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Friday, September 26, 2008

[ONA] Candy☆Boy Ep3 Out On NicoNico

[Posted @ 8:05 PM]
Its zout!! Shii-chan kawaii~~~

Candy☆Boy Ep3.

Updates; Aww, a short episode, barely 12 minutes, can't really understand much but Shii-chan's pretty pissed off at Kanade and Yukino for leaving her alone in their hometown. I reckon they used to go to school together but now with the twins studying in Tokyo, Shii-chan's feeling left out. LOL @ Yukino pointing out the leftover custard banana-flavoured cream puffs;

Kaname: 'Hey, Yuki-chan saa, what is this?'
Yukino: 'Hm, what?'
Kaname: 'No, I wonder why are there only three of these?'
Yukino: 'Ah, one for Father, one for Mother and another for Shii-chan.'
Kaname: 'Ah, oh I see, I see I see hahaha.'
Yukino: 'Hehehe.'
*Pinch Yukino's cheeks*
Kaname: 'What's so funny huh!? What is huh!? Geez.'
Kaname: 'You're like this every time, how about my share huh? Kora kora!'

LOL @ Sakuya being tied up with a futon ... o_o

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  1. that's sooooo sweet! aww.. thank god I just finished downloaded the show into my computer.. can't wait to watch it now.. thanks =D

  2. Idun understand a thing I'm gonna wait for subbed version