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Sunday, September 28, 2008

[ONA] Candy☆Boy Ep3

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Onsen~ Onsen~ Onsen~

Candy☆Boy Ep3 1.

Saku-chan's obsessed about going to the onsen [hot spring] with Kanade-senpai lol and as you can see, her imagination is pretty wild. *grins*

Episode started with Sakuya snuggling against Kanade in the two-seated row of the plane as the seats in the economy class is 'closer' lol. Meanwhile, Yukino, on the middle row of the plane, was happily munching on the gift [the banana-flavoured cream puffs] they're supposed to bring home lol. As Kanade's lecturing Yukino for eating the puffs, Sakuya was commenting on Kanade's soft and chubby arms LOL. Kanade immediately blushed and told Sakuya to stop it. Yukino replied that they're going to share the puffs anyways so it doesn't matter. Kanade fumed and pinched Yukino's cheeks, saying that Yukino's going to eat everything anyways. Kanade added that she won't care if Yukino puts on weight like what happened last new year's.

Candy☆Boy Ep3.

Sakuya told Kanade not to worry as she have already prepared a gift for her family and continued that first she will meet her parents and inform them of her relationship with Kanade-senpai lol. Kaname mumbled, that they're only a senpai-kouhai [senior-junior] relationship .... but of course Sakuya wasn't listening and mentioned about going to the onsen and touching every inch of Kanade-senpai ... heh heh heh *drool* [lol].

Just then, Yukino said that there's no onsen near their place while Kanade grumbled that even there is, there's no way she's going in with Sakuya, it'll be like a lamb in a tiger's den [dangerous]. Sakuya was stunned for a moment, probably didn't believe what Kanade said and went on rambling about onsen, open-aired onsen and started making solo dialogues, 'Saku-chan, your breasts are really huge, lemme touch them.' 'Iya~ Senpai~' and one thing leads to another, heh, heh *nose bleeds* LOL. While Sakuya's busy daydreaming, Kanade apologized to Yukino for everything but Yukino said it's okay, besides *revealing the earring on her left ear*, as long as she has this, she's fine with it. Kanade blushed and smiled. [Awww~]

Candy☆Boy Ep3 2.

As they reached their destination, Sakuya's appalled by the rural and dodgy feeling of the place [o_o as expected of an Ojou-sama]. Man, this reminds me of the time I went to my friend's place in Gatton lol, takes me 1+ hour on train to get there and 1+ hour on bus to get to the station [Which was closed -.-||] and there're only 1 taxi in the town lol. Sakuya suggested that they not go to their home and go to an Onsen instead LOL, of course Kanade refused and Sakuya started whining about it. Just then, Shii-chan appeared and threw a snowball at the whining Sakuya's face [lol great aim]. Shii-chan greeted Yukino with a smile but her face apparently fell when she greeted Kanade and glaring at the clutched hands of her twin sisters.

Candy☆Boy Ep3 3.

Shii-chan wondered out loud if Kana-neechan did something stupid again leading to that tag-along there. Sakuya replied that she's not 'that' and questioned who's the small squirt. Shii-chan retorted that Sakuya's small too lol. Kanade introduced Shii-chan as their sister, Shizuku and ... *fumbles* she's in First-year Junior School? Shii-chan's not pleased that Kanade forgot her age and mentioned that she heard from Yuki-neechan that she even forgot her birthday a while ago. Yukino looked away from the glaring Kanade, suggesting that they better get going lol. Sakuya whispered to Kanade saying that her sister's impolite ... no really mean lol. Kanade kinda agrees saying that basically Shii-chan's a nice kid but with the exception of Yukino, she's treats everyone like that.

When they finally got to their spacious home, only to find out from Shii-chan that their parents are not at home. Yukino commented that it kinda doesn't feel like coming home, Shii-chan protested that she's here isn't she! A while later, they made themselves comfortable and they presented Sakuya's expensive gift along with the gift the twins had bought. -Insert script-

Kaname: 'Hey, Yuki-chan saa, what is this?'
Yukino: 'Hm, what?'
Kaname: 'No, I wonder why are there only three of these?'
Yukino: 'Ah, one for Father, one for Mother and another for Shii-chan.'
Kaname: 'Ah, oh I see, I see I see hahaha.'
Yukino: 'Hehehe.'
*Pinch Yukino's cheeks*
Kaname: 'What's so funny huh!? What is huh!? Geez.'
Kaname: 'You're like this every time, how about my share huh? Kora kora!'

Shii-chan then got up saying she's going to prepare dinner, Kanade got up to help and went along too. Sakuya then asked Yukino to show her Kanade's room lol. Sakuya started pouncing around the bed 'Fuaaa~ Kanade-senpai's bed~ There's still such a strong sweet smell~ Ah, senpai's chair~! Senpai in a sailor uniform, kawaii~ Yukino-senpai! I want this, I want this!' Yukino's starting to get worried at Sakuya's unstoppable actions and that she might get blamed for this lol.

Meanwhile, Kanade and Shii-chan overheard the thump thump noises upstairs and Kanade wondered if Yukino can handle Sakuya lol. Shii-chan commented that Kana-neechan has started calling Yuki-neechan as Yuki-chan huh ... Shii-chan added that Kanade used to call Yuki-neechan at the time at home. Kanade can't really explain that so Shii-chan suddenly changed the subject asking about school lol. Kanade replied that she wants to get into an Arts University even though it will be difficult and if she still fails after repeating a year, maybe she'll return after that. Shii-chan replied hm, then you'll be returning in two years lol. Kanade was like uuhh, don't say that, it's inauspicious. Shii-chan answered that the painting that Kanade gave her doesn't look alike at all. Kanade was like uuhh -.-|||

Kanade then asked Shii-chan about school and going out with friends or something ... Shii-chan replied that no, it's cold outside. Just then, Yukino entered the kitchen, when Kanade asked where's Sakuya, Yukino replied that she's resting in the guestroom, probably tired. Shii-chan blamed Kanade for using the money and also for forgetting her birthday, adding that she deserves it. Yukino tried to ease the tension asking Shii-chan about school again. Shii-chan said she told Kana-neechan about it already. Kanade replied that Shii-chan doesn't like it when it's cold outside. Yukino then offered to lend her cotton pants to Shii-chan and assured that it's warm and stuff.

Shii-chan suddenly yelled out that it's not that! She doesn't care if the weather's cold or whatever. It's that the relationship between her sisters are always this good, regardless of at home or in school. 'Nee-chan are meanies', she added, 'Nee-chan who will always be together are meanies!' - END of Candy☆Boy Ep3 : The Unattainable Wall -

Candy☆Boy Ep3 4.

Ahhh, Shii-chan's jealous XD of the relationship her twin sisters share. I won't be surprised that the twins hadn't told Shii-chan that they're leaving home to study in Tokyo till they got accept and packed lol. Probably that's why she got pissed that her sister hadn't include her in marking out their futures? Highly possible that she felt left out and is kicking a tantrum over it in hope that her sisters will notice and add her in.

Candy☆Boy Ep3 5.

Poor Shii-chan, walking alone in the snow ...

LOL@Sakuya, I'm surprised that Yukino actually knocked out Sakuya, tied her up and hid her in the guest room.

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  1. some more good news, just finished watchin the lucky star ova! it'll lift my spirits before i sit down and start drilling the books T_T ~.. the girls in the screen shots look lovely as always, can't wait for the subs to come out for this and shoujo sect ep 2.

  2. to tsuyo_puyo, o_o cool, I've yet to watch it yet hmm, maybe this weekend. Ah yeah, hopefully the subs will come out soon XD.

  3. Well for one thing that i noticed, Shii-chan seemed sorta upset when Kanade was pinching (harassing :P) Yukino which is why she upped and left to the kitchen.

    I hoped for more Kana/Yuki moments here but i guess this ep had more of a plot development than fluff. I thought CB was more of the sort of anime that we go "plot..? What plot?" anime. I guess not.

    Taking a wild guess that Kanade and Yukino have separate rooms .. Hehehe, well maybe the next ep would be Yukino sneaking into Kanade's room. >.< As for Shii-chan, i think she's more upset over the relationship between her sisters. Kanade said that she's mean to everyone except Yukino so i think she's just mad that Kanade spends all her time with her sister while she's left alone.

    Kanade stopped calling Yukino 'yukinee-chan' after they're whole confession in the OVA sooo..... i wonder how they're going to explain that to they're parents, Sakuya AND Shizuku. Anyways i'll stop typing ...now.