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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Candy☆Boy Ep4 Out On 7 November 2008

[Posted @ 8:53 PM]
Hm, I know I'm late and I'm sure you guys know the news already, woots, another episode Candy☆Boy in 2 weeks!

I'm glad that it's airing on 19:00 cos I can totally enjoy myself after my 8am exam paper that morning lol, for dez episode, I will work hard!!! *_* (burning).

Candy☆Boy Ep4.

Source; candyboy.jp

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  1. Thank you and please do your best! :) I can't wait for your next post and for ep.4 of course, preferable the english subbed one. Thanks again, keep the good work. Cheers!

  2. Oh, and good luck with your exams! :)

  3. to calina, thanks =), *fired up for exams* ... not really haha.