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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year! [2008]

[Posted @ 9:41 PM]
It's been a while, O_o don't even ask ... late CNY blessing this year. Anyways to my friends who read my blog, I'll be sms-ing you guys anyways;

Going to Aussie on 11/02/2008, 9PM flight, check-in time, 7 PM, Terminal 1

So yeah, if you guys can make it, just come, if not nvm, I will always remember you and buy stuff for all you guys when I come back for visits LOL.

Last Home Cooked Dinner In Singapore LoL.

Looking at the spread on the photo above, can you believe that I had diarrhea only two days ago!? LOL. I'm going to throw all my worries away and hopefully won't die on the plane going to and fro the toilet tomorrow lol.

Sigh, I was thinking of sending my friend, NT to Changi Airport tonight but as you know I was sick, although I ate alot just now lol ... hell with it ... yeah I don't really want to spread my 'germs' around so I opted to stay at home.


I think my family is seriously trying to kill me with the ... heavenly food here which I'm NOT supposed to eat as per now lol.

I didn't managed to take pictures of the steamboat and stuff cos I was too shy to snap pictures as the uncles and aunties from my father's side were around lol. Anyways, hopefully I'll be celebrating the next Chinese New Year back in Singapore and not to worry, there's a high possibility that I'll continue blogging anime/manga stuff ... cos I'm bringing my 100GB portable hard drive over lol.

So ... hm even with the download/upload limits, I'll find a way to turn it to my advantage lol. My next post will most definitely be in Australia within the week, probably about the food and my feelings ... and soon or later about anime/manga lol. Sit tight, I'll be summarizing a story from Yuri Hime 9 by Kazuma Kowo.

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  1. Australia is a great place, i hope you'll enjoy your new life.
    Good luck and please continue to post in your blog. ^^

  2. Good luck to you mate :)