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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

[ONA] Candy☆Boy Ep5 Out On NicoNico

[Posted @ 12:31 AM]
Just realized that Candy☆Boy Ep5's out on NicoNico on 29th December =A=

Seems like you have to pay 315 yen via Credit Card to watch Episode 5 on NicoNico ... Blah. Oh well, I'll just entertain myself by re-watching Ep1-4 on DVD Vol.1 =w= You can watch it on Niconico now XD!!!!!!!!


*Gasps* Have they brought the relationship to the next level in episode 5!?

Meanwhile, enjoy the below screenies of Ep5;
[Warning; Hot Finger Sucking Scenes]

Candy☆Boy Ep5 Part 1.

Candy☆Boy Ep5 Part 2.

Enjoy. Remember to support the original =w=.

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  1. Try yamibo here;

  2. thanks, i have already watched this episode... its so cute^^

  3. Oh, snap. The link goes to a "log in" looking page in Chinese looking characters. Seems that I'll have to wait about year to watch this one.

    I can't wait for the episode analysis when the first subs are out!

  4. [Warning; Hot Finger Sucking Scenes]
    Lol, thanks for starting my day with a laugh.

  5. Finally, episode 5 is out! Now for the subs to be out...

    Here's a link to ep 5 raw if anyone's interested...have no idea where's part 1 though...


  6. Thanks anon!
    Part 1 is also there at the same site. The same user has uploaded both.

  7. Here's the RAW of Ep5 in flv format.