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Friday, September 5, 2008

[Manga] Yuri Hime Vol10 - Standing on Tiptoes October

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'Initially I thought to myself that I've spotted a beautiful woman from a distance ...'

'Only to realize that she's my lover.'

Or Is She?


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Standing on Tiptoes October 1. Standing on Tiptoes October 2.

Okumura Nanao was on her way home from a school activity and unexpectedly bumped into Matsumoto Ritsuko-sensei who was going to attend a friend's wedding ceremony. Glancing at the well-dressed Ritsuko, Nanao thought to herself that not that she's boasting regarding her girlfriend or anything but Ritsuko's kinda of a normal adult whom she will hesitate to call out. Just then, Ritsko's friends appeared and Ritsuko introduced Nanao as a student from her school.

Nanao thought to herself that that was nothing wrong with Ritsuko's introduction but somehow she felt a strong sense of being distanced. Ritsuko's friends came over and remembered that Ritsuko's a '養護教諭', teacher for the handicapped. One of them mentioned that '保健医', a public health doctor sounds a little ero [ecchi, pervertic]. Nanao immediately jumped onto Ritsuko's defence saying that Matsumoto's not ero at all! LOL. However, Ritsuko deadpanned that she IS ero. LOL. Nanao thought to herself that she has yet to know all of Ritsuko. Surprisingly, Ritsuko's friends laughed that Ritsuko's been directly called by her student and that she's been behaving herself in school lol.

Standing on Tiptoes October 3. Standing on Tiptoes October 4.

Ritsuko then waved goodbye to her friends and Nanao questioned Ritsuko if she's really ero? Ritsuko smiled and said yeah, she is lol. Nanao thought to herself that she doesn't know this side of Ritsuko ... Ritsuko then gave Nanao her house key and asked if she wanted to affirm it for herself lol. Nanao accepted it and thought to herself that it's her first time entering Ritsuko's apartment alone [Whoa does this mean she's been there more than once with Ritsuko? XD].

Nanao noticed Ritsuko's make up set on the table and started using them hoping to grow up quickly and enter Ritsuko's circle of friends. Just then, Ritsuko entered the apartment, looking drunk and asked why didn't Nanao locked the door. Ritsuko told Nanao that it's dangerous to leave a house unlocked.

Standing on Tiptoes October 5. Standing on Tiptoes October 6.

Ritsuko added that she doesn't care if her stuff got stolen but if Nanao got stolen she will be very unhappy lol. When Nanao replied that Ritsuko's drunk, she hugged her and said that she will be saying the same lines too even if she wasn't drunk. Glancing at Nanao, Nanao thought Ritsuko had found out that she used her lipstick but Ritsuko merely started kissing her. Nanao thought to herself that she should quickly catch up to Ritsuko soon but ... her tongue just won't move.

Staring at Ritsuko's sleeping form, Nanao mused that Ritsuko didn't even noticed that she's wearing lipstick and it's tough being an adult. - END of Standing on Tiptoes October -

Sigh, I like this story alot but the chapter in Yuri Hime Volume 13 doesn't look good at all ... oh nos, angst!!!

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  1. Thank you for the story, i can't find the raws of Yuri Hime vol 13 anywhere, even on yumibo so i'm happy to see new yuri story!
    Domo arigato ^^

  2. to zp, I can't find it too, only selected translated mandarin stories in yamibo. Hell, I can't even find raws for vol12 -.-|||

  3. *Squeal*** It's been a long time Akayuki. Hope you're doing well in your study in Australia. My cousin lived there. Anyway, love the new yuri story. Very cute and a rare find especially with the student/teacher relationship. Thanks so much and good day.