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Saturday, December 15, 2007

December 2007 Purchases - Kinokuniya

[Posted @ 8:30 PM]
Went to Takashimaya's Kinokuniya this afternoon in the pouring rain to get these goodies. What's up with the 'Unsuitable for The Young' haha, click to see the enlarged picture.

December 2007 Purchases @ Kinokuniya

Yep, I used up my S$60 Kinokuniya vouchers on these babies~ lol, finally got a rock off my chest. Next, I've got to spend the S$80 Comics Connection vouchers LC gave me.

Anyways, the 'Bakuretsu Tenshi [Burst Angel]', 'Loveless' DVD box sets and 'Medal of Honor Airborne' PC game I've ordered through amazon.com WAS delivered! vPOST just sent me an email payment letter yesterday and I paid, so I'm expecting it to arrive probably on 23th or Christmas Eve ... well hopefully.

I'm still waiting for my 'Candy☆Boy [CD+DVD]' I ordered from play-asia.com to arrive, probably on Monday since Mr Postman don't deliver on Sundays [I think?].

Random rantings;
It's been a long and depressing week, received news from the dormitory [In-campus] I've applied that I'm in the waiting list and there's like little chance I'll get a place. So, probably I'll get another dormitory out-campus lol, I emailed a dormitory I'm interested that like 3km away from the campus, so I think it's okay la. I saw bicycle tracks heading towards the campus so, maybe, I could try cycling to campus or something.

Hopefully I get some GOOD news on January 2008 of the dormitory [In-campus] ... it's always better to live in ... lol don't need to rush. But then, I don't wanna pitch too much hope on them. Just as I was cheering up, a freak accident happened two days ago in the place I worked in, I believed that the driver didn't pull his handbrake properly, which could be a result of the death of his friend. It was still unknown, the police took statements and the lorry away.

Everything was filmed by the security camera from afar and we could clearly see the driver alighting from the lorry then suddenly the lorry moved forward as the road was a slope. The driver instinctively ran back to open the door to pull the brake or something but it was too late ... we could see the lorry bumping up and down as it went over his friend. I don't think his friend even had time to protect himself as he was ran over his back [He was walking in front of the lorry]. Everything was gone in just 10 seconds, a life just like that. Needless to say, an ambulance was called and I heard that the vicitm was barely hanging on.

It was really an unfortunate accident, it should NOT had happened. After the incident, my dad and I were discussing more proactive measures to prevent this kind of accident. We never expected this to happen. This was a lesson to the workers operating heavy vehicles to ALWAYS, ALWAYS check that your handbrake is securely in and my dad told me that the gear must be in gear 1 too especially on slopes. I was never taught this in my driving lessons, instead, I was taught to shift it to free gear when the engine is off. Probably my instructor never expected me to drive a manual car [even though I was learning manual], still ...

My dad, aunt and workers in the nursery who knew the person went to the wake tonight and probably going to be very sad. If you're driving, always check that everything is in order and drive carefully to ensure the safety of your love ones.

... Sorry to suddenly shift into depressing mode in the end ... so here's some happy news, Strawberry Panic! Volume 1 [Manga] is shipping out soon! Just saw the update on Seven Seas Entertainment website. So I believe if you pre-ordered it in amazon.com, it should be arriving pretty soon! I'll be getting mine via my local Kinokuniya when it's out!

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