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Friday, November 2, 2007

[Manga] Hatsu Koi Shimai Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 is fun cos Haruna's all cool, cute and sexy rolled into one.


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Hatsu Koi Shimai 1 and 2.

Recapturing from the previous chapter, Chika was confronted by Chiori and her classmates as they accused Chika of cheating. Chiori nastily told Chika not to pull the class down by doing such a 'dirty' deed. Chika was totally speechless, in her mind she was begging her 'friends' not to continue such words and in truth, it was Haruna's warm who gave her the strength to do so well in her re-tests.

Just then, Chika noticed Haruna was standing in front of her, Chika flinched when Haruna placed her hand on her [probably thinking she's going to reprimand her]. However, Haruna smiled and asked if Chika's alright, when Chika replied she's okay, Haruna protectively hold Chika to her as she stood against Chiori and classmates.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 3. Hatsu Koi Shimai 4.

Haruna asked if the girls knew what they were talking about and stated that Chika's not a person who cheats and demanded proof of the girls' accusation. Chiori answered that the proof is that Chika's grades suddenly shot up way too fast and it's unnatural. Haruna retorted that Chika had been studying in school everyday till evening and she knew best [cos she's with her duh].

Haruna continued that Chika was even trying her best in her weakest subjects and rebuked the girls for accusing Chika on no grounds of proof and rounding up on her. Haruna questioned who were the ones doing 'dirty' deeds. Chika was totally touched that Haruna's protecting her and standing up for her. Haruna ended her statement by warning the girls not to sully Chika by saying such thoughtless comments. [Haruna called Chika by her name in her statement rather than her surname]

Hatsu Koi Shimai 5. Hatsu Koi Shimai 6.

With that, Haruna held Chika's hand and left the room expressing that they have no business staying any longer, leaving Chiori and the other girls stunned. Meanwhile, Chika's delighted that Haruna called her name and remembered the first time she met Haruna and she was holding her hand warmly the same way.

In her mind, Chika felt that Haruna with her warm smile, extending her hand to her and confirmed her feelings that she really liked Haruna. The girls then stopped at the garden, still holding their hands, Chika thanked Haruna for coming to her rescue and added that she's happy that Haruna called her by name.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 7. Hatsu Koi Shimai 8.

Haruna paused for a moment before reacting dramatically with a huge blush on her face [Cute~~~], that she was too engrossed lol. Chika smiled and said that Haruna looked like she turned into another person, sooo cool~ lol. Meanwhile, the girls who were with Chiori in the accusation were badmouthing Chiori about being too overboard and controlling. Chiori made her presence known by slamming her shoe locker door and left quietly as the girls continued criticizing Chiori.

Akiho witnessed the incident and went to comfort Chiori by lending a listening ear as Chiori complained that she's been hated. Chiori went on to confess that she doesn't care about those girls and she wouldn't forgive those babbling girls as they wouldn't understand a person's feelings. When Akiho asked if it's Chiori's feelings, Chiori said it's not hers ... fumed and kept quiet.

Akiho began to speak, saying that it's strange, for example a person like Chika, is definitely not an airhead as she could smile even though she's feeling hurt inside and that's admirable. Akiho wondered if that's the feeling of falling in love with someone and added with a sorrow expression that liking a person doesn't seem to be something very important anymore. Chiori replied that she doesn't understand about those things.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 9. Hatsu Koi Shimai 10.

Chika and Haruna were on a date, Chika made no effort to cover her happiness lol as she grinned widely. When Haruna remarked that Chika had a wide smile on her face, Chika explained that she's been looking forward to patronizing the cafe they were in. Haruna chuckled and said remembered that Chika had mentioned about yummy soufflé the cafe had. Chika was surprised that Haruna remembered and was happy about it.

The girls then placed their orders with the waiter, as they waited for their orders, Chika thought to herself that even though she's looking forward to her dessert, compared to being with Haruna together totally takes the cake [Pardon the pun lol]. When Haruna asked about the results of Chika's second re-tests, Chika replied that she didn't cheat in the first place so she had no problems and was happy that Haruna helped her. Haruna smiled and started to say 'Yes, me too ...' when she was interrupted by the arrival of their orders.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 11. Hatsu Koi Shimai 12.

After the waiter left, Chika told Haruna to continue her sentence and she could tell her anything lol. Haruna began speaking again that she too used to have a senpai [senior] she admired and was chasing after the senpai. Haruna added that the senpai's really outstanding and thus she had many admirers. Like Chika, Haruna was then confronted by the admirers of her relationship with the senpai, that time, the senpai rushed in to her rescue and made clear that Haruna was merely just her cute kouhai [junior] and nothing else.

That moment, Haruna realized that her feelings were being rejected, so when she first met Chika and felt an attraction to her, it was frightening. Haruna didn't want to have that to happen to her a second time and that's why she don't know how to react to Chika. Haruna then apologized for hurting Chika as that time, no matter how much attraction she had for Chika, because of her fear, the step was never taken. Chika finally understood and confessed that when she first met Haruna for the first time, she was deeply attracted to her.

Chika professed that she trusted in the warm Haruna she met, no matter how cold or distanced Haruna treated her, she will always pursue after Haruna, even now, she will still be pursuing Haruna. The mood was once again interrupted by the arrival of their orders lol. It was then they realized where they were and weeping in public.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 13. Hatsu Koi Shimai 14.

They started to dig in their desserts and Haruna was content to see the happiness written all over Chika's face as she ate the chocolate soufflé. Haruna fed a spoonful of her soufflé to Chika and Chika shyly accept the offer. Chika was totally flustered by the fact that she was spoon-fed by Haruna yet she couldn't taste the flavour and went on to gobble her soufflé.

Haruna noticed that Chika had a splotch of the soufflé on her cheek and leaned over to lick it off [What a tease lol]. When Chika went all 'Kyaaaa' mode, Haruna innocently said that there's a splotch and she had wanted to taste Chika's chocolate soufflé. Chika thought to herself, whenever they were by each other's side, they will be smiling, the time between them was soft and sweet with happiness like the soufflé. Chika's chest was filled with the feelings Haruna gave to her, which is ... first love. Chika added that she want to stay by Haruna's side, to cherish, cherish and cherish the moments they have together. - END of Chapter 5 & Volume 1 -

I want to point out at the 'heart to heart' chat scene between Akiho and Chiori, I was understanding fine until Akiho mentioned about 'Liking a person doesn't seem to be something very important anymore'. I was confused but after a while, I finally understood. In my own interpretation, I feel that Akiho likes Chika alot however, in this case in her statement, liking a person doesn't make any impact as the person she likes, Chika, is in love with Haruna. So I believed that Akiho in some way is trying to accept the rejection she felt by saying that no matter how much she likes Chika, it doesn't seem important because it's an unrequited love.

This chapter was wonderful, Haruna coming to Chika's rescue and both of them confessing that they liked each other. However, it was sad that Akiho was heart broken but never mind! Akiho's real love interest will arrive in the second volume of Hatsu Koi Shimai! Stay tune for Chapter 6? =).

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  1. Finallly!!! Chika and Haruna are oficially a couple. It's great to see that Haruna is finally going after Chika, and that tease kiss really bring the couple one step closer. All we need now is a "real" kiss to seal their love. If I might say so, Chika and Haruna is the sweetest couple ever.

  2. to ri, yeah well they will have a real kiss pretty soon heh.