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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hyakko Ep2

[Posted @ 8:16 PM]
o_O lol.

Hyakko Ep2.

*GASP* The Negima Baka Rangers have taken over Hyakko?

Hyakko Ep2.

Woots, appearance of Touma! XD ... it's short but ahh, better than nothing. LOL, Torako's such a sucker for punishment >A< !

Hmm, the first part of Episode 2 basically covered the whole of Chapter 2 in the manga but added in their own action in tennis, basketball, tea ceremony, calligraphy, flower arrangement and finally football club ... lol. Anyways, each ended with Torako either smacking Tatsuki in the face or tackling her lol.

Hyakko Ep2.

Ya know, somehow Suzu reminds me of Mikoto from Mai HiME lol.

WOOT, I can't wait for the next episode, appearance of the Ookami (Wolf) Nene!!! Put on your yuri goggles cos it's when the real fun starts ... well not really lol.

Random rants;
Tired ... just finishd my part for my group assignment and starting on another individual assignment on contract terms and market entry ... hmm. Ah I'm halfway with Chapter 2 of Weise Frau lol ... the editor gave me a kick on my arse by editing Chapter 1 XD. Hopefully, you guys get to read Chapter 1 soon =].

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  1. I would like to know where the freaking you get the blogskin. It's awesome. Love it <3
    I'm not reading this, too much spoiled xP

  2. to zhakuro, eh you mean the template? I got it from http://www.dcarter.co.uk/tick_tock_pro.html here =), yep it's nice even though I modified ... alot lol XD.

    Haha, I dont think I'm giving out much spoilers for Hyakko episodes ... *lazy to summarise* =]

  3. Coolie. Thanks for the info. hehe >_<
    Will try out~