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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

[Manga] Hatsu Koi Shimai Chapter 11

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Um, sorry to take so long, my procrastinating habit is back in gear again -.-||||


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Hatsu Koi Shimai 1. Hatsu Koi Shimai 2.

Recapturing from the previous Chapter, Chika had asked to take a look at the sisters' baby albums but Haruna had refused, giving an excuse that she had misplaced the albums and would show her next time. Later that night, Haruna told Akiho about what happened and Akiho hurriedly asked if Haruna showed Chika. Haruna replied no and Akiho sighed in relief, commenting that it's rare that Haruna could actually tell a lie lol. Akiho suggested that they rearranged the photos so that Chika wouldn't be able to see hers, Haruna found it unsettling, saying Akiho's a cute sister and the way Akiho's acting is as if ...

Akiho burst out crying Haruna not to continue her words ... as she doesn't want to hear it. Looking at Akiho's rather panicky face, Haruna apologized and hugged her. The next day, Haruna bought her baby photo albums for Chika and Haruna was quite relieved that Chika looked happy regardless of what happened yesterday. Haruna then asked to look at Chika's baby photos in return and everything went well after that. Elsewhere, Akiho was thinking of Haruna, whether if could 'handle' the situation lol.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 3. Hatsu Koi Shimai 4.

As Akiho was walking, she noticed the fangirls fawning over Touko-sensei in front of her and immediately had this irritated expression on her face lol. Touko-sensei noticed Akiho and winked at her but Akiho just hmph-ed and walked off ignoring Touko. Touko just smiled and later was called to the office on emergency reasons. Meanwhile, Chiori was alone outside, staring at a book which Akiho had borrowed earlier [The borrowing card] when suddenly the new character from Chapter 10 yelled hello to her.

Chiori remembered the girl as that person who entered the school boundaries without permission and threatened to call the teacher. The girl merely smiled, saying that she's happy that Chiori remembered her and had came to see her. Chiori started to see the resemblance in the girl to Chika, 'Natural Born Idiot' lol. The girl, saw the name on the borrowing card and pronounced Chiori's name as 'Chocolate Cheese' or something, earning an outrage from Chiori who corrected her. The girl began to tease Chiori whose name probably always got mispronounced by people.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 5. Hatsu Koi Shimai 6.

Chiori was speechless since she felt she had nothing in common to talk to the girl. However, the girl said that she's happy because despite all, Chiori-chan~ still replied to her every questions. Chiori was like 'Chiori-chan!?' and gave up, walking away to tell the teacher. The girl yelled her name's Sagara Rie and left, leaving Chiori with last thoughts of the girl as weird. Meanwhile, Touko-sensei was informed by the other teachers that the teacher she was relieving had given birth and would probably return soon. This means ... Touko-sensei would have to leave the school!?

Even though it's the last day of school before the summer vacation starts, Haruna noticed that Chika doesn't seem happy. Haruna told Chika if Chika was really looking forward, everything would be revealed on her face lol. Chika replied that it's just that she felt all weird because ever since entering the school, she could always see Haruna everyday but now with the vacation ... she assumed that she wouldn't be able to see Haruna anymore. Chika added that it's like she felt so lonely and out of place ... Haruna can't help but move nearer to Chika telling how honest she is as Chika had said what Haruna had felt deep inside so easily.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 7. Hatsu Koi Shimai 8.

Haruna gently caressed and nuzzled Chika's cheek, whispering that that [honest] side of Chika is so cute [Awww~]. Haruna suggested several outtings they could do together in school, so that way they could see each other again! Even though Chika's happy with the suggestions, why are they all related to school, she complained lol. Haruna chuckled and continued that they should go outside to have fun too which Chika totally agreed lol XD.

Meanwhile, Akiho's at the library remising at the book she borrowed before as Touko-sensei walked in. When Touko told Akiho that she's here to see her, Akiho shrugged those words away as flattery. Touko insisted that it's true, moving closer to Akiho, Touko added that in front of Akiho she always revealed her true self, as she want Akiho to know more about her that noone else knows ...

Hatsu Koi Shimai 9. Hatsu Koi Shimai 10.

Akiho just kept quiet, Touko smiled and changed the subject asking what she could do for Akiho like nothing had happened lol. As Touko-sensei helped Akiho arranged the books, Akiho was wondering that Touko-sensei doesn't seem to be herself .... The girls then found a corner of the library filled with kids picture books, Akiho pointed out that Haruna used to read one of the picture books to her when she was younger. Touko then noticed Akiho had called Haruna, 'Onee-chan' instead of the more formal 'Onee-sama' in her statement. Akiho was surprised that Touko's quite observant, which Touko replied that it's because it's related to Akiho.

Akiho found out Touko seemed to be always covering up for other people, to which Touko just shrugged in response. Akiho then confessed to Touko that, the reason she and Haruna doesn't look alike was that they aren't real sisters. Akiho added that her parents divorced when she was young and following her mum, she met Haruna for the first time. Akiho had always despised the curly hair she inherited from her mum but Haruna had praised her hair and said she was cute. So from then, Haruna became her 'Onee-chan', the smart and kind sister she admired.

That's not all, Akiho continued that Haruna was sensitive to step-mother's [Akiho's mum I presume?] impression of her so she tried her best to the perfect student and even though Haruna's suffering, she will hide and cry in her room secretly. That's why Akiho wanted Haruna to gain happiness, as long as Haruna's smiling, she'll be satisfied. Touko asked if Akiho still likes Haruna ... ?

Hatsu Koi Shimai 11. Hatsu Koi Shimai 12.

Akiho smiled and replied that she still liked Haruna but ... it's slowly turning into another type of like. Touko questioned to tell what had made Akiho changed her mind if she don't mind sharing it with a unreliable person like her lol. Akiho blushed hard and said that in her heart, Touko-sensei's 'status' had changed too, so ... Touko reached up and caressed Akiho's cheek. Akiho was surprised at the action unlike Touko merely smiled and teasing asked why Akiho's not rejecting her unlike before and that she would be brazen if Akiho didn't stop her, she wouldn't be able to stop ...

With that, Touko leaned towards Akiho, whispering her name. Despite Akiho's rather feeble protests at first, Akiho cried no later and pushed Touko away. With Touko expressionless, Akiho muttered that Touko's really cruel and left tears in her eyes.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 13. Hatsu Koi Shimai 14.

On the other hand, Kirika's practicing archery but noticed Miyu hiding in the corner lol, Miyu thought she could secretly see Kirika practice. When Kirika asked if Miyu's theater club had ended, she smiled and nodded. However, Kirika knew from Miyu's expression that she's lying and Miyu confessed that she brought snacks for Kirika and told her to take a break.

Kirika bluntly asked what happened and told Miyu to go back since she sneaked out halfway during club time. Miyu just kept quiet. Kirika gently urged to tell her what happened, but Miyu just replied nothing and left hurriedly. To Kirika's horror, Miyu slipped and fell, but was cushioned by Kirika in a nick of time. However, it seemed like Kirika was hurt! ... - END of Chapter 11 -

Guess the truth's out, Akiho and Haruna are not real sisters and it seemed like Akiho's 'love' for Haruna's slowly turning more 'sisterly' XD lol. In the meantime, Akiho's feelings for Touko seemed to run deeper, will they be together?

As for Chiori, even though she likes Akiho but the love's unrequited, will she like the genki new character, Rie instead? My second favourite couple, Kirika and Miyu! What is Miyu hiding from Kirika? Look forward to Chapter 12 ... um soon I reckon?

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  1. Maybe Miyu was going to confess her un-dying love for her; however, she got discouraged and lost her determination. Or maybe she's pregnant? >>; Ahaha, just joking. Anyways, I don't have a clue. But I do think that the new Character is going to have a bigger role in this manga then just right now. ;x

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