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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hyakko Ep4

[Posted @ 9:00 PM]
XD woots, a combi of Chapter 3 and Chapter 6 XD.

Hyakko Ep4.

Torako got pushed down by Nene XD. Scoop! Scandal!!! *snap snap snap*

Hyakko Ep4.

Screenshot these cos the mediaplayer thumbfile function doesn't do this episode justice.

Hyakko Ep4 1.Hyakko Ep4 2.Hyakko Ep4 3.
Hyakko Ep4 4.Hyakko Ep4 5.Hyakko Ep4 6.
Hyakko Ep4 7.Hyakko Ep4 8.Hyakko Ep4 9.

This episode is full of win, the flow is way better now, lol I like the scene where Torako was taunting Tatsuki's 'small serving' of spaghetti and it flashed back to the scene where Tatsuki was preventing Torako from pressing the 'big bowl of combo button' XD. Hmm, ah I also loled at the Ayumi licking ice-cream scene lol [It wasn't in the manga], glad to see that the anime expressed it better and funnier here.

o_o Suzu gropes Ayumi. LOL, I like how Nene's expression was Lupin-ish when she was about to pounce on Torako. Of course, my favourite, Torako's sketch of oni-Tatsuki XD lol, it's just so funny hahaha, especially when Koma did the fold LOL. [I've tried doing it on the Singapore dollar LOL, it's ... totally funny XD.] Torako was like 'Sorry (Laughs).' LOL.

Next episode, Chapter 5 and 7! Ushio appears! And we have a guy in love with one of the girls! Guess who!

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  1. Hi Akayuki! Looks like your week's gonna be quite busy, good luck T^T I don't know if you're watching the anime called "Ga-Rei Zero", but if you don't, you really should. It's awesome *w* I know you'll like it ;D Take care!

  2. to jns, yeah ... oh! I've heard of it ... ep4's the one to look out for? LOL. I'll try to watch it when i'm free uuuggh. Thanks for the heads up =).