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Friday, October 26, 2007

Negima!! Live Action Drama Ep4

[Posted @ 11:13 PM]
Reviewing this episode because there's KonoSetsu hot moments heh.



Ne, Secchan, Kiss Me....!?
!!!!!!!!!!!!Pretty Long, Konoka's Doing The Kiss Though.It's Just A Dream LOL.

Seriously, I was really shocked to see a well, chaste kiss right in the beginning lol, never had expected that. I was happily playing it while my parents were in the living room, I was like 'WTF!', *pause* ... *thinks* 'I'll do the screenshooting at night lol. Ah, to my dismay and relief [Cos if they do that it's terribly OOC for KonoSetsu], it's just Secchan's wet dream ... heh. Setsuna's escorting Konoka to the headhouse where they will be meeting Konoka's grandfather.

A Bad Dream?Here, Let Me Tighten Your Hairband.So Close ...
Konoka Doesn't Look Happy.Omiai?...

Basically a typical fanfic kinda angst plot the life action drama picked up, Konoka's grandfather demanded Konoka to go for an Omiai [Formal Marriage Interview aka Matchmaking] and there's no buts. Konoka glanced over at Setsuna kneeling behind her but Setsuna had no expression. Later in the dorm, Negi received a letter from his sister in Wales, Asuna told him off for carelessness as the letter had a return address of to the Magic Academy. As they were chatting about partners and stuff, they never noticed Konoka was in the room and scared them to bits. Luckily, Konoka only heard about the partner being married part.

Negi Ecchi~LOL.Cool~ ...
Like ... ?*Stare*...

Negi happened to trip and fall against Konoka's chest when getting the letter back, just then Setsuna entered the room, taking in the scene LOL. Setsuna rushed to Konoka's rescue, pushing Negi away and taking Konoka to her side. Asuna mused that Setsuna seemed to like Konoka huh ... Setsuna stammered, glanced at Konoka who smiled and moved away. Negi agreed that Setsuna likes Konoka ... but ... Konoka's a girl ... lol. Asuna went 'Ah, kids won't understand.'

Negi-sensei~~LOL @ Ayaka's Hair.Konoka All Dressed Up For The Omiai ...
Negi Won't Let Setsuna Bring Konoka To The Omiai.Setsuna Grabbed Konoka Off After Paralyzing Negi.Konoka's Sad Cos Setsuna Told Her Not To Call Her Secchan.

Unknown to them, Kasumi the reporter/gossiper heard them and spread the news to the whole class. By the next day, Negi was bombarded by weird stories and the girls proceeded on to hug him lol. Negi managed to escape their clutches by teleporting himself out however, Takahata-sensei was teleported in his place where he was pinned down by the girls lol. The girls, realizing it was Takahata-sensei they were hugging, immediately stopped and went, 'Ewww, I have no such interest [in old men]' lol. Btw, lol @ Ayaka's tousled hairstyle. Anyways, Konoka met Negi while she was running away from Setsuna who was supposed to bring her to the Omiai. Konoka then told Negi that she don't want to go to the Omiai and asked Negi to be her partner lol. At that moment, Setsuna found them and went on to grab Konoka away but Negi stopped her and told her that Konoka don't want to go. Setsuna paralyzed Negi with her talisman and left with Konoka. On the ride, Setsuna told Konoka not to call her 'Secchan' but call her surname instead. This probably broke Konoka's heart.

Cool~~LOL @ Setsuna's Hair.Chibi Konoka And Chibi Setsuna ...
...Pretty Cool.Let's Go.

They arrived at Konoka's grandfather's home and found Negi had broke out of Setsuna's talisman and standing in front of them. Setsuna sent Konoka away with the two guards and attacked Negi. It was a brief fighting scene ... just poses here and there as they talked lol. Flashback as Setsuna remembered the sweets Konoka gave to her when they were young and the reason she wanted to be strong was to protect Konoka and her happiness.

*Smile*Looks ... Wrong.End ...

Setsuna and Negi rushed in the house, Setsuna then called Konoka by her nickname 'Kono-chan' and asked her to go with her, [LOL it suddenly reminded me of ... Kyoushiro from KTS ... with his 'Let's go ... together' line]. Konoka's grandfather seeing that the omiai made Konoka sad, smiled and said that Konoka's happiness was priority. The group smiled, glad that everything's fine. Walking home, Konoka asked Setsuna to call her 'Kono-chan' again but Setsuna kept quiet probably keeping a distance when they got too close again. - END of Episode 4 -

Well, I've been watching the life action drama since episode 1 ... lol sadly speaking, I really enjoyed the OP and ED, although the acting wasn't that good and Secchan seemed stiff ... I'll take it as nervousness lol. I'm pretty much okay with this episode ... haha although the story was different. Manz, I still think it's pretty dumb that young Setsuna would cry that hard cos Konoka cut her fingers when she picked the sweet for her lol. I'll take the 'drowning-to-the-rescue' flashback in the manga anytime. There's not much punch in this plot, no need for desperation to grow stronger, to protect and cherish ... Oh well.

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PS: LOL @ Ep3's 'IDOL IDLE Queen LOL', wonderful engrish.


  1. Is it me or does every single episode of the live action drama has someone crying in it? O.O

    Anyway, I'm not very fond of this adaptation of the Manga as well. I find the acting of the cast rather bland, and not much expressions and emotions in their voices. It's a far cry from the brilliance of the seiyuu in the Anime series. Then again, it's kind of unfair to compare since they're both of different media type.

    However, bland as the drama may be, it's like one of Sunrise's trainwrecks. It's bad but you just can't take your eyes away from it :p. As a KonoSetsu fan, I loved this episode (my head nearly exploded during that kissing scene coz I thought it was real). But I agree with you that Setsuna's reason to become stronger wasn't well established. Upon witnessing that finger-cutting accident, Setsuna wanted to become stronger to protect Konoka's happiness but...Konoka seemed like her normal happy self when she cut her finger and she was the one who was comforting a crying Setsuna instead. I don't get it. ^^;;;

    Ah well, I shall be awaiting the next episode. Hopefully, we'll get much more KonoSetsu fluff in the near future.

    PS. LOL at "Magic Power School"

  2. to keiri, it's not you, they had chibi Asuna and chibi Ayaka cried in the previous episodes too lol.

    I'm not fond of the live action either, but there's this kind of force pulling me towards it lol that I can't help but dutifully watch it every week. Darn it. I was really shocked at the previous ep where Zazie was doing this ... well magic trick, everyone were like so drama and fake with their eyes wide open in shock. I was like '...' wtf? Haha.

    Well I think the producers wanted us to understand that Konoka doesn't care whether her finger got hurt or not as long as she got the sweet to her beloved Secchan. That probably made Setsuna cry that her Ojou-sama cared for her so much that she could forget the pain she had. Well, I could be thinking too much, it's still stupid haha.

    Yeah hopefully more konosetsu but, I doubt so, but hopeful if they did the Kyoto arc =).

  3. I was shocked as well and I've been following right from EP1...and WOW!!! I'm rewarded with the lust kiss... You know what, I hope they'll make them a couple or perhaps more kiss scene later....

    At first I just watch the show for simply Negi(da gal) would do PACTIO with another gal and all 30 of them...but yo I can't deny I'm pleased with this episode....

  4. TWO THUMPS UP for this episode!!! Man, did I ever get the shock of my life after seeing the kiss. Imagine, if they already kiss at the begining than they'll probably be a couple by the end of the show. Wouldn't that be a great way to end the Negima saga...wait a minute...I don't want the saga to end yet, maybe another manga,a third anime, and an ending where Setsuna and Konoka are grown up and happily married. Then, I'll be in heaven. Anyway, thanks you so much Akayuki-san for sharing!!!!

    P.S: The actress who plays Secchan sure live up to her name. She's so COOL with that intense eyes!!!! (**squeal!!!!**)

  5. to anonymous, I don't see any lust in that kiss lol, quite chaste in my opinion ... XD. I don't think I can say I'm looking forward to Negi doing a pactio with the 30 of them ... haha.

    to ri, lol, I'm not even sure if that's what the tv series wanna go ... I mean it's like only 12-13 episodes isn't it?

    I'm not really hopeful for anything, seriously, I would kill just to see KonoSetsu do a pactio in the manga already lol much less the 'after-that' story.

    As for the actress of Secchan, her smile's pretty nice too haha.

  6. Somebody took exactly same text and paste on his blog...when I was reading I felt similar...


  7. to anonymous, uh I saw that too but I never really cared. I'll just take it as a compliment? LOL. Not like my text were something to be taken =).

  8. they... they... they all kind of look the same...

  9. Amazing episode.
    They was acting like a real KonoSetsu!
    Besides, Setsuna got the Konoka kiss before Negi.Kudos!