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Saturday, April 13, 2013

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 24 + ChuangYi Purchases April 2013

[Posted @ 10:45 PM]

TGIF! Well, a day [or two] late but I don't care lol. Gonna finish what I have started, starting from the series I have on hand. So, yesterday I went over to ChuangYi's office at;

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.Walter Agency Pte Ltd / Chuang Yi Publishing Pte Ltd  
Blk 1003 Bukit Merah Central
Redhill Industrial Estate
Singapore 159836
(Operating hours: 9:00am - 6:30pm, Monday to Friday.)

And purchase the backlogs from 2 years ago xD Took me an hour plus to get there from my jungle orz. It was tiring but I got what I wanted except for 2 books which are out of stock. Whelp, I'll just pop by Comics Connection to see if they have what I want available there.

[Left to Right] Vampire Knight, La Corda d' Oro, Twinkle Stars, Otomen
Full Metal Panic! Sigma, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, World Embryo, S.A
Full Metal Alchemist, Fushigi Yuugi - Genbu Kaiden, Ouran High Host Club, Neon Genesis Evangelion

The nice guy gave me a 20% discount \O/ so I pretty much got a dollar plus off each book. Kinda disappointed that they have issues with continuing Magister Negi Magi. After all I own 27 volumes published by them and now I have to turn to the Kodansha Comics version. Anyways, I got the rest via Amazon along with Ai Ore! [HEHE] and Morinaga Miruku's Girl Friends! Ugh, I can feel the headache coming with the shipping charges vPOST is gonna bill me. My boomer and hunter plushies [already own the tank] I ordered from Valve Store already costed me $50+ in shipping .. another 20 books is gonna be double or triple that amount ;A; Oh well, I'll post more about it once the parcel arrives =D

Now on to updates, as you can see, I changed the template which I hope is tidier and better looking :3

Oh I did this screenshot last week, I've added icon links to my twitch, youtube and steam accounts next to the top banner. Sometimes I'll broadcast a game or two of my plays in Island's L4D1/2 servers, you can join us if you like xD. Youtube has the collection of my Hanabira tutorials and random L4D or League of Legends recordings.

I have MIA for so long and still gotta update my links page and stuff, meh I'll get to them when I remember to hehe. [Probably neber] 

Hmm, you can read Tsubomi's webcomic here, [like Ch8 of Notes from the Garden of Lilies and finale of The Secret Recipe] There's also a new yuri title named Citrus which is currently serialized in Yuri Hime with really nice artwork. I've 'stolen' an image from the author's tweet [Saburouta] on the side --> There are 5 images and they're all worth a save in your Citrus folder ;D But I like this image the most haha, Yuzu sure is stronger than she looks lol. You can grab chapter 1 and 2 from your friendly Dynasty Reader.

Not too long ago, I've finished PSYCHO-PASS and I'm pleased to see a canon yuri couple =O after tons of speculations from a certain episode 2 xD.  There are quite a bit of fan arts and short strips revolving around Shion x Yayoi like this by Mutou and more at this yamibo thread.

That's all I have for today. See ya!


  1. you are the best!!! i just discovered your website now i will be following you 24/7!!! btw do you have any kinda of raws for garden of lilies that you can summarize?

  2. Thanks for visiting! Eh, Yuri Project has already translated Notes from the Garden of Lilies up to the very latest Chapter 8. Cheers to the awesome [super duper efficient] staff there!
    Read or download the scanlations here;
    - http://dynasty-scans.com/series/notes_from_the_garden_of_lilies / http://yuriproject.net/

  3. *o* it amazes me and makes me wonder where u get d money for all these, haha
    i'll be on same shopping spree if i have as much orz