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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Translated KonoSetsu Doujinshi Script From Yamibo.com

[Posted @ 3:52 PM]
Just finished my tutorial work lol, seriously I'm quite bored out of my mind to do it ... when the tutorial's like next week.

KonoSetsu Doujinshi From Yamibo.com

As requested from Jessie in the tagboard, here's the script to the KonoSetsu doujinshi that was sent to me. I'm pretty sure it's from yamibo but I'm not sure where the thread had gone, the name of the doujinshi and the creator. If anyone knows the creator or the thread in yamibo, please tell me yeah so that I can credit him/her.

[Updated on 18 June 2008]

Credit: fri_for625
Source Link: [原創][NGM同人]剎木同人漫畫 怨念的14頁完成囧rz

So yeah if you want the file, here's the link to it provided by Jessie. Hope you wouldn't mind?

On to the script;

Notes: Ojou-sama - Mistress

- Page 1 -

Konoka: Heh heh! It's been a long time since I slept together with Secchan.
Setsuna: .... [Sweat Drop]
Setsuna: Let me get this clear. It's only for tonight.

Konoka: Eh!?
Setsuna: Ojou-sama ...

Konoka: It doesn't hurt to sleep together for a few days more isn't it?
Konoka: Secchan's mean.
Setsuna: I can't do that. I'm not here to play around, what if a demon made a sneak attack upon us ...?
Konoka: Uh ...
Konoka: I got it already ... ! Meanie!!
Setsuna: Un! Thank you Ojou-sama for understanding the situation.

Setsuna: Naa ... I'm going to switch off the light. Good night.
Konoka: Un. Good night.

- Page 2 -

[Opens Eyes]
Konoka: Hehe!

- Page 3 -

Konoka: [Thoughts] I never realized that just by looking at her sleeping face that I could feel such happiness --- ...

- Page 4 -

Konoka: Really, Secchan!

Konoka: Even in sleep, she still looks so serious ... hehe ...

[Gets up and moving nearer]

Konoka: ... ... I

- Page 5 -

Konoka: In this world, the person I like most is you ...
Konoka: Secchan ...

Konoka: ... ...

Konoka: Uwa!
Konoka: Heh heh!
Konoka: As expected, this is so embarrassing!
Setsuna: Uh ...
Konoka: Eh?

- Page 6 -

[In Process Of Pondering]
Konoka: [Thoughts] Secchan ---
Konoka: ... ...
Konoka: [Thoughts] Can a person blush in her sleep?
Setsuna: Uh ... caught red handed ...
Konoka: --- ... !!

- Page 7 -

Konoka: Se .. Sec ...
Konoka: Secchan!?
Konoka: S-since when did you woke up?

Setsuna: I ...
Setsuna: I was thinking of waiting for Ojou-sama to fall asleep before heading out to place the talismans and sleeping outside ...
Konoka: Sleeping outside?
Konoka: Secchan's making decisions by herself again!!
Setsuna: But I ...

- Page 8 -

Setsuna: I ...
Setsuna: --- ...
[Closing in]
Konoka: Secchan?

Setsuna: But because of my carelessness, I was too engrossed in looking at Ojou-sama's sleeping face that I had forgotten about placing the talismans.

Setsuna: And ...
Setsuna: Ojou-sama suddenly awoke and ... did that kind of action ...
Konoka: Ahhh! Don't continue anymore!!
Setsuna: I was momentarily ...

- Page 9 -

Konoka: Uh ... how embarrassing ...

Setsuna: Ojou-sama ...
Konoka: ... ?

- Page 10 -

Setsuna: I too ...
Setsuna: The person I like the most is Ojou-sama ... ...

[Badump! Badump!]
Konoka: Un ... me too ...

- Page 11 -

- Page 12 -

[Badump! Badump! Badump! Badump! Badump!]

Konoka & Setsuna: ... ...

Konoka: It's late! We better go back to sleep! Ahaha!
Setsuna: Y-you're right about that! Sleep!

Konoka: ... ...
Setsuna: Ah! Got to place the talismans.

- Page 13 -

Konoka: Secchan!
Konoka: [Thoughts] Want to be even closer to you ...
Konoka: That ... let's sleep together ... that way you don't have to go and place the talismans.

Setsuna: Un ...

- Page 14 -

Konoka: [Thoughts] Just like this, staying on a place closest to me, letting me feel your breath and warmth, everyday everyday --- ...

Konoka: [Asleep] Zzz ...
Setsuna: I-is this heaven or hell? I can't sleep at all ...

Konoka: [Thoughts] Till forever --- ...

- END -

That's all, hope you guys enjoyed it lol.

Random rants;

Went out with friends to watch movie, 'Juno' at the South Bank 5 Cinema Complex at South Banks duh lol. Well, it was a great catch, I mean it's like only AUD$5.00 for students, just S$6.50 ... and we went on a weekend/Sunday! GV Singapore also just started giving the S$6.00 Student promotion ONLY on weekdays lol and it's for a certian period only bleh. No wonder people rather wait and buy DVDs than catch a movie -.-

I was thinking of watching 'Meet the Spartans' when it's out ... like tomorrow? LoL. Nah, got two lectures tomorrow ... craps, this means 4 hours of total boredom. Sigh, I kept thinking of the money lol, I even had a dream last week about my parents reprimanding me for spending the money on studies and stuff. The next day when I was on webcam with dad and mum, they were like don't worry and stuff, thinking about that makes me teary lol.

Well, I hope I'm not going to spend on any unnecessary stuff next month, probably limit my budget to $50 per month yeah, that'll do. I'm living in an all-paid dorm so yeah, gotta pack lunch everyday and stuff so that I won't spend on craps, hm so $43.20 for monthly translink concession and the rest for whatever lol eg chips, chocolates and maggie mee!!

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  1. didn't know if you were going to edit it so I edited the KonoSetsu doujinshi, had some free time and all that any way here's the link: http://www.savefile.com/files/1407841

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  3. Oh, it's good. ^______^
    By the way, Akayuki-san, would you like to join me to create a scanlation group? We have a plan to create a new scanlation group with main project is yuri genre, but we have only one translator and one editor.
    So, if you have interest in it, would you mind being our companion, with the role as a translator or proofreader?
    Hope to receive your reply soon. ^____^
    Best regards.

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