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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Candy☆Boy PV by MEILIN

[Posted @ 10:07 PM]
From the comments I got in my first post about ONA, 'Candy☆Boy', I'm glad to see it pretty well received.

Hopefully, by supporting the single, 'Candy☆Boy' by MEILIN, AIC might consider making this a series? XD. I think they're trying to bring MEILIN in Japan as the next BoA or something, oh well.

The PV was leaked out a few days ago on net and someone uploaded in on youtube so try listening to the theme song, it's pretty catchy and upbeat. I think this was an addition scene !? ;

Candy☆Boy (ONA)

Watch/listen it on youtube.com ;

I've uploaded the AVI on YSI cos I got a 14 days free trial of anything I upload to have unlimited bandwidth and the file never expires LOL, cool.

So yeah, rape it on YSI all you like.

And if you enjoyed it, buy it.

[Signing off @ 10:25 PM]

New Song of the Month for December, Rebuild of Evangelion - Beautiful World by Utada Hikaru.


  1. I really like it. Do you think they will do Candy Boy in serie? oô

  2. I personally think MeiLin can't sing I hate the voice and her voice spoil the song or maybe her Japanese is weird but the song I think is good and catchy but doesn't suit her at all.

    One more thing, her looks spoilt the whole PV. It's ok if she's not pretty, but she's way too ugly for me. But her outfit is really cool the one in black and same with the one in the ONA where kanade was in the K and her friends singgin.

    About purchasing this? No way... I would rather have downloaded version coz I can have only the ONA without MeiLin

  3. to natsuki.skyrock, I dunno ...

    to anonymous1, lol I'm not sure about the other songs Meilin sung cos I've never really heard of it but the OP, 'Candy Boy' IS really catchy and groovy ... haha. Don't say she's ugly la, she's quite okay, all I can say she's not as pretty as BoA la =X.

    Btw, Meilin's like a Chinese name ... -.-||| I thought she was a Chinese singer at first till I saw her profile O_o.

  4. I think its a great song, I like Meilin as much i like Boa Kwon.

    I hope they will an English version of it. I did make my own version, but i can't really sing. XD

  5. Oh, sorry about that error, what I meant to say is I hope they will make an English version of it. XD

    Oh one more thing, I really like that second song, Koi no katachi if I'm not mistaken, where can I buy/get the whole version?