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Sunday, January 20, 2008

[Manga] Yuri Hime 8 - Maple Love

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As promised ... summary of 'Maple Love' by Otsu Hiyori in Yuri Hime 8, hope you enjoyed it as much as I do =).


I do not scan, so I don't claim credit for it, so please do not ask me where I got my scans. PLEASE.

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Yuri Hime 8 - Maple Love 1. Yuri Hime 8 - Maple Love 2.

Satonaka Kaede, a Second Year History Student is unwittingly in the middle of a love confession. The guy had asked the girl to be his girlfriend but the girl had rejected. Kaede on the other hand was in a dilemma as she couldn't afford to disturb the couple and wondering when the couple is going to leave. Suddenly, her handphone rang, alerting the couple to look towards her direction among the bushes in silence lol.

Kaede wished she was a ninja at this time, in the end, she got up and apologized for disturbing. The guy merely blushed, saying it's okay and left. As for the girl, she stayed on and smiled at Kaede. That time, Kaede thought to herself that the girl's really cute.

Yuri Hime 8 - Maple Love 3. Yuri Hime 8 - Maple Love 4.

The girl then introduced herself as Miyaji Erika and thanked Kaede-chan [!?] for 'helping' her as she bluntly said that the guy's rather troublesome. Kaede replied that the guy's pretty good looking in her opinion. Erika considered the statement for a while that it seemed true but ... revealed with a smile on her face that however she likes girls lol. Erika then asked Kaede if she found that fact disgusting?

With a straight expression, Kaede answered that she doesn't find it disgusting ... Erika smiled and asked if Kaede wants to try? With that, Erika tilted Kaede's chin towards her and kissed her. The next thing Erika knew was that Kaede had slapped her lol. Holding her bruised cheek, Erika stated that it's the first time she had been slapped lol. Kaede replied that that's good and 'advised' Erika not to do that again even though it's just an experiment.

Erika took a photo of Kaede's retreating back with her digital camera with a smile on her face, probably intrigued by Kaede's actions. Meanwhile, Kaede's friend was looking for her and asked her where has she been to since she didn't even answer her phone call. Kaede nonchalantly replied that she had been kissed by a beautiful girl lol. Kaede's friend was like 'Huh? What are you talking about? Are you alright?' lol.

Yuri Hime 8 - Maple Love 5. Yuri Hime 8 - Maple Love 6.

Erika's question of whether if Kaede felt disgusted made Kaede feel that Erika's stereotyping her. Despite the fact that Erika's really cute, Kaede couldn't help but feel that Erika must had encountered some bad experience for her to say that. The next day, Erika found that Kaede was lazying around at the usual place and told her that she'll get sun burn if she slept directly under the sun.Erika made herself comfortable beside Kaede before confessing to Kaede that it seemed that she has fallen in love with her LOL and even asked her to go out with her with a sweet smile on her face. Kaede was thinking to herself that things had escalated beyond her control.

Kaede bluntly told Erika that she don't like her so she can't go out with her. Erika laughed and commented that Kaede's really interesting.With that, Erika asked if they could be friends then? Kaede replied that that could be possible ... Erika then whipped out her digital camera and took a snapshot to commemorate them being friends. Erika laughed at Kaede who was taken by surprised on the photo as not being photogenic enough lol. Kaede replied that Erika's really rude to say that ... Erika answered that it's a good thing as it means that the person's better looking in person than on photograph.

Leaning closer to Erika, Kaede found out that it's rather true as Erika's not really photogenic either lol. Meanwhile, Erika's heart was racing as their hands were touching yet Kaede's expressionless ... 'Don't tell me she's a natural-born idiot!?', Erika thought to herself lol. When Kaede asked why Erika's bringing her camera everywhere she goes, Erika explained that she loves to snap happy moments of her days, things she likes and stuff she finds cute, it's like keeping a diary. Erika then asked why Kaede's not having lunch even though it's lunch break, Kaede replied that she's living alone and has no money lol. Erika then offered to treat Kaede which she instantly agreed lol.

Yuri Hime 8 - Maple Love 7. Yuri Hime 8 - Maple Love 8.

For the next few days, Erika met Kaede and her friend who were revising their work and they chatted for a while before Erika left. Kaede's friend was surprised that Kaede knew Erika and told her that Erika had a reputation for stealing her friends' boyfriends lol. Her friend then added that it doesn't really matter to Kaede since currently she don't have a boyfriend lol. Kaede somehow came to a conclusion that Erika's a good person because she had treated her to a meal lol. Kaede then asked Erika for an explanation who replied that she don't know why but when she made friends, her friends' boyfriends would fall in love with her somehow and blamed herself for being too cute lol. Erika then revealed that sometimes she would hook up with the boyfriend to get the girl she likes to break up with the guy lol.

Erika then smiled, told Kaede not to worry because now she had placed her heart and soul on persuing Kaede. Kaede replied but didn't they agree to only be friends? Erika smiled and said yes they are, as it's only her who's liking Kaede. Somehow, Kaede doubt the meaning of friends from the 'couple'-like vibes she's getting from Erika. From watching movies together, having a lunchbox made by Erika together and a good morning wake-up message ending with a 'I love you' from Erika lol. Kaede questioned her friend on what's the difference between friends and lovers lol. Her friend told her probably friends don't have sex with each other while lovers do? [LoL] Kaede responsed that there's such a thing call Sexfriends, they're friends yet they had sex with each other? [Double LoL]

In the end, her friend suggested that they check the dictionary for the meaning, Lovers mean two persons in love, as long as they like each other, there's a possibility that they're lovers. Kaede was reminded of the time she told Erika that she don't like her so she can't go out with her. Kaede wondered how she feel now ... even though she wasn't sure. Her friend then asked if Kaede wants to go to a mixer and there's free meal lol. Kaede thinking of meal, agreed instantly again. Her friend then asked her to invite Erika over too as it seemed like there's a guy in the mixer who likes her. Erika agreed to go, much to Kaede's surprise because ... isn't Erika supposed to be in love with her? Kaede felt like it's her own wishful thinking. Suddenly, it started raining, luckily Erika brought her umbrella and Erika took a snapshot of them under the Love Umbrella lol.

Yuri Hime 8 - Maple Love 9. Yuri Hime 8 - Maple Love 10.

At the mixer, Kaede's friend was pissed over the fact that Erika had hogged the guys and even the guy she had set her sights on to herself lol. As for Kaede, it doesn't matter as she's happily chompping on the good food lol. Kaede then noticed Erika didn't bring her digital camera ... does it mean that the day wasn't a worthy happy moment? Noting Erika's blushed expression when in the company of the guys, it looked like she became another person ... Kaede stopped and was puzzled why Erika's face was flushed even though she's drinking Oolong Tea.

Climbing on the table and leaning against Erika's forehead, Kaede told Erika to go home, grabbing her hand and left leaving the others and her friend stunned at what happened lol.While walking home, Kaede's still holding on to Erika's hand, Erika asked if Kaede's angry with her to which Kaede confirmed. Kaede couldn't help but wonder why Erika would attend the mixer even though she's having a high fever. Erika replied that even though she's not going, Kaede would still be going and she hated if Kaede would be taken away by another ...

Erika apologized saying that friends shouldn't feel that way isn't it? ... Kaede thought to herself how silly Erika was to think that way as she herself wasn't even the popular type, besides, Erika's so cute and better in many ways than her ... why did she fell in love with her? ... Kaede couldn't help but feel like doing anything for Erika. Kaede told Erika to stick her head outta the bed sheet she's hiding from as she's not angry anymore. Kaede offered to do or obtain anything for Erika ... in her mind she's thinking Erika looked like a rabbit lol.

Yuri Hime 8 - Maple Love 11 and 12.

Erika replied she wants Kaede and then laughed it off, making an excuse that her fever was making her say weird things. Kaede said okay while Erika's listing out the items she need to lower down her fever before realizing Kaede's response. Kaede leaned towards Erika, saying she will give herself to her and kissed her. With tears in her eyes, Erika mumbled that her flu might be contagious. Kaede answered that it's okay, as long as Erika's willing to take care of her.

Yuri Hime 8 - Maple Love 13. Yuri Hime 8 - Maple Love 14.

Kaede suggested that they take a picture to commemorate their love. As for later, Kaede's still wondering what's the difference ... Kaede asked Erika if they want to hold hands, which Erika replied she want! Erika wondered if anyone would feel weird at the sight ... Kaede was thinking it's a wonder such a comment would come from a person who kissed her at first sight ... lol. Noticing that Kaede's staring at her, Erika asked her what's up, Kaede merely replied that it's just that Erika's too cute. While walking, the girls were thinking entirely different things, Kaede's still musing that the difference must be that ... while Erika's wondering if she should take a photo.

In the end with an innocent curiosity, Kaede asked if Erika knew how girls have sex. Erika blushed furiously and was stunned beyond words lol. - END of Maple Love -

In my opinion, it's a rather refreshing story and I really like Otsu Hiyori's art style, it's clean and easy to look and reminds me a little of Konno Kita's art style.

Btw, thanks to Sarah who emailed me the file of the Akaiito doujinshi and Sohma for posting the link of the file as well on the blogger comment.

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  1. That was really cute. I liked it. I really liked the fact that the girl that was hitting on the other girl blushed more... I dunno. It was rather new, because you don't see that a lot. Usually the rolls would be flipped. You know. But, keep the work up! I can't wait until your next post!

  2. Aww, that was really adorable.

  3. to keebler, lol yeah, you know the quiet ones are usually wilder lol.

    to prim8, XD, glad you think so too.