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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Random Thoughts 1

[Posted @ 10:34 PM]
I've been thinking alot lately, not that I haven't been thinking ... uh I would be brain dead lol. Just that, recently with the rather 'major' decision to study overseas has finally taken a toll in my life literally lol and I've noone to blame but myself for everything.

I'm Invincible!!!!

I never really thought seriously and hard when I made the decision to study abroad. I just want to study and happened to feel like not to be in Singapore lol. I think I'm just way too ambitious, couldn't I just be happy, staying in little, safe Singapore where all my friends and families are? What made me do this? I really forgot lol. Ahhh, I don't wanna think back, why did I even made this notion.

After 'working' with my dad for around a year and getting my driving license at the same time, I remembered my uncle had urged me to study while I and my parents could afford to. Which I can totally understand because the family members on my mother's side never really had a chance to study so I believed that if possible they would try their very best to get their kids the best education there is. I mean that's what my mother thinks. She wants to see me graduate with a degree, you know wearing that 'Square' hat lol.

Since I didn't want to study in SIM [Where most of my friends went] and in Singapore, I thought, why not consider studying abroad? So I went to IDP's Open Day, took advantage of their application fees waived 'promotion' and applied for two Universities. At first I wanted to apply for University of Melbourne but it seemed like they only consider people with the GPA score of 3.0 and above so I went to second choice, University of Queensland lol. For the heck of it, I also applied to University of Western Australia in Arts [Communication] heh.

Anyways, I've already made the semester payment in advance months ago but I think I lack the 'feeling' you know, I just don't know why, that time I was thinking, hm I have like 4 months more, there's still time lol. It's not until now I started thinking, OMG, I have like 30 days more to go before I leave Singapore ... and I'll not get the chance to see my family in person for like months?

My dad had asked me if I regretting 'wasting' my around two years while working with him, I thought to myself, no, even though I didn't learn much about plants and stuff, at least I learnt alot about my dad. From young, he's the dad who goes to work at 6 AM in the morning and comes home 7 PM at night, bath and goes to sleep by 9 PM lol. So I never really really knew him ... so I never really regretting anything and it's not a waste at all.

Anyways, I know I'm slow and all with applying, didn't managed to get a place in the campus dorm so I decided to get an out-campus dorm. Consoled myself with 'Hey, no worries, wel well, now exercising would be free cos I'm going to cycle to and fro school every weekdays!' lol. Aaanyways, I still got alots in my mind and I figured out that I better have 'To Do Checklist' here to get me going.

'To Do Checklist' For January;

1. Dorm Amenities and Caution fees to send back by 18th Jan. [Do on 14th, Use Speedpost 2-3 days service]
2. Remit money to ANZ Account when the AUS currency is low lol by end of the month. [Wait till it falls to 1.25 or something lol]
3. Book Airport Accommodation by end of this month [Needs like a few days in advance]
4. Buy a new lappy by end of the month cos old lappy's in wonderland =(. [Eyeing for Lenovo ThinkPad T61 but why is it Windows Vista!!!??]
5. Preparation of required stuff to bring over. [Clothes, cutlery and stuff]
6. Apply for International Driving Permit by end of the month. [Sigh in case]
7. Convince/beg bros to buy manga for me while I'm gone. [GRRR!]
8. Go for IDP Pre-Departure Seminar 2008 on 2nd Feb cos I missed the UQ one O_o|||

Ah, that's a load off my chest, feels pretty good, everything listed out and nice. I think I can do it now! I can do it, I can do anything ... uh except doing the split that is.

By the way, judging by the votes in the 'Vote For Your New Doujinshi Translation Project!' poll, Morinaga Miruku's Koi no Susume - Rhythm And Police Doujinshi is winning by a lot and I've already started on the pages a few days ago lol. I've done 10 and got 10 pages more to go ... hahaha. I'm still waiting for anonymous's link of Chronolog & Fururi - Tsuki ni Mukau Chou - Akaiito Doujinshi ... oh well, I'll end the poll soon.

I'm thinking of summarizing some other stories from Yuri Hime since I'm only summarizing Hatsu Koi Shimai for the time being and waiting for Chapter 12. I'll start with Yuri Hime #8's Maple Love by Otsu Hiyori then =).

[Signing off @ 11:45 PM]


  1. Ganbatte! Haha, I always want to say it XD

    Oh, you bought same letty as mine. Nice kitten ^^. And OS can be changed anytime (I lurk for Ubuntu with virtual XP in that, lol).

  2. You'll have a great time overseas! Sure, it will be lonely at times, but when you come back home, you'll have something new to talk about. Good luck and have fun! --kdp

  3. Hay that’s awesome im going to Melbourne or Queensland for Uni of course I live in Australia so its not such a trek but there both very good universities especially Melbourne Uni ^^

  4. You should come uni at nsw instead! but I'm not sure if we provide the courses you want. Best of luck in adapting to us aussies =)

  5. Monash uni in melbourne is goo too =) ... anyway, welcome to OZ. Hope u'd find success and enjoyment here in the land of kangaroo =)

  6. to rinu, lol thanks, I will. Huh, but I'm not that good in computers ... don't know how to switch the OS ... -.-

    to k, I sure hope so lol, looking forward to a new experience =).

    to anonymous1, cool, yeah I heard that Melbourne Uni's good so my first obvious was them but ... it's too bad I can't get it lol. But I'm sure UQ will be fun too =).

    to anonymous2, lol I didn't want to apply to nsw cos the campus in Singapore ... well closed down and UQ seems fun XD.

    to anonymous3, yeah my godbro went there O_o he studies arts there. Thanks, sure hope so =).

    Didn't know I had Australians visiting my blog lol O_o interesting XD.