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Friday, October 12, 2007

ADVFilms September Sales Purchases

[Posted @ 9:05 PM]
YAY! My parcel was finally within my reach last night!

Parcel of ADVFilms Goodies.

Took advantage of the online sales over at ADVFilms website 2 weeks ago, I was eyeing these babies for quite a long time. I wanted to get 'Noir' and 'Madlax' but budget will not allow me to get it ... pretty sad. Oh well, I managed to get a pretty good deal anyways.


I was quite shocked to see a 'Happy Lesson' OVA DVD inside lol, I was like 'Hey, I didn't order this ... did I? ... No, really, I didn't, dammit! So why the hell is it here? Oh well, reckon it's a freebie *grins*' LOL.

The Four DVD Box Sets.

As I mentioned in this post, the total cost for the four box sets in Singapore dollars was S$283 + shipping charges of $33 [I got a 13% discount coupon~~] = S$316. So it's like barely S$80 on average for each box set.

Taking into consideration that 'Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu' is a 13 episodes box set, let's take it as S$50, so S$30 will be averaged out to the other three 20+ episodes box sets to make it S$90 each. Besides, I got a free OVA which is usually worth like S$19.90 so ... it's like S$85 each la lol, which I personally think is quite reasonable.


Unexpected arrival lol. Seriously, I'm not sure if I'll even like this title, ... smells 'haremish', I would be pimping ADVFilms everywhere if they gave me a shoujo-ai title =).

Chrono Crusade - Complete Collection
Azumanga Daioh - Class Album
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu - Complete Collection
Full Metal Panic! - Complete Collection

I like the 1 CD in one Volume casing thingy, which means I can bring any Volume casing to out to watch without dragging the whole box set in my sling bag. I'm lazy to buy CD casings, usually I reserved them for my Stefanie Sun CDs, cos I don't wanna spoil my 'signed' albums LOL.

Chrono Crusade Volume 1.Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Volume 1.

I do not think ODEX has any Volume casings in their 'old' releases [See Chrono Crusade Volume 1], only the recently box sets had [See Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Volume 1]. When I see See Chrono Crusade Volume 1, I feel like I had to tear the parts out to get the DVDs LOL.

I also don't like how ODEX like to pimp their company name on the cover of the DVD volume sets, it's like 'Okay, I get it already, what's your problem?', at least they ain't doing that for 'Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle'. But then, I'm not sure if they can make it in the Singapore market, their reputation is like, let me put it nicely, SHIT, lol. Really, good luck but I'm not waiting anymore, like many other anime fans, moving into greener pastures. Hopefully, be convinced back that the grass is greener at home.

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  1. Gratz on the buys! $90 for a 24/26 ep series is quite cheap indeed. Keep these purchase posts coming to debunk the excuse that fansubs are hurting DVD sales. :)

    Btw out of curiosity, how many eps are packed in each ADV dvd? I reckon about 5? How big are each episode then? at least 1GB? How then does it compare to Odex DVDs? I read they use dual layers but does each ep get 1 GB at least?

    Thanks in advance for your response. :)

  2. to stripey, thanks, sure will do XD.

    Hm, okay I'm taking Azumanga Daioh DVD box set as an example then, as you guessed, each DVD had around 5 episodes, except for the last DVD volume which had 7 episodes.

    Yet, the sizes of each episode range from 950MB-1GB on average even for the last volume which had 7 episodes.

    The DVD total size was 7.3GB in the last volume and on the other DVDs with the 5 episodes, the DVD size was 5.4GB so I assume the DVD had dual layer capacity.

    Well about ODEX's DVDs, I do own a DVD by them, Fushigi Yuugi - Eikoden OVA with 4 episodes in it and each episodes was 'cut' to two parts, each combining to around 1.99GB except for the the last episode with 1.67GB. I assume this DVD had dual layer capacity too. Not sure about the DVD volume sets of ODEX though.

    I'm pretty satisfied with the quality of the OVA, except for the subtitling =). Basically, I'm a person who will be happy to watch the episodes without any very visable inferiority.

  3. Thanks for the detailed info! The R1s are great buys indeed. :) I need to check out the Odex DVDs myself.

    Looking fwd to more of your merchandise posts.