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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Penguin Musume MAX (ペンギン娘MAX)

[Posted @ 7:15 PM]
Just had to post something about this cos it's darn funny and there's shoujo-ai in to boot as well lol uh, in this weird way lol.


Check out the Mandarin version of the Two Chapters at yamibo. If you thought Chapter 1 was hysterical, try Chapter 2 lol, I bet it'll split your hips!!!! LoL. Btw, the names in the 'Happy Family' are, 'Wife' - Nankyoku Sakura [南極 さくら], 'Husband' - Etorofu Kujira [択捉鯨], 'Granny' - Kurio Nene [栗尾ねね] LOL.

More info about the series in Japanese, click here. Moreover, Penguin Musume MAX (ペンギン娘MAX) is going on anime soon so bookmark this title somewhere cos I have this feeling that it's going to be totally hilarious and fanservic-y.

Random rantings;

Had beef spaghetti for dinner just now, it was yummy lol. I was thinking of hanging down to Indooroopilly Shopping Town this weekend or something and I've gotta buy the monthly ticket soon, I can't afford to keep coughing out coins everyday for bus/ferry trips.

Random Aussie Pic 1.Random Aussie Pic 2.Random Aussie Pic 3.
Random Aussie Pic 4.Random Aussie Pic 5.Random Aussie Pic 6.
Random Aussie Pic 7.Random Aussie Pic 8.Random Aussie Pic 9.
Random Aussie Pic 10.Random Aussie Pic 11.Random Aussie Pic 12.

I'm probably staying for 3 years instead of two years and a half cos I wanted to do Double Majors [International Business and Marketing] AND hopefully graduate with Honours, I never intended to do Masters during my stay at UQ.

I figured that I could do my Masters somewhere else lol, seems more fun this way, besides I think I need to work at least a few years and repay my 'debt' lol. I dunno, any suggestions?

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  1. It's seems to be a fun story, but i can't find it anywhere.
    Can you tell me where to look for releases?
    And will you translate it?

    About your master, I'll suggest you to stay were you are cause it must be rather hard like that without adding the problems of traveling, I guess.^^
    You'll have all the time you want to travel after right?
    Well, after if you can do both it's better to see the world, but stabilize your situation and you'll be free!

    Well i wish you good luck!
    See you in your next post.

  2. :3 It looks nice. I hope someone kind will appear and translate it again. Geez, I should really start with self-studying >__>.

    Aah, spreading Singapore beauty is going well? Nice to hear it ^^.

    Look forward to the next post.

    (Yamibo is playing with me again and is rejecting to load. I guess I cannot whine about who will translate this awesome sheets for a while, hehe.)

  3. to zarapurga, you can find the Mandarin version on yamibo but there seem to be a 5 posts limit so yeah make some posts in yamibo, its a great site.

    About my Masters, well I figured that I could stay ... but the fees and stuff. Probably could try working part-time I dunno, I'll think more about it in the second year when my routes are clearer lol. Thanks for the advice!

    to rinu, lol, even if you can't really understand the words, the pictures itself are totally funny.

    Nah, not translating ... too much work and I believe some other scanlation group will pick it up soon when the anime's out?

  4. Seems interesting. I only manage to find the first volume(raw) of Penguin Musume(not MAX) on rapidshare. Anyone knows where I can get the other 2 volumes?

  5. to kagerou, I think Penguin Musume MAX is a remake of Penguin Musume? I'm not sure cos I've never read Penguin Musume itself.

    It'll be great if anyone knows where else I could leech it from, besides rapidshare ... hate it lol.

  6. "The manga first ran in Weekly Shonen Champion in a 2006 trial run, then continued in a formal run from that year until 2007. It moved to Champion Red in its February issue under a new title, Penguin Musume Max."

    I agree that someone will likely pick the manga up once the anime comes out - at least I hope so! It has real potential to be a great anime too.

  7. according to the offcial site, penguin musume might premire on 4/19