Translated KonoSetsu Doujinshi Script From

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Just finished my tutorial work lol, seriously I'm quite bored out of my mind to do it ... when the tutorial's like next week.

KonoSetsu Doujinshi From

As requested from Jessie in the tagboard, here's the script to the KonoSetsu doujinshi that was sent to me. I'm pretty sure it's from yamibo but I'm not sure where the thread had gone, the name of the doujinshi and the creator. If anyone knows the creator or the thread in yamibo, please tell me yeah so that I can credit him/her.

[Updated on 18 June 2008]

Credit: fri_for625
Source Link: [原創][NGM同人]剎木同人漫畫 怨念的14頁完成囧rz

So yeah if you want the file, here's the link to it provided by Jessie. Hope you wouldn't mind?

On to the script;

Notes: Ojou-sama - Mistress

- Page 1 -

Konoka: Heh heh! It's been a long time since I slept together with Secchan.
Setsuna: .... [Sweat Drop]
Setsuna: Let me get this clear. It's only for tonight.

Konoka: Eh!?
Setsuna: Ojou-sama ...

Konoka: It doesn't hurt to sleep together for a few days more isn't it?
Konoka: Secchan's mean.
Setsuna: I can't do that. I'm not here to play around, what if a demon made a sneak attack upon us ...?
Konoka: Uh ...
Konoka: I got it already ... ! Meanie!!
Setsuna: Un! Thank you Ojou-sama for understanding the situation.

Setsuna: Naa ... I'm going to switch off the light. Good night.
Konoka: Un. Good night.

- Page 2 -

[Opens Eyes]
Konoka: Hehe!

- Page 3 -

Konoka: [Thoughts] I never realized that just by looking at her sleeping face that I could feel such happiness --- ...

- Page 4 -

Konoka: Really, Secchan!

Konoka: Even in sleep, she still looks so serious ... hehe ...

[Gets up and moving nearer]

Konoka: ... ... I

- Page 5 -

Konoka: In this world, the person I like most is you ...
Konoka: Secchan ...

Konoka: ... ...

Konoka: Uwa!
Konoka: Heh heh!
Konoka: As expected, this is so embarrassing!
Setsuna: Uh ...
Konoka: Eh?

- Page 6 -

[In Process Of Pondering]
Konoka: [Thoughts] Secchan ---
Konoka: ... ...
Konoka: [Thoughts] Can a person blush in her sleep?
Setsuna: Uh ... caught red handed ...
Konoka: --- ... !!

- Page 7 -

Konoka: Se .. Sec ...
Konoka: Secchan!?
Konoka: S-since when did you woke up?

Setsuna: I ...
Setsuna: I was thinking of waiting for Ojou-sama to fall asleep before heading out to place the talismans and sleeping outside ...
Konoka: Sleeping outside?
Konoka: Secchan's making decisions by herself again!!
Setsuna: But I ...

- Page 8 -

Setsuna: I ...
Setsuna: --- ...
[Closing in]
Konoka: Secchan?

Setsuna: But because of my carelessness, I was too engrossed in looking at Ojou-sama's sleeping face that I had forgotten about placing the talismans.

Setsuna: And ...
Setsuna: Ojou-sama suddenly awoke and ... did that kind of action ...
Konoka: Ahhh! Don't continue anymore!!
Setsuna: I was momentarily ...

- Page 9 -

Konoka: Uh ... how embarrassing ...

Setsuna: Ojou-sama ...
Konoka: ... ?

- Page 10 -

Setsuna: I too ...
Setsuna: The person I like the most is Ojou-sama ... ...

[Badump! Badump!]
Konoka: Un ... me too ...

- Page 11 -

- Page 12 -

[Badump! Badump! Badump! Badump! Badump!]

Konoka & Setsuna: ... ...

Konoka: It's late! We better go back to sleep! Ahaha!
Setsuna: Y-you're right about that! Sleep!

Konoka: ... ...
Setsuna: Ah! Got to place the talismans.

- Page 13 -

Konoka: Secchan!
Konoka: [Thoughts] Want to be even closer to you ...
Konoka: That ... let's sleep together ... that way you don't have to go and place the talismans.

Setsuna: Un ...

- Page 14 -

Konoka: [Thoughts] Just like this, staying on a place closest to me, letting me feel your breath and warmth, everyday everyday --- ...

Konoka: [Asleep] Zzz ...
Setsuna: I-is this heaven or hell? I can't sleep at all ...

Konoka: [Thoughts] Till forever --- ...

- END -

That's all, hope you guys enjoyed it lol.

Random rants;

Went out with friends to watch movie, 'Juno' at the South Bank 5 Cinema Complex at South Banks duh lol. Well, it was a great catch, I mean it's like only AUD$5.00 for students, just S$6.50 ... and we went on a weekend/Sunday! GV Singapore also just started giving the S$6.00 Student promotion ONLY on weekdays lol and it's for a certian period only bleh. No wonder people rather wait and buy DVDs than catch a movie -.-

I was thinking of watching 'Meet the Spartans' when it's out ... like tomorrow? LoL. Nah, got two lectures tomorrow ... craps, this means 4 hours of total boredom. Sigh, I kept thinking of the money lol, I even had a dream last week about my parents reprimanding me for spending the money on studies and stuff. The next day when I was on webcam with dad and mum, they were like don't worry and stuff, thinking about that makes me teary lol.

Well, I hope I'm not going to spend on any unnecessary stuff next month, probably limit my budget to $50 per month yeah, that'll do. I'm living in an all-paid dorm so yeah, gotta pack lunch everyday and stuff so that I won't spend on craps, hm so $43.20 for monthly translink concession and the rest for whatever lol eg chips, chocolates and maggie mee!!

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Penguin Musume MAX (ペンギン娘MAX)

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Just had to post something about this cos it's darn funny and there's shoujo-ai in to boot as well lol uh, in this weird way lol.


Check out the Mandarin version of the Two Chapters at yamibo. If you thought Chapter 1 was hysterical, try Chapter 2 lol, I bet it'll split your hips!!!! LoL. Btw, the names in the 'Happy Family' are, 'Wife' - Nankyoku Sakura [南極 さくら], 'Husband' - Etorofu Kujira [択捉鯨], 'Granny' - Kurio Nene [栗尾ねね] LOL.

More info about the series in Japanese, click here. Moreover, Penguin Musume MAX (ペンギン娘MAX) is going on anime soon so bookmark this title somewhere cos I have this feeling that it's going to be totally hilarious and fanservic-y.

Random rantings;

Had beef spaghetti for dinner just now, it was yummy lol. I was thinking of hanging down to Indooroopilly Shopping Town this weekend or something and I've gotta buy the monthly ticket soon, I can't afford to keep coughing out coins everyday for bus/ferry trips.

Random Aussie Pic 1.Random Aussie Pic 2.Random Aussie Pic 3.
Random Aussie Pic 4.Random Aussie Pic 5.Random Aussie Pic 6.
Random Aussie Pic 7.Random Aussie Pic 8.Random Aussie Pic 9.
Random Aussie Pic 10.Random Aussie Pic 11.Random Aussie Pic 12.

I'm probably staying for 3 years instead of two years and a half cos I wanted to do Double Majors [International Business and Marketing] AND hopefully graduate with Honours, I never intended to do Masters during my stay at UQ.

I figured that I could do my Masters somewhere else lol, seems more fun this way, besides I think I need to work at least a few years and repay my 'debt' lol. I dunno, any suggestions?

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ONA, Candy☆Boy to continue with 7 episodes

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G'day! Rather G'evening! LoL, first post here in gorgeous Australia XD. Well, I haven't got the chance to really tour around Brisbane yet ... in need of a tour guide lol. Anyways, at least I've been to the Toowong Village near my dormitory, bought some stuff in K-mart, like a lunch box, a bucket to put my clothes in, clothes airer, washing powder, brush, hangers and stuff. Holy crap, the washing powder price was a rip-off lol ... for a poor international student like me.

Taken From the Offical website.

Moving to happy things ... Whee! The offical site of ONA, Candy☆Boy sent me in a frenzy by announcing that they're releasing 7 episodes of Candy☆Boy online!!!

I will fight teeth and bones to view all of them ... even with the limited bandwidth here!!! Well, actually it's not that bad in my case, the dormitory gave me 12GB of download/upload bandwidth for 30days. It's not that often that I'll view episodes online and even so it's just a few episodes ... unlike heavy freedownloaders back in Singapore lol. Thank heavens for that. I've tried downloading two episodes of Negima Life Action Drama today and it's like only 350MB ... not that bad considering I don't ALWAYS download everyday ... which means I'll have spare for the next day! Haha. So yeah, I can still view manga online heh, read fanfics and my usual stuff =).

Uh, anyways I'm looking forward to the Candy☆Boy episodes, not expecting full blown 24mins episodes but ... probably hoping for more fluff and cuteness between the twins LOL.

Random rantings;

Well, it's another case for UQ ... I mean like 200MB per month, gotta me kidding me lol. I'll probably just buy the 1GB bandwidth scratch card or something. Anyways, the UQ, St Lucia Campus's really wonderful, I love the nature feeling of the whole place with the little ... wild animals/birds running around lol. Every morning, I woke up to the screeches of the cockatoos which probably came from the Australian Zoo up north lol.

It's pretty fun, making my own breakfast and lunch with nothing but sandwiches of ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato sauce LOL. Dinners provided were great too, had beef lasagna, potatoes, chicken drumsticks, beef pie, salad, not to mention dessert too! I heard the cook worked as a dessert chef before lol, the brownies, cakes and cream cakes he made were DEEEEEEE-licious lol.

Ahhh~ Anyone got tips where to explore in Brisbane, around my area? LoL. I was thinking of taking City Train down to Indooroopilly, heard that there's a shopping town with cinemas there lol, I wanna go watch 'Meeting the Spartans' LOL. I love my Student ID card~ gives me discounts wherever I go!

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Happy Chinese New Year! [2008]

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It's been a while, O_o don't even ask ... late CNY blessing this year. Anyways to my friends who read my blog, I'll be sms-ing you guys anyways;

Going to Aussie on 11/02/2008, 9PM flight, check-in time, 7 PM, Terminal 1

So yeah, if you guys can make it, just come, if not nvm, I will always remember you and buy stuff for all you guys when I come back for visits LOL.

Last Home Cooked Dinner In Singapore LoL.

Looking at the spread on the photo above, can you believe that I had diarrhea only two days ago!? LOL. I'm going to throw all my worries away and hopefully won't die on the plane going to and fro the toilet tomorrow lol.

Sigh, I was thinking of sending my friend, NT to Changi Airport tonight but as you know I was sick, although I ate alot just now lol ... hell with it ... yeah I don't really want to spread my 'germs' around so I opted to stay at home.


I think my family is seriously trying to kill me with the ... heavenly food here which I'm NOT supposed to eat as per now lol.

I didn't managed to take pictures of the steamboat and stuff cos I was too shy to snap pictures as the uncles and aunties from my father's side were around lol. Anyways, hopefully I'll be celebrating the next Chinese New Year back in Singapore and not to worry, there's a high possibility that I'll continue blogging anime/manga stuff ... cos I'm bringing my 100GB portable hard drive over lol.

So ... hm even with the download/upload limits, I'll find a way to turn it to my advantage lol. My next post will most definitely be in Australia within the week, probably about the food and my feelings ... and soon or later about anime/manga lol. Sit tight, I'll be summarizing a story from Yuri Hime 9 by Kazuma Kowo.

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Random Thoughts 3

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Mere 10 days more. I'm seriously in not much mood to post any stuff related to anime/manga these days.

LoL! It's My Current MSN Display Picture.

Alright, I'm trying to relieve the tension here lol.

Went to apply for an IDP at the AA centre at River Valley this afternoon, dammit I tell you, I don't know where the hell it is, even though I checked up via online Street Directory ... lol. Anyways, I finally got there with the help of dad and no doubt I was freaking pissed when I reached the place to get my application processed and photo taken lol. I was wet, tired and did I said wet? My feet was soaked all the way as I walked out of the MRT Station to the Centre and back ... I should had asked dad to send me there.

Enough of bad stuff, after that, I went to Comics Connection and bought these babies;

Last Personal Purchase With ChuangYi.

This would be my 'last' personal purchase with ChuangYi ... until I come back in the next sem or ... I dunno lol. I'm probably going to bring Fruits Basket #23 [END] and Fushigi Yuugi - Genbu Kaiden #7 with me to Australia lol.

'Already Done' Checklist For January;
1. Dorm Amenities and Caution fees to send back by 18th Jan. [Do on 14th, Use Speedpost 2-3 days service] - DONE -
2. Remit money to ANZ Account when the AUS currency is low lol by end of the month. [Wait till it falls to 1.25 or something lol] - Got dez Cash ... 1.27 Waiting - - DONE @ 1.268! LoL -
3. Buy a new lappy by end of the month cos old lappy's in wonderland =(. [Eyeing for Lenovo ThinkPad T61 but why is it Windows Vista!!!??] - YES, There's free downgrade to Win XP Pro~! Buy by weekend - - Sent order form over - - DONE -
4. Buy Webcam, so that mum can see me? lol - DONE -
5. Outting with friends on 26 and 27 Jan - Can't wait to see them again~ - - DONE -
6. Sent payment for dorm by 1 Feb - Remit? - - DONE -
7. Book Airport Accommodation by end of this month [Needs like a few days in advance] - DONE Remember to PRINT confirmation letter -
8. Apply for International Driving Permit by end of the month. [Sigh in case] - DONE Lost in the damn fucking rain -

'To Do Checklist' For February;
1. Go for IDP Pre-Departure Seminar 2008 on 2nd Feb cos I missed the UQ one O_o|||
2. Preparation of required stuff to bring over [Clothes, cutlery and stuff] - Uh Kinda -
3. Pack luggage, LIMITED to 30KG [LOL It's freaking big]
4. Convince/beg bros to buy manga for me while I'm gone [GRRR!]
5. Plan out lessons to attend during orientation week 18-22 feb
6. Enrol UQ mySI-net to collection Student ID card on 12 feb.
7. ...

Basically, I've done pretty much most of the things listed ... maybe I'll there'll be more stuffs up when I attend the seminar tomorrow lol.

I just found something horrifying ... there're download limits within the campus at UQ!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!! This might be the end to my anime streaming and manga dling days!!!! Think I'll lurk in the library just to leech that exclusion lol.

I'm not sure what to post for the next 10 days in Singapore ... any suggestions? I'm thinking of doing a summary for a teacher x student story in Yuri Hime Volume 9 lol. Speaking of Yuri Hime ... sources are getting rather slow ... not that I'm really whining ... okay I am lol, I just need my dose of yuri before I go ... sob sob. Okay, that sounds really bad lol.

Besides that, I've been viewing much Fate x Nanoha doujinshi by Sea Star around, most of the stories were really sweet, the latest I read was a 'happy family' kind lol.

Sigh. I've requested for mum to cook her yummy prawn mee before I go lol.

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