[J-Drama] Last Friends Ep8

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Touched by Takeru's confession, Ruka accepted him.

Last Friends Ep8

The end.

LoL, nah, just joking. Btw, that's from Michiru's viewpoint at that point of time but talking back in present tense, she realised that she had misunderstood the scene.

Well, recapturing from the previous episode, Ruka overheard Michiru-Takeru confession and left soon after, meanwhile Sousuke managed to save the little boy duh but was ... well not so slightly yet not so badly injured? [lol] I have no idea what injuries a human could have except death in a train accident, but anyways he got some bandages around his head and a cast on his leg. Back to Ruka, she was out with a house agent and was looking around a house the agent had picked out for her. Ruka then revealed that she's only intending to say for half a year before going abroad [Oh nos!].

Last Friends Ep8

As for Michiru, she's making a bento for herself and Takeru and seemed like she's working as an assistant with Takeru again. Eri was mildly surprised and confused between the 'close' relationship between Michiru and Takeru [She's still hurt over the harsh rejection in Episode 5 lol and besides she had assumed that Takeru's gay]. During work, the atmosphere between Michiru and Takeru was ... awkward and to my surprise, Michiru told Takeru not to mind what she said about liking him, just that she felt like supporting him if he has any troubles. Takeru smiled and thanked Michiru after that.

The gang were having Okonomiyaki for dinner that night and were happy for Michiru who was suiting well in the job. Ruka commented that if Michiru has any troubles regardless in job or anything, she can always go to Takeru [Ruka's kinda putting ideas into Michiru to go to Takeru since she's planning to leave them soon]. Eri then mentioned about asking Ruka's coach to have dinner with them and stuff but got shrugged off by Ruka since they're not really going out or what haha. While they were chatting, someone rang the door and when Eri went to open the door, a kid sent by Sousuke was standing outside with a letter to Michiru. [o_o don't tell me Sousuke leads an army of kids at his every whim and demand!?? Feels like child labour to have a kid send letters in the evening!!! LoL]

Ruka came over and opened the letter when she found out that it's from Sousuke who wrote about him staying at a hospital and wanted to see her. Ruka told Eri not to let Michiru see the letter. The next day, Sousuke had a visitor in the hospital and to his surprise, it's not Michiru but Eri. At first Eri went in with the intention to be sarcastic but was mildly touched by Sousuke's declarations of 'love' for Michiru towards the end when Sousuke had wrote a pile of letters to Michiru. LoL, I like the scene where Sousuke said that Eri will help deliver the letters on his behalf because she's kind, Eri was kinda stunned for a moment lol. [Can't really blame Eri, since she's a romantic at heart ... haha]

Meanwhile, Ruka told her counselor that she's planning to move out of the sharehouse and live on her own before going abroad to probably have an operation *gasps*! The counselor advised her not to make rash decisions and questioned her. Ruka replied that she's ... in agony, that she wanted to scream out loud but if she cracks now, probably everything will be shattered. The counselor begged to difer and said that not everything will be shattered and probably there will be someone who understands her and then she won't be rushing to move out. In the end, Eri brought all the letters from Sousuke home and was readin them when Ogura came in her room asking if they should go on an Onsen trip. Eri then got Ogura jealous by saying that letters were love letters and told him that she saw him and his wife together and was fed up when Ogura made excuses.

The boy came to the hospital to rub salt in Sousuke's wounds again when he innocently mentioned that Sousuke looked lonely so he was staying with him LOL. As for Michiru, she was in the bookstore looking for some cooking books when she saw the senpai who bullied her while she's working in the hair salon scurring away after noticing her. Michiru then noticed that the senpai had been reading books regarding domestic violence [DV]! Eri and Ogura were planning about the Onsen trip and wanted to search for places via Ruka's laptop. Eri then saw the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery webpage Ruka was looking a while ago but quickly made an excuse of not knowing how to operate the laptop and accidentally knocked down a book. Later, Eri told Takeru what she saw, Takeru shrugged and said he doesn't think Ruka's the sort. Eri thought for a moment probably concluded that it's some mistake since Ruka's going out the her coach.

Eri then questioned Takeru's orientation and his feelings towards Michiru. Takeru insisted that they're friends. Eri then confessed that she was shocked as a woman when Takeru rejected her and was slightly relieved when Takeru said that it's not that. Anyways, in the end, the two of them managed to clear up any awkwardness. [This scene is quite interesting, usually we see Takeru with Ruka or Michiru and Eri with Ruka or Ogura, so this combi is rather refreshing. It's different to see friends interact as a group and then switch to only the two of them. But we can see that Takeru's rather consistent with all of them with his easy going smiles and nature to make the situation better again.] Meanwhile, Ruka returned to her room and realized that someone had entered her room and was very nervous and scared about someone finding what page she was surfing. Ogura revealed that Eri had used Ruka's laptop and apologized when he saw Ruka's stiff posture.

Eri and Takeru returned together and Ruka still looked nervous when Eri greeted her cheerfully and seemed ... normal. While checking the post, Takeru saw a letter for Ruka and questioned her about it. Ruka told Takeru that she's moving and said that the place she's moving's nearer to her workplace and she preferred to live alone as she don't have to attentive to people's feelings. Ruka added that it's too stiffing and she can't take it anymore leaving Takeru obviously hurt and confused. The next day at work, Takeru was spaced out and later told Michiru to go home early since there's nothing for her to do anyways. Michiru was hurt by Takeru's OOC attitude and asked what happened. Takeru then told Michiru that Ruka's moving out.

Eri then asked Ruka out to burn the letters Sousuke wrote to Michiru, apparently Eri was touched by Sousuke's letters and slightly believed that there's everlasting love. Ruka called Eri stupid lol and told her that just cos a person feeling misery and went around declaring his/her love for another, it's not love at all. Ruka continued that real love is when a person suppresses his/her own feelings and pays more attention to the other party and started burning the letters. [LOL, it's kinda of pay back for Sousuke burning Michiru's yearbook hahaha] Meanwhile Sousuke tried to leave the hospital but was stopped by the nurse saying he's still in no condition to leave as yet. As the burning 'ceremony' lol, Michiru rushed back and asked Ruka if she's really moving out. When Michiru questioned her, Ruka replied that she felt that living with people's troublesome. Michiru desperately confessed that if Ruka's not with her, she can't go on and no sense of stability [That's a great line!!!].

Ruka smiled and said that there's Takeru and Eri to help her. Michiru protested that it's not alright but was interrupted when Ruka yelled that she can't take care of Michiru forever and left, leaving Michiru constipating uh I mean hurt [Seriously, lol her expression's ... felt like so LOL]. That night, Michiru noticed Takeru still spaced out and they had a nightly chat again. By then Michiru realized that Takeru likes Ruka but Takeru replied that he don't have any feelings for Ruka and both of them were left puzzled by Ruka's actions. That morning, Ruka's packing her stuff while the gang were making puppy-faces about her leaving lol and they decided to have a goodbye party in the night. Later, Michiru left work early to prepare for the goodbye party while Takeru went to Ruka's workplace and was surprised that the coach don't know Ruka's moving.

Takeru got even more confused when the coach said that Ruka's not in a slump and was great in her timing. The coach then told Takeru that probably Ruka's still affected by the weird hurtful letter that was posted a few days ago. Takeru was puzzled when the coach went on to say that Ruka always kept her feelings to herself and sometime it hurt to see her like that. The coach was shrugging and avoiding a direct answer when Takeru questioned the coach's relationship with Ruka. Anyways, Takeru then saw the crumbled letter in the dustbin and was pissed off when he read what was in it. [Waaaait a min, I thought the letter should be ... in mushy condition already since Ruka took it to the showers!?] Ruka had lied when she mentioned she's leaving the day after but actually she's leaving today and was caught by Michiru who returned to see the movers.

Michiru and Ruka then went for a walk in the park, chatted about old times and had coffee. Meanwhile, Takeru returned to the sharehouse to see Ruka's cup gone and her room bare. Takeru then read the letter Ruka had left on the table, revealing her plan to go abroad, her secret and stuff all in the letter. Touched, Takeru rushed out to stop Ruka from leaving all together. Ruka thanked Takeru for liking her and mentioned it's the first time anyone said that to her and Takeru had opened her heart when she had been pretending to be someone else to others so she don't want to lie to him. Ruka said her goodbyes to Michiru and that ... Michiru actually wanted to just shake Ruka's hand!? [I THOUGHT SHE'S GOING TO HUG HER@!!! NO!] But it's good anyways, cos when Ruka accepted the handshake, Michiru was like trying to hold on to Ruka's hand by using both her hands ... [Aw].

Whoa, I was actually ... crying when I saw Ruka slipping her hand off the grasp. After a few awkward and forced smiles, Ruka left. But not before Takeru appeared and told Ruka not to leave. Takeru was between the verge of yelling and screaming that he had saw the letter, had understood Ruka's feelings and will continue to like Ruka and support her. He added that he don't care how Ruka will change to look like, he don't want to lose her and wanted to be beside her, with that, he brisked walked, closing the distance between them and hugged her [Aww~]. -Cue OP-, lol Ruka started sobbing really hard during the hug while Michiru misunderstood the situation thinking that it's a love confession lol. At the hospital the nurse found out Sousuke had sneaked out of the room *gasps*. - End of Episode 8 -

Last Friends Ep9 Preview.

OZMG, Ep9 ... DV Sousuke strikes again ... !!!

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[Game] 21℃- Shoot the Novelist - Scene 1: 0:00

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Not too long ago via yamibo, I downloaded this game by 21℃ from their website. If you're interested, you can go to the 'Download' section, download and play the game, it's really short ... lol. I think it's a free teaser trail or something till the real game comes out?

21℃- Novelist Scene 1 - 0:00.

I kept clicking and clicking, didn't really read what was happening except one of them look-alikes is a sword [right] and the other's the professor/master [left] or something. Did I mention they kiss in the end? LoL.

I really like the background music, it's pretty good.

21℃- Novelist Scene 1 - 0:00 - Menu.21℃- Novelist Scene 1 - 0:00 - 1.21℃- Novelist Scene 1 - 0:00 - 2.
21℃- Novelist Scene 1 - 0:00 - 3.21℃- Novelist Scene 1 - 0:00 - 4.21℃- Novelist Scene 1 - 0:00 - 5.
21℃- Novelist Scene 1 - 0:00 - 6.21℃- Novelist Scene 1 - 0:00 - 7.21℃- Novelist Scene 1 - 0:00 - 8.

I seriously have no idea what the whole story's about lol, except I know the professor's name's Ren and the sword's name is Yui and I think she lost her memory or something XD. Look, I do read and listen to the words! Haha.

Anyways, it's a interesting game, the art's not bad, the characters look pretty good and the background music's nice. Oh yes, it has a 4-koma section too, really cute.

On to my random rants;

Finally, I've submitted the last of my assignments for this semester and it's time for exams ... I'm kinda excited and nervous lol. It's has been a while since I last sat for a paper ... hm 2 years? So I'm actually looking forward to studying and cramping for exams! Holy crap, I never knew I could feel like this, the old me will NEVAAAR feel this way ... oh gods, sooner or later I would be thinking of marriage and having babies!!! O_O. Okay don't go there.

Anyways, regardless of exams or not, I will still be blogging about Last Friends, probably not on time but still I'll take some time and blog if not I'll go nuts. I'm not the type to sit on the chair, grab a textbook and read it non-stop for like 10 hours or a day? I know some people out there can do and but thank heavens I'm not XD. I need distractions and do several things at the same time haha. I've already planned out my 'Study Timetable' ... 14 days study marathon o_o.

Oh yeah, I'm still waiting for the sub of Last Friends Ep8, so yeah post the summary tomorrow. Meanwhile, have fun playing.

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[PV] Utada Hikaru - Prisoner of Love - Last Friends OP

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... have I told you how much I love this song? Probably. But I'm still going to say it again, I LOOOOVE IT! LOL.

[PV] Utada Hikaru - Prisoner of Love.

You know that the last chorus of the song;

'Stay with me, stay with me
My baby, say you love me
Stay with me, stay with me
Hitori ni sasenai'

Initially, I thought Utada Hikaru's singing 'Keep banging me', I was like waaaat!? o_o LoL.

[PV] Utada Hikaru - Prisoner of Love

Sorry that I can't upload ... cos I tried, I really did but mediafire failed me. Anyways, catch it on youtube if you haven't.

I'll be sure to post Last Friends Ep8 as soon as it gets sub and ... meanwhile those with unlimited bandwidth ... can watch it without subs online tonight, 10 PM, (Japan Time), so remember to check your time zone lol. For those in Brisbane, tune in at 11 PM, believe me, I've tried, it's good, if only I don't have a quota limit ... *growls*.

*scurries back to finish assignment* lol.

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[J-Drama] Last Friends Ep7

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Angst. I like. XD.

Last Friends Ep7

OZMG. The series's going on full steam now, seems like I've overestimated Takeru lol, it's clear in this episode that he doesn't know Ruka likes Michiru romantically.

Well, recapturing from the previous episode, Takeru confessed to Ruka that he likes her but Ruka rejected him and thanked him for his feelings anyways. When Takeru asked Ruka to continue what she was trying to tell him, Ruka tried to cover the awkward situation up by saying it's about Michiru. Ruka told Takeru that she's been impatient with Michiru lately and requested him to treat Michiru gently. Ruka then added that he should go and like Michiru lol, Takeru was like stuttering, 'But, I like her ...', Ruka demanded that Takeru like Michiru even more because she gets ... lonely easily and needs a person's support. Takeru's expression to me was kinda a mixture of reluctance and whiny sort lol. 'The person I like is you, why the hell must I like your friend?', kinda look lol. But I believed that his love for Ruka overcame that and he couldn't bare to refuse a request from the girl he loves.

Very very nice scene, especially with the darn background music, it's just so sad that Ruka entrusted that 'protect' responsibility to Takeru instead of taking in herself. Probably she thought that only a man can protect and make Michiru happy and Ruka would rather it be Takeru than any other man since she trusts him. Awww, manz, somehow, I think Ruka's selfish to push everything to Takeru o_o haha, afterall, he didn't really had an obligation heh.

Last Friends Ep7

Before the pair returned to the sharehouse, Ruka appealed to Takeru that the both of them to remain friends [LoL, Ruka has broken two hearts, first the coach, now Takeru, she's kinda popular ... o_o]. When they entered the living room, the guys were playing ... I think a racing game on Wii? Anyways, Eri announced that she won 6 tickets to the Amusement Park and it was decided that the 5 of them will go together. But there's 1 more ticket [I was thinking, don't tell me Ruka's going to ask the Coach along!?] and I was freaking right LOL. Apparently, Takeru's still not over Ruka's rejection and took it to heart, very bad and he didn't want to burden Ruka by showing his 'sad' expression to her. Meanwhile, Sousuke continued to stalk the gang with his binoculars LOL [That was random].

Anyways, Michiru [That moron] then assumed that the coach's the person Ruka had been in love with and the rest were like teasing and Ruka was making a good show of being embarrassed except for Takeru who was ... very very jealous haha. At the destination, the gang were very excited, discussing which rides to take, except for Takeru again but was lagging behind, looking rather heavy. It must be freaking small world because he met his ... elder sister with her husband and son there. After making some sorrow-looking and agonizing expressions lol, Takeru turned and walked off silently. Supporting against a tree trunk, Takeru had a brief flashback of him and his Onee-chan [Oooooh~]. Takeru's departure was only noticed by Michiru who followed him and was surprised at Takeru's stiffness when she tried to lead him to a place for him to sit. As for the rest who then realized the two were missing, Ruka kinda implied that Michiru and Takeru are 'together' and leaded their attention to the rides.

While Eri and Ogura were queuing for their rides, we realized that Ruka had asked the Coach to pretend to be her boyfriend for the day. Meanwhile, Michiru and Takeru had returned to the sharehouse and Michiru told Takeru that he could share his troubles with her if he wants to since he's the one who 'saved' her so she wanted to do something in return too. Takeru merely smiled and made excuses lol. Just then, the rest came back and had bought a cake to 'offically' welcome Michiru again ha along with Ruka's coach who bought dinner. LoL, Takeru's face 'fell' when he saw the coach and when Ruka went in the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee for the coach, guess who's cup she used ... lol Takeru's!!!! [OZMG, how ... 'inconsiderate' of Ruka!! o_o how can she do that!!??] Takeru was totally glaring daggers at the coach lol, it's the first time we saw Takeru really pissed. After that, Takeru shut himself from the world by listening to music with his headphones on.

As for Ruka, she's ... surfing the net on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ... okay I admit you guys were right lol and was interrupted by Michiru's knock. Apparently, Michiru made up her mind to break up with Sousuke and assured Ruka she's fine with going to tell Sousuke personally alone. The next day, Michiru stood out on Sousuke's apartment and called him. Through the phone, Michiru broke up with Sousuke to his surprise, Sousuke warned her that the 'outsiders' will abandon Michiru sooner or later but he will die before he does that. Michiru said that she lost sense of her being when she's with Sousuke, giving her all only for him but now she wants her own life, not for anyone's sake. When Michiru questioned the reason Sousuke's beatings, Sousuke merely kept quiet, Michiru continued, saying that ... Sousuke had placed himself before others. Sousuke denied that accusation, stating he wants to become one with Michiru [LoL ... random!]. Michiru replied she doesn't understand, apologized, said good bye and hung up LOL.

As for Ruka, seemed liks Sousuke had pasted those letters at Ruka's workplace and caused Ruka's coach to raise questions and explanations. Ruka's very ... troubled and agonized by the whole thing and cried in the showers. After the breakup call, Sousuke was staring blankly during duty. The boy who he was supposed to 'look' after came to him asking for bread LOL. The kid was like, 'No bread today?' Hahaha. Anyways the boy brought Sousuke back to his apartment and by the looks of the situation and mess of the place, it's apparent that it's been a while since the mother came back. The boy came running to him, stating that all the food's gone lol. Sousuke then brought the boy to his house and even cooked curry for him. The boy started asking 'innocent' questions, like where's Sousuke's mum, are you married? Sousuke replied that his mum's gone and he had a girlfriend. The boy went on,
'That means, you don't have a girlfriend now?' and 'Aren't you lonely?' [I can almost picture this arrow sign going through Sousuke's chest LOL]. Sousuke replied that he's not because ... she'll return back soon [Ohhhh~].

Takeru's still pondering what Ruka was trying to tell him on the confession night and he was acting all out of character by being ... pushy. When Takeru returned to the sharehouse, he was met with noone [Michiru was in her room but he didn't know that yet]. Just then, Ruka still troubled by the letters, returned home, ignored Takeru and hid in her room. Not able to stand the tension any longer, Takeru begged Ruka to tell him her problems. To Takeru's surprise, Ruka slammed her bag against the door and basically told Takeru to piss off lol. Hurt by the outburst, Takeru went back to his room and where he had a flashback of a younger him with his Onee-chan seducing telling him that she has something nice for him and not to tell their father about it [Oh noes! LOL]. When Takeru awoke, he noticed Michiru crying and didn't went to comfort her ... which is kinda OOC cos the old Takeru we know would had gone to her. But because of Ruka's rejection and his recent meeting with his Onee-chan, it probably had stressed him out.

The tension was so thick that morning that Eri and Ogura could feel something was wrong lol. When Michiru asked Ruka to share her troubles to everyone, Ruka gave an excuse of being in a slump with her motorcross practices. Ruka then pretended to take a nap in the living room's couch as Michiru announced that she has offically broken up with Sousuke. Ruka then left shortly that the statement, it's obvious that both Takeru and Michiru were hurt by Ruka's distant attitude. As the both of them were cleaning up the dishes, Takeru noticed Ruka left her handphone on the couch but he didn't take any action to return it or what. Anyways, Takeru made up for last night by comforting Michiru who had cried last night over Sousuke. Takeru revealed that he can understand how Michiru felt as he too, once had a person he liked the most became the person he hated the most and assured Michiru that everything will be alright.

Apparently, Michiru's so touched by Takeru's novel statement that she leaned against Takeru and asked if she could like him. The scene was witnessed by Ruka who came back at the WORST time to collect her handphone. Ruka was totally emotionless, I guess what she wanted had came true, Takeru had Michiru in his hands but witnessing the real scene was still to raw for Ruka. A flowerpot toppled down as Ruka left the sharehouse and interrupted the lovey-dovey scene. It was then Takeru noticed the missing handphone and realized that Ruka had saw them. Cue to Eri and Ogura as Eri saw Ogura having a pleasant conversation with his ... gasp, wife o_o! Fighting back any emotions, Eri went on her way. Cue to Sousuke and boy, the boy saw his mother across the train barrier and recklessly ran towards and fell on the train tracks. Sousuke yelled danger and ran to save the boy duh. - End of Episode 7 -

Btw I think it's the same train barrier from the J-drama, 'LIFE' isn't it? LOL, the scene where Ayumu saved Manami from killing herself when she was standing in front of the tracks LOL.

It's so weird to see Michiru suddenly determined and set on her decisions while Takeru and Ruka were breaking apart from their ... personal troubles. It's kinda like a role reversal lol. Maybe this time, Michiru can help save the both of them. It's more complicated and exciting! Everyone and everything's falling apart! Hopefully they are be placed back together again lol.

Last Friends Ep8 Preview.

Awww, Ruka looks so sad here, makes me wanna huggie her lol. In the preview, Ruka's ... leaving the sharehouse and Takeru's going to stop her!?

You know, I'm kinda interested in the Onee-chan thingy LOL, feels so controversial ... o_o heh. I'm fine with Candy Boy because it's all fluff and sweetness with no sense of direction ... unless I'm proven wrong in one of the 7 episodes LOL. But then, I know the relationship will go no where, either one of the siblings die or both of them dies or best yet they marry someone else, have kids and then have affairs secretly LOL. *gasps* Not going to go there, I can't even get myself to read this rather popular mxf twincest 'Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru' by Aoki Kotomi. Anyways, I'm kinda interested in the ending, lol, I have this vague memory that I saw the ending that they had eloped and lived happily ever after or something. LOL. Oh I think there's another called Koi Kaze too but I'm not going there, nononononononononono. I'm happy with Candy Boy. Enough said.

Oh yeah, changed the Song of the Month to Utada Hikari's 'Prisoner of Love - Quiet Version', hmmm love it.

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May 2008 Purchases - Amazon.com

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Yeah, I still can make purchases even though I'm in Brisbane by using my trusty card here *pats* heh.

Anyways finally got me yummy books from Seven Sea's Strawberry Line along with a few others. As you can see, my family have kindly webcam-ed me the packages while I drooled and whined in front of lappy.

May 2008 Purchases - Amazon.com

They told me that it's really light, 9 books and it's around 2.2kg as stated in my invoice ... light!? Anyways here's what I got;

Family Complex #1 [Complete], Strawberry Panic! Manga #1, Strawberry Panic! Manga #2, Strawberry Panic! Light Novel #1, Voiceful #1, First Love Sisters aka Hatsu Koi Shimai #1, Kashimashi ~Girl meets Girl~ #4, Kashimashi ~Girl meets Girl~ #5 [End] and Venus Versus Virus #3. Yep.

I didn't want them to open the packages ... even though I had reluctantly uttered that they could lol ... I think they didn't. Oh to explain the two packages, Amazon had shipped the Strawberry Panic! Light Novel first before the other eight books in another shipment and I have totally no idea why they did that ... probably they thought they couldn't get the other titles.

I ordered them on 19th April and the packages came in I think 6th May, I'm not sure lol, I was too busy with my assignments and presentation to blog about it at that time. Until now, I'm still busy but ... I've just gotta share my goodies around!!! LOL. The total order's US$85.04, I'm forgot what the conversion rate was, well to play safe, I'll just assume it to be US1 = S$1.40.

So it's S$119.056 and the shipping charges was S$34.31 so the total amount's S$153.366. Basically on average each volume costed me, divided by 9 = S$17.04 ... Whoa that was slightly cheaper than I expected haha. I wonder how much Kinokuniya sells Strawberry Panic! in Singapore or did they even imported them in the first place!? LoL ... anyone knows? Hm, now I can use my nuffnang earnings to pay those mangas [Enough to only pay for the mangas lol] XD, I'm still eyeing for the Kannazuki no Miko Manga by TokyoPop. I know #1 was released but I'm thinking of purchasing #2 together and probably some other releases by Seven Seas in a few months time. Hopefully I get to earn more money in the next few months and buy more in the future ...

So ... get clicking on the ads around if you have not ... haha, help me earn the moolah!!! XD, sounds so ... despo here but ... a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get her fix of manga lol.

Anyways, I'm really happy ... heh heh heh I can't wait to ... go home and read them!!! I'll probably just spend my summer holidays in Singapore, reading manga and being an useless unemployed slacker haha. I think I would had earned that right ... the courses I've signed up for the next semester is going to be hell, all Level 3 courses o_o.

Sigh, I've still got a research proposal and a group report to go ... then it's exams in June, o_o I'm kinda nervous because it's been a while since I sat for an exam lol. It's a pretty good semester, I've made some friends, broaden my horizons in a small way and the courses were fun ... even though some of them made me want to pull my hair out, bash the walls and scream ... I reckon what I've learnt will be useful to be in the future. Or else. Haha.

I would like to end this with a foody mood;


The pasta I made a while ago ... and the dinner I had tonight.

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[J-Drama] Last Friends Ep6

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Holy crap! O_O!

Episode 6's left us hanging off a cliff lol, I wonder how Ruka will reply to Takeru's confession. I mean she's been wanting to reveal to him that she's ... gay and here he comes with this bombshell. Now poor Ruka have noone to reveal her secret, she might go crazy after this o_o and will this be the end of the friendship between Ruka and Takeru?

Recapturing from the previous episode, Sousuke lured Michiru back to his apartment with his suicide call, effectively straining the relationship between Ruka and Michiru. After Michiru ran off, Ruka seemingly gave up on 'holding' on to Michiru and told the others that it can't be help since Michiru willingly went back to DV guy. Michiru rushed back to Sousuke's apartment, only to see him alive and well, apparently he had 'lied' to her to yep, bait her back and she fell for it. Sousuke calmly welcomed Michiru back, threw her handphone away and burnt Michiru's high school yearbook. During the burning ritual, Sousuke declared Michiru to be his and noone will be able to break them up. Michiru went along stupidly with his declarations with no hints of ... protest.

[Probably she can't be bothered anymore lol since she went into the tiger's den voluntarily hence she have to suffer the consequences. Oh yes, it's interesting between the scenes of the jealous Sousuke confiscating Michiru's handphone with Ruka's childish moment of jealousy to throw the handphone away. In a sense, the poor handphone seemed to be the catalyst of both Sousuke and Ruka's dislike/hatred for each other lol]

Last Friends Ep6

Meanwhile, the happy-drunk Ruka was carried home by Eri and Takeru, when they entered the living room, Ogura awkwardly welcomed them back. Looks like Ogura's here to stay as his on-off divorce with his wife was still not confirmed yet ... Ruka bluntly told Ogura off for taking advantage of Eri. Eri shocked everyone when she replied that she don't really mind, if Ogura wants to stay he can since she's fine with them continuing as friends. After the tense situation, Ruka then shrugged off any discussion regarding Michiru while the rest were worried.

Ruka started to reflect that if she didn't meet Michiru on that day, she will be leaving in a world without her then she won't have to suffer the pain of Michiru's love problems with Sousuke. It's fine if she can return back to her normal life, even if it meant that she'll be alone, it's easy for her since she had been living her life that way. During a card game, Eri asked if Ruka called Michiru, she replied no, but Takeru said he did but it seemed that the number wasn't in use anymore. Ruka steered the subject away and they continued playing. However, Takeru was puzzled by Ruka's actions, thinking to himself that he thought he had understood Ruka's feelings.

Takeru went to the hair salon Michiru used to work only to be told by the lady boss that she had quit. Takeru then went to Sousuke's apartment and was surprised to find the door unlocked [o_o how the hell can you do that!?] and Michiru with an eyepatch on. Takeru managed to have a talk with Michiru at a cafe and found out that Sousuke had gotten a new handphone for her and she's been 'locked' in the apartment doing household chores like a trapped pet hamster. When Takeru had a look at Michiru's bruised eye hidden by the eyepatch, he was extremely disgusted by Sousuke's actions and tried to convince Michiru to leave him. Michiru monotonously replied that this was the best way as she won't give anyone any problems.

Takeru once again convinced Michiru to leave Sousuke, that everything's Sousuke's fault and Michiru had done nothing wrong. He managed to get Michiru to return back to the Sharehouse with him and was almost caught by Sousuke who spotted them running away lol. Michiru then requested Takeru not to tell about the eye incident to Ruka as she don't want her to worry. Meanwhile, Ruka's at a counseling with the doctor where he suggested Ruka to tell/share her problems with a person she trust. As for Takeru, his 'stalkish' nee-san managed to get the number of the sharehouse, scaring Takeru out of his wits lol. For the next couple of days, Takeru kept the secret of keeping Michiru at his workplace until Michiru's bruised eye was healed.

Sousuke visited the Sharehouse and demanded the whereabouts of Michiru from Takeru. Takeru stood up to Sousuke and scared him off by threatening to sue and call the police. When Michiru's bruised eye was healed, Takeru brought Michiru back to the Sharehouse where the rest welcomed her back happily, except Ruka who was quiet throughout when the rest were talking how to protect Michiru from Sousuke. In the end, Ruka faked a smile and reply of being fine. As the gang were about to celebrate with wine, Ruka excused herself to her room, much to Michiru's apparent disappointment? The next morning, Ruka skipped breakfast and left, very obviously trying to avoid any contact with Michiru. Eri then offered to walk with Ruka to the station, at the same time questioned if Ruka's angry. Ruka denied being angry. Eri added that she understood about Michiru's situation as there's no pure black and white situations in life and disturbingly added that bad boys have cute sides too LOL.

Ruka replied that she's puzzled over Eri's relationship with Ogura, knowing that there's no ending to it and in the end the one getting hurt will be herself ... Eri answered that that's cos she doesn't care about him lol [She's lying~]. Eri then commented innocently no wonder Ruka can't 'forgive' Michiru is because Ruka really likes Michiru. Meanwhile, Sousuke's with the kid he's supposed to 'investigate' and he showed a side which none of us expected ... he was actually caring to him o_o. [I'll talk more about that later.] On the other hand, Takeru got Ruka to come to the park with the excuse of fixing his bicycle but his true motive was to get Michiru and Ruka to talk again. LoL, in the end, the three of them then went cycling together and were having fun [You just gotta watch the scene, lol it's really funny]. While they were having a break, Michiru apologized to Ruka for worrying her by being indecisive. Ruka replied that it's not true and things seemed well after that.

Ruka thought to herself that the reason she's distancing herself is so that she can always look at Michiru and that she can't be kind to her is because she's afraid of losing her. The situation became tense when Ruka asked if Michiru broke up with Sousuke. Michiru replied that ... when she's with Sousuke, she kinda 'lost' herself and only cared about Sousuke's needs and wants ... and that she's used to it already. Michiru earned some brownie points from me when she added that ... but the one thing she dislike was that Sousuke had badmouthed Ruka, calling her not a woman. After that ... was a pregnant pause as all three of them seriously had nothing to say until Takeru purposely chuckled, saying it can't be help and made light of the sitaution and statement. [Takeru's a TRUE SAVIOR!] As for Sousuke, he managed to find Ruka's house and mailed a disturbing [Of Ruka being gay] letter to her parents. It kinda create a stressed and edgy presence when Ruka came to wish her mother happy mother's day but Ruka managed to smooth the waves by saying it's probably some jealous hate letter from someone.

Her parents looked relatively relieved after the explantion and Ruka lightly make fun of her parents for taking the letter to be true. [However, this kind of underline her parents' degree of tolerance if she really revealed her orientation.] Ruka went back with a heavy heart and rejected Michiru's suggestion to watch DVD together. When Takeru returned and saw the crying Michiru who was sadden by Ruka's rejection. When Takeru asked what happened, Michiru replied that she don't know, only that she felt ... lonely and insecure for living in the Sharehouse because it seemed like Ruka won't forgive her. Takeru protested, saying that if Michiru leaves, Ruka will be extremely sad. Michiru added that sometimes she don't understand Ruka it's like there's a wall between them, a wall she can't climb over. [Very nice line here.] Unknown to Michiru, the conversation was overheard by Ruka who left saying she's going for a walk when Takeru asked if she heard them.

Takeru followed Ruka to the playground, sat beside her on the swing and playing on it making Ruka smiled before Ruka said that what Michiru said was true, that she have a no-entry wall around her and was afraid of being hated if people knew the truth. When Ruka asked if Takeru would listen to her secret, Takeru replied that before Ruka say anything, he had something to tell her ... Takeru then confessed that he likes Ruka, leaving Ruka stunned lol. - END of Episode 6 -

OZMG lol. A shocker. Never thought Takeru will reveal his feelings to Ruka, I've always thought Takeru will quietly protect Ruka from afar like a silent knight haha, guess I was wrong. There's two ways this scene can go, one is a real confession by Takeru, as in 'I like you' in romantic sense or 'I like you' as a friend so that whatever Ruka's going to tell him, ensuring he will still take and like Ruka as a friend ... But then, the second option seemed a little farfetched lol.

A little about Sousuke, I think I'm starting to understand how he thinks, how can he treat a kid so nicely yet be a DV? His anger was directed at his mother perhaps. He's taking Michiru as his mother who abandoned him, that's why he's so aggressive and possessive of her. He's afraid that she will leave him like what his mother did ... hell I won't be surprised if Michiru looks alot like his mother lol, mother complex!

[Signing off @ 5:51 PM]

[J-Drama] Last Friends Ep5

[Posted @ 2:03 PM]
Got lazy ... lol. Anyways good news, the presentation I was whining about last week wasn't that bad after all lol. Worried so much for nothing =).

Last Friends Ep5

Episode 5 was interesting, I really like this screenshot of Ueno Juri's back, looks peaceful yet lonely. Haha, kinda reflects my feelings now.

Anyways, the relationship between Eri and Ogura's more clear in this episode now. Apparently, Eri really likes Ogura despite her constant support for Ogura and rebukes. However, their relationship's terribly overwhelmed by the love-square of Ruka, Michiru, Sousuke and Takeru lol.

Well, recapturing from the previous episode, Michiru went back to Sousuke's apartment so as to take care of him as he was sick from waiting the whole night in the rain. We also saw Ruka who was standing afar looking at the hugging figures has now returned back to the Sharehouse, speechless when Takeru asked where Michiru was. But then, Michiru called back and told her that she's going back to her old workplace [hair salon] with no mention of Sousuke.

Last Friends Ep5

I can't say Michiru lied to Ruka because she really went back to the hair salon and got her job back after much persuasive words she will concentrate on her work. I like the scene where Michiru refused to stay with Sousuke and told him that she's not going back to if he bothers/beats/stalks her again. Meanwhile, Ruka's really bothered by Michiru going back to Sousuke and lost concentration during practice.

The gang were pretty supportive when Michiru told them she had decided to continue working at the hair salon and looked quite determined not to let Sousuke 'pull' her down again. It's interesting how Takeru changed the minds of the guarded gang unconsciously as he was the first person to give supporting words before the others started to look positively. At work, Michiru kept looking around if Sousuke was listening to her words and kept away. Ruka still concerned, asked Takeru to pick Michiru up and invited them to her house for a dinner party.

During dinner, her mother saw Takeru and was like ... Michiru's boyfriend? ... When Takeru denied, she shiningly glanced at Ruka, probably hoping for some miracle lol. Ruka's brother, Shougo even cornered Takeru, revealing that it's the first time Ruka brought a guy home LOL, the interaction between them was really funny haha. Shougo even told Takeru to give way to Ruka's difficult ways LOL, like he's starting to matchmake the both of them. After dinner, Ruka's mum asked Michiru to stay for the night, Ruka casually asked Takeru to stay too. Takeru was like ... looks around uncomfortably and replied he better go home lol. [This kinda shows that Ruka doesn't really look at Takeru in terms of a male or a female friend, she merely looks at him as a good friend and doesn't really care about the gender because everyone's equal. Probably this is why she got really pissed when her coach called her a female motorcross racer.]

Meanwhile, Eri accompanied Ogura on taxi to his house to bring the divorce papers to his wife but Ogura called and told her to go back home because he's staying for the night as it's not something he can settle in a night. Takeru returned back to the Sharehouse and saw the near-drunk Eri pissed that Ogura's staying with his wife lol. Seeking comfort, Eri came on to Takeru when he was treating her so gently and kissed him. Takeru pushed Eri away when she started unbuttoning his shirt and rushed off, terrified, to the bathroom to wash his face.

It kinda looked like Takeru's the girl here when he looked like he's been violated or something o_o, while Eri's looking all guilty and all for being too 'quick' and forward haha. When Takeru returned to apologize, Eri too apologized and assumed that Takeru's gay ... and surprisingly, Takeru nodded! Eri kinda forced herself to act natural, added that they can still be friends and invited Takeru to drink with her. [This scene is really interesting, first, Takeru's affirmation to Eri's statement that he's gay, however, I beg to difer, I reckon he wanted to make things simpler just by saying he's gay rather than he has a phobia for intimacy.]

Meanwhile, Michiru and Ruka were having a one-to-one conversation in Ruka's bedroom. Michiru's envious of Ruka's happy family and wished that she could have one with herself soon. Ruka added that it wouldn't be with Sousuke though as he wouldn't be able to bring Michiru happiness and suggested Takeru LOL. Michiru then asked if Ruka has someone she likes? [Holds breath.] Ruka confessed she does. For a long time. A few years. Michiru went on to ask if Ruka had conveyed her feelings to the person and then encouraged her to do it when Ruka replied it's useless even when she confessed. Ruka then interrupted Michiru rather forcefully that it doesn't really matter whether she confessed or not. [Of course Michiru didn't noticed she's talking about HER. The agony!]. Anyways, Ruka added that as long as Michiru's healthy, she's happy and that ended the conversation.

The next day, Michiru checked her handphone to find no calls from Sousuke and called his office. When the lady said that he's been taking leave, Michiru visited him in his appartment and found him to be still in bed and lost some weight. Michiru then made some porridge and hand-fed him while Sousuke was still convincing Michiru to stay. When Michiru wanted to leave, Sousuke hugged Michiru and forcefully held her down while she struggled to get way. Michiru managed to get away [the first time] but then went on a yelling contest with Sousuke when he insulted Ruka again lol. [I love the way Sousuke threw the bowl against the wall, such style!!! LOL] The then not so sickly Sousuke got up in anger, pushed Michiru onto the bed and apparently had his way with her.

As for the rest, they were having a whale of their time digging into the Seafood Paella Takeru made lol. Ruka, still pissed with Michiru, didn't greet Michiru when she came back ... [The cam kept still on the internally-pouting eating Ruka] When Takeru gave Michiru's utensils to her, he noticed the bruises on her upper wrist. Michiru kept quiet and went back to the living room. Not before long when Michiru's handphone rang, which kept Ruka on her toes, demanding childishly that Michiru throw the handphone away because the ringtone remembered her of the actions of Sousuke lol. When Michiru agreed and stood up to throw it away, Ruka then regretted saying those words as it's like she's no different from Sousuke. Angry with herself, Ruka ran out on her bicycle to calm herself down.

After that, Michiru and Takeru had a chat, Takeru didn't really encourage or disencourage on the fact Michiru 'went' back to Sousuke, merely consoling her that it's up to others to decide whether Michiru wanted or not. Michiru added that Ruka has someone she liked for a long time ... but never conveyed her feelings to that person. Takeru placed the pieces together and probably realized that Ruka's feelings for Michiru ran deeper than merely friends that evening. The next scene's ... really important because Ruka went for her first session of counselling on her confusion regarding her gender and sexuality. This kinda cleared up most of her actions in the previous episodes except for the Urology part [Seriously, you guys might be right after all o_o].

After her session, Ruka called Takeru out for a walk [Seemed like Ruka's really dependent on Takeru, even saying that she wanted to see Takeru and somehow she felt at peace when with him, aww]. Ruka revealed her plan to becom one of Japan's representative motorcross racer and it will be that time when she probably confess in front of the person she likes. In Takeru's mind, he promised to support Ruka no matter who she likes, as long he gets to see and protect Ruka's smile. This time, Ruka won the race and was seen as a racer rather than a female in the eyes of her coach which kinda brought her closer to her goal.

As Ruka's in the race, Michiru's been bombarded with the rings of Sousuke's call. In the end, Michiru answered the call and Sousuke demanded Michiru to return. Michiru refused to answer to Sousuke's whims while Sousuke warned that she will regret her actions. As they celebrated at the bar Takeru's working, Michiru received a suicide call from Sousuke and she ran out to stop him. When Michiru tried to lie to Ruka, Ruka said that she knew Michiru's been going to him behind her back and told Michiru to be stronger. Michiru replied that unlike Ruka who's talented, strong with a warm family, she's weak ... and so is Sousuke. She added that now she wants to be by Sousuke's side and left, apologizing.

Takeru tried to put a comforting arm on Ruka's shoulder but was shocked to see Ruka slapping his arm away, lashing him not to touch her twice. [O_O kinda different from the scene where he was allowed to comfort Ruka when the coach kissed her ... Ruka did say that Takeru's okay ... but this time, probably the hurt's too strong for her to accept anyone]

Last Friends Ep6 Preview

Ohh, next episode looks interesting ... once again, it's Takeru who's out to bring the girls back again ... sigh. I think Michiru got bashed on the eye and she's running away from someone with Takeru ... in the preview ... she's with the eye patch isn't it? Not to forget Sousuke's chilling statement that Michiru's his LOL.

[Signing off @ 3:50 PM]

[J-Drama] Last Friends Ep4

[Posted @ 7:50 PM]
LoL, no mouseover this time ... sorry for being late, I know I did say to post up on Saturday but I was busy researching on a project of mine sigh and I'm still researching for it now ... along with this proposal of mine lol.

I might resort to brief summaries in future episodes ... -.-

Last Friends Ep4

I really like Takeru, he's such a wonderful friend and no doubt make a good boyfriend ... uh before Michiru x Ruka fans start flaming me ... just watch Episode 4 and you will know why I felt this way lol.

Recapturing from the previous episode, Michiru seek refugee from DV Sousuke after a particular rough beating. After Takeru patched up Michiru's ... face, Ruka advised Michiru to break up with Sousuke as using violence on a love one is not love at all.

Last Friends Ep4

The group then thoughts of ways to prevent Sousuke from contacting Michiru, like quitting her job in the hair salon and not answer phone calls from him. The ever cautious Ruka called up her parents and told them not to answer any weird phone calls on her whereabouts. That day, Takeru took leave from his job to accompany Michiru who was still fearful and slightly panicked when someone rang the doorbell but it was just Ogura who forgot his wallet lol [Didn't expect him to be such a joker ... haha]. Sousuke went to the hair salon to look for Michiru but of course she wasn't there and he left a namecard but Michiru's bully senpai merely dunked the name card away [Way to go! lol].

Meanwhile, Ruka's doing well in her motorcross, when her coach invited her out for a drink, Ruka replied that she can't as she got someone waiting for her. The coach naturally assumed it's a guy and commented that it's good to be young lol. A little ticked off, Ruka told her coach to treat her as a motorcross racer and not label her as man or a woman. The coach said that it's impossible as it's like calling a pear, an apple [Good metaphor there lol] but later added that, Ruka's a brilliant female motorcross racer. [I think the coach doesn't really meant anything by statement, I'm thinking more that he actually admired that Ruka, being a female could have the ability to match a male racer despite the physical differences. However, that's what Ruka's mad about, she didn't want that, she wanted to be compared as equal not just because she's a female ... haha kinda complicated]

That night, while the gang were busy preparing ingredients for SUKIYAKI, [I WANNA EAT!] Michiru snucked out to listen to the many voicemails Sousuke left. Ruka grabbed the handphone away from Michiru's hand, told her to believe what he said and even guessed correctly what Sousuke would say to get Michiru back lol. While they were having sukiyaki, Ruka helped Michiru grabbed some food before the rest smooched them away lol. Eri commented that the way Ruka treat Michiru is like how a guy will treat a girl while Ruka shrugged it off saying that she's friendly to everyone lol. The situation became awkward when Eri and Ogura started badmouthing Sousuke, Michiru started defending Sousuke like she did against Ruka in Episode 3. Takeru saved the day by announcing that they should drink and eat well and get in good spirits! Haha, it's like nothing had happened.

While, Michiru later became Takeru's assistant and followed him to work the next day. The model who came up to Takeru in Episode 1 saw Michiru and assumed that she's his girlfriend which explained why Takeru wasn't seduced by her lol. She later commented that everyone thought Takeru's gay or something o_o. Following Takeru to his work place opened Michiru's eyes, realizing that hairstyling doesn't limit to merely cutting the hair of people but also coordinating the shots and working with photographers. Meanwhile, while shopping with Eri, Ogura saw his wife with another man and using his credit card to a necklace lol and didn't dare to say anything. Eri then realized that Ogura still loved his wife and consoled him.

Ruka saw Sousuke loitering her work place, called Takeru warn him and to take care of Michiru. Ruka later asked her coach for go for a drink later to prevent Sousuke from following her home. However, the coach probably had too much of a drink, hugged and kissed Ruka when he saved Ruka from falling down. Ruka quickly pushed her coach away and ran off, then trying to wash her lips and calm herself down before going to the bar to see Takeru. However, Ruka's still terrorized by the experience when her hand couldn't stop shaking as she held her glass. Ruka then told Takeru about what happened, then the ever nice Takeru went over to comfort Ruka even asking if she's alright with him placing her hand on her shoulder. Ruka replied that if it's Takeru, it's okay ... [Awww~] Takeru then told Ruka to cry her heart out as it's okay. Back home, Ruka seemed fine by then and started playing UNO with the gang. Takeru then thought to himself that if Ruka wanted to protect Michiru ... then he will protect Ruka in return. [Awwwwwwwwwwwww~ haha]

The next day, Ruka told her coach to treat the incident like nothing had happened and to continue being friends. Her coach apologized and laughed it off, agreeing that they will be friends. [Ruka's really generous in the sense that it takes real courage to go up to a friend who 'sexually assaulted' her, smile and to say that they continue being friends =)] As the gang were out busy in their jobs, Michiru received a call from her mum, asking her for some money and to collect a souvenir at her house. Luckily, Michiru's smart enough to call Ruka and she went to pick whatever Michiru's mum had lol. Fortunately Ruka sensed something was wrong and left quickly. When Ruka left, it was revealed that it was all a plot by Sousuke to get Michiru to come to her mother's home. In the end, Sousuke managed to follow Ruka home and arrived while Michiru's in the bathroom. Ruka confronted Sousuke and told him to get out which Sousuke did. [I would had despised him more if he had barged in lol but his job's on the line so I'm not surprised]

Anyways, it started raining and the gang acted like nothing had happened. When Takeru came home, he saw Sousuke who was still waiting in the rain outside and warned Ruka. Takeru offered to stay up in the night and had a chat with Michiru who couldn't sleep. It was known that Takeru has an elder sister [=O Are you thinking of what I'm thinking? LoL] and merely smiled when asked of their relationship. Michiru then admired Takeru for having a normal family as her own parents divorced when she was in Secondary school. So she's always alone when her mother worked, she went on to add that Sousuke too had a bad childhood as his mother left him when she got a lover. Michiru felt that they were the same, because they were always alone. Michiru added that she felt bad because everyone's nice to her, but Sousuke's alone.

Takeru beg to difer as he said that it's not true because everyone's alone. Michiru pointed out that Ruka has a warm family who supported her so ... she felt envious of her. Takeru smiled [Because he saw the weak and fragile side of Ruka the night before] and said that they can't judge a person's loneliness by appearance alone. I believe in a present emotion, Michiru then apologzied to Ruka in her thoughts that she hadn't thought of Ruka's feelings, only Sousuke. That morning, Michiru offered to take out the trash and saw the drenched Sousuke sitting near ... the rubbish corner lol. Michiru was touched and hugged Sousuke when he said that he will always wait for her o_o. Unknown to them, Ruka looked at the hugging pair from afar and thought to herself she's hurting from prying them from being together. - END of Episode 4 -

Last Friends Ep5 Preview

Preview of Episode 5 doesn't look good at all =O.

This is getting exciting as the relationships get more complicated lol.

[Signing off @ 9:35 PM]

[ONA] Candy☆Boy Ep1

[Posted @ 11:37 AM]
It was supposed to be a wonderful friday but was kinda spoiled by the presentation I had on that fateful day ... sigh I really felt bad about it and with my groupmates, we worked hard but ... sigh. Reckon that hard work doesn't always pay off.

Anyways, bad thoughts aside, ONA, Candy☆Boy Ep1 was released via Niconico last night, 7pm [Japan Time], which means it's hm 8pm [Brisbane Time] lol.

If you haven't watch Episode 1 yet, OZMG what the hell are you doing?! Click the link below RIGHT NOW before I THROTTLE YOU!

It's 14 minutes LONG, yes, twice the time of the prologue and twice the fluff!!!

Candy☆Boy Ep1

So go on.

Ah, I believed you watched the episode already hm? There's only one reason why you will continue to read my post lol, that's cos you don't or vaguely understand what they were talking about ne? LOL. Ah, just joking.

Afterall, coming from a person who watch Mandarin subs, I'm not much better. Anyways, I reckon that there're already alot of summaries and squeals going around since last night.

Candy☆Boy Ep1

It's sooooo fluffy, so sweet, so suggestive, ahhh, best yet, it made all my worries and troubles from last night melt away. Right from the start, the waking up scene really sent my mind into the gutter ... I mean, a sleepy Yukino mumbling ... 'Kana-chan's that place's so hard~'. I MEAN LIKE WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO THINK OF besides *that*?! LoL. Then she went on to add, 'Can't help it then ...', *invites Kanade into her blanket* went on to whine, 'Hurry~~~ up~~~'.


Kanade's reaction was totally drastic too as she dropped her hairpin which she was biting on, stopped whatever she was doing and climbed in with Yukino lol. Well, in the end, the girls might be late for school and thus had to miss breakfast, to Yukino's dismay. While they were waiting for the train, Saku-chan appeared and was moe-ing over Kanade's untied hair and megane appearance XD kawaii~. The two girls then left the dreaming Saku-chan at the platform lol and boarded the train.

Yukino revealed that Sakuya actually made the effort to be at the same station as them every morning even though she lived on the other side. Yukino then asked whether if Kanade would do that for her as well, Kanade mumbled about Yukino knowing the obvious asnwer and tried to change the subject. But eventually Kanade replied that she will try her very best to be there, awww.

In school, while Yukino's happily digging in her pudding ignoring Sakuya who was chatting up with Kanade until Kanade told Yukino to help her out lol. Yukino then showed some pictures of Kanade to Sakuya who later gave her the promised 50 coffee vouchers to a high class hotel's cafe as a 'thank you' gift LOL. The pissed Kanade then pinched and dragged Yukino off to a corner for a 'small talk' lol.

Later, Kanade was at the school pool, waiting for Yukino to probably finish her club activity, as she was waiting, Sakuya, who was probably in the swimming club as well, drew an umbrella with both their names in it [It kind of symbolizes the persons who's names were written under the umbrella are in love]. That image triggered one of Kanade's memories of younger Yukino and her walking home sharing an umbrella.

Kanade went on to mention that it was taken from granted that they shared most of their stuff in primary school and kind of stopped when they went in secondary school however, the unchanging fact were their feelings for each other. In the dorm room, Kanade was happy over the fact that the weather report predicted that it will rain tomorrow. The next day, Kanade was feeling that her plan will go well as sky was dull and rain seemed inevitable.

During class, Kanade kept staring out of the window, hoping to see signs of water droplets lol and indeed, it started raining. After classes, the sisters went on separate ways for their club activities. Later, Kanade checked her locker and found her supposed-to-be-there umbrella was gone!!! LoL. Oh nos, that means her perfect plan of sharing a umbrella with Yuki-nee was foiled! On top of that, the weather forecast predicted 'Sunny' for the next six days lol.

Kanade went around to buy/borrow a umbrella but failed ... Saku-chan then invited Kanade to go home together via her family car but Kanade make an excuse saying she had to go somewhere else with Yukino. Kanade then tried to 'test the waters' by asking Sakuya how Yukino felt on that fact that Sakuya likes Kanade. Sakuya replied that she don't really understand but she felt that it's not right that if she thought of sacrificing her friendship with Yukino just to be with Kanade. [Seriously, I don't really understand either lol]

Anyways, Kanade smiled, patted on Sakuya's head and commented that Sakuya's a better kid than she had thought out to be and took off, leaving Sakuya in bliss lol. Later, Kanade told Yukino that the supposed-to-be-there umbrella wasn't there and she had tried borrowing an umbrella but was unsuccessful. Yukino then revealed her own umbrella to Kanade lol, it seemed like Yukino knew all about Kanade's 'secret plot' after all.

I was thinking that Yukino was the one who 'stole' the umbrella from Kanade's locker [That explains why she doesn't want Kanade to visit her during her club activity, lying that she's embarrassed by Kanade's presence there] and gave it to Sakuya who opened the umbrella to find it ... unusable LOL. Evil Yukino XD.

Ahhhhh~ ... gave me a nice after feeling ... the months I've waited were worth it, don't you think so too? I wonder when the second episode will be aired ... is it weekly? I sure do hope so!!!

Okay, now off to make brunch and then watch Last Friends Ep4 lol, I'll do up a post later in the evening XD.

[Signing off @ 1:20 PM]