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Saturday, November 24, 2007

[Manga] Yuri Hime S Vol2 - Honey Crush Chapter 2

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I never wanted to continue summarizing Honey Crush cos I was thinking of leaving the job to Dynasty Scans. Then I figured, hell with it, since I done Chapter 1 why not 2 lol. I believe noone minds right?


I do not scan, so I don't claim credit for it, so please do not ask me where I got my scans. PLEASE.

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Honey Crush C2 1. Honey Crush C2 2.

Continuing from the previous chapter, Mitsu's depressed that the person [Madoka] she's in love with has a boyfriend and even though she really liked Madoka, there seem to be no way to convey her feelings because her rival's a life human being while she's just a spirit. Mitsu's also pretty upset over the fact that Madoka doesn't seem to have any spiritual sense at all and so Mitsu's existence is practically zero. However, Mitsu stated that she still likes Madoka so she will NEVER give up and went on to whine at Madoka holding hands with boyfriend, Yamada-kun lol.

Honey Crush C2 3. Honey Crush C2 4.

Mitsu thought of a way to disrupt their relationship by making Yamada-kun late for their date. Little did she know, Madoka was late too and was impressed that Yamada-kun waited for her LOL. Mitsu then tried to use her 'scary' face on Yamada-kun but Yamada-kun's also one of those kinds who can't sense any spiritual energy LOL.

Honey Crush C2 5. Honey Crush C2 6.

Next, Mitsu had added some toothpaste in the sandwiches Madoka made the night before for the date and anticipated Yamada-kun to make a fool out of himself. Unexpectedly, Madoka told Yamada-kun that she forgot to bring her share and so they shared the toothpaste flavoured sandwiches together ... and to Mitsu's horror, both of them doesn't seem to have taste buds and even thought the sandwiches to be pretty good LOL. In the end, Mitsu lost to the natural abilities of Madoka and Yamada-kun lol. As Mitsu's worshipping the ground in despair, Kyouko showed up beside her and reprimanded her for the underhand tricks of hers. Seemed like Kyouko has not given up too.

Honey Crush C2 7. Honey Crush C2 8.

Mitsu thought of tripping Yamada-kun but accidentally tripped Madoka instead as she was moving forward to pet a cat lol. Yamada-kun tried to grab hold of Madoka but also fell along with Madoka. With Yamada-kun suggestively on top of Madoka, it created a rather romantic atmosphere for them to kiss lol. Mitsu tried to stop and push Yamada-kun from doing whatever he might do lol.

Honey Crush C2 9. Honey Crush C2 10.

As she was desperately clinging to Yamada-kun, Mitsu suddenly found herself in the body of Yamada-kun! LOL. Mitsu found it to be disgusting but seeing Madoka's cute face in front of her, Mitsu remembered that he was about to kiss her and was going to stop but Madoka's ... lips were just too irresistible and she moved forward ...

Honey Crush C2 11. Honey Crush C2 12.

But was interrupted by Kyouko whacking her head lol and that got Mitsu out of Yamada-kun's body. Kyouko then told Mitsu off that the body she's in was not hers. Meanwhile, Yamada-kun woke up confused lol. Madoka smiled at Kyouko's display of jealousy and Kyouko gallantly admitted to it and declared that she likes Madoka. Madoka replied that ... but Kyouko's a girl, Kyouko answered back that she wants to have a lesbian relationship with Madoka. Kyouko went on to hug Madoka and told her that she likes her again ...

Honey Crush C2 13. Honey Crush C2 14.

However, Madoka bluntly refused Kyouko's confession by stating that she doesn't feel her heart beating fast when she's with her lol which brought relief to both Mitsu and Yamada-kun lol. Back home, Kyouko thought to herself that she's merely seen as a mistaken male childhood playmate lol. Kyouko added that they even promised to get married and their relationship was so good that it doesn't matter whether she's a male or not. Kyouko sighed and thought to herself that she doesn't feel that depressed as she thought and wondered if it's because of Mitsu who was beside her weeping her eyes out lol.

Kyouko suggested Mitsu to give up on Madoka as it's an unrequited love and go attain nirvana instead. Come to think of it, why is Mitsu in Kyouko's house? LoL. Mitsu replied that she felt sad when she's with Madoka and her own house was occupied by her grandparents LOL. Mitsu then changed her reason to her supposed concern for the 'heart-broken' Kyouko lol and Kyouko wondered who's the one crying just now. - END of Chapter 2 -

This chapter is interesting, seemed like Kyouko's interest is moving some where else ... heh heh heh.

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