Summaries of Strawberry Panic! Original Drama CD Lyric I, Miator Compilation [2]

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Here's the summaries of tracks 7 to 12, I managed to understand and pick up from here and there ... pardon me if they're not accurate or wrong and please correct me. Some parts I would leave out or I'll mention a little bit because I don't understand, so if anyone wants to add stuff I've missed out, which I think would be alot [=P], tell me about it k? Then I'll add it in =), thanks.

Strawberry Panic! Drama CD Lyric I Cover.

Track 7 : 誤解 [Misunderstanding]
Tamao's soothing the sleeping Nagisa and was apparently relieved that Nagisa's fine. [Tamao sounded really motherly here, she really cared for Nagisa a lot.] There was knock on the door, Shizuma came to visit Nagisa. Nagisa awoke and saw Shizuma beside her and thought she was dreaming. Shizuma was holding Nagisa's hand and told her not to get up then eased Nagisa back to bed again. Nagisa asked for Tamao, Shizuma replied that she's out [Probably to get Nagisa's uniform to the laundary room]. Shizuma said that Nagisa saw it is it not? [It refers to the scene where Shizuma kissed the junior in Track 5.] Nagisa nodded, Shizuma told her that Tamao confronted her before, telling her not to hurt Nagisa.

Shizuma asked Nagisa something I don't understand even after listening it to 20 times lol, but Nagisa said yes. Shizuma told Nagisa that yes, that time the junior had confess to her but Shizuma rejected her. So Shizuma had tried to comfort the crying junior by hugging and giving her a goodbye kiss. 'I'm a bad Onee-sama huh ...', Shizuma added. Shizuma told Nagisa to forgive her as that was her way of showing affections. Nagisa tried to reply to Shizuma but Shizuma told Nagisa to get well soon so that they could meet in the greenhouse. Nagisa agreed happily. Shizuma told Nagisa to sleep well as she would be holding her hand. - END of Track 7 -

Track 8 : 玉青の告白 [Tamao's Confession]
Tamao let her heart-felt words out as she described Nagisa's cute look, told her to please get well soon and she would be able to see her favourite liveliness smile of Nagisa. [I don't understand the later but I know Tamao's confessing something.] Tamao added that as long as she could see Nagisa's smile, she would feel this happiness and gentle feeling. So Nagisa-chan, please get well soon, my irreplaceable Nagisa-chan. [Thanks to Runte for the explaination =)] ???, Nagisa. [<- I don't know what Tamao called Nagisa, I repeated 10 over times but I still understand and couldn't find the meaning.]

Nagisa awoke and found Tamao beside her. Tamao asked how was she feeling and Nagisa said she's better now. Tamao's relieved, Nagisa thanked Tamao for taking care of her. Tamao told Nagisa not to thank her. Nagisa described Tamao's gentle and kind ministrations then something about a kiss, I don't really understand. Thanks to Runte again, Tamao kissed Nagisa's back while undressing her. [LoL Like in the manga ... XD] I think Nagisa gave Tamao a grateful kiss on the cheek. - END of Track 8 -

Track 9 : 白馬の静馬 [White Horse, Shizuma]
Kizuna and Lemon were shocked when they heard that Shizuma swims naked in the pool at night. [LoL] Lemon remarked how bold Shizuma was while Kizuna said she want to see, Lemon said she wanted too, Shizuma's proportions [LOL]. Kizuna asked Chikaru wanted to see too right?, Chikaru said no, [I don't understand what reason she said but I think she said that no one had seen Shizuma swimming naked in the pool at night yet so it might be a rumour?] then Lemon said we have to check it out then! Suddenly, Chikaru said that eh, I wonder where Nagisa's going ... Tamao and Chiyo too. So it's up to the Secret Investigation Club to check it out, let's go! Kizuna and Lemon went 'Yes~!'. - Scene at horse ranch - We automatically thought it would be Amane but this time, Shizuma's galloping on a horse.

Hikari and Yaya were amazed by Shizuma's riding skills, even Amane was too as she said it would be terrible if Shizuma's her rival. Chiyo, Nagisa and Tamao arrived at the scene and they were too amazed by Shizuma. It's the first time they witnessed Shizuma riding. [It was also hinted in the Novel that Shizuma knew how to ride XD] Shizuma stopped in front of the girls, suddenly grabbed Nagisa's hand to mount the horse and rided off. The girls were like, 'Ah?! Nagisa-chan!'. The St Lulim girls arrived just in time to see Nagisa and Shizuma leaving the school on horse. Shizuma told Nagisa she's fulfilling the promise they made to go to the sea. The St Lulim girls chased after those two.

At the sea, Nagisa was astonished by the beauty of the sea and began talking excitingly. Shizuma said that she's happy that Nagisa's happy with it and brought Nagisa to a beautiful place. All the girls finally arrived at the sea lol, they were panting hard and stuff and was excited to probably witness Shizuma swimming naked. Suddenly, there was Kagome's voice and everyone was like, 'Whoa?! When did you arrived?!' [LOL!]. Yaya was like whoa, the sea ... [Then she said something I don't understand, probably something about playing the sea would feel nice] Hikari told Yaya to be careful, suddenly Tsubomi's lecturing voice about them not going to choir practice but coming to the sea. Yaya was like 'Urk, the noisy kid's here.' [LOL] Tsubomi was like, 'Who are you calling noisy?!'.

While Nagisa and Shizuma were enjoying the sea breeze, the other girls were probably hiding somewhere expecting Shizuma to take off her clothes and swim naked lol. Chikaru and Yaya began to talk dirty about swimming naked where the water's great, no one would be around and also Shizuma's naked body [LOL, I'm not that sure what they talking about but it's funny.] Nagisa and Shizuma began picking beautiful seashells [KNM!!!!!]. Yaya was getting restless from waiting Shizuma to strip lol then she added that anyways, it's a nice day and told Hikari to go for a swim too. Hikari protested by saying that they didn't bring swimsuits with them. Yaya replied that it's okay as she wanted to try out swimming naked. Everyone went 'EHHHH?!'.

Yaya added, well Shizuma's swimming naked too, so it's no problem. Nagisa and Shizuma noticed the girls and asked what they were doing. Kizuna, in her panic blurted out that they heard rumours of her swimming naked so they had came to see [LOL!!!]. Nagisa also remembered about it and wondered if it's true. Shizuma sounded confused then she chuckled and said, 'Well, I've been swimming naked ...' Everyone went 'EHHHH?!' Shizuma added, '... not. It's a lie.' [LOL] Everyone let out a sigh of relief lol. Nagisa was relieved too [I wonder why XD]. Shizuma then told Nagisa secretly that they could swim naked when they're alone next time *grin*. Nagisa was like 'E-Etoile-sama!'.

Yaya's still on 'I wanna try swimming naked' and took off her clothes. Nagisa and Tamao were like shocked because Yaya's wearing the undergarments they saw in Track 3. [Purple, orange ... The students were supposed to only wear white coloured underwears.] Tsubomi was like, 'Yaya-senpai, aren't you shy?!' Yaya said something about protecting Hikari's colour of underwear? [Not sure] then Hikari was like, please don't say that! Then Tsubomi and Yaya said something I don't really understand but it ended in a funny way. - END of Track 9 -

Track 10 : 水平線の向こうに [On The Other Side Of The Horizon]
As the girls were playing at the sea, Nagisa and Shizuma were chatting with each other. Nagisa began describing about the orange sea [Probably it's sunset] and how beautiful it was. Nagisa said something about her liking the sea ... then saying about herself sounding like a child isn't it? Shizuma told Nagisa that someday she wants to take Nagisa to the other side of the horizon. Nagisa said something about the other side of the horizon which I don't really quite understand. - END of Track 10 -

Track 11 : キャストコメント [Casts' Comments]
The casts of Strawberry Panic! Original Drama CD [Miator Compilation] - Older Sister and Underwear gave some little comments [Like thank you, please look forward to more or something like this, thank you for supporting.] in the production of Strawberry Panic! ;
- Mai Nakahara as Nagisa Aoi
- Hitomi Nabatame as Shizuma Hanazono [Sexy~~!]
- Ai Shimizu as Tamao Suzumi/Kizuna Hyuuga
- Chiwa Saito as Chiyo Tsukidate
- Junko Noda as Miyuki Rokujou [Whoa her normal voice was even deeper haha]
- Miyu Matsuki as Hikari Konohana
- Yuko Kaida as Amane Ootori
- Natsuko Kuwatani as Yaya Nanto
- Sakura Nogawa as Tsubomi Okuwaka
- Saki Nakajima as Chikaru Minamoto
- Ui Miyazaki as Lemon Natsume [Sexy voice?!]
- Yukari Fukui as Kagome Byakudan
- END of Track 11 -

Track 12 : スピカ編予告(BONUS TRACK) [Spica Compilation Notice]
Hikari and Yaya were talking the up coming physical examination in a week and they were running to prepare themselves for it. Looking at the hardworking Yaya, Hikari tried to catch up but failed as she was tired from the running [Bad in sports]. Then she went, 'I'm beat~~, I think it's enough for today, I'll just try harder tomorrow.' [LoL.] - Scene changed to Hikari in the shower - Suddenly the door opened, Hikari screamed, 'Kyaaa, Yaya-chan?!'. Yaya just went 'Ara, Hikari~, you're inside? Sorry ... but then why don't we shower together?' Hikari tried to protest but Yaya was like 'No~' and so they showered together.

Yaya began tickling Hikari and she was giggling + some misleading sounds lol. Yaya reminded Hikari of the physical examination and said Hikari something I don't understand ... then Yaya told my Hikari should not to feel embarrassed about her body as it's beautiful ... for ... example ... - Yaya touched a place which made Hikari go 'No, n-not that place ...' Then Yaya talked something about Amane [Not sure]. Hikari then said ... you're right ... and something about Amane-senpai and measuring Hikari's bustline. [Not really sure, please clear my doubts XD] Hikari began fantasizing about Amane telling her to show her chest, not to be shy and all [LoL].

Back to present, Hikari was nearly hysterical with worry and was verrrrry determined to diet for the sake of Amane. While Yaya was like, this is my chance heh heh heh, as I would be able to see more of Hikari's body ... hohoho~ Meanwhile, Kaname and Momomi were having fun in the shower too lol, they were scheming something evil to tear Amane and Hikari's relationship during the physical examination. Look forward to it! - END of Track 12 -

Finally, phew~, it was hard work haha, but there seemed to be alot I'm unsure about ... those who were better in Japanese, please correct me~ =).

Thanks to everyone for supporting by buying the Drama CD, hope the summaries increased everyone's desire to buy it =P. Don't hesitate, just BUY it~ Alright, off to watch animes, cya.

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Summaries of Strawberry Panic! Original Drama CD Lyric I, Miator Compilation [1]

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Here's the summaries of tracks 1 to 6, I managed to understand and pick up from here and there ... pardon me if they're not accurate or wrong and please correct me. Some parts I would leave out or I'll mention a little bit because I don't understand, so if anyone wants to add stuff I've missed out, which I think would be alot [=P], tell me about it k? Then I'll add it in =), thanks.

Strawberry Panic! Drama CD Lyric I Cover.

Track 1 : プロローグ [Prologue]
The track started with Nagisa asking Shizuma the colour of the teacup she wanted, suddenly, Shizuma hugged Nagisa. Nagisa half-heartedly told Shizuma to let go of her because she dropped the spoon. Shizuma told Nagisa not to move and not to feel embarrassed because they were alone in the greenhouse anyways. Shizuma commented that Nagisa's hair smelt soo nice. The moment was spoilt when Nagisa realized that the water was boiling and moved out of Shizuma's hug. Flustered, Nagisa began to stumble about preparing the table for tea and left, leaving Shizuma amused by Nagisa's actions. - Insert Drama CD title, Strawberry Panic! [Miator Compilation] Drama CD, Older Sister and Underwear -

Chiyo went over to visit Nagisa and Tamao's room [Probably to do some studying] only to find from Tamao that Nagisa's at the greenhouse. Tamao said that because Shizuma's helpers/classmates, Hitomi and Mizuho caught colds, Nagisa had gone to help out. Chiyo repeated, 'Oh both of them huh.', [Sounds FISHY to me LOL]. Tamao then asked Chiyo if she would like tea and cookies then began to serve her, while doing so, Tamao began mumbling and grumbling about Nagisa leaving her alone in the room on a Sunday. Tamao added that Nagisa and Shizuma were getting closer and once they were having lunch together and looked like lovers! While Tamao's left alone having lunch by herself, 'I felt so lonely.', Tamao said lol.

Back in the greenhouse, Shizuma thanked Nagisa for helping out. Nagisa replied that it wasn't a problem as she likes flowers anyways. Shizuma asked Nagisa to come help out again tomorrow and Nagisa agreed. Shizuma then said that tomorrow when the task's done, where should they go? Nagisa repeated, 'W-we?' 'Yes, we, a place where no one would be, only us', Shizuma replied. Shizuma suggested to go to the sea. Nagisa excitedly told Shizuma how she liked the sea. Shizuma said she likes it too, so it's the promise then? Nagisa agreed. Suddenly, it started raining. - END of Track 1 -

Track 2 : にわか雨 [Shower]
Tamao commented that it was such a fine day just now but now it began to rain heavily. Chiyo and Tamao began worrying about Nagisa. - Back in the greenhouse - Shizuma said that the rain's heavy but would probably stop in an hour's time. Then Shizuma invited Nagisa to sit beside her. Shizuma asked Nagisa if she likes the rain and continued that she likes the rain. [I don't understand the reason Shizuma said that she liked the rain, something about the umbrella or something ... anyone please enlighten me on it.] After stating the reason, Shizuma told Nagisa that she's lying and that she hated the rain because it makes her feel lonely. However, today was alright because she had Nagisa with her if Nagisa would be with her, she might like the rain.

Nagisa suddenly bolted up and said something about flowers in the rain ... but Shizuma wouldn't let her off. Shizuma asked Nagisa if she's afraid of her, Nagisa started to say no but Shizuma said that Nagisa's expression just now told her she was. Shizuma told Nagisa to look at her, said that Nagisa's cute and told her not to be afraid. Nagisa began describing Shizuma's beautiful eyes and her feelings while Shizuma probably pushed her down on the seat and moved closer. Nagisa described Shizuma's lips were coming closer ... suddenly the door slided out and Nagisa gasped. Shizuma murmured, Miyuki? Nagisa excused herself and ran out. Miyuki lectured Shizuma about her actions but Shizuma just smirked and said something about loving the flowers? [Not sure about this.]

Nagisa ran all the way back to Ichigo-sha and her heart's still thumping from before ... [She ran duhhhh -.-|||] Chiyo saw Nagisa and said that she was about to bring an umbrella to Nagisa. Chiyo began to blame herself for not bringing the umbrella to Nagisa earlier. Nagisa brought out her handkerchief to dry Chiyo's tears. In Chiyo's mind, she thought how kind Nagisa Onee-sama was and something about the rain and the handkerchief. Nagisa sneezed and Chiyo told Nagisa to dry herself quickly before she caught a cold. Chiyo called after Nagisa about returning the handkerchief but Nagisa had already left.

Nagisa entered the room, Tamao asked what happened and began to start taking off Nagisa's wet clothes before she caught a cold. [LoL, Nagisa was like Iyaaa, I could take it off myself, no, not there, onegai Tamao-chan~~] After Tamao's done, Tamao asked for the reason, Nagisa said, nothing happened. Tamao retorted that Nagisa would had not run in the rain ... unless something happened in the greenhouse? Nagisa changed the subject saying she's going to shower and went to the bathroom. [I don't understand what Tamao said later ... as she reckoned what happened in the greenhouse. A wild guess, Tamao thought Shizuma had forced kiss Nagisa?]

In the shower, Nagisa remembered what happened earlier + a little more fanservice sounds and was relieved Rokujou had interupted however she thought to herself what would had happened if Rokujou had not. Outside the shower room, Tamao said something about the uniform [I'm not sure] but it was important enough for Nagisa to stop the shower and opened the shower door to stop Tamao to return it to her. Tamao said in a rather sheepish voice that Nagisa's big. Nagisa went eh? looked down ... went ahhh and closed the door. Nagisa behind the doors was thinking ... mou Tamao-chan, then she thought about Tamao saying that her chest's big and giggled in this pleased tone [LOL!]. However, Tamao said that Nagisa still had a lot more to go... and looked forward to it. - END of Track 2 -

Track 3 : 白くない下着 [Non-White Underwear]
Tamao and Nagisa went to the laundary room and saw Shizuma going out this late at night. Tamao said, don't tell she's going to the pool? Nagisa went 'Eh? Pool?'. Tamao told Nagisa that there were rumours of Shizuma swimming naked in the pool every night. Nagisa went, 'Naked?!'. Tamao repeated yep, no clothes at all [LOL]. Nagisa was like 'Really~ No clothes at all?!'. Nagisa then fantasized Shizuma ... coming out of the pool murmuring that the water's great. Nagisa's mumblings and all was heard by Shizuma. Shizuma then realized that it's Nagisa and relaxed. Shizuma commented that the moon's beautiful then invited Nagisa to swim with her. Shizuma urged her by saying that there's no one around, the water's great, come, there's nothing to be embarrassed about as there's only the two of us ... ended with Nagisa making this misleading sound lol.

Tamao shook Nagisa outta her dreams, saying that her face's red. Nagisa, embarrassed giving an excuse that they better get going. At the laundary room, Nagisa found some colourful underwears ... [Only white underwears are allowed in the schools, I wonder why ...] some were even so skimpy that Nagisa wondered if it's really underwear LOL. Tamao deduced that the undergarments belonged to a senior because of the sizes. Etoile-sama? or Rokujou-sama? Maybe Toumori-sama? [Shion] Don't tell me Chikaru-sama? Nagisa told Tamao to stop guessing and they went on to finish what they were doing.

After finishing, they left the room, Tamao told Nagisa to wait and began to guess the one entering the room to be the owner of the underwears. First, Chikaru entered ... Tamao began to talk excitingly as expected of Chikaru. Nagisa said something I don't understand which made Tamao's theory of Chikaru being the owner of the underwears wrong. Shion arrived next but it's not her ... Tamao narrowed the suspects to Rokujou and Etoile ... unexpectly Rokujou called Nagisa and Tamao's name. Rokujou asked what were they doing, they replied nothing and Rokujou told them, well if nothing, please return to your rooms. They greeted goodnight and left. Tamao then concluded that ah, it's must be Rokujou's ... then a sound of key turning was heard. [I don't understand what Nagisa and Tamao said after the key scene.]

Bedtime, Tamao teased Nagisa for the underwears she wore [Polka dots, chick patterns, strawberry patterns, bear patterns~] Nagisa got angry and grabbed the undergarments away. Nagisa wondered to herself if she's too childish, then she wondered what kind of undergarments Shizuma would wear ... must be silk and laces ... but anything Shizuma wore would be pretty ... Nagisa gasped about what's thinking about ... Nagisa then realized she lost her handkerchief and wondered where she placed it. - END of Track 3 -

Track 4 : 千代の想い [Chiyo's Thoughts]
Chiyo's wrapping up the handkerchief Nagisa lent to her to dry her tears back in Track 2. Chiyo wished to be closer to her Nagisa Onee-sama someday. Chiyo began fantasizing Nagisa calling her cute and telling her that she likes her and Nagisa's warm lips ... what am I doing, Chiyo gasped [LoL]. Chiyo told herself to return the handkerchief to Nagisa tomorrow. The next day, Tamao left the room for I dunno what reason, then she ran back to the room, panicking about something not being there. Tamao shook Nagisa awake, the sleepy Nagisa refused to wake up.

Looking at Nagisa's sleeping face, Tamao was like, kawaii ne~~ Tamao then proceed to tease Nagisa with a feather in various places [Ears then neck] to wake her up. Nagisa finally woke up, yelling that it's itchy. Tamao greeted Nagisa morning. Nagisa then lectured Tamao for waking her up like that and had told her before to stop doing that. Tamao just went awww, I knew it, Nagisa's fuming face's beautiful. Nagisa just went ... mou ... -.-|||. Tamao then recalled the reason she came back to the room and told Nagisa about it. Chiyo's waiting for Nagisa to return the handkerchief to her. Nagisa and Tamao arrived and Chiyo wanted to return it to her ... but Chiyo thought to herself that the handkerchief was a link between Nagisa Onee-sama and her ... so she wished to hold on to it a little longer. She told Nagisa nothing then Nagisa and Tamao left leaving Chiyo alone thinking that she would return it but later.

St Lulim's, Kizuna and Lemon arrived, Kizuna began commenting how cute the paperbag Chiyo's holding, Lemon asked what's inside? Is it a present? Chikaru arrived to save Chiyo from the intense questioning from Kizuna and Lemon. After Kizuna and Lemon left, Chikaru went, ne, who are you giving it to? [LOL.] Chiyo went speechless as did this eh, iya, ano, eto sound aha. Chikaru smiled and said, well, it's nice to have someone to like hm? Then Chikaru left, making this lalala-ing sound lol. - END of Track 4 -

Track 5 : 胸が...痛いよ... [My Chest Hurts]
Nagisa and Tamao were having lunch, Tamao noticed Nagisa's appetite wasn't that of usual. Nagisa replied that she's not feeling well, Tamao suggested to her to take the day off but Nagisa said it's okay. Tamao told Nagisa to take care then. [Thanks to Anonymous who provided me the info =)] The sky's dark and it might rain any moment, so they went by the pool, Nagisa was reminded of the rumour Tamao told her about Shizuma swimming naked in the pool and scolded herself for thinking about it. It started to rain and they ran to take shelter from rain, along the way Nagisa saw Shizuma with a junior. Shizuma told the junior not to cry and offered to give her a kiss. The junior cried again, calling Onee-sama. Nagisa saw the kissing scene and ran off leaving Tamao.

Shizuma noticed Nagisa running. While running, Nagisa can't believe Shizuma kissed the girl. Running back to her room, Nagisa said that her chest hurts ... what am I feeling so painful and sorrow? Flashback to Shizuma saying if Nagisa would be with her, she might like the rain, Nagisa, you're cute. Tamao entered the room and found Nagisa ill in bed. Tamao ran off to get help, along the way met Chiyo and told her to get the sister while she prepared the stuff. - END of Track 5 -

Track 6 : 玉青と静馬 [Tamao And Shizuma]
Tamao took care of Nagisa and heard Nagisa murmuring Shizuma's name. Angry, Tamao told Chiyo to take care of Nagisa while she go off for a while. At the greenhouse, Shizuma thought Tamao was Nagisa and welcomed her. Tamao told Shizuma that Nagisa won't be coming and not to hurt Nagisa anymore. Shizuma commented that Tamao's eyes were scary and added that she's like a knight protecting the princess [Nagisa]. Don't tell me [you like] Nagisa?, Shizuma taunted. Tamao told Shizuma to stop spouting nonsense, slapped Shizuma and excused herself.

Miyuki walked in and both of them talked about something. [I don't understand =P] Miyuki also knew Tamao had slapped Shizuma. Shizuma met Chiyo on the way and Chiyo told Shizuma that Nagisa's ill. In the room, Nagisa wondered to herself why's she feeling so sorrow? Chiyo entered the room only to find Nagisa crying so she took out the handkerchief Nagisa lent her to dry the tears. Chiyo cried and tried to explain why Nagisa's handkerchief was with her. Nagisa replied that she's giving the handkerchief to Chiyo, Chiyo thanked Nagisa and said that she would treat it as her most important/precious thing. Tamao returned and told Nagisa to rest. - END of Track 6 -

I'll do up tracks 7 - 12 tomorrow, tired ... snore ...

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Maitake Mai Hime Short-Strip Doujinshi

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This is wayyy too funny to be left untranslated lol ... =)


only Mandarin to English.

I do however refer to the RAW [Japanese] version sometimes when translating to kind of double check and make it more 'Real' cos i like it lol.

I DO NOT DRAW doujinshis, so I don't claim ANY credits for it, I got the original doujinshi from Maitake, so please refer there for the original version, I'm just translating for those non-Japanese readers =). So don't ban me for it =(.

Click on the pictures and out pops a window with a bigger, clearer dimension.

Please do not hotlink on forums, just paste my blog url and direct them to the Manga Page section, thanks.

Shizuru's Birthday Present.

=). Oh, I'm planning to translate another regarding Shizuru's Birthday Present Mai Hime Doujinshi from Shirinikohu, so yeah stay tune. Probably post up the first page next week or what ... depends ... cos I've got a brochure to design ... argh.

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[Drama CD] Strawberry Panic! Original Drama CD Lyric I, Miator Compilation

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Woohoo, Strawberry Panic! First Drama CD, Miator Compilation is out today ... here's a large scan of the cover and the back ... if you got the moolah, BUY IT! LoL.

Japanese Title : TVアニメ ストロベリー・パニック ドラマCD ミアトル編 お姉さまと下着そうどう
English Title : TV Anime, Strawberry Panic! [Miator Compilation] Drama CD, Older Sister and Underwear [?! Someone PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong!!!]

Cover. Back.

Tracks In The CD :
01.プロローグ [Prologue]
02.にわか雨 [Shower]
03.白くない下着 [Non-White Underwear] ?! LOL.
04.千代の想い [Chiyo's Thoughts]
05.胸が...痛いよ... [My Chest Hurts]
06.玉青と静馬 [Tamao And Shizuma]
07.誤解 [Misunderstanding]
08.玉青の告白 [Tamao's Confession]
09.白馬の静馬 [White Horse, Shizuma]
10.水平線の向こうに [On The Other Side Of The Horizon]
11.キャストコメント [Casts' Comments]
12.スピカ編予告(BONUS TRACK) [Spica Compilation Notice]

I attempted to translate the titles to English myself ... I'm sure they are not accurate haha, I could only read the Kanji and vaguely make out the meaning ... XD. Please correct me if I'm wrong ... thanks.

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Strawberry Panic! Ep17

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Finally the mystery girl, Shizuma’s lover, the other Etoile identity would be revealed ... in next episode?! MUAHAHAHA!

Hmm Which Should I Pick?Serious Hikari.Pissed Shion.

Tamao described the routine of Nagisa during Autumn, good appetite, [Tamao offered her sandwich to Nagisa and Nagisa’s elated lol] napping during lessons, art lessons [But Nagisa had dirt over her face lol] and reading ... but Nagisa’s snoring with a book over her face lol. During Autumn, the leaves on the trees will turn from golden to red and slowly fall on the ground however, for Autumn in Astraea, there’s something to really look forward to, yes, the Etoile Election. The whole of Astraea were talking about who were the possible candidates, in St Lulim, seemed like there’s no candidates from there [I’m thinking otherwise, I reckon Chikaru has something up in her sleeves XD, just like in the manga] and one of the St Lulim girls commented that yeah not many students would want to be Etoile as it’s kinda troublesome. At the student council room of St Lulim, Chikaru’s as usual sketching something on her sketchpad while Kizuna, Lemon and Kagome were playing the Japanese version of ‘Old Maid’ called ‘Baba-Nuki’. Kizuna as usual lost as she picked the ‘Baba’ card from Kagome lol. Over at the St Spica side, the girls were gossiping about the Etoile Election and that Amane’s not participating. The scene changed to Amane on her horse galloping around and Hikari looking at her with no star stuck expression at all, just a normal expression. Yaya was also there with Hikari but left in a huff, probably jealous. The St Spica girls continued saying that Kenjou Kaname from the Student Council seemed like a possible candidate for the Etoile Election and the girls around agreed.

Scene switched to the St Spica student council room, Kaname told Shion to give up on getting Amane to participate in the Etoile Election. Shion paused for a moment before replying who she should choose then. Suddenly, when Shion opened her eyes, she found Kaname standing in front of her and got a shock. Kaname said, if Amane’s not participating ... Shion narrowed her eyes and look at Momomi who was looking smugly at her. Shion then realized how could she didn’t notice that those two actually wanted to join the Etoile Election themselves! [Well, took her long enough lol, I reckon she might had also realized the defiance they displayed when she’s bent on choosing Amane] Now, at the St Miator side, the girls were wondering who will represent their school to compete in the Etoile Election. One of the girls said that Shizuma’s graduating next march so she thinks that Shizuma probably won’t be competing this time. The other girls agreed and said well for someone to take over the Etoile title from Shizuma, it would be difficult for this year’s St Miator. [Probably she meant that Shizuma’s kinda irreplaceable and moreover, there seemed to be no one else more popular or capable than Shizuma herself] At the St Miator student council room, Rokujou commented that the whole of Astraea’s bursting with excitement [about the Etoile Election] isn’t it. Shizuma merely went yeah and jokingly [maybe she’s really hoping so lol] said that ah, can’t wait for the next Etoile to be chosen. Rokujou added, then you don’t have to do the duties of the Etoile isn’t it? Shizuma just smirked lol.

Come, I'll Be Your Onee-sama.Who's The Other Etoile ...Smirk.

Rokujou continued, but now, you are still the Etoile, then she added a stack of papers beside Shizuma and said, please finish these up today too =). [Kawaii interaction haha] Meanwhile, Nagisa’s asking Tamao about the Etoile Election and Tamao replied that well, in French, Etoile Election is called, ‘Le souffe toi des lection en Etoile’ [Sorry not sure if it’s correct, French readers please correct me if I’m wrong]. 'Le souffle de deux est celui d'une Etoile'. [Thanks to Somebody from the tagboard XD for listening and listening annndd listening lol, basically the meaning's 'The breath of two is that of a Star', very appropriate and had a deep meaning in it. Oh I suspect Tamao knew that the Etoile's a pair and because Nagisa's French was poor, she said it in French but didn't explain the exact meaning to Nagisa.] Nagisa tried to repeat the words but failed lol. Anyways, it means electing of the Etoile, Nagisa went eh, so you have to elect the Etoile huh. Tamao giggled and asked then how do you think the Etoile was chosen? Nagisa replied well I wouldn’t say chosen but rather Etoile-sama would be Etoile-sama from the start. [I think Nagisa meant that a person would be born to be Etoile? Haha.] Tamao continued, saying that all the candidates were put through a series of trials. Yes, the candidates must possess beauty, prim, delicate, talented and elegant because they would loved, respected and be role models for the students. Nagisa commented that it’s tough being Etoile and Tamao agreed. Just then, they saw Shizuma and Rokujou walking towards them, the girls stood aside and greeted both of them. Shizuma and Rokujou greeted back and while passing by Nagisa, Shizuma looked at Nagisa and smiled. Looking at Shizuma retreated back, Nagisa blushed and smiled too. [A brief but sweet scene] Nagisa realized that Tamao’s staring at her with an unreadable expression [Jealousy?] for quite a while lol, then suddenly Tamao changed the subject by asking Tamao if she would like to go ‘Momiji-gari’ which means autumn leaf viewing.

Tamao said that the maple trees in Astraea were beautiful but she wanted to bring Nagisa to a more beautiful place. Nagisa agreed. Delighted, Tamao offered to make bento [lunch boxes] for them along too. Over at the St Lulim side, the girls were playing House of Cards and Kizuna toppled it lol. The girls then sighed, probably feeling bored. Scene switched to Chikaru who was looking out of the window then turned and smiled [at us XD]. [I’m reckoning that the St Lulim girls were bored because no one competing in the Etoile Election and Chikaru on the surface doesn’t seem affected by it ... but I’m hoping for a sudden surprise from St Lulim =)] Meanwhile, Hikari’s still waiting/looking from the usual spot as she watched Amane on her horse galloping around. [I’m curious why Amane didn’t stopped to talk to Hikari, probably she didn’t want Hikari to drawn into the Etoile Election.] Our Evil Lesbians™, Kaname and Momomi were on the roof of the St Spica building again, Kaname said, hm it’s about time, for the sake of attaining the Etoile. Momomi patted on Kaname’s shoulder then proceed on to snuggled closer to her and told her that it would be alright as she’s already on her limit. Scene changed to Shion thinking to herself that there’s not much time left … no, for St Spica to attain the Etoile title, their candidate HAD to be Amane. [Stubborn old cow ... LOL Shion’s role in the ‘Carmen’ play in episode 16 was the bull ... haha] Meanwhile, Tamao’s already planning what to make for their bento for their ‘date’ XD.

=OI Wonder If She's Shizuma Onee-sama's Most Important Person ...Sigh~

Chiyo and Nagisa walked back to Ichigo-sha together, Chiyo told Nagisa that the most suitable candidate representing St Miator, according to the 1st graders was Tamao because she’s popular. Nagisa agreed, and added that Tamao’s grades were good, she’s gentle and kind, I understand, I understand [LoL]. Chiyo agreed too but ... Chiyo looked at Nagisa and fantasized the super cool Nagisa asking Chiyo to be her partner for the Etoile Election. [I think only Chiyo sees Nagisa as cool lol] Without knowing, Chiyo had muttered out ‘Partner’ and Nagisa asked huh, partner? Chiyo blushed and said, well if Nagisa Onee-sama were to compete in the Etoile Election, who would she choose to be her partner? It seemed like Nagisa had no idea that in the Etoile Election, an Etoile would be a pair. Nagisa asked, if one’s Etoile, what would the other be? Chiyo replied, well Etoile too, in actuality, a pair would then be Etoile. [In the manga, it’s kinda different, there’s an Older and Younger [I’m still wondering the titles for it Thanks to Rin, 'Aînée' is 'Older' while 'Cadette' is 'Younger', see here.] and as a pair, they would be the Etoile couple.] Nagisa said that, that means Shizuma’s the only Etoile? Chiyo nodded and said that Rokujou’s now acting as her assistant. Nagisa wondered why Shizuma’s the only one. Chiyo replied she didn’t know. In Ichigo-sha, Nagisa and Tamao’s room, Nagisa asked Tamao where the other Etoile is. Tamao sounded surprised as she made a gasping sound. Nagisa added that she heard from Chiyo that the Etoile was supposed to be two persons.

Tamao nodded and replied that only when two have mutual trust in each other would they be Etoile. Nagisa repeated her question again, saying now’s Shizuma’s alone so where’s the other Etoile? Tamao realized her skill of changing subjects failed her lol and finally told Nagisa that she passed away. [She passed away was even repeated twice LOL!] Tamao continued that, from then, Shizuma changed. Scene changed to St Miator student council room, Rokujou told Shizuma that she changed, because now Shizuma’s willing to fulfill the duties of the Etoile and besides … Shizuma turned and teased, what are you saying? Back to the room, Nagisa asked Tamao what kind of person was she. Tamao paused and said that she needed to consider before replying and also Tamao wondered if she’s the one to talk about the other Etoile or … Tamao changed the subject and told Nagisa to prepare for bed. Next, a bathtub scene, Rokujou lounging in the bathtub and she’s touching the necklace she’s wearing and confirmed to herself that Shizuma had changed after she had passed away but also after she [Nagisa] arrived. That night, Nagisa can’t sleep as she kept thinking of the other Etoile and to be Shizuma’s partner, she must had been really close to Shizuma [Ohh yeah] and wondered if she’s Shizuma’s most important person. [Nagisa’s jealous!]

KAORI?!MY GOD, KAORI?!Shizuma Onee-sama ...

The next day, Shizuma’s in the greenhouse watering her plants with a silly grin on her face lol. [Probably thinking of Nagisa + strawberries + whipped cream ... XD still influenced by XT!!! AHHHH! LOL Oh XT’s the name of my friend.] Nagisa played peek-a-boo with the student council door as she poked her head in and out twice before Rokujou called out that Shizuma’s in the greenhouse, Nagisa-san. Nagisa replied that it’s not that ... Nagisa was actually looking for Rokujou to ask about the other Etoile, in other words, about her. Nagisa told Rokujou that she had asked Tamao about her and Tamao had replied that she needed to consider. A while later, Rokujou replied that she needed time too to consider whether it’s appropriate for her to talk about it. Nagisa looked stunned. Rokujou added, she’s Shizuma’s … Etoile’s partner and also Rokujou’s most important person. Rokujou told Nagisa to give her more time ... Nagisa nodded and looked a little dejected. Rokujou’s back in the student council room, Shizuma entered the room after a while and sat down. Rokujou told Shizuma that she came. Shizuma asked, she? Rokujou replied, Nagisa-san. Shizuma asked what did she come over for? Rokujou said that Nagisa wanted to know more about the other Etoile and she said she told Nagisa that she needed time to consider. That caught Shizuma’s attention. Rokujou wanted to ask if there’s anything between Nagisa and Shizuma but stopped herself and said nothing.

Nagisa went to the greenhouse but Shizuma had already left, she wondered to herself why was she minding this so much. Shizuma’s walking along the hallway when she heard someone playing the piano and went to the music room. She saw Nagisa playing the piano and momentarily saw her playing the piano. Nagisa flashbacked some scenes of the first time Shizuma and she met and kissed. Nagisa murmured to herself that the feelings she had towards Shizuma ... [Nagisa’s eyes were pretty sorrow.] Shizuma walked forward and Nagisa noticed Shizuma walking towards her and stopped. Shizuma merely nodded in acknowledgement and proceed on to sit beside Nagisa. Nagisa blushed at the sight of Shizuma beside her then they began to play the piano together. Shizuma praised Nagisa for playing well, Nagisa said that she practiced, to be able to play well and to be able to play with Shizuma. [Note: Nagisa used Shizuma-sama instead of the usual Etoile-sama when in front of the crowd or Tamao] Shizuma smiled and said that this was her favourite tune. Nagisa realized that Shizuma’s talking about the other Etoile, Shizuma replied yeah then changed to saying that the maple trees were beautiful. Shizuma asked Nagisa out tomorrow Saturday to go for ‘Momiji-gari’, autumn leaf viewing with her. Nagisa looked at Shizuma, a little stunned then said that if Tamao could come along with them as she had already promised her.

Over My Dead Body That I'll Let Tamao Come Along!Miyuki ...I Want To Know Everything About Shizuma-sama ... Because .... I ...

Shizuma blotted up from the seat and said no rather harshly, her expression was like the time when she tried to untie the red ribbon Tamao gave to Nagisa in episode 12. Frowning with jealousy, Shizuma said they were going to her resort and she want Nagisa to know about her ... let Nagisa know … Still blushing, Nagisa looked as if mesmerized and agreed. Shizuma thanked Nagisa and left the room. Shizuma knocked the door to Miyuki’s room and Miyuki was surprised to see Shizuma. Meanwhile, Nagisa returned to her room and Tamao asked where Nagisa had been as she had already prepared the stuff for tomorrow. Nagisa rushed forward and apologized to Tamao as they had to postpone their ‘date’. Tamao told Nagisa that she really wanted to know about past is it not? Eyes brimming with tears, Nagisa apologized again and said that she really wanted to know, everything about Shizuma-sama because … I … [We didn’t get to hear what Nagisa said later but I have got high hopes for Nagisa x Shizuma Muahahaha!] Scene changed to Miyuki’s room, Shizuma unbuttoned Miyuki’s the shirt of her pajamas to reveal the necklace Miyuki’s wearing. Shizuma said that she wanted to tell Nagisa. Blushing, Miyuki had tilted her head sideways [at Shizuma’s actions] and replied with a really?

Miyuki told Shizuma that she seemed to be released from the strings and constrictions of her past … Shizuma said that if it’s her [Nagisa] ... maybe ... Miyuki said for the second time that Shizuma changed and described her as majestic as the ice mountain, nothing could touch her heart, a heart as cold as winter, hard as ice but now the ice snows were starting to melt. Shizuma’s heart is now welcoming spring, that girl [Nagisa] probably would be the one who will bring spring to you isn’t it? Shizuma just smiled and really started to undress Miyuki till the necklace with a key attached to it was shown. Shizuma untied the necklace from Miyuki’s neck and said, sorry to let the key waiting for a long time. Shizuma told Miyuki that she had been always protecting her heart/soul and thanked her. At that words, Miyuki sred tears. [I’ve got mixed feelings for this scene, I’ll talk about it below] The next day, Nagisa and Shizuma left by car to Shizuma’s resort. Nagisa had the lunch basket Tamao had actually prepared for them before but told Nagisa to take it along anyways. [I wonder if there’s something in there lol XD] Shizuma told Nagisa that by nightfall they would be able to return. [MUAHAHA The rain will wash the bridge to Shizuma’s resort away, they will be stranded and staying overnight together!!!!] Both of them didn’t talk much later, just staring out of the car window. - END -

Miyuki ... Your Body Is Beautiful ...Shizuma ... Stop ... It Hurts ...I Can't Wait ... Fufufu.

You know, after watching this episode, I got this weird feeling if the anime would adapt the ‘Sakuragi Kaori’ name from the manga ... haha ... Anyways, about the Miyuki x Shizuma scene, I got no doubt Miyuki’s got a little crush on Shizuma lol but she knew where to draw the lines and apparently, she knew Shizuma probably won’t not fall in love with her romantically. I like how Miyuki described Shizuma’s old self, it was pretty touching. Shizuma really trusted Miyuki a lot, and that key, I’m reckoning it to be the key to the door of the resort Shizuma and her used to stay and now where Nagisa and Shizuma to be going. The part Miyuki shed tears, it’s either she’s touched that Shizuma’s thanking her or she’s happy for Shizuma as she had found another new love or she’s a sad that her love would be unrequited after all, I’m thinking all of the above. As for the part where Miyuki mentioned that she was also an important person to her, I think the three of them were very good friends. Till now, I can’t help but feeling that Shizuma undressing Miyuki is considered as fan service lol and trying to … delusion us XD. But way to go! LoL.

Ok, now for the Etoile Election, Shion’s still a stubborn old cow, I wonder how she would get Amane to compete haha. Probably the old trick again? Get Hikari to bait Amane? LoL. Probably, cos Hikari's like waiting for Amane at the horse ranch, looking really serious, probably thinking to ask Amane to compete in the Etoile Election? As for St Lulim, I want Chikaru to suddenly jump out and say, hey I’m competing for the Etoile Election too! LoL. But anyways, the preview for episode 18 looked hm, like it’s nothing much but Shizuma in a bathroom robe!!!~~~ LoL. Oh as I mentioned earlier, I doubt they would return to the Ichigo-sha before nightfall ... snigger.

Art: 7/10 [Miyuki~]
Story: 7/10 [Building up the tension for next episode]
Characters: 7/10 [Miyuki~~~!!]
Overall: 7/10

Finally. I managed to finish lol the summary in the office XD. Although I need to do my work stuff but ... ah, cya~!

PS: Changed the Song of the Month to Strawberry Panic! OP 2 - 'Kuchibiru Daydream' by Aki Misato. Hope you guys enjoy it ... XD.

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[Manga] Strawberry Panic! Chapter 10

[Posted @ 5:05 PM]
I had done a brief summary of Strawberry Panic! Manga Chapter 10 around 2 weeks back and basically, I had already highlighted the important points there. =)

But here's a more detailed review of Chapter 10 and sorry for being sooo late lol. So let the angst begin XD.


I do not scan, so i don't claim credit for it, i got the scans from Yamibo, so please do not ask me where i got my scans again. PLEASE.

If you want to download the translated chapters of Strawberry Panic! Manga, go to Dynasty Scans .

Click on the scans and a new window will open and bring you to the larger and clearer version.

Please do not hotlink on forums, just paste my blog url and direct them to the Strawberry Panic! Page section, thanks.

Strawberry Panic! 1. Strawberry Panic! 2.

In Chapter 10 of Strawberry Panic!, 'An Eternity's Oath', it's the opening ceremony of the Etoile Battle as the couples went up on stage one by one to swear their vows to their partners and to display their vows via action. Basically, the older sisters have to swear to protect/help their younger sisters on stage and the crowd will determine the popularity of the 'displays of affections' by cheering and throwing flowers in the baskets to support the couple.

The St Lulim girls at the gathering were amazed by the turnout. Kizuna asked Lemon what they were doing and she explained that they were exchanging vows and having a popularity voting. Lemon then wondered why isn't there an 'Astraea Quiz' for the younger sisters this year as it's essential for the younger sisters to be knowledgeable about Astraea Hill. Kizuna said that she's a transferred student so she doesn't know much about Astraea Hill ...

Strawberry Panic! 3. Strawberry Panic! 4.

Lemon was suddenly reminded of St Spica's Amane and Hikari group and said that Hikari's a newly transferred student too and moreover, the year's organizer of the Etoile Battle was St Spica ... So is it because of that, that they took the 'Astraea Quiz' out?! While Lemon's musing about it, Tsubomi interrupted and asked what does Lemon mean by that ... because even if this year St Spica's not careful, winning would still be a breeze. Moreover, they were going to win with 'Triple Crowns'.

Confused, Kizuna asked if there were three Etoile? Tsubomi explained that there are three rounds in the Etoile Battle. In the First and Second rounds, those in the top few would then be allowed to go to the next round. So if a couple should top in all three rounds, there would be a little leverage for that couple. In conclusion, the couple to top all three arounds would be crowned 'Etoile'. Lost in her own dream world, Tsubomi continued that, well of course it's no easy task however for this year's St Spica, it's not entirely impossible.

Next up, we have the St Spica's couple, Amane and Hikari. Shion, the Emcee of the Etoile Battle asked if Amane would declare to always protect and help Hikari. Amane swore that she would. Amane looked beside her, saw Hikari very jittery from the tension and was glad not that only she was nervous, Hikari was too. [I can't see Amane nervous at all!! LOL. She looked so calm and cool.] Shion asked Amane to display her affections with action.

Strawberry Panic! 5. Strawberry Panic! 6.

Amane did the unexpected as she carried Hikari, bridal style and swore to protect Hikari like what she's doing now. The crowd went wild lol, throwing flowers and stuff. Shion was like hm, as expected from the Prince of St Spica =). Shion quieted down the crowd and asked the next question, which was to love her forever and to swear to give all her unconditional love to only Hikari. [Really sounds like wedding vows lol] I reckon Amane did as the crowd went wild once again.

Strawberry Panic! 7. Strawberry Panic! 8.

Meanwhile, Nagisa managed to make it back to the gathering of the Etoile Battle and was noticed by Chiyo. Chiyo ran towards Nagisa and said that they have been searching for her. Nagisa replied in an unreadable face that they were still in time isn't it. Chiyo nodded and said that although they barely made it but it's in time. Besides, Shizuma Onee-sama's waiting for Nagisa so Chiyo asked her to hurry up. Nagisa nodded with a deadpan expression and left. Chiyo noticed something strange about Nagisa but didn't say much but asked Nagisa go for it.

Suddenly, Shizuma grabbed Nagisa's wrist and was relieved that she managed to make it in time. Shizuma asked if Nagisa's worried for being late and that because she's nervous that she went to the bathroom isn't it? Nagisa agreed uncertainly. Shizuma poked Nagisa's face and told her not to have such a grim expression. [LoL kawaii~] It's their turn, Shizuma told Nagisa to relax and just follow her and let her lead. Nagisa's expression became gloomy. Shion introduced Shizuma and Nagisa to the crowd and asked Shizuma to declare to always protect and help Nagisa. Shion continued to ask Shizuma to display her affections with action.

Strawberry Panic! 9. Strawberry Panic! 10.

Shizuma kneeled down in front of Nagisa, like a knight asking the princess for hand of marriage. The fangirls went craaaaaazzzy and Shion got worried lol, saying as expected of Shizuma-sama! [LoL!] Next question, Shion was a little tentative on whether she should ask it ... [This shows Shion's a really fair and justice person, she won't really pick on the weakness of people] Shion got herself up and asked Shizuma to forgive her in her mind and went on with the questioning. Shion asked Shizuma if Nagisa would be the only partner and to swear to love her forever this life and other world?

[Kinda like till death do us part but in this case, even in death and reincarnation they would be together. Spooky but sweet lol] In Shizuma's mind, she repeated, 'This life and other world?'. In Nagisa's mind, 'Only partner?' A replay of Shizuma announcing to everyone in last year's Etoile Battle to give all her unconditional love to her irreplaceable deceased sister, Sakuragi Kaori. Looking at Shizuma's hesitating expression, Nagisa thought to herself, no matter how dense she was, she understood that that's another person more suitable as a partner for Shizuma. However, she didn't want to know ... didn't want to know about it!!

Strawberry Panic! 11. Strawberry Panic! 12.

To Nagisa's surprise, Shizuma grasped Nagisa's hand and swore to everyone that Nagisa would be her partner, this life and forever. The crowd went wild, throwing the flowers and stuff. But, Nagisa's expression was blank. After the opening ceremony, Shizuma praised Nagisa for being wonderful on stage and told her not to mind about being late earlier. Grinning, Shizuma told Nagisa to do her best for tomorrow as it's the real deal then she left. Looking at Shizuma's retreating shadow, Nagisa wondered to herself why didn't Shizuma told her about it ... [I reckon Nagisa's talking about Sakuragi Kaori.]

Strawberry Panic! 13. Strawberry Panic! 14.

Chiyo also praised Nagisa Onee-sama that she was wonderful. Nagisa smiled but then sighed and told Chiyo that she had something to ask her about Shizuma Onee-sama. Chiyo replied that she doesn't know much as she had not enter high school yet and told Nagisa that probably Tamao would know more. Nagisa said that, yeah everyone knew about it [Sakuragi Kaori] and Tamao was careful not to tell her about it. Nagisa thought to herself why would Shizuma want to be with someone like her ... what was Shizuma thinking ... she didn't understand at all. Nagisa yelled 'I don't understand!!' and ran off leaving Chiyo calling for her behind. - END -

I believe Nagisa's doubting Shizuma's love for her and she couldn't understand want in her Shizuma would like. She's losing her self-confidence, probably felt cheated, lied to, betrayed by people around her. Everyone knew about it but noone told her about it, not even Shizuma as she treated like nothing happened. I wonder how will Shizuma calm Nagisa's wary heart down XD. Chapter 11 would be coming this August~

Oh yes, it's Stefanie Sun Yan Zi's birthday today!!!

Happy 28th birthday YanZi!!!!

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Help In Making This Strawberry Panic Pic Into A Wallpaper

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Oh yes, is there anyone good in photoshop or making wallpapers? I really liked this Strawberry Panic! picture of Shizuma hugging Nagisa possessively and Shizuma's eyes, *Swoons* whoa sooo stunning~~! It's like she's saying 'Hands off, she's MINE!!!! Roar!!!' LOL. So cute.

So, I'm thinking of combining the two pics together, as you can see, it's scanned from a book and it's not really well scanned, the middle wasn't that 'complete' so when I tried to cut and paste them together, it looks weird ... and crooked. I can't do it right so can anyone pleeease help? If you could make it, please email it to me [My email address is at the bottom of the page], I wanna use it as my lappy Wallpaper XD.

Strawberry Panic! Wallpaper.

Update: A kind soul helped me make this into a wallpaper XD, so I'm sharing it to everyone here. - End of Update -

Thanks in advance then XD.

Oh yeah, I finally got the Mandarin version of Strawberry Panic! manga, Chapter 10 ... so expect them tomorrow XD.

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My YanZi Collection 2

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Woohoo, I finally bought it!! I finally bought it!!!! I know I'm like hm, 4-5 months late but ... woohoo, I bought it~~~~ Haha.

So what exactly did I bought ... well it's 《孙燕姿2005飞跃红馆演唱会》 YanZi Live In Hong Kong 2005 DVD!!!! =) =) =) =).

YanZi Live In Hong Kong 2005 DVD.

Oh, on the top in the photo, it's just an advertisement card from SK Jewellery lol, nice XD.

Hm, alright I got it from Causeway Point's CD-RAMA for S$26.90 =). If you haven't bought yours, I ADVICE YOU TO GET IT NOW!!! XD It's great, fantastic, heavenly ... it's like I'm back in the Singapore Indoor Stadium, 14th Jan 2006 XD. I love it when YanZi sung 'Wo Bu Nan Guo', so much feeling inside, even she thinks so =).

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Strawberry Panic! Ep16

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Some family problems happened today [Although everything is alright now], I’m still having this huge, major headache, think I’m getting sick, so I don’t think I could summarize anything right now. [I will seriously screw up everything and I don’t want to, because this episode’s one of the best.]

I’ll do the summary later, I’ll post up the screenshots for now and some notes I managed to type just now, need to go study stupid basic theory book for basic theory test tomorrow. Gotta pass it, if not I’ll have to freaking wait till August for re-test, NUTS! Sigh.

[Posted @ 8:20 PM]
Hallo all, thanks for your concern, I’m okay now, I reckon. I passed my basic theory test XD so I booked the final theory and practical lessons for the next few weeks … hopefully I’ll be able to get my driver’s license by the end of this year. For the first time in my life, I regretted, regretted not getting my driver’s license when I was 18 … sigh, I just hope this kinda stuff doesn’t happen any time soon haha.

Alright anyways, the subs for StoPani Ep16 is out [Holy crap, they’re getting faster and faster haha] =).

Helpless Rokujou.LoL, I Choked On My Water When I Saw This.What's With The Angle.

Chikaru opened episode 16 as she talked about the huge Astraea Cultural Day play, ‘Carmen’ and although she’s busy with the costumes and her own rehearsal of lines, she’s really looking forward to it. We were showed around along with Rokujou, Nagisa and Tamao, the preparations of the props, costumes, light and background settings for the play. A while later, Hitomi knocked the door and told Rokujou-kaichou that the cast were waiting for her for rehearsal. Rokujou rushed to the theater and apologized for being late as she was making some checks on the props. Kaname took this chance to spite Rokujou and Chikaru by saying, that the play’s tomorrow and the lead’s actually playing late. Momomi added, don’t you feel anxious at all? Rokujou actually looked helpless as our Evil Lesbians™ smugly find troubles with the St Miator students. In particular, where Zuniga [Kaname] and Don Jose [Shizuma] were practicing this sword fighting scene, Kaname’s sword actually broke LOL [It was freaking random, everything was so serious then suddenly it just … snapped? LOL] Pissed, Kaname started yelling out to Chihaya who was responsible for the airing the bell sound for Kaname to leave the stage. The rest looked on, scared but don’t dare to speak up. Kaname turned her attention to Nagisa and told her to get a usable sword for her. Nagisa brought the broken sword to Mizuho who commented that Kaname could had been more careful with the props … [No doubt she spent a lot of time on making it] The next moment, Nagisa had shoved a broom in front of Kaname and asked her to use it for the time being as the sword’s being fixed [LOL!]. Pissed, Kaname snatched the broom from Nagisa, point it at her and told her to get her another substitute.

Looking at the running Nagisa, Kaname’s mumbed, what the heck, she’s making a fool outta me. All this was witnessed by Shizuma as the scene focus at her shooting deadly glares/swords at Kaname lol. At the next scene, Shizuma, Momomi and Chikaru were practicing the scene where Don Jose left with his fiancée, Micaela [Momomi] but swearing to Carmen that he will not give up on her and will be back. After Don Jose left, Carmen snorted in a haughtily way and said ‘What is this.’ [Whoa, Chikaru’s way cool in doing the badddd girl here lol] As Rokujou explaining to Noriko to shine the spotlight on Chikaru when she said the ‘What is this.’ line, Momomi suddenly snapped, putting her anger on Chihaya and Noriko again and left the stage. In the resting room, Momomi picked on Nagisa and told her to get her milk tea as she didn’t like the bottle of tea Nagisa just gave to her. Tamao couldn’t stand it but Nagisa said it’s okay and left, even normally composed Rokujou couldn’t take it and told Kaname and Momomi to take it easy on the girls. [Kaname and Momomi were saying that the St Miator girls were not being serious in their work.] By the time, Nagisa came back, both Kaname and Momomi were throwing tantrums and planning to walk away from the play. As Rokujou tried to stop them, Nagisa told them to wait and asked them to finish the rehearsal with everyone. Nagisa continued that everyone working so hard for the past few weeks and it’s not good to back out now since the rest of the school was looking forward to the performance. That’s why we should work even harder to give it to them.

&@*&^%#^$ Bitch!Another Angle.Tsubomi's Cute As Juliet XD.

Kaname replied that she doesn’t give a hoot, Momomi threatened that they would really leave the cast if Nagisa continued to bother them and moreover, it’s impossible to find replacements in this time constraint. Momomi noticed Nagisa’s intense/determined [I’m not sure] glare, got pissed and pushed her, Nagisa lost her balance and fell against the background prop. The background prop loosen and started to fall forward and Nagisa was right under it. The girls gasped as the big background prop inched down and Nagisa seemed too stunned to move out of the way. Super Shizuma to the rescue! As she moved with super inhuman lightning speed to grab Nagisa outta the way. Sadly, the background prop the girls took 2 weeks to make was destroyed, Nagisa took the blame on herself and said she will fix it by tomorrow no matter what it takes. Kaname poured cold water on them as she said that it’s impossible for them to finish fixing it by tomorrow, everything’s over now. Momomi added that it’s the end of the traditional Ichigo-sha play. Shizuma interrupted, coolly stared at the both of them and said no matter what, they’re going to continue the play as long as they have the determination. Shizuma asked Tamao to shorten the scenes of Micaela [Momomi] and Zuniga [Kaname] or if there’s a need, she could even cut them out LOL. Kaname and Momomi were like wtf?!

Amane decided to help fix up the background prop and the St Miator girls were united as they exchanged nods. Chikaru offered to help too, even Shion couldn’t take it any longer as she ordered Kaname and Momomi as the President of St Spica to help out too. [LOL, it’s funny to see Kaname and Momomi helplessly accepting the brooms from Shion to help out XD] Afterwards, the girls all worked overnight on it and it’s finally completed. Rokujou got the girls attention, smiled innocently and said well then, let’s rehearse for the last time then =). Haha. Everyone went ‘Ehhhhh!~’ It’s the start of the Astraea Cultural Day as students and others flocked Astraea Hill, like a school festival =) with the booths and all. We get to see a little extracted scene from the junior high school’s Romeo and Juliet play, surprisingly didn’t turn into a comedy lol and it’s actually quite serious, Kagome seemed to be treating her teddy bear, Ashibaru as Juliet though rather than Tsubomi lol. [Whoa, Tsubomi looks so cute as Juliet XD that innocent expression.] Backstage, Hikari was commenting how cute Kagome was, Yaya was like, huh, really. While Chiyo wished she’s in the play too. Meanwhile, the high school’s play, ‘Carmen’, response was well as the seats were full.

HOOOOOT CHIKARU-SAMA!!!! Gotta Love The Intense Expression.HOOOOOT SHIZUMA-SAMA With Red Rose XD!Keh. *Kyaaah So Evil~~~*

The time has finally arrived, Rokujou, Nagisa, Tamao and other in the backstage were looking serious. The curtain was drawn open, Chikaru slowly walked up the stage and suddenly the spotlight was shone on her. Everyone gasped at the beautiful, serious and a little bit devilish side oozing out of Chikaru. [Kyaaahhh Chikaru-sama~~] Even the students backstage were mesmerized by Chikaru’s beauty XD. Not to mention, Don Jose [Shizuma] who was next up, picking up a red rose as he said that he had fallen in love with someone … Carmen. [If you read the story, Carmen from Wikipedia, in Act I, when asked to choose a lover, Carmen had threw a red rose in front of Don Jose. That time, Don Jose fell in love with Carmen.] Ironically, Nagisa who was behind the curtains, staring at the expressive face on Shizuma, blushed and whispered, ‘Etoile-sama’ [I think Nagisa fell in love with Shizuma all over again lol], while Tamao looked pretty apprehensive.

After that, we moved on to the fight scene between Don Jose and his lieutenant, Zuniga, a while later, the fire bell sounds calling Zuniga back to barracks was heard and Zuniga left. [From Act II, a little different from the story, probably Tamao changed it, remembered what Shizuma said to shorten Kaname and Momomi’s scenes? Here you have it LOL, not that I’m complaining.] That moment, Carmen entered and asked why Don Jose doesn’t go back too. Don Jose replied why should he? He had already betrayed his superior to protect Carmen and decided to live with her. Backstage, Momomi praised Kaname for doing a good job and they intertwined both their hands together just like what Shizuma and Chikaru were doing on stage. [That scene actually looked very loving XD] From Act III, Don Jose’s fiancee, Micaela [Momomi] told Don Jose that his mother’s dying and asked him to go back with her. While the voices from Act III were airing, Amane’s backstage doing some last touches on her costume and we foresee the troubles ahead with Amane’s shoes. Back to the stage, Don Jose told Carmen that he would not give up on her and left with Micaela. The stage darkened but suddenly the spotlight shone on Carmen as she snorted haughtily and said, ‘What is this.’ [Oooohh Evil~~~]

Amane VS Bull.Roles Reversal.Nagisa As Carmen's Hot Too.

From Act IV, Escamillo [Amane] a bullfighter showed his stuff in a bullfight [The bull’s Shion LOL!]. Backstage, Hikari was like ‘Amane-senpai~~’ while Yaya was like fuming away hahaha. Our Evil Lesbians™ act lovey-dovey again but behind that, they were expecting something surprising to happen to Amane. Amane stabbed the bull and picked up the ribbon from the bull and threw it straight for the audience. A hand captured the ribbon, the spotlight shone at the spot and she’s none other than Carmen [Chikaru] who was hidden among the audience, the crowd went wild. Even the students backstage couldn’t contain their joy =), Tamao was like ‘Omg, Chikaru’s perfect as Carmen’ lol. Back to the stage, Escamillo promised Carmen that he will be victorious in the bullfight later that day for the sake of her. Carmen swooned and leaned forward to hug Escamillo. Suddenly, Amane’s shoe heel snapped and both of them lost their balance. [No doubt it was done by the Evil Lesbians™ as they were smirking.] The strong-willed Chikaru apparently would not let such a thing happen as she grinded her teeth and positioned her leg in such a way to try to salvage the situation but in the end she twisted it and both of them fell on the floor. [But at least she helped cusioned Amane’s impact by a bit by holding Amane’s back, if not she could had hurt her head.] The girls backstage were shocked at the turn of events.

Chikaru picked up from before by telling Amane that she twisted her leg and couldn’t stand up, Amane took this chance by continuing, ah you poor thing, carried Chikaru in bridal style and walked backstage. Truly, Chikaru had twisted her leg and seemingly couldn’t continue the play any more. Amane suggested to Shizuma to waste time by having a battle between them. On stage, Shizuma pointed her sword at Nagisa while wondering why Shizuma’s doing so, Tamao remembered that Nagisa had practiced with Shizuma the lines of Carmen before. [The shadow looking at Shizuma and Nagisa from the rooms in episode 15 was indeed Tamao.] Tamao then asked Nagisa to take Chikaru’s place as Carmen. The battle scene between Escamillo and Don Jose dragged for a pretty long time and the audience was getting restless. Nagisa appeared on stage as Carmen this time and asked the both of them to stop. Shizuma smirked and glad to see Nagisa really into the role of Carmen. Carmen then asked Escamillo to leave for his bullfight as he’s the hero of Seville and couldn’t afford to miss his bullfight later. Escamillo left the stage after giving Jon Dose a warning. Meanwhile, Momomi said that it’s a pity that they managed to salvage everything. Kaname agreed and replied that Aoi Nagisa … not as easy as she seemed.

I'm A Free Woman~!Keh! If I Can't Have You ...I'll KILL You Then!!! ...

Don Jose confessed his love for Carmen but was rejected by Carmen [Shizuma smirked at the change in Nagisa as she allowed herself into the role which was indeed a far cry from the Nagisa who was practicing with her in episode 15.], Don Jose wouldn’t give up, moved forward and told Carmen to elope with him. Carmen shook herself out of Don Jose’s clasp and threw the ring he gave to her. Suddenly, there was a loud cheer at the bullfight arena, Escamillo had won the bullfight. Carmen said that she has to go to Escamillo’s side and ran off. Deeply heartbroken and later turned to anger, Don Jose took out his sword and stabbed Carmen. Realizing what he had done, Don Jose fell on his knees, cradling Carmen to his chest, chanting Carmen’s name before he roared out the name in rage, despair and regret. The spotlight dimmed down and it marked the end of the play. [Whoa I love the raging, rapid play of the background piano piece at the end … so … whoa.] The crowd went wild, the play was a great success! XD. Backstage, the other girls were congratulating Shizuma and Nagisa, it really looked as if Shizuma and Nagisa were a real couple lol. At the end of the day, the girls were standing around a beautiful bonfire to probably conclude the end of the successful Astraea Cultural Day.

One particular scene I would like to highlight, Hikari and Amane were chatting happily away while the ‘abandoned’ Yaya was a few meters away from them looking lonely and depressed. [Pretty heart-wrenching.] Tamao was looking pretty lonely too as Nagisa was nowhere to be seen. Nagisa’s actually with Shizuma in the greenhouse. Shizuma praised Nagisa for doing a good job in the play, Nagisa replied that she’s happy she could act in the play with Shizuma. Touched beyond words, Shizuma’s eyes were sparkling and shimmering as she murmured Nagisa’s name. The two then intertwined both their hands together, staring longingly at each other before the episode slowly faded. - END – [Sooo sweet~ ah what’s with the intertwining hands scenes in the episode lol, Shizuma and Chikaru did it, Kaname and Momomi did it too, now Shizuma and Nagisa did it for real XD.] I don’t know where to start … Chikaru rocked!!! I really like how the producers ‘changed’ the eye expressions of Chikaru and Nagisa when they were in the Carmen role. Kinda reminded me of Yaya’s style of eye, you know a little impish, devilish, sexy and wholly innocent at the same time lol. I wonder why girls in red dresses are so hot lol. Oh I really like the way Shion ‘abused’ her authority on the Evil Lesbians™, perhaps it’s time for her to sack them XD, but then again, we wouldn’t get to see those evil deeds come in play … heh heh heh. Yaya’s a poor thing in the episode, although they made up, Hikari’s still in her ‘Amane-senpai’ love-love mode, which should make me happy as I’m a AmanexHikari fan … but …. I don’t know haha. Annnyways, it’s good to see Hikari chatting with Amane casually in the end.

NOT~!Poor Yaya ...Nagisa ... Suki ... Dayo.

Ok, I wanna say something about the preview lol, it’s sooo misleading!! I seriously have no idea why Shizuma’s undressing Miyuki [Rokujou] … doesn’t seem to be a flashback and apparently, Shizuma ClOSED her eyes before undressing Miyuki. Miyuki looked like some wounded animal as her eyes had no expression … why? Hm, my evil, dirty mind could only think of this scenario, …. Miyuki’s parents told her that she’s getting married to a guy sooner than expected, Miyuki doesn’t want her first time to be given to that guy and asked Shizuma to take her. Shizuma gladly complied. LOL. But then again, Carrie from the tag board mentioned that the scenes might had been swapped, well I’m not sure. It’s a key pendent, is it some way to unlock Miyuki’s heart?

Ahh! I thought of another wacky scenario, Shizuma’s sapphire pendent was confiscated by Miyuki and she had locked the sapphire pendent in some safe deposit box. To open that box, Shizuma had to get the key pendent from Miyuki and apparently, Miyuki had hidden the key pendent in some parts of her body. That leaves Shizuma with no choice but to undress Miyuki to search for the key pendent … LOL okay, well, better wait for episode 17 … my imagination’s running way too wild XD.

Art: 7.5/10 [Loved the close up scenes and the play]
Story: 8.5/10 [Love the play XD]
Characters: 8/10 [Chikaru~~~!!]
Overall: 8.5/10

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I’m officially a fanatic Chikaru worshipper lol. Thanks for the tags, I’ve never seen the tagboard so active before lol, not that I’m complaining XD.

I’ll see you guys maybe a few days later, need to visit the hospital and stuff. Hope everyone’s in good health =).

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