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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Third Anniversary of IchigoYuri~!

[Posted @ 10:25 PM]
Seriously, time passes so fast, I've now been blogging for three years ... yeah I have my ups and downs ... but at least I'm rather consistent ... lol.

Third Anniversary of IchigoYuri~!

I just love that picture, ~ Minami Haruka-sensei's art style is sooo nice~! So I had to post it lol.

Went out to Orchard, Cineleisure for sushi buffet with the TB12 girls and these are what the girls gave me~;

Third Anniversary of IchigoYuri~!

I doubt I'll be having the Ferrero Rocher ... gotta watch my diet ... sigh, I'm trying to lose weight here!!! LOL.

Anyways, really happy to eat and 'gossip' about stuff with friends, especially with TB13 on Saturday lol, the steamboat meal was entertaining. Yeah really tired now, can't think what more to say, gotta go sleep.

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  1. happy anniversary and your blog is very nice =)

  2. Wow, 3 years! It doesn't seem a lot compared to human years, but it is along time to be able to stick with your blog. I mean, seriously, how do you even have the time! I would forget all about it.