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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN Single + PV

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Updated : It's so fast, it's so scary lol~! 10/10 *chu*~! Get it now!

English Title: Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN (With DVD) [CD+DVD] [Single]
Japanese Title: 平野綾 - LOVE★GUN (DVD付) [CD+DVD] [Single]

Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN.

CD Tracks;

DVD - PV Inside

Now, time to feast your eyes on the quality PV I've uploaded, meanwhile enjoy the screenies;

Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN PV 1.Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN PV 2.Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN PV 3.
Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN PV 4.Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN PV 5.Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN PV 6.
Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN PV 7.Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN PV 8.Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN PV 9.
Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN PV 10.Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN PV 11.Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN PV 12.
Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN PV 13.Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN PV 14.Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN PV 15.
Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN PV 16.Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN PV 17.Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN PV 18.


Hirano Aya - LOVE★GUN Lyrics.

It's pretty catchy, a rocky kinda feeling. Could hardly believe she's a year younger than me O_o||| and celebrated her birthday 2 days before me lol.

Well, I seldom watch PVs cos it's like so weird, but I had fun watching Hirano Aya's 'LOVE★GUN' PV, cos it's pretty fun and the melody was uplifting. I like her funny expressions and I find her very ... hm open about displaying her facial expressions [放的开 in Mandarin] and she doesn't seem afraid to make 'wide' expressions. Unlike some singers, they just open and close their mouths to the extend of eating bite-size cookies lol ...

Enjoy, a special for my birthday. Heh.

PS: Please do not demand reupload of link, they will be ignored and deleted, once broken considered sold =).

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  1. hahahaha Japanese media always pick up everyone who is less than 20 years old..that's the way the do business therefore 1986 and above now no more use...1986 and below is very likely to be a star....don't feel bad

  2. to anonymous, lol,that sounds really sad. They like them either really young or over 30 ... lol

  3. I really like the video for Aya's new single Love Gun, Aya looks really good in it. Probably her best single so far.

  4. to anonymous, thanks for the link. I'm not really a fan of hers, but this PV and song IS pretty good =) so I decided to feature it.

  5. Lol. It's so funny though! When you lok carefully, she lip syncs some parts wrong. :3 Her lips don't move with the lyrics sometimes. xDD

    And her guitar is off. I know she's learning....but she shouldn't be faking it. D:

    Her voice changes in each song.

    Did you hear her in her live concerts? She has a vibrato voice.

    She's cute though. And it's really awesome how she's learning the guitar. As well as how she actually does live concerts with her real voice. I love her songs and all, but she should learn to lip sync better for her music videos. :3