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Saturday, December 22, 2007

December 2007 Purchases - Amazon.com

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YEAH! My parcel came in YESTERDAY AFTERNOON! My maid smsed me about it, I was really excited lol and can't wait to get home.

Amazon.com December 2007 Purchases.

Scroll down for more pictures of my purchases, Bakuretsu Tenshi [Burst Angel] DVD Box Set by FUNimation and Loveless DVD Box Set by Media Blasters.

I wanted to post the images last night but my spirits were dampen by the dorm stuff again. Oh well.

Amazon.com December 2007 Parcel.

Okay, I seriously dunno where to start ... this is just too awesome lol. Oh yeah, I'm not going to talk about Medal of Honor - Airborne, cos it's not mine and not of my interest either.

Bakuretsu Tenshi DVD Box Set 1.

Spectacular glossy box cover, in good condition XD. LoL, I still can't believe it's half priced, someone please pinch me!

Bakuretsu Tenshi DVD Box Set 2.

Look at the abundant contents on the back of the box cover!!!
- 24 Episodes on 6 discs
- 6 Guide Books
- Director Commentaries
- Original Radio Dramas
- Textless Songs OP/ED
- Outtakes <- -.-
- Widescreen 16:9

All these for ... like S$69. By the way, what do ODEX give? Even at the price of S$29.90 per volume, let's see two volumes, S$29.90x2=S$59.80, which is worth it?

Bakuretsu Tenshi DVD Box Set 3.

Feast your eyes on these guidebooks, the printing alone probably cost like S$10.

Bakuretsu Tenshi DVD Box Set 4.

Bakuretsu Tenshi DVD Box Set 5.

Bakuretsu Tenshi DVD Box Set 6.

Bakuretsu Tenshi DVD Box Set 7.

6 Discs, scratch-free and playable.

Bakuretsu Tenshi DVD Box Set 8.

The covering for the Discs.

Bakuretsu Tenshi DVD Box Set 9.

'Slot-in' behind the Discs.

Loveless DVD Box Set 1.

Next, Loveless DVD Box Set, it looks rather plain, the box cover's thin and easily ... well bendable cos it's CARDBOARD lol. Kinda disappointed cos Loveless has the one of the BEST art style I've ever since and I don't want a cardboard to be the box cover, sigh.

Loveless DVD Box Set 2.

Anyways, There's no extra booklets or something in the disc cover, just some advertorials stuff. There's textless OP/ED though and they even included the SD [Super-deform] theater in! LoL.

Loveless DVD Box Set 3.

Needless to say, the video quality's gorgeous, Soubi looks so hot lol.

Random rants;
I managed to catch an episode of D-Grayman on Arts Central last night and the flashing advertisements around about ODEX really getting the 'same' [only one week delay!] airing time as Japan for D-Grayman Season 2, was truly admirable. We can't deny that. Maybe they should venture in getting licenses to broadcast animes on TV instead of releasing DVDs, eating too much cake might cause a major stomachache. Well, not like I really care cos they're unlikely to license the titles I like lol and I'm going to study soon. With their website still down, we have like totally no idea what will happen or even know what to expect next.

Arts Central's airing Bakuretsu Tenshi and Azumanga Daioh on TV next week, too bad, I've already BOUGHT the D-'VIV'-Ds lol. I don't think I'll be catching the two titles on TV and also D-Grayman, not interested, lost me in there!

I'm serious when I'm saying I'm moving to happy grounds like manga and purchasing DVDs online, it's so fun lol, no stress, no expectations, just like the good old days. Too much information kills a person sometimes and it gets worse if you know you either can't get it or go illegal. Anyways, off to read fanfics.

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  1. how come so cheap!!! ~~_~~

  2. to kippei, lol bought it at amazon.com for US$44+, now it's back to US$80+. Very very lucky!~

  3. *drool* Very nice. I hope I'll get it next year.

  4. Nice haul. :D

    Mai HiMe is also going for more than half off, all 7 DVDs at $69USD.


  5. to rinu, me too =).

    to v, oh, yeah saw that, they also had Bakuretsu Tenshi DVD box set at 55% discount LOL but I've already ordered from amazon. Also for first time users, I think need to fax a copy of credit card and bill to them. Abit ... troublesome lol and I don't have spare credits to spend this month =(. Sadly, I'll have to give it a miss till I get my chance next time ...