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Saturday, February 16, 2008

ONA, Candy☆Boy to continue with 7 episodes

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G'day! Rather G'evening! LoL, first post here in gorgeous Australia XD. Well, I haven't got the chance to really tour around Brisbane yet ... in need of a tour guide lol. Anyways, at least I've been to the Toowong Village near my dormitory, bought some stuff in K-mart, like a lunch box, a bucket to put my clothes in, clothes airer, washing powder, brush, hangers and stuff. Holy crap, the washing powder price was a rip-off lol ... for a poor international student like me.

Taken From the Offical animation2.net website.

Moving to happy things ... Whee! The offical site of ONA, Candy☆Boy sent me in a frenzy by announcing that they're releasing 7 episodes of Candy☆Boy online!!!

I will fight teeth and bones to view all of them ... even with the limited bandwidth here!!! Well, actually it's not that bad in my case, the dormitory gave me 12GB of download/upload bandwidth for 30days. It's not that often that I'll view episodes online and even so it's just a few episodes ... unlike heavy freedownloaders back in Singapore lol. Thank heavens for that. I've tried downloading two episodes of Negima Life Action Drama today and it's like only 350MB ... not that bad considering I don't ALWAYS download everyday ... which means I'll have spare for the next day! Haha. So yeah, I can still view manga online heh, read fanfics and my usual stuff =).

Uh, anyways I'm looking forward to the Candy☆Boy episodes, not expecting full blown 24mins episodes but ... probably hoping for more fluff and cuteness between the twins LOL.

Random rantings;

Well, it's another case for UQ ... I mean like 200MB per month, gotta me kidding me lol. I'll probably just buy the 1GB bandwidth scratch card or something. Anyways, the UQ, St Lucia Campus's really wonderful, I love the nature feeling of the whole place with the little ... wild animals/birds running around lol. Every morning, I woke up to the screeches of the cockatoos which probably came from the Australian Zoo up north lol.

It's pretty fun, making my own breakfast and lunch with nothing but sandwiches of ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato sauce LOL. Dinners provided were great too, had beef lasagna, potatoes, chicken drumsticks, beef pie, salad, not to mention dessert too! I heard the cook worked as a dessert chef before lol, the brownies, cakes and cream cakes he made were DEEEEEEE-licious lol.

Ahhh~ Anyone got tips where to explore in Brisbane, around my area? LoL. I was thinking of taking City Train down to Indooroopilly, heard that there's a shopping town with cinemas there lol, I wanna go watch 'Meeting the Spartans' LOL. I love my Student ID card~ gives me discounts wherever I go!

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  1. Hey! That's great news about Candy Boy! I can't wait until you give a review over it or something along those lines. But, I have cousins that live in Australian. They actually live in Brisbane too! (I had to ask my sister just now... >>;) But, I don't talk to them that much except when it's summer break in America. So, I don't know if I could help you, but I heard that it's a really nice place. I hope you have fun! And exploring is always fun!

  2. Do you know when the episodes will be released? I was practically squealing in delight when I read your blog concerning this show. It would be nice if they did twenty-four minute episodes concerning the two, but I will not complain. At least we get more concerning the two.

  3. to keebler, cool! Yeah, I've started 'exploring' the city and window shopping haha. I'm not really shopping person or anything, it seemed like when I walked in a shop I just 'had' to buy something haha.

    I'll be sure to give a review of the episodes when they're out ... hopefully soon.

    to Belgian Waffle, uh I don't know, but hopefully soon. I'll be sure to say something when it's out lol. Yeah, I don't really expect too much haha but more of them will be great.

  4. http://lee.weebly.com/guestbook.html

    i also cant wait for CandyBoy to come out!

  5. :O I didn't know it was based on a manga? whats the manga calleeedddd?