ask-you-sorry-i-can't-tell-you. Scene changes to Kin-chan feeling the presence of Soubi. Blah blah. They fought. If Ritsuka win this fight, he will get this letter where all his doubts will be answered. Oh the girl's name is Ginka and the guy's full name's Kinka, they're the sleepless duo.

[Kyaaaaahh Soubi looks so drop dead sexy without his spects~~~ Like Yuki from Gravitation] Oh there was a kiss too lol, when Ritsuka said he wanted the letter, Soubi kissed him probably to get the strength and stuff. In my opinion, it's just pure fan service la lol.

I think Soubi hates their sensei lol cos when Kinka was saying something that Soubi ain't the star student for nothing, Soubi looks pissed. Ginka and Kinka attacked Soubi and Ritsuka and they got chained up and blah, Ritsuka then did some I dunno how to describe lol, kinda like a kiss on his neck. [See screenshot 4] Yeah so Soubi won.

So Soubi got the letter from them as they lay unconscious. Kinka suddenly whacked Soubi from behind and Soubi attacked back and blah, Ritsuka asked Soubi to stop and forgive them and blah. Then Soubi asked Ritsuka to order him and use him as he pleased. Ritsuka was doubtful about their relationship, ordering and obeying, is that what they are?

Ritsuka's in a bathtub [Whee *Hops in too* LoL] Soubi sent a message to Ritsuka, asking him to give him a kiss which Ritsuka did. Then bedtime. End. Oh yes, we see Soubi smiled for the first time. [As in 'Real Smile' not 'fake']

Wheee, i cut my hair~ I cut my hair lol, i was pretty nuts when i cut my hair, i was so ... jumpy and light lol. Hahaha. It's really short haha, up to my ears, a little bit higher. LoL. From Maybe till my chest length hair i cut right up to my ears, i feel so free lol. Like some dark force is taken off my shoulders.

Also, for the past week, i had not seen a SINGLE kingfisher bird lol [To me kingfisher birds are supposed to bring luck and i will wish upon the bird and most of the time, my wish will come true or at least half of it will come true] Muahaha. But after cutting my hair, i was walking home, i saw not ONE but TWO kingfisher birds~ Wheee lol. First, i wished tat my studies/projects/anything i do, will be smooth sailing lol. Second, i hope my training will change or wat or YanZi's event change ... but i highly doubt this will come true lol, it's like wednesday night le, and tomorrow's IS day, so i dun think there'll be any changes in plans. Also YanZi's pretty busy, so i doubt tat will change too. It's juz my selfish and wishful thinking lol. I can still make it de la, i juz have to ya know, sacrifice a little time maybe 15-20mins to pry myself away from YanZi and go Singapore Post Centre lol.

But i really hope the first wish will come true lol, i'll work hard! Even though i'm in a new class, new faces, new friends and classmates i never seen or knew of and toked to. Sigh, it's going to be tough to tok to them freely. I need at least 2-3 weeks to be able to tok ... normally ba. Sorry, i'm juz that kinda person, i really CAN'T open up to people i dunno. Hahaha.

Oh yes, i wanna tok abt my IBS [Interactive Business Skills] lecturer cum tutor. Let's juz call her Mrs SC ok? Lol, she's such a bitch cum snob cum backstabber from the way she behaved and tok. I juz dun like her face, her voice, her clothes, her everything. From the moment i saw her in tutorial, i was like 'Such a disgusting face' LOL. It's really rare for me to really dislike/hate a tutor tat much and it has been a long time. I dun trust teachers/tutors/lecturers for as long as i lived, i respect them yes, but dun trust them. I juz got this bad experience back in primary school and it's not pleasant at all. Dun ask. lol.

Let me state an example why i call her face disgusting lol. I hate the way she smiled, she kinda smiled at us then when she turned, her face transformed 360 ... no more than that, let's say 1 Million degrees to a very ... 'Qian Bian' face lol. Loosely translated as 'Wanna Beat Face', it's like when u see a person, u dun like the face, and tat face is those kinda of you wanna juz bash and put a hole in that particular face. Yes, she is tat type. LoL. Besides a 'Qian Bian' face, the way she tells us stories abt business people sucking up to rich business people makes me wanna puke. I know the real business world is like tat, tat's why i've been thinking that i'm in the entirely wrong course. I dun like to tok, nor network, nor suck up to people and most of all i show people how i feel and would never 'Xiao Li Chang Dao', loosely translated as Hiding a knife behind a smile, meaning that we might smile at a person, but behind tat mask of smiling face, a knife is hidden, waiting to stab tat unsuspecting person.

LoL, i was also complaining to my friend, YL while we were sitting on 184 to the CC stop lol. She kinda dislike tat lecturer cum tutor too. Haha also my other friend, JZ, who was sitting beside me during Mrs SC's lecture, she was also like saying how fake tat Mrs SC's is. I was like YEAH, we have the same idea lol. Mrs SC might be a good lecturer cum tutor BUT her character's disgusting in my own opinion. You might be saying how could i judge a person by juz her lecturing and saying stores, cos tat might be not true and she might be juz faking it or wat. Yes, i thought of tat.

So the WORST thing that grossed me out was she said she had this close friend, CLOSE FRIEND she claimed, got married and stuff then another of her close friend [Who's the CEO of some company or wat] volunteered to be like the chauffer for his wedding and stuff and the bunch of 'Close Friends' she had, were also helping out. So after all the stuff, the groom sent out a mass email to everyone who help out, a line of thank you that includes the CEO guy AND she's complaining over tat? God?!! If he's a close friend of yours, you won't EVEN MIND sacrificing ONE DAY of YOUR FREAKING LIFE to help a friend right? I mean so what if an hour means a few thousands to you? I think tat CEO guy won't mind too, if not how would he be the CEO cos you won't mind such stuffs to help a friend. You can make a millions of dollars but can you buy friendship with money? That's pretty why tat Mrs SC's still a lecturer cum tutor in NP lol.

Really, how could you expect your friend to repay you in terms of whatever you helped. I dun expect any repayments from my friends, but if they offer, i would gladly take it and i wouldn't mind even if it's juz an email of thanks, or even juz a sms of thanks. AT LEAST people have this feeling to thank you! Do you expect your friend to treat you a 10 course dinner or wat? [In the lecture, she said even a small meal in a coffee shop's fine and must DECLARE somemore, that so and so helped me so i'm giving this meal to thank so and so] Wat the? It's so ... disgusting. I mean how can you feel tat way?

Juz so disgusting.

[Signing off @ 10:45 PM]

PS: I'm still feeling disgusted lol.