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Friday, December 28, 2007

[Manga] Hatsu Koi Shimai Chapter 9

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This is a pretty long chapter and I've added two more pages to this Chapter's summary, so ... enjoy ... the KISS! [And it's not the forehead kind]


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Hatsu Koi Shimai 1 and 2.

Recapturing from the previous chapter, Chika's feeling very tired that morning because Chiori had 'forced' her down to thread the beads into bracelets, wrist bands, necklaces, rings etc for sale for the cultural ceremony the next day. As for Akiho, she's been ignoring Touko-sensei after the unpleasant outburst in the previous chapter.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 3. Hatsu Koi Shimai 4.

It's finally the day of the Cultural Ceremony event, Chika's still busy/whining making the beads products because the ones she made before the day were bought over by her classmates lol. Miyu suggested to Chiori that they help Chika out too, instead of just leaving everything to her. Miyu then whispered to Chika about Haruna's whereabouts, urging her to invite her to a date. When Chika reached for her pocket to touch the ring Haruna made, she realized it's not there!

Chika gave a lame excuse of going to the bathroom and rushed off to find the ring, leaving Chiori very pissed off. The skies started to turn grey and it began to rain pretty soon as Chika's still searching for the ring. Haruna felt a twist in her gut and a moment later, Akiho came rushing to inform her that she saw Chika looked rather pale a while ago and wondered what had happened.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 5. Hatsu Koi Shimai 6.

In the pouring rain, Chika's still searching for the ring, blaming herself for losing it and doubted her ability to save Haruna's heart. Haruna managed to find Chika and told her that she'll catch a cold in the rain and suggested that they return. Chika answered that she couldn't. Haruna closed the umbrella she holding, much to Chika's protest and replied that if Chika's not returning, she wouldn't too.

Haruna added that she felt safety from Chika's smiles yet she hurt her so much ... 'I'm such a cruel person.', Haruna ended. Chika began bawling that Haruna's not a cruel person at all and that she's the terrible one cos she lost the ring Haruna gave to her. Losing the ring is like losing Haruna's heart, Chika continued and she felt that she had let Haruna down and this rain could not even atone her carelessness.

Haruna told Chika just to make another one, but Chika protested that it's not it ... it's the first time she had this kind of feeling, for the sake of saving Haruna, she would do anything. In Chika's heart, Haruna is more important than anything else in the world! After the declaration from Chika, Touko makes her appearance, congratulating them on a 'binding' statement and being the 'villain' was worth it. Chika's so pissed that she lashed out at Touko-sensei for making a fool of her. Smiling, Touko replied that she's always been serious and added that she likes Chika and also likes Haruna too.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 7. Hatsu Koi Shimai 8.

Touko then proposed that they take refuge in the shelter. While walking, Touko lol touched Haruna's hand and smiled at her, much to Chika's dismay and jealousy. After finding a shelter, Touko left, with Chika damn pissed and sure that Touko-sensei's making a fool of her again lol. Haruna told Chika to stretch her hand out and placed the ring on Chika's ring finger. [Seemed like Touko only wanted to give the ring to Haruna when they touched earlier on.] Chika's embarrassed when she realized the ring was placed on her ring finger!

Haruna decided to tell her past about the senpai [Senior] she admired to Chika and admitted that she had dated the senpai ... [!?] no ... Haruna added, maybe it's her own wishful thinking. As long as she's with her senpai, it doesn't matter if she's given the cold shoulders by her friends. However, ... the senpai had abandoned her in front of everyone and reflecting back, Haruna wondered if the senpai was protecting her in some way. From then day, Haruna always felt ill and didn't attend school, the fear of facing the senpai so she's always running away.

As for now, Haruna wondered why was she still avoiding yet she's not pursuing the issue ... it's then that Haruna understood it's all because of Chika. Haruna thanked Chika for the time when they were having cake in the cafe [See Chapter 5], whereby Chika had passionately declared that she would continue to chase Haruna.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 9. Hatsu Koi Shimai 10.

Meanwhile, Akiho finally caught on to Touko-sensei's real motive in coming between Chika and Haruna's relationship. Nevertheless, Akiho's still pissed at Touko-sensei's reckless kinda of interference as it could cripple the relationship. Touko replied that if so, just break up and added that such superficial love will not last long. Touko revealed that she had someone she likes too but her feelings were not conveyed and as such, there's no development. Touko don't want such situation to repeat itself again ... like real, Touko grinned, probablt trying to ease the tension.

Akiho confessed while crying that her feelings were not conveyed ... Chika could give Haruna happiness, vice versa and she's alright with it, even though it's been like that, she's alright with it. Touko embraced Akiho and was happy that Akiho had shown her true feelings at last. Touko started to comfort Akiho that she had tried her best and praised her for being strong and mature. Overwhelmed by the whirling emotions inside of her, Akiho cried her heart out at the expense of Touko. Touko made light of the situation by stating that it seemed like she had been always making Akiho cry.

A while later, Akiho began to calm down and was embarrassed that she had been crying on Touko's shoulders. Touko smiled and said that it's okay because they're really close anyways lol. Everything between them seemed okay after this and the rain stopped so they returned back.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 11. Hatsu Koi Shimai 12.

Else where, Chika and Haruna were enjoying the light breeze in their secret garden after the rain. Chika then asked if Haruna brought the ring she made for her as she wanted to slip the ring on Haruna's finger. [KYAAAAHH~, it's like they're exchanging wedding vows or something lol]

Hatsu Koi Shimai 13. Hatsu Koi Shimai 14.

With tears in their eyes and both their hands clasp together in a tight fit, Haruna confessed that she's not afraid anymore ... as long as she's with Chika ... 'Me too,' replied Chika. Haruna with love shining in her eyes, leaned over to Chika and ...

Hatsu Koi Shimai 15. Hatsu Koi Shimai 16.

... whispered to Chika that she likes her before kissing her and in her heart, she's thanking Chika for giving such warmth, fuzzy feelings of love with her. Chika described the kiss as gentle, warm and with a little taste salty rain drops [lol]. Towards the end, Chika swore that she would always stay by Haruna's side and would always love her. - END of Chapter 9 -

A fantastic end to Volume 2 and Chapter 9, AT LONG LAST, they kissed LOL. I'm kinda surprised that Haruna took the initiative to lean down and kiss Chika ... not to mention the kisses in later Chapters heh. Seriously, the intense sweetness flowing from the two of them were ... lol totally made me feel like I had toothache.

A couple was formed, we got three more to go ... any guesses?

When there's a certain amount of people who got it right, I would post a link where all will get to enjoy scans of additional sketches, profiles of the Characters from the tankoubons [Volume 1 & 2].

So, get guessing!

Random rants;
Actually, I had the summary typed out on the day I posted Chapter 8 lol, I was totally on a roll and kept typing and typing which was fun cos I haven't had this kind of feeling for a long long time. I'm rather sick of my 4-posts-per-month mannerism these few months, well, I guess it's because I was worried about my personal stuff and it still ain't solved as yet. Hopefully, I get the good news on January 2008 ... then I'll probably be on some kind of hiatus where I'll go work my butt out for Chinese New Year and prepare my stuff for studies after the CNY lol.

I have to start acting like an adult ... and with any luck, I get settled in UQ quickly and I'll start blogging again! I'm really worried who will purchase the mangas for me when I'm not in Singapore, chuz was like, 'I'm not doing that, I'm not going to buy those 'girly girly' books for you, I mean how will others see me!?', he exclaimed, to my disappointment. What an unreliable brother.


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  1. Ahahahah!!! I love you! Okay, so this is the first time I've posted something on your blog, but I've been reading a lot of your stuff... >>; Anyways, thank you so much!! AHH! I love you for doing this! I love the ending. Can't wait for more!

  2. to keebler, welcome, hope to see ya around =).