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Friday, October 3, 2008

Hyakko Ep1

[Posted @ 2:16 PM]
As mentioned, Tranquil Spring will be translating Hyakko the manga, it's currently in the QC-ing status and we should be releasing anytime soon. Meanwhile, please watch the anime, it follows the manga quite closely and added some of its own elements to stretch out the minutes and scenes.

LOL mouseover! I can't remember how many times I've repeated that scene, it's just so funny when Torako had this 'ozmg, this feeling of burning pain' expression.

'It's broken, it's broken, aaaagggrrrhhhh, it hurts!!! It hurts woooaaahh!!!'
-Insert sudden random line-
'Oh, be aware of above.'
LOL, random, but ftw opening.

Hyakko Ep1.

The OP, 'Suppin Rock [スッピンロック]' by Mana Ogawa is pretty catchy, I kinda like it especially at the Torako jumped out of window scene. It's just so smooth, that scene's basically the heart of the manga. Link to offical Hyakko website.

Hmm, I'm really lazy to type out a summary lol, I've still got 4 more assignments to go, so just go watch Ep1 raw or Mandarin sub. Oh well, let me sum it up in one sentence.

Torako, Suzu, Tatsuki and Ayumi got lost in school and this episode is about how they found their way back to their classroom not without ending with Torako delivering a powerful left-handed punch on their homeroom teacher's stomach. -END- LOL.

One thing I've noticed that the background scenes were very well done [both in the anime and the sketches in the ED], I think the production team had hired some professionals to do them up? Man, they were awesome. The animation and character designs were also true to the manga, kinda makes me feel like I'm reading the manga in full-colour and animated lol.

Hyakko Ep1.

LoL reminds me of Utena. Ahh, I can't wait for the other funny characters to appear ahhh XD. I particularly like the interaction between Torako and Tatsuki [For comedy relief] and later Torako and Touma [Put on your yuri goggles], XD.

Hmm don't forget, Torako and Suzume [The master and the loyal dog], Torako and Ushio [Gangster combi] and many more perhaps. I'm not particular fond of Ayumi and Hirano Aya's 'hyper' pitch in the anime doesn't help much too lol. Aaanyways, the ED, 'Namida Namida Namida [涙 NAMIDA ナミダ]' by Hirano Aya, it's not bad, good for listening once in a while ... lol 'My lonely heart is my, zour lonely heart.' -Insert confused akayuki-

Hyakko Ep1.

If you don't watch da anime, Torako will let you have a taste of the fatal 'Left-handed Tora-Power Punch'!

Next episode's about baseball, tennis and ... uh how to dress up like a tree?

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  1. LOL!
    What's with the text in "[Fast] akayuki Tags"!!! XDDD

    Oooh, Hyakko Ep1 is already out! I've downloaded the 1st subbed episode, but haven't got the chance to watch it yet. I'll watch it when I'm in my new room, haha.

    Oh, don't forget: Go and video tape those 'blondies' on Monday, lol.

  2. this show was pretty funny, i loved the scene where torako unleashed her fury right into the teacher's abdomen lol. ill probably try and turn that into an animated gif when i have some free time ><.. ur right about aya hirano's voice in this, her volume like awkwardly fluctuates up and down sometimes haha. its been awhile since ive seen a good comedy anime series, so thx for the heads up on this one!

  3. do you know the name of the piano melody that plays when Torako jumps out of window

  4. to hayate, XD, woots.

    to tsuyo_puyo, lol true, it was pretty awesome. No problems, *awaits Ep2*

    to anon1, hmmm no idea.