IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 10

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Exams 大嫌い !!!

I Don't Like Exams!!!

LoL, my lousy attempt at Doropanda Tours' Sayo in Yuri Hime Wildrose Volume 2.

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.


1. Hyakko Ep4

XD, see this post.

2. Vampire Knight Guilty Ep3

I've yet to watch ... uuugghh *hates exams*

3. Penguin Musume Haato Ep19

LOL ... Pen: 'Kunowaura Comusodasu!' Nene: '... It's Kurobara Communications.' LOL.

[Sauces from yamibo.com and Tokyo Toshokan]


1. [Dynasty] Yuri Hime S Vol 3 - Minus Literacy Chapter 3
2. [Dynasty] Shoujo Sect Vol 2 - Day After
3. [Dynasty] Shoujo Sect Vol 2 - Extra II [END] *WOOTS*
4. [Dynasty] Alice Quartet Chapter 1
5. [Wings of Yuri] Gokujou Drops Chapter 3 [OZMG, MUST READ!!!]
6. [Tranquil Spring] Hyakko Chapter 2
7. [Tranquil Spring] Little Little Chapter 4
8. [Aerandria-OB] Private Prince Chapter 21-24 + Extra [END] <- Not Shoujo-ai but it's a nice josei smut manga, wonderful ending XD.

1. AKB48 - Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru [Woots, skirts flipping PV~~~]
2. [SCST] Mendol 帅男偶像 Ep 1 and 2 [Cross-dressing girls XD]

Translation for Tranquil Spring;
1. 14 Juicy - Chapter 3 [Translation 2% Done]
2. Weise Frau - Chapter 2 [Translation 50% Done]
3. Passionate Electric Waves - Chapter 2 [END] [PR Done]
---> speed up after exams!

Random rants;

I'm so bored with studying that I started drawing hahaha!

The Chicken And The Smut.

Ritsuko X Sayo~!

Warning ... a little NSFW/M;


Yeah, I 'copied', 'followed' and 'modified' [cos I'm not a good drawer >_>] the drawings from Yuri Hime Wildrose Volume 2. Well, it was fun ... back to study ... burn the midnight oil!!!

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Hyakko Ep4

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XD woots, a combi of Chapter 3 and Chapter 6 XD.

Hyakko Ep4.

Torako got pushed down by Nene XD. Scoop! Scandal!!! *snap snap snap*

Hyakko Ep4.

Screenshot these cos the mediaplayer thumbfile function doesn't do this episode justice.

Hyakko Ep4 1.Hyakko Ep4 2.Hyakko Ep4 3.
Hyakko Ep4 4.Hyakko Ep4 5.Hyakko Ep4 6.
Hyakko Ep4 7.Hyakko Ep4 8.Hyakko Ep4 9.

This episode is full of win, the flow is way better now, lol I like the scene where Torako was taunting Tatsuki's 'small serving' of spaghetti and it flashed back to the scene where Tatsuki was preventing Torako from pressing the 'big bowl of combo button' XD. Hmm, ah I also loled at the Ayumi licking ice-cream scene lol [It wasn't in the manga], glad to see that the anime expressed it better and funnier here.

o_o Suzu gropes Ayumi. LOL, I like how Nene's expression was Lupin-ish when she was about to pounce on Torako. Of course, my favourite, Torako's sketch of oni-Tatsuki XD lol, it's just so funny hahaha, especially when Koma did the fold LOL. [I've tried doing it on the Singapore dollar LOL, it's ... totally funny XD.] Torako was like 'Sorry (Laughs).' LOL.

Next episode, Chapter 5 and 7! Ushio appears! And we have a guy in love with one of the girls! Guess who!

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Candy☆Boy Ep4 Out On 7 November 2008

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Hm, I know I'm late and I'm sure you guys know the news already, woots, another episode Candy☆Boy in 2 weeks!

I'm glad that it's airing on 19:00 cos I can totally enjoy myself after my 8am exam paper that morning lol, for dez episode, I will work hard!!! *_* (burning).

Candy☆Boy Ep4.

Source; candyboy.jp

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Hyakko Ep3

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XD woots, a combi of Chapter 4 and Chapter 9 XD.

Hyakko Ep3.

LOL, with the appearance of Andou Nene, this episode made me lol a few times. Oh yeah, Nene's bi ... and I don't mean BI-cycle XD.

Hyakko Ep3.


Hyakko Ep3.

Hopefully this pace will continue for the next few episodes, a chapter in the first 10mins and the next in the second 10mins. I have a feeling that the producers are sick of adding their own filter scenes and went 'Oh, to the hell with it, we'll just have two chapters in one episode.' XD.

Hmmm, I see that the chapter with Torako meeting Ushio have been pushed backwards, probably in a flashback since they've cleverly covered Ushio's face in the 'Torako Skipping Class' scene lol.

Hyakko Ep3.

>A< bloomers ... Nene proclaimed that when she's Student Council President, she will shorten the girls' skirt by 5cm ... so vote for her now!!!

Hyakko Ep3.

The robotic [Mecha-Torako] scene's pretty good, I see some attempts of making it ... uh 3D or something. Yi-yiyiyiyiyiyiyi lol.

Hyakko Ep4 Preview.

Episode 4 looks interesting too ... hmm Chapter 3 and CHAPTER 6 LOL, my favourite chapter XD. Hope they kept Torako's sketch of Tatsuki in it, I'm so gonna lmao. Please look forward to it =].

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Hyakko Ep2

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o_O lol.

Hyakko Ep2.

*GASP* The Negima Baka Rangers have taken over Hyakko?

Hyakko Ep2.

Woots, appearance of Touma! XD ... it's short but ahh, better than nothing. LOL, Torako's such a sucker for punishment >A< !

Hmm, the first part of Episode 2 basically covered the whole of Chapter 2 in the manga but added in their own action in tennis, basketball, tea ceremony, calligraphy, flower arrangement and finally football club ... lol. Anyways, each ended with Torako either smacking Tatsuki in the face or tackling her lol.

Hyakko Ep2.

Ya know, somehow Suzu reminds me of Mikoto from Mai HiME lol.

WOOT, I can't wait for the next episode, appearance of the Ookami (Wolf) Nene!!! Put on your yuri goggles cos it's when the real fun starts ... well not really lol.

Random rants;
Tired ... just finishd my part for my group assignment and starting on another individual assignment on contract terms and market entry ... hmm. Ah I'm halfway with Chapter 2 of Weise Frau lol ... the editor gave me a kick on my arse by editing Chapter 1 XD. Hopefully, you guys get to read Chapter 1 soon =].

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IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 9

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Hmm, I haven't been updating in a while ... o_o

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.


1. Hyakko Ep2

Just watched Episode 2, some might find the pacing slow and boring, well I think the producers should combine the short chapters in the manga into an episode or something. Other than that, I've nothing but compliments for the background scenes, animation and seiyuus =]. Seriously, I can't help but feel sorry for Tatsuki here, I would had broken all ties with Torako LOL.

2. Vampire Knight Guilty Ep1

Woots, second season, Kaname-sama~~~~!

[Sauces from yamibo.com and Tokyo Toshokan]

1. [Eunos Press] Kona Kaga (Lucky+Star)
2. Candy Boy Doujinshi - Candy Case

1. [AQS] Mahou Sensei Negima Chapter 222
2. [Dynasty] Bakuretsu Tenshi Chapter 8
3. [Dynasty] Yuri Hime S Vol 3 - A Person Who Draws People
4. [Dynasty] Yuri Hime S Vol 3 - Kakera
5. [Dynasty] Yuri Hime S Vol 3 - Konohana Link Chapter 2
6. [Dynasty] Yuri Hime S Vol 3 - Momoiro Toiki
7. [Dynasty] Yuri Hime S Vol 3 - Otome Stay Tune Chapter 3
8. [Dynasty] Yuri Hime S Vol 3 - The Two of Us, Together Under the Sky
9. [Dynasty] Yuri Hime Wildrose Vol 2 - Greenhouse Secret
10. [Dynasty] Yuri Hime Wildrose Vol 2 - Neko ni Naritai
11. [Dynasty-TEA] Sasameki Koto Chapter 2
12. [EMS] Hen Chapter 72
13. [Wings of Yuri] ES Vol 2 - About the Punishment
14. [Wings of Yuri] ES Vol 2 - Long Road
15. [Wings of Yuri] ES Vol 2 - Some Glittering Day
16. [Wings of Yuri] ES Vol 2 - Water Garden
17. [Tranquil Spring] Hyakko Chapter 1
18. [Tranquil Spring] Octave Chapter 1
19. [Kotonoha-Lililicious] Sweet Blue Flowers Chapter 18 & Extra
20. [Aerandria-OB] Private Prince Chapter 15 <- Not Shoujo-ai but it's a nice josei smut manga XD lol.
21. 百合姬 Vol 12 [Yuri Hime Vol 12]
22. 百合姬 Vol 13 [Yuri Hime Vol 13]

1. Hyakko ED & BK

Translation for Tranquil Spring;
1. 14 Juicy - Chapter 3 [Translation 2% Done]
2. Weise Frau - Chapter 2 [Translation 2% Done]
3. Passionate Electric Waves - Chapter 2 [END] [PR Done]
--> Yeah, I know I'm slow, but will speed up after my exams >A< !!

Okay, I'm going to go whiny from now on;

Saw a comment somewhere which pisses me off, yeah, Little Little, as quoted '... has no fucking dialogue or textboxes at all ...' and yes we could be distributing raw, but the problem is, we're not a fucking raw provider. Otherwise, thank you for the constructive comment, we will improve on it.

Meanwhile, Chapter 1s for Hyakko and Octave are out. We’re always striving to improve our translation quality, if there’s something that is missing or just plain awkward, please direct them to TS website or ... well here's fine too if you're lazy XD lol. Comments/criticisms and compliments [Yes especially this] are always welcome =].

Here's a butter cookie [well, bread] for those who likes Little Little as much as I do;

Butter Cookie.

Random rants;

XD, its my birthday today woots. Here's a photo of my pathetic attempt at making a chocolate ice-cream milkshake and a birthday 'feast'.

Birthday Feast.

LOL, pathetic no? Sigh, just two more months. *Rush for 3 more assignments*

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Hyakko Ep1

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As mentioned, Tranquil Spring will be translating Hyakko the manga, it's currently in the QC-ing status and we should be releasing anytime soon. Meanwhile, please watch the anime, it follows the manga quite closely and added some of its own elements to stretch out the minutes and scenes.

LOL mouseover! I can't remember how many times I've repeated that scene, it's just so funny when Torako had this 'ozmg, this feeling of burning pain' expression.

'It's broken, it's broken, aaaagggrrrhhhh, it hurts!!! It hurts woooaaahh!!!'
-Insert sudden random line-
'Oh, be aware of above.'
LOL, random, but ftw opening.

Hyakko Ep1.

The OP, 'Suppin Rock [スッピンロック]' by Mana Ogawa is pretty catchy, I kinda like it especially at the Torako jumped out of window scene. It's just so smooth, that scene's basically the heart of the manga. Link to offical Hyakko website.

Hmm, I'm really lazy to type out a summary lol, I've still got 4 more assignments to go, so just go watch Ep1 raw or Mandarin sub. Oh well, let me sum it up in one sentence.

Torako, Suzu, Tatsuki and Ayumi got lost in school and this episode is about how they found their way back to their classroom not without ending with Torako delivering a powerful left-handed punch on their homeroom teacher's stomach. -END- LOL.

One thing I've noticed that the background scenes were very well done [both in the anime and the sketches in the ED], I think the production team had hired some professionals to do them up? Man, they were awesome. The animation and character designs were also true to the manga, kinda makes me feel like I'm reading the manga in full-colour and animated lol.

Hyakko Ep1.

LoL reminds me of Utena. Ahh, I can't wait for the other funny characters to appear ahhh XD. I particularly like the interaction between Torako and Tatsuki [For comedy relief] and later Torako and Touma [Put on your yuri goggles], XD.

Hmm don't forget, Torako and Suzume [The master and the loyal dog], Torako and Ushio [Gangster combi] and many more perhaps. I'm not particular fond of Ayumi and Hirano Aya's 'hyper' pitch in the anime doesn't help much too lol. Aaanyways, the ED, 'Namida Namida Namida [涙 NAMIDA ナミダ]' by Hirano Aya, it's not bad, good for listening once in a while ... lol 'My lonely heart is my, zour lonely heart.' -Insert confused akayuki-

Hyakko Ep1.

If you don't watch da anime, Torako will let you have a taste of the fatal 'Left-handed Tora-Power Punch'!

Next episode's about baseball, tennis and ... uh how to dress up like a tree?

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